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Full Version: Your Personal Rating On The Fma (the First) Series
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Vinyl Zen
I'm pretty much your average joe, I don't watch anime and the last time I did, it was the original Nausicaa my parents recorded from the TV when they aired reruns in Japan. (I'm Japanese, living in the US) As a child, I liked it a lot but never really understood it. After watching it recently as a young adult, it really blew me away. Nostalgic about watching anime again, I asked around for recommendations and whether it be first or last, FMA was always somewhere in that list.

Man, this is tough. I'm bilingual in Japanese and English and I usually go for the Japanese voicing but for this series, I enjoyed the English dubbing more. For one, it was really refreshing to have male actors voicing boys again, contrary to the Japanese norm of casting female voice actors to play young teenage boys. Vic Mignogna did an excellent job.

However, there are some things I found inconsistent or funky about the English dub. Although the voicing was superb, Alphonse just didn't sound like a year younger than Ed. And Envy was standing on the borderline between a guy and a girl, make up your mind! Envy is a guy, and should therefore sound like one! And what was with Shou Tucker's eerie whispering voice after he became a chimera?

But I think I'm just being picky, because overall, I still enjoyed the English dubbing over the original Japanese - one of the reasons being that the English writers did an extraordinary job of translating and adapting, especially with Japanese cultural references.


Really well-crafted plot, driven by defined characters. The dynamic between the brothers is phenomenal, speaking in terms of both physical combat and morals. One thing I don't understand is everyone's fantasy of Ed and Winry being together. From what I got from the series, Winry isn't much more than what Nurse Joy is in Pokemon. She is pretty much there only fix Ed up whenever his automail messes up. I guess it can be argued that she represents the home and the hospitable family that Ed lost, but I could hardly call any of their interactions "bonding" unless you count binding human flesh with metal. Especially in the movie, from Winry's perspective - Ed comes back to his world, she fits Ed with new automail and he goes back. Damn.

But anywho, what was also great about the characters was their depth, like how the villains were not inherently evil. Take Lust for example and her paradoxical desire to become human. She goes as far as betraying her peers because she realizes she has a better chance of achieving that goal with the Elrics than Dante.

The plot was solid to say the least and was backed by stellar music scoring - the Russian version of "Brothers" still gets the best of me. I don't think I can name any episodes that were straight up filler. It had enough twists to keep me guessing and I especially enjoyed the military aspect of it involving Fuhrer Bradley - its conspiracy, corruption, and eventual coup d'etat. What was most appealing to me however, was the underlying message of sacrifice and how much Ed and Al would give up to be with one another. In the end, they gave up their whole world (literally), alchemy, and loved ones just to be at eachothers side.

Overall, I have to say that the series had everything I was looking for in an anime, I could even go as far as saying it left me wanting even more. They could've coined the entire series a saga, and called it "The Philosopher's Stone" or something. There's plenty of questions I want answered. Since its like a parallel universe, where is that world's version of Ed's mother, or Winry, or Roy Mustang? What will they do in lieu of alchemy? What are their lives like knowing that that they could never return to their real home? They are with each other, in more or less the bodies they worked so hard to get back, but now what? My personal curiosity aside, FMA lives up to the hype. Anime is falling into two categories, the thought provoking animes like Paranoia agent and the all-out action shows like *cringe* Dragonball Z. FMA finds a niche which is just right

The Frozen Alchemist
The Series is pretty much the best kind of anime there is.
A pretty good storyline, good fighting statistics, but their isn't really that much extreme fighting.
Well, I"m only on episode 35, so what do I know? wink.gif
QUOTE (DarkSpeedElric @ Feb 13 2009, 04:56 PM) *
The Series is pretty much the best kind of anime there is.
A pretty good storyline, good fighting statistics, but their isn't really that much extreme fighting.
Well, I"m only on episode 35, so what do I know? wink.gif

When I first saw the 1st 2 episodes on CN, I was hooked.

I wound up getting the DVDs and the movie - and half way through it, I was simply amazed by the story, the character development and the heart and that was shown throughout.

When Hughes died, , I thought the show went in a different direction but still it was interesting and I was looking forward to the final climax.

However, the last 10 episodes after Al becomes the Philospher's Stone, the show becomes disappointing to me. They quickly bring in new characters, they quickly explain what is going on to an extent and then parallel universes come in.

The movie helps tie up some loose ends but I feel like it could have ended so much better.

Also, I agree with you that the fighting greatly decreased as the series came to a close.

To me, the last great battle was Armstrong vs. Scar - even the Greed fight with Ed was not too spectacular.

I wanted to see more Humoculi vs. the Brothers instead of the way Bones went about it.

Overall, 89% excellent series, with an ending I wish was better.
edo little kid
I see FMA always 100%
Ah, come on, you so can't compare Winry to Nurse Joy! She does so much more than just fix Ed's automail!

(I'm not really in debating mood at the moment)

I think FMA is brilliant. I probably wouldn't have been interested in aime if it hadn't been for this this show. Of course it's not as good as the manga it's based on, but it's still pretty freakin' awesome.


The only reason it's not a 10/10 for me is becuase it wasn't close enough to the manga. there were signifficant differences BUT this anime, and fma brotherhood (which is almost perfectly based off the manga) are my two fave anime series EVER. happy.gif
I have to agree with LandoCalrissian about the last 10 episodes being a bit disappointing.

However, I felt the rest of the series was one of the best I've seen in a long time. I like how the series makes you think. It's not so simple like some anime and has the capacity to attract adults (like me) to the show. I find the characters likable and the story unique. It's a nice break from robot and ninja anime series-not that I'm knocking them. happy.gif I am enjoying Brotherhood the second series a bit better because it follows the manga more closely. However, because the first series took it's own path there was more of an element of surprise as to what would happen next. I'd give the series a 9.5 because I didn't like the resolution in the first show, but it is still worth watching. The end is not a total disappointment. I just didn't like it.

Well, that last episodes and CoS made me want to scream, but that can be a good thing right? XD
I guess you wouldn't be screaming at the screen if you didn't care what was happening in the series, or if you didn't connect with the characters.
So yeah, I really loved the anime, despite the sad ending. I think it was the first movie/show that made me really cry.

Soo.... maybe 9.6 or something? huh.gif

The series started off strong even if the fillers felt were a bit weak, peaked in the middle and went slightly downhill from there. Now I think that the series was amazing and all, but what really kept me from rating it higher was the way they handled the plot towards the end. Simply put it was rushed. Dante was introduced as the main villan far to suddenly and was never really presented as a legitimate threat. Lust's emerging human emotions were never fleshed out, and Roy's attempted coup never got enough screen time.

What ended up happeneding was that too many plot lines were being wrapped up all at the same time. Now, the manga does this too, but it devotes multiple chapters (sometimes even entire story arcs) to build up suspense as well as expand on the characters motivations.

What I did enjoy however was the origins of the homoculus, which I felt added a more personal connection to the main characters. In particular Trisha's reincarnation as Sloth was my favorite part of the series, since she embodied Ed & Al's failure to transmute their mother. Her resurrection as a cold-hearted killer haunted by past memories as a human really helped drive it in.
Forsaken Love
of the first series? errrrrm thinkin back to when i first watched it and trying to keep my manga -loving bias out of it... 3/5 by my standards now probably like 1.5 or somethin. It had mediocre animation that put me off the series from day one, however it had relitivly strong and likable characters and started off with a good plot, the characters and themes were allways likable to me, however it was full of loopholes that I did notice on my first watch toward the end, i felt some characters were neglected *cough* Al *cough* the ending was appaling, it was the ending I hate and is very over used in the sci-fi/fantasy genre, in which people are split up into different realities, i hate that type of ending, also i thought the movie was terrible and the whole ending was full of loopholes, and before I read the manga I thought it was stupid, in fact the soul reason i read the manga was because i wanted a better ending to a decent story, on the + side the brothers soundtrack won me over and raises the rating of the whole thing for me, thats a beautiful song, and I did enjoy the series a lot when i watched it and it got me to read the manga and all its epicness, and as far as dubs go, this one was watchable
1o/1o, omg it's my favorite show of ALL TIMES! ^^
Flame Alchemist12
hey I'm new and i havn't seen the Japanese version but I simply loved the English Dub although Al's voice could use some maturity. I also couldn't tell if Envy and Wrath were males or females, it wasn't only there voices but also their appearences. Beleiv it or not I didnt know Envy was a male until I got past episode 50.

That said the show was extremely entertaining and I give it a 9.6 out of 10 biggrin.gif

Winry Rockbell~
3/10.Those three marks are mainly for the art and a little bit of the storyline.
-They butchered Winry's character. She is my favorite character from FMA, and the first anime just messed her up. Not to mention that the team that made the first anime were Edrose fans and hated Winry. They only put her in there because Arakawa insisted.
-They messed Ed up, too. They turned him into a killer, without any of the "resolve not to kill" he had in the manga. And the movie. Oh gosh, the movie. Edward would NEVER EVER EVER even THINK of abandoning his brother, Winry and the rest of his family/friends to go live off in some alternate universe (ugh!) and close the Gate. Never. What the hell, Bones. Anime Edward is almost detestable in the first anime.
-They butchered some character designs. Kimblee looked HORRIBLE, Envy's face was morphed, Greed had wrinkles, Ed looked like a girl, Al...oh god don't even get me started on him. What the hell is with his bog colored eyes and rusty hair? Not to mention he looks like an Ed wanna-be.
-They also ruined Rose. Now she has so many haters, which is totally unfair, because Anime Rose is great, even though she's a minor character. She is living a happy, meaningful life helping out poor people.In the anime they made her a DID who luurrvvedd Ed and blah blah.
-Riza had zero personality. "Yes sir. Ok sir. Yes Colonel." That's all. in a monotone voice. Ugh.
-Al wasn't as strong and independent as he was in the manga. Always being kidnapped and relying on his bro.
-Armony, Sophie and Noah. W.T.F. I am so sick of fangirls being all "OMG WINRY SUCKS ED IS TTLY CANON WITH ARMONY/NOAH/SOPHIE LOL11!!!!11!." Eurgh eurgh and double eurgh.
-Pride, The Xing people, the Briggs people, all missing. Not to mention Father. And sexy father. And Truth-san. *sniff*
-It was so fricken angsty. I hated the whole "Roy was the one who killed Winry's parents thing." Odd thing is, she barely had any reaction to it. She just acted sour to him. Then there's the whole Ed-dying-Al-sacrificing-Ed-sacrificing blah blah blah ordeal. Ackk, first anime was just angst piled on angst.
There's more, but eh, I'm tired and don't feel like typing.
I think that the first anime is better then the manga. The story is darker, and feels more realistic then the manga's. Ed and Al feel have realistic feelings.
Plus some of the characters are more interesting in the anime, like Lust. In the manga Lust is a boring character, but in the anime she is an interesting character who goes thought alot of character development.
Plus I think that Dante is a better villain then Father.
Standalone FMA1 quite good, but never lives up to it's hype. FMA1 is clearly overrated. I've seen way better series. However, I've seen far worse as well.

The Art and Animation is fairly good, since it's BONES after all. I have my issues about the character designs, which you can read here.
The Background art is well done. Not the best I've ever seen, but it works well.

The Sound: As for the OST, it works. For this series at least. It conveys the atmosphere of the Series well, which is Dramatic, Angsty and Melancholic. Listening to the OST without the Anime made me sleepy though. Every tracks sounds the same. It could have been one track and no one would have noticed. It lacks variety. The only outstanding track on the OST is "Bratja" and the only other track I came to like is "Amestris". (And I'm someone who likes classical music and listens to OST all the time.)

The voice acting is fairly good. (I'm talking about the japanese, I didn't watch the english dub.) I was a fan of Romi Paku before I've watched FMA, but FMA made me really love her. However, in FMA1 she sounds a bit too girly. In FMA:B she did an outstanding job as Ed, in FMA she was just...good. As for Kugimiya, I'm tired of her. As Alphonse she is convincing and very good. I'd say Alphonse is by far her best role. I didn't recognize her at first. All in all the voice acting is well done. I really like Michiko Neya (Riza Hawkeye) as well. The voice actors were chosen very well.

Let's say: the first third (the flashbacks) was...mixed. There were quite good episodes (Barry the Chopper, Nina, The other Elrics) and really bad ones (psyren, alchemy exam, and episode 4) the otheres were...alright.
The second third was well done, my overall favorite episode is episode 27.
The third third was lacking, disappointing and pointless. There were plotholes all over the place, some actions were questionable and irreproducible. Some even laughable. Sometimes I wanted to hit my head. The climax (The 2 last episodes) was a bit better, the final outcome was bittersweet and alright and I had my hopes up for the upcoming movie. I really looked forward to it...
To sum it up: Without the last third the series would have been really good. The last third ruined it. It brought up characters no one needed and some characters acted really OOC. And it has way too much coincidences. Even the first two thirds weren't solid all the time. It was full of ups and downs.

6/10 (Because of the setting and the second third.)


FMA definetely suffers from the bad main character syndrome. Ed and Al were the ONLY main characters throughout the series and pushed the others into the background. Some charactes didn't get their chance to develop and wasted their potential.

Eds and Als Character were even butchered beyond recognition. Ed was made into a crybaby, his ideals were thrown away (Ed doesn't kill. Never ever.) and he was far from a likable character. I just couldn't really care about him. Many of his actions were rather half-assed. And his teenage whining was annoying.
As for Al he was made into a dependent whiny boy. He always clings onto ed and couldn't stand up for himself. He didn't have any real resolve.

The side characters were sometimes rather flat, especially Mustangs gang. Other characters were done quite well like Izumi, Scar and Armstrong. Some characters felt pointless like Sheska (really, what was her purpose?), Archer, Rose and, sadly, Winry.
As for the homunculus they were a mixed bag. Lust and Envy were done well, as well as Pride (Bradley) however I absolutely despied Wrath and Sloth. They were a pain to watch. Gluttony was...alright. What I really asked myself was: Who the hell wanted to revive someone as Gluttony? So, out of the Homunculi Lust was altogether my favorite. Her background was handled very well. The goal of the Homunculi, becoming a real human was comprehensible.

Dante as a villain was gruesomely shallow. Her only actions were talking and shooing around the Homunculi. I always thought the only reason why she's there is to have someone behind the scenes. It felt really forced.


Overall rating:


I was really disappointed with the series. I expected more.
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