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Welcome to my new RPG!!! *Trows confeti and opens a bottle of champagne*
Well here it goes!!!

Rental Magica is an secret organization: a magician dispatch service. The purpose of this organization is to keep the two worlds separated the magic world and the human world. Basically Rental Magica employs magicians and other supernatural beings in order to send them out to help those who need magical assistance.
By magicians and supernatural beings I mean:

Celtic Magic Users: The magic which was used by druids, priests of ancient Celtic society. It is the natural magic which lead forest and rock's power with sacred song, cyclobalanopsis, mistletoe, and stone circle. This magic is considered to transmit only by the oral instruction; additionally, the user must memorize numerous amounts of sacred song and also have extensive magic knowledge. The celtic magic involves coperating whit the natural world. It specializes in speaking to the world and receiving magical energy from it. (No need to know the spells)

Demon/Angels/Spirits Summoning: There are two types: summoning magic conducting and evoking demons, and amulet magic using an object as a portal for the demon to enter the human world. Summoning magic seal demons within magic circles, triangles, pentagrams, hexagrams, and others.
(After doing some research there are some things that I must explain.)

King Solomon Magic Users: The user can summon 72 demons/angels/spirits King Solomon is said to have evoked. The contracts to summon the demons are handed down by generations. And logically to get the contracts you must be a descendant, but if by any circustance any other mage (One that handles Demon/Angels/Spirits summoning) manages to steal the amulet or the contract and manages to pay the sacrifice: the demon gets another master.

Onmyoudou Users: Mixture of natural science and occultism. Uses the formula of fives elements. Can summon many shikigamis. Shikigami are a kind of spirit summoned to serve a practitioner of onmyoudou. (Shikigamis can have many forms from looking like animals, people or even paper dolls etc. Your choice)

Shinto Especiallist: Can be priest, miko etc. Shinto especiallist have connection whit spirits and gods. Can feel spirist and gods presence. Can purify places etc.
(If someone has more info about shinto please tell me)

Alchemy: I think there is no need to explain.

Vajrayana: Buddhism magic which mixed with some other magic method. The user borrows power of Bodhisattva, Wisdom King and Deva by using Mudra and Mantra. Besides the user is good at direct attack with Buddhist prayer beads, Syakujyou (Buddhist wand), and Club.
(Like Miroku ok? I think)

(Glam Eye or Glamsight):Allows to see for example the weakness of magic and control the stream of spell power, and occasionally the memories of other people or creature. (There are many type of Glamsights so you can choose what you want your character to see and the name of the glamsight) And also you can also conbine this like: Alchemist whit glamsight, use your imagination.

Homunculus: No need to explain this either. Homunculous as Lust or Envy but remember you must put who created it and powers and weakness. No super powerfull homunculous.

Exorcist: Everyone know what this is right?? An exorcist is a person who performs exorcism, the ridding of demons or other supernatural beings who have possessed a person, or (sometimes) a building or other object.

And well there are many, many more but I am too lazy. If anyone wants something different you can just put a little description in your character profile. And no this dosent has any connection whit Rental Magica. The type of magics and those things were taken from Rental Magica but that is it.
And if some of the information is wrong please tell me!!

So the rules:

1._ No mean or hurtfull or racists posts.
2._ No killing other people character expect when the owner of the character accepts it or when the character is minor.
3._ Dont leave your character. So please if you go out of the rpg make your character leave, or get kidnapped or killed. Your choice.
4._ No god-modding
5._ Blood or swearing is ok but not to the extreme.
6._ Have fun!!!!

For Your Character Description:

Strong Points:

And I think that is all and please write what he or she does: alchemist, exorcist etc. And if you want you can add extra info.

Please join!!!
Anyway hope you enjoy!!!! biggrin.gif

(Name: Seitheroth
Job: Onmyoudou
Bio: ??? )
*hugs* Thanks for joining DNA!!
Well here go my characters!!

Name: Jillian Lorelai Lenn Mathers
Age: 20
Celtic Witch

(She has icy blue eyes)
Personality: Shortempered, sarcastic, tricky, but she is kind and friendly and hates being bossed around.
Strong Points: Fast, sly, cunning, tricky, great knowledge about many kind of magic.
Faults: When angered lost focus, when lost in her thoughts lets her guard down, shortempered.
Also has glamsight the one that allows her to see type of magic people uses and how powerfull it is and the weakness, when she uses the glamsight her eyes turn purple.
Weapons: Sword, small needles made from mistletoe and fire.
History: Dosent talk about it.

Name: Alexander Andre Rieu
Age: 24
Personality: Sarcastic, narcissist, lazzy, sly, bossy, smart (Likes to brag about it)
Ocuppation: Rental Magica President. Basically the "boss".
King Solomon Magic User.

History: Dosen't talk about it.

Name: Domovoi
Age: 45
Ocuppation: Buttler.
Dosen't use magic belives more in hand to hand combat and in weapons.
Personality: Quiet, hardworker, loyal, even whit his scary appearence he is kind and friendly but quiet.
Appearence: Tall really tall, bold, green eyes.

Jillian entered the room and looked at Alexander "So how is it going?" She asked, Alexander smirked and handed her a paper "We got some really interesting people that want to joing Rental Magica" He said Jillian looked at the paper "Well good luck whit that" She muttered "I am gonna take a walk" She said, he shook her head "Well you better be here at 6 pm" He said she looked at him "For what?" She asked "Well it isnt obvious?? Exorcists, alchemists, wicthes etc are gonna come here and it will be your job to see if they have the powers they say they have and if they do to see how powerfull they are" He said, "Joy" She muttered sarcastically and walked out of the room.
( kay done. I am not in the mode to be origonal today.)
(heh making my profile now -was making it last night till mom yelled at me-)
name-Kari Neko (.....duh.)
Glam Eye or Glamsight and Onmyoudou (what she actually does is a mystery for now muahahahahaha!)
appearance-Kari-chan! but changes clothes XD and she has the mis matched eyes (left startling green right icy blue) and she has the 'XIII' mark under her collarbone.
personality-slightly narcissistic,short tempered,loyal,caring,can be brutal when it comes to enemies,usually calm,quiet,blunt and sarcastic
strong points-always calm,never makes fun of anybody,loyal,very smart
weak points-her short temper,never talks much,and is very blunt and sarcastic .
fighting style-when she wants to make things quick she uses her trademark gun and rarely misses her mark,when she uses her magic she can see what an opponents worst fear is and make her shikkigami into that forum but when she's not fighting she has her shikkigami around always in the forum of a wolf.
weapons-the black cat gun,her martial art skills and her magic.
history-she never talks about it and if you ask she'll either change the subject or just not talk.
and yes she plays her guitar and write lyrics all the time.

Hiro:He looks like this. and he seems to have a school boy crush on Maria.He's in his natural human form around 7,but when he needs to fight in his human form at around 18.
Kari was walking with her shikkigami,Hiro a wolf that's black from his ears down his back and white underneath and she managed to get to Rental Magica,early as always.
Kari!! Thanks for joining *glomps*
And I forgot to say Rental Magica is like and old mansion I will soon get a pic.

Jillian looked at Alexander "Someone arrived" She said as she looked out of the window and saw a girl whit a wold *Her shikigami I guess* She thought, Alexander smirked and looked at Domovoi "Dom get some tea for our guests please" He said as he sat down, Jillian sat down too and starting playing whit the diamond around her neck.
Kari walked in with her hands in her pockets and said bluntly "I'm the first one here,as usual."
Seitheroth was outside stareing down at the building. I hate being early. He thought as he Called his shikigami- bahamat. Bahamat was a small demonic looking gargole like creature who bent completelly to seithoth's will. he also was paracitic bonding with Seithroth and- harmfully- to others. as he slowlly opend the door with Bahamat outside.
Hiro immediately growled the minute he smelled Bahamat and Kair sighed and held him back by his collar and growled at him and Hiro stopped trying to run over to the gargoyle creature and she said to Seitheroth calmly "Sorry,he's over-protective."
"Is he..afraid?" He asked in an omnious tone.
"No,just a companion who doesn't want me to get hurt.It's his way of protecting me."Kari answered patting Hiro on the head
Seitheroth said nothing as Bahamat swiftlly flew to Seithroth and entered his back casueing him to sprout one wing. He was well know around the world for this as he was called the one winged angel
Kari blinked and said "Your the 'one winged angel' I presume?"
"yes." Seitheroth said with his same tone.
"I have a title but I'd rather not use it."Kari said bluntly with a shrug
"Inlighten me." Seitheroth said.
"Ever heard of the Black Cat?"Kari mused raising an eye brow
"I wouldn't know of you." Seitheroth said. His long sword was now visable that streched windows away.
Kari shrugged and said calmly "If you don't know than it's pointless to explain."
"Please try to." Seitheroth requested.
"What if I don't feel like it?"Kari asked with a smirk
Seitheroth simplly lifted the hilt of his sword with his thumb.
"I could easily shoot you in a deadly but lethal spot if you try that."Kari said in what usually would be a threatening tone but she was as calm as ever
Seitheroth smiled slightlly. Bahamat quicklly reacted as he "un-shealthed" Himself and quicklly jumped onto Kari and- before anything else could happen"- sucked himself into her skin.
Kari grabbed it by it's wing before it could go into her pulling it out and she said giving it back "Please,don't underestimate me and I'd rather not fight."
"Nor would I so please tell me." He said. He knew that if he truelly wanted to Bahamut could suck himself via her hand.
"Then tell me why your so interested in my past when you've known me for 10 minutes tops?"Kari mused boredly as Hiro growled at Bahamut
"Curiosity." Seitheroth said.
"Than get a book about the roman numbers for old secret organizations."Kari said with a small smirk
"You do know what curiousity did to the cat?" He asked still in his omnious tone.
"But your not the cat."Kari replied with a smirk
"excatlly. so you should sooth my curoistiy before it kills you." He said.
"Nope.You haven't given me anything so why should I give you something."Kari said rolling her eyes
"Becasue I asked first." He said still in his frightfully clam tone.
"Tough luck for you."Kari said simply scratching Hiro behind the ears
Seithreoth quicklly pulled out his outrageouslly long swor and kept the side to her neck. "I implore you to reconsider." He said.
"Really?Now let's see what frightens you the most now shall I?"Kari said completely calm even with a sword at her throat her eyes turned black and she seemed to be trying to look through his fears.
"I do not fear. I am fear." He said.
Kari blinked and said "Hm so that tactic's gone so......Hiro-kun you know the drill." and Hiro growled and lunged at Seithreoth biting his hand so he would drop the sword from Kari's neck.
(I gotta go to bed)
Seithoth felt the small shikigami on his hand. he felt pain but completelly ingnored it. with his free hand he grabbed Hiro's neck and showed he could easly snap it. "Information." He said.
"Put.Him.Down."Kari snarled apparently not her usual calm self but looking fairly pissed
"Information." He said.
"The black cat is known for her ability to shoot on the spot right where it's lethal and if you don't want to end up like the rest you'll put him down."Kari said already reaching for her gun
"Do it and my sword will fall in a postion that will effectavlly decapitate him." He said. He knew there was more.
".....Put him down...please."Kari said quietly she was staring at her poor wolf struggling looking hurt
"information." He countuied.
"I just had to get rid of big crime lords and thugs and stuff like that nothing else....please just put him down."Kari said looking broken
"Thank you." He said apperentlly apaised by the small amount of information. he threw the wolf down at Kari. "Your wolf is spared." He said,
Kari caught him and buried her face in his fur holding him tightly as the wolf licked her face and anybody could guess that the wolf was the only thing she really had.
"You hold that dear to you?" He asked.
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