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(Recentlly with the L crisis and basiclly all other rps I've been have lacked the actual fma essence except for rosi's plots so I decided to start makeing new ones. I'm going to take a break from anything new with L for a bit and start on someone truer to fmaness.

Name: Dr.Mabuse

Rank: Lieuatenaent Genreal

Alchemist Name: "The Optic Alchemist"

Alchemic Abliltys: Very well skilled in alchemic despetion technquies and apperentlly has various skills in psyhology. He is also a skilled acupunturest and fencer and useally transmustes Needles for almost everything.

Apperence: Long Black Hair streching to the Back. He has Blue Eyes and constantlly wears a half Black/half white Long sleeved shirt with Black pants and a Black and white Vest.

All for now with Mabuse. now onto the story

A large radioactive blasts have been accuring within the eastern part of Ametris. Various Kindnappings and murders have also accured as well as high rates of Nuclear Dieases. These killings have been spreeding into the northern reigons. If this countuies then all of Ametris will become a cesspool of Radioactivity. )
yay new RPG!
name-Kari Neko (it's my person and I shall never get rid of her <.<)
looks-long black hair with her usual electric blue streaks and dark blue eyes almost black and is kinda short.....and as usual she has a black tail and cat ears.
clothes-her usual clothing unless I say something different is a black turtle neck,a black and blue striped sleeveless hoodie,and black slightly baggy jeans,white and black striped fingerless gloves that go to her elbow,and black elevator shoes.She also wears a black ribbon with a bell on it around her neck and she always carries a small doll of a black cat with her.And she has a tattoo of 'XIII' just below her collarbone.(IT'S THE BLACK CAT WOOO!)
occupation-she's a sweeper,and if you don't know what a sweeper is they're basically bounty hunters but they have to bring in the criminals alive unlike bounty hunters who can bring them in dead or alive.And she can use alchemy without a transmutation circle for a reason unknown...even to me but she didn't do human transmutation XD
skin tone-as pale as a ghost.
theme song-The Animal Song-Savage Garden
Yey new rp ^^

Name: Kisha
Age: acts 17 (idk how old that would be in wolf years...)
Gender: Female
Important family: None
Hometown: None
Info: Kisha is a human bound somehow inside a wolf's body. She is an alchemist despite the fact that she's in a wolf's body. She was assigned to Roy Mustang and has learned from him. She doesn't speak to anyone to hide that she's a human. Her front left leg is automail because of an accident one day when she was hit by a car.
Looks: White wolf with a thick black collar and a military state alchemist watch hanging from it. Front left leg is automail.
Personality: Spazzy a bit, Playful, luffs adventure, strange craving for chocolate.
Name: Mai (Blue Diamond Alchemist)
Age: 20
Occupation: State Alchemist


(She has icy blue eyes) And she is whit other clothes.

Personality: Shortempered, sarcastic, tricky, but she is kind and friendly.
Strong Points: Fast, strong, sly, cunning, tricky.
Faults: When angered lost focus, when lost in her thoughts lets her guard down, shortempered.
Alchemical Style: Can use alchemy whitout circles because of a special ring, she especiallys in ice, water and blue diamond a rare material (She always has a chain whit a blue diamond on it)
Weapons: Little knives whit alchemical arrays that when the knives touches somthing it freezes, swords , dagger and even guns she also is very good in martial arts.
History: Unknown

Now she also uses blanck fingerless gloves and now she also uses (Those strings that Renkotsu from Inuyash uses or the one that girl in (I forgot her name) Naruto uses when she fights Shikamaru) I am just gonna call those thingys: strings.
ooc| Yeah, I've noticed we've had a weird FMA/Death Note/Naruto/Invader Zim-theme-ish to our RPs XDDDDD Ha, ha! Join', though, with...HOTARU!!! 8D NOT QUITE DONE WITH HER TRAINING BUT WHATEVER!!!

Name: Hotaru Stille
Alias: Hotaru
Age: 16
Occupation: Student
Hair: Black (with a purple tint), thick and cut evenly with bangs.
Eyes: Purple
Skin tone: Caucasian
Height: 3'11''
Frame: Frail, thin, small.
Personality: Quiet, soft-spoken, peaceful, friendly, child-like.
Strong points: Kind, gentle, caring, story-telling, comforting.
Faults: Somewhat anti-social, meek.
Bloodline: Full-blooded Amestrian.
Alchemical style: Uses a staff-like glaive (blade shaped somewhat like a 'G') with alchemical symbols carved into the blade and handle; performs Rentanjutsu (Xingese alchemy).
Family: Deceased.
Sensei: Ashley Blair (the White Lotus Alchemist)
Clothing: Dark-colored skirts, pants, jackets, boots, socks.
Specializes in: Peace-making, transmuting light and silence.
History: Hotaru's life is a...strange one. Her mother died when she was 6 years old, and due to the sudden death, her father went mad and attempted human transmutation to resurrect her. However, as is the case, it failed, forcing him to learn ancient alchemy from long ago. With it, he could control humans, create golems and dolls, and so forth. Being an ex-State Alchemist, he held a grudge toward the military for letting him go after his wife's departure, and decided he would try to eliminate the military with this style of alchemy he'd discovered.
How was Hotaru involved? While she was young, he turned her into his own, personal puppet, using her as a cover-up when infiltrating towns and cities he needed for his plan. He came across the city of Schwiegengel (once a city of bloodshed and violence) and killed everyone in the city, using their souls to create a Philosopher's Stone. With the leftover bodies, he turned them into puppets to create the illusion that the city was not dead. His plan failed, however, with the arrival of a group of State Alchemists, and was ultimately killed by Hotaru's later-sensei, Ashley Blair.
With her father dead and her soul restored in her own body, Hotaru left Schwiegengel to thank the alchemists for saving her, and is now under the apprenticeship of Ashley Blair, the White Lotus Alchemist.
Theme song: Twilight - Vanessa Carlton
(YAYS! Yeah I really started ntoiceing that after wacthing Conquer of Shamballa for the umptenth time so...tada. It starts at the train station and all the alchemists know is that there commanding officer named Mabusa (Also from CoS. rewacth it to see what I mean.) and that they are going northeastern. someone else start cuz I suck at doing that.)
(you pain,I'll do it rolleyes.gif)
"Hm,wonder if there's any criminals up north east...."Kari said quietly to herself as she was walking around the train station
ooc| XD I have to go to work in a sec; see ya guys later today! *huggles*

Hotaru stood quietly in the station, her staff-like glaive strapped to her back with a cloth wrapped around it's large, pointed glaive. She rocked on her heels with a quiet expression on her face as she silently cursed her sensei. Can't believe she's sending me instead for this...she can be so lazy sometimes, she thought, hands clasped behind her back as she looked around. Once she spotted Kari, she smiled, "Kari-chan!"
"Hotaru-chan!?Where've you been?"Kari asked
(just as a side note Kari's a different person kinda in this RP XD)
Mabusa sat down with his arms on the table. he held onto a deck of playing cards carefully observeing the alchemists.
Kari's ears twitched and she thought I get the feeling I'm being watched...again.
Mabusa just contuied looking at the strange girl with the Cat features. He started dealing cards to the empty chairs still gazeing at the party.
Kari looked around absentmindedly and she spotted Mabusa and sighed and asked looking his way "Any reason your staring at me....Stalker-san?"
"...Your a cat...." Mabusa said in a taunting sort of way closeing his eyes and chuckleing slightlly.
"Wrong try again."Kari said rolling her eyes
Mabuse simplly walked up and took the deck of cards and splashed them promptlly in Kari's face. at that same time he seeminglly dissappered.
"Eh that was interesting."Kari said shrugging
Hotaru blinked once the cards were thrown and stared wide-eyed at the spot the man had just been standing in. "...That's odd," she whispered as she started picking up the playing cards.
Mai walked into the train station a furious look in her face "Take me to the train station!! How hard is that?? Stupid driver!! I am late again" She mumbled angrily, she then spotted Hotaru and Kari both of them looking at an empty table, she walked toward them "Hey guys what did I miss?" She asked as she waved
"Some weirdo said I was a cat and I told him 'wrong answer try again' and then he chucked his cards at my face and disappeared."Kari said
"Hmm..." Hotaru, once the cards were picked up, shoved them into the pocket of her purple coat and looked up at Mai and Kari. "Sensei said the Lieutenant General would be a strange guy; maybe that was him," she said, blinking.
"Figures,we always get the weirdos.Besides I quit the military so what the bloody he** was he staring at me in particular for?"Kari said sighing as this was a new brain teaser to deal with.
Hotaru looked up with a raised brow at Kari's ears and blinked. "Um...ears. I think those would draw anyones attention," she said, motioning to Kari's ears.
".....Besides the ears.He was looking at something else."Kari said sweat dropping and thought I hate being stared gets annoying.
"...Maybe he thought you were cute," Hotaru said with a small shrug of her shoulders. She pulled a sucker out of her jeans pocket and put it on her mouth.
Kari's eye twitched and said sweat dropping "Don't even say that......I already have perverted police cops after me every time I bring in a bounty."
Mai looked around "How did he looked?" She asked
"Erm really long black hair,blue eyes,and he looked as if he was split down the middle since his clothes were half white half black."Kari said biting her thumb trying to remember what he looked like.
Mai humphed as she tried to join the description whit a name she then got it "Dr Mabuse perhaps??" She asked
"Maybe I dunno,seemed like a weirdo.What kind of person just randomly says 'Your a cat.'?"Kari said with a shrug
Mai sweatdropped "I dont really wanna say names" She said
".....Whatever."Kari said sighing and she looked around and when she saw a guy she immediately grinned "FOOD MONEY!" she said and explained quickly as she got her gun keeping an eye on him "He has a bounty for about 1.8 mill in gold."
Mai looked at the guy "Did you said 1.8 in gold??" She asked in greedy tone
"MINE!"Kari said immediately and she flashed and he saw him and shot at her but she blocked them with her gun making them hit the floor and she said before knocking him out by hitting him in the back of the head "Gomen ne but normal bullets can't even scratch my gun."
(she has the black cat gun cause I said so ha! though not ripping off Train XP)
Mai cursed as Kari got the guy first "Damm I really wanted the money" She said anime crying
"....You couldn't get the reward even if you got him.You don't have a sweepers license."Kari said smirking as she was binding her prize.
Mai nooded "True true guess I forgot that" She mumbled still anime crying
"Man I wonder how much milk and candy I can get out of this guy!"Kari said happily as she swung him over her shoulder and said before flashing to the police station "Be right back."
Dr.Mabuse wacthed from a distance. " I supppose it's time for An entrence." He said to himself. Then a buncth of the same crimanals appered to Kari as Mabuse slientlly wacthed.
"Whoa!" Hotaru, once the criminals popped up, hid behind Kari. "Um...yes, you handle them," she said, trying as desperately as she could to hide from the criminals.
Whilst everyone was distracted Mabuse cam out of hideing and quicklly grabbed the real one and walk off without anyone noticeing untill he was near a police stand sighing on the way there.
As Hotaru stared at the criminals, she immediatley noticed one missing and blinked. "...Eh? One's gone," she pointed out, pointing at them with her finger. She raised a brow and looked around the station from her safe spot behind Kari, as though searching for something.
Soon all the other crimanals dissappered as Mabuse Clapped his hands and his rings faintlly glowed and he dissapered and soon sunck up behinf Hotaru and stole her wallet when she wasnt looking

(..why this was the 3rd option for L's powers lol)
ooc| XD Would've made sense *cackles*

Feeling her wallet pulled from her pocket, in almost the blink of an eye, Hotaru grabbed the staff she had strapped to her back, pulled off the cloth that hid the silver, pointed metal of the glaive and quickly pointed it at the theif's neck. "My wallet, please," she said as calmly as she could, holding the glaive at his throat steadily.

ooc| Dun make Hotaru-chan mad XDDD
Mabuse who was still invisbale and a little neverous he quietlly took the glave off while keeping the visable wallet in the same place. at that time he clapped and made all the objects invisable and countuied to walk off. Then he came back on the other side and stole the actual staff.
Hotaru gasped slightly, but didn't seem that worried about the staff or the glaive. In hands other than Hotaru's, the glaive and staff would burn that carrier's skin. For some reason...the glaive did not do that to her. "Uh-oh," she said, noticing everything had become invisible.
Mabuse was however carrying it with his rings after slightlly burning himself earlier when getting the glave.
Hotaru stood still and contemplated the situation. Let's see...I can't transmute without my glaive, I can't even see who took it or my glaive at all... After thinking, she rubbed her chin and aimlessly started walking around the station in thought. Dammit! This isn't good! If sensei learns someone stole that glaive, not only will she kill the theif but she'll kill me as well! Gah! Why now?! However, despite the worry and thoughts running through her head, Hotaru maintained a cool, monotone expression as she walked.
"You just so happen to be one of the worst alchemists I have ever seen." Said mabuse as he countuied stealing multaple idems from Hotaru untill all that remainded was her clothing

"That's 'cause I'm still in training...wait a minute," Hotaru stopped and looked around, finding no one. However, she could definately feel the items she held finding their way out of her pockets. "Gah!" Frightened, her eyes were in a set glare as she looked around for the theif, knowing full-well that he could not be seen.
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