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...and Excorsists have been sent to investigate. However, it's been weeks since their departure, and news concerning the city has since ceased, causing some to believe the two Excorsists dead. Nemoisin was once a well-populated city, popular for its Gothic atmosphere and so forth. However, people have started disappearing around the city, which was another reason for the Excorsists arrival.

Yuppers, a 'D.Gray Man' roleplay. Don't see many of them on the net, so, I decided to make one! (On an FMA website, no less XD). Heh. I'll start when others join...or I'll just start when I feel like it ^^;

Usual rules...violence and blood is fine, anything over PG-13 is not okay, please, no god-moding, etc, etc... If you have no idea what 'D.Gray Man' is or if you haven't read it...then don't join.

Here's my character (so far; I'll add more profile when I feel like it XD):

Name: Cecillia Rosmertta
Alias: Cecy
Age: Appears to be 16 yrs old; real age is around 157 yrs.
Innocence: Equipment-type
Frame: Short, petite, thin.
Height: 4'11''
Weight: 110lbs
Hair: Dark-brown, smooth, shoulder-length, worn in a ponytail.
Eyes: Teal
Personality: Quiet, serious, curious, quirky.
Strong points: Endurance, listening.
Weak points: Denial, easily depressed.
Anti-Akuma weapon: A collection of arrows that can be transformed into a spear; average, man-made bow is used with these.
Synchronization: 85%
Family: Father (deceased), mother (deceased).
History: Cecy's life before her parents death (which was when she was 16 yrs old) is unknown. However, she joined the Order when she was "15" after accommodating the Crucifix Arrows, her Innocence being that of the Equipment-form, and has lived there since. It's been argued, though, that she's older than she looks, some people claiming that she's been 16 for a number of years. Others recognized that Cecy was not normal when noticing her reflection could not be seen in any mirror around the Black Order.
After her parents' death, Cecy came across a special diary. Once she had written her name in it, she discovered later that she had not aged at all since then and realized that immortality had been trapped inside this diary's pages. On her own, with the help of a friend (now deceased), she found that if words revolving around destruction, death, ending of a life, etc, were written in the diary, she would die. However, if those words are erased clean from its pages, she returns to life. She keeps the diary on her person, and is absolutely positive that its knowledge is unknown...but that's not the truth...
Theme song: Cadence of Her Last Breath - Nightwish
(how many characters can we have? if not more then one then I'll take Alexanders profile off)

Name: Catalina
Age: 15 years old
Innocence: parasitic
Height: 5"2
Weight: 105 Lbs
Hair: dark red, little longer then the jaw line
Eyes: different, left one is green right one is violet
Personality: goofball, clumsy, moody, has an uncanny amount of bravery and she stands up for herself, also very loyal to those loyal to her, does not trust easily, if betrayed looses her cool beyond control
Anti-Akuma weapon: metal claws, as well as phycic ability
Family: none was supossingly abondoned and was taken in by a man named Alexander when she was 6(not trying to rip off Allen though...)


Name: Alexander Lamour
Age: 25 years old
Innocence: equipment/parasitic
Height: 6"2
Weight: 175 Lbs
Hair: jet black, down to his shoulders
Eyes: crimson
Personality: overprotective of Catalina, caring, emotional, brave and strong, always giving something up so those around him can be happy too trusting, worries alot more then he has too
Anti-Akuma weapon: sword
Family: younger brother named Aidon, he ran away from home with him for which reasons may be unmasked in the Rp, now is like the big brother/father to both Catalina and Aidon(whom is living with friends...or something)

piccy: <normal form

Catalina with her innocence:

Alexander with his parasitic type:

(their from my manga so sorry if their a bit flashy just tell me and Ill tone it down a little)
yay a D Gray Man RPG....I was actually thinking of making one XD
name-Kari Neko
weight-90 lbs (she is very underweight surprisingly XD)
hair-jet black with electric blue streaks that are a little past her shoulders,she usually keeps it up in a hat when she's hunting akuma the streaks attract to much attention.
eyes-also different her right eye is a startling bright green color while her left eye is a icy looking blue almost gray
personality-is a very very smart person but doesn't show off or anything,she's a little blunt and sarcastic alright very blunt and sarcastic,hates being bored,and highly protective of a small wolf doll that she carries around everywhere,also likes to play guitar.
Anti-Akuma weapon- she has an uncanny ability for shooting things with a gun that didn't have much to do with her innocence but she can use her guitar to make ultra loud frequency waves that only akuma can hear and make them implode.
history-she and Lavi had been friend since who knows how long and they're like brother and sister,her parents have been dead since she was 3 so Bookman took her in and she was compatible with innocence so she's either been with Lavi and Bookman or somebody else doing missons or at the black order helping the techies.
ooc| Heh, heh. Cool characters, guys! *pokes* You can have more than one if you wish; I normally don't cause I wind up focusing more on one character, then forgetting about the other one XD

I'll start when I've got a decent intro written up (hopefully before I leave for work in an hour o_O)


Cecy sighed, partially from boredom, partially from the fact that Jerry forgot her side-order of pumpkin pie with her mitarashi dango meal. As she chewed on one, she thought about her next mission and what had happened in that area. Those Excorcists are missing, eh? she thought as she took a sip of milk. As she thought, she tried to block out the rest of the sounds in the busy lunchroom and sat with a distant, thoughtful expression crossing her features. She wore her usual dark-blue skirt and plain, white shirt with a pair of black boots that sat hidden by the lengthy skirt.

"Hmm..." She ate another mitarashi dango ball while deep in thought.
(I do the same thing hence only having one at a time XD)
Kari sighed as she went over to the lunch guy and she said to him "Alright I want spaghetti,2 slices of pizza,white rice with chicken nuggets and italian dressing on top,chocolate ice cream,and a strawberry cake please.Oh and coffee with creamer,milk,and lots of sugar." he sweat dropped and said "Alright miss right away." and she went over to a table boredly tapping her fingers on the table like she was playing a piano like one of her many quirks.
Cecy overheard the girl's large order and adverted her attention to her. "Can you really eat all that in one setting?" she inquired in a monotone voice with one of the toothpicks that had been chewed clean of the mitarashi dangos placed between her teeth. She leaned her elbow on the table with her head against her hand, expression dull.
Alexander walked into the resturant with Catalina dozing on his back
Alexander smiled"all right we are here time to wake up" he set her on the ground lightly
Catalina looked at her gardian"can I have ice cream". "after lunch.."alexander said to her,"for lunch" she argued

Catalina looked at the two girls (who where hopfully sitting reletivly close) and smiled "okay order whatever.." she said then took off to leave Aleck with an annoyed look she sat close to them"hey I havent seen you around Im new here, my names Catalina, and that guys Alexander, who are you? where are you from? is the food like digusting high school food?" she asked seemingly curious about the place and them
"Uh I'm Kari,I don't exactly remember what city I'm from,and the food tastes great here."Kari said eating a forkful of spaghetti.
Catalina smiled cheerfully at her"and you...?" she asked at the same time Alexander arrived with a large plate of spegetti, ramen, wontons, scones, rice, chicken, sandwiches and fruits"as usual we'll just split it so take whatever you want" he said sitting next to her before noticing the two girls"oh are these your friends"

"no we are mortal enemies bent on killing each other" she said sarcastically
Kari chuckled at that comment and said to Catalina with a grin "Just make sure you don't piss off Kanda while your here,though if you want to than just call him by his first name Yu."
"Hm?" Cecy blinked and looked over to Catalina while twittling the stick between her clenched teeth. "Cecillia Rosmertta, prefferably 'Cecy', I'm from Stuttgart, Germany," she said, in a mock German accent, "and the food here isn't that bad, so long as they don't forget any sideorders." Once Alexander came back, she raised a brow, "You two related?" She pointed at Catalina and Alexander as she asked this.
"Maybe.All I know is that Lavi gets to come back home today!"Kari said happily thinking about how the two of them could torment Kanda
Catalina giggled"nope not at all, he took me in when I was a kid on the streets hes kind of like a big brother" she said happily chowing down on the food with Alexander

"so this Kanda he in a bad mood often?" he asked
"The real question is when he's not grumpy,that's what makes it fun to annoy him.Plus somebody's got to raise his blood pressure."Kari said with a mischievous grin
Catalina looked at Kanda who just so happened to arrive at that moment "who is she?" she asked bluntly and rather loudly

Alexander sweatdropped"why do i have the strangest feeling thats.."
"Uh Cat....that's for one thing a HE and for another that would be Kanda.Great job of pissing him off by the way."Kari said with a laugh as Kanda had several anime veins and anger marks on his head
Name: Chelsea Hariluk (Har-lock)
Alias: Chels, Chels-chan
Age: 15
Race: Russian/German
Innocence: Equipment/parasitic
Frame: slim, strong
Height: 5' 4
Weight: 120lbs
Hair: light brown with rusty red, blonde, and dark brown highlights, chin-length, layered
Eyes: blue (shade depends on mood)
Personality: Can be quite cold, a bit hyper when alone or very close friends, tends to sing a verse of a song every now and then, stubborn, a bit dense, a klutz when not on missions, and has a bit of split personalities. (You'll learn about them later on)
Strong points: Persistance, endurance, strength, smart
Weak points: hard to trust, pushes everyone away, a bit of an empath
Anti-Akuma weapon: Angel wings, 85% syncronization
Family: Cut all ties with family.
History: Found she was compatible with Innocence at age 10, willingly went with General Tiedoll (or Theodore to some), made only few friends with people in the headquarters. Would rather be in the training hall then with group gatherings. (A fear of crowds and having people behind her)
Theme song: Cassie - Flyleaf


Chelsea walked into the cafeteria, noting that there were many other exorcists that she had never assosicated with before. She decieded she could not trust them, and went over to Jerry, the cook.

"Just give me some Chicken and I'll be fine," she stated, quick and to the point. As she waited, she looked over, feeling emense annoyance and anger, and saw that Kanda was pissed about something. Jerry came back with her chicken. She thanked him, and went over towards Kanda.

"Sorry to intrude," she mumbled, as she ate the chicken before her, wanting to eat it quickly so she could review the mission file that Komui had given her, coffee on it an all. She heard a 'che' from him as he continued to eat his Soba noodles. She opened the manilla folder and saw that she was to go to Nemoisin.

"Great... just great..." She muttered to herself, not caring if Kanda was listening or not.
Kanda just stalked off being his usual grumpy state as Lavi came bounding in tackling Kari yelling "KARI-CHAN I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Catalina looked at Lavi she wispered something to Alexander and he just shrugged "umm...are you her boyfriend?" Catalina asked curiously"or just friends?" she was perplexed by his sudden appearence

Alexander sighed"can you ever not stick your nose in others business" Alexander asked Catalina and she stuck her tongue out at him
Chelsea rolled her eyes at the table next to her, idlely taking her fork and moving some of the scraps she had around her plate, looking at the crowds in front of her, her own back facing the wall.

"Idiots..." she muttered, and barely registered someone coming up behind her and giving her a hug, which made her reflex, lift up a fist and punch them to the nine hells. She turned and saw a stunned Allen, who probably forgot about her personal space issue.

"Good evening, Walker," she stated, her once blue eyes now turning into an icy blue with a dark blue ring, meaning annoyance and anger. He gave a weak, "hi" from his position on the ground.

"I don't suppose that you two are on the Nemoisin mission as well?" She asked waiting for an answer from them ((I don't care if they are or not))
both Cat and Alecks ears pricked up"hey thats where we are going next" Alexander said looking at Chelsea

Catalina smiled at her "Im Catalina, and this is Alexander, who are you?"
She moved her eyes towards the two that spoke, and saw two people who seemed to be like brother and sister. She didn't answer them, but continued to stare at them from the corner of her eyes.

"Chelsea," She stated when they turned their heads away from her, not expecting an answer.

"Just Chelsea," she said firmly, getting up and taking her tray over to the drop off, and out the door, probably heading to the training hall. She didn't know if any of them were following, but she didn't care, not one bit.
Lavi and Kari blinked at Cat's remark and started laughing hysterics and Kari said in between laughs "AS IF!WE'RE JUST LIKE BROTHER AND SISTER!"
ooc| I remember to reply! biggrin.gif

Cecy watched the scene with mellow amusement. Taking the stick out of her mouth, she took another bite of her mitarashi dango meal and raised a brow upon the arrival of the newcomers. "Hm? You're all going to Nemoisin???" Her eyes widened slightly at this. Rarely were more than two or three Excorcists sent to one area...but, then again, after the disappearences in this particular city, it was most likely a wise choice.
"I'm going to."Kari said and then Lavi sighed and said "Dang I wanna go but I gotta go somewhere with the old panda."
Catalina gigled a bit"thats like with me and Aleck...though hes a bit more serious and overprotective beyond words" she said

Aleck sighed" least there are alot of exorcist arriving so it should be a litle safer to carry out the mission."
"I suppose.Wonder if Mr.,or should I say Ms. according to Cat's comment?,grumpy is going to come too."Kari said indicating Kanda and Lavi seemed to get it as he started laughing
Catalina grinned"oh is that that yuu guy?" she asked

Alexander looked annoyed"you have fun dont you?" he asked both of them
"Well duh,we gotta keep ourselves entertained somehow between boring as hell missions with the panda man."Lavi and Kari said just as Bookman came in and he kicked them across the room yelling "I'M NOT A PANDA!"
Chelsea watched as Lavi and another girl passed by her, an identical boot mark on their faces, as though kicked.

And the score so far! Bookman: 2 Lavi and anyone else: 0! A voice in her head shouted, as though excited. She ignored the high pitched squeel that rang through her head, grabbed the two by the scruffs of their jackets, and dragged them along with her to the training hall.
"Ow.....Booky still hurts."Kari mumbled lamely and Lavi asked "Uh where are we going?"
Chelsea heard this and gave an indigent snort.

"The training hall. I'd rather go there before a mission," she said, kicking the big doors open with her leg, and they were about three times here weight, and dropped the two on the ground, and walked over towards the south wall (left).

"Okay, they should be here..." she trailed off, searching for something in the wall.
"What're you looking for?"Both Kari and Lavi asked,they had a habit of knowing exactly what the other one was going to say
Chlesea ignored the two and when pressing her hand against one brick, she smiled, seeing it sink in some. The bricks around the one she touch shifted some, moving and opening up a small alcove.

"I knew that brick was the one," She stated, and bent down to pick up a few items. She threw out a huge scyth (think Murlaxia's from KHII, but instead of pink, green and yellow, it was blue, gray, and lavender), a bow and arrow set, she set out a little boom box (I'll explain how it works without electricity in a bit), and finally, a set of metal wings, which looked as though the feathers were plucked out of them and all that was left was the metal bones.

"And that should do," she said quietly, and touched the same brick again, closing the alcove up from any other eyes that wanted to see.
"....Cool!" they both said rubbing they're heads from Bookman's anti panda kick.
Chelsea just looked at them with bored eyes, the color was a normal blue that you would see anywehre.

"Lavi," She tossed him the scyth, which he caught, "That scyth can grow just like your hammer. It might help with aim," She stated, and turned towards the other.

"You can use this bow and arrow set. I don't know what you use, but this should work on aim as well, though with something that probably doesn't have a homeing chip in it," She stated. She turned towards teh wings and the boombox. She picked them up, weighting about 100 pounds each and extending about three feet from her body, if they were on her back. She took the harrness that was connected to it and shruggedo off her coat, revealing a black tank top, exposing her neck and part of her shoulderblades, which had two, thing oval-shaped ports near her spine.

"And the pain shall come," she mumbled, adjusting the harrness aroudn her body, and bent her arms around her, gripping the left wing. She shoved it against her body, a click sounds and she shook a bit, gritting her teeth.

"One down, another to do," she breathed out. She did the same to the other wing and stood there for a bit, catching her breath. It was painful, but she'd been putting them in for about 6 years of her life. She let her nerves around her shoulderblades move the metal appendages.

((ooc: think Automail wings (FMA) so, connecting the port and appendage.... quite painful))
"Cool.Thanks Chelsea."Lavi said trying the sheath to his belt loop
(that would hurt DX)
((ooc: It does, especially if it's right next to your spinal column))

Chelsea looked at the boombox, and flipped it upside down, a small indintation there to indicate something was to be there. She grabbed her slilver earings, a pair of Kanji earings that meant Happiness, and placed them in the slot. An electrical charge when through them and into the boombox. She flipped it over again, and pushed the play button. For a moment, it was silent, then music started up. It was harsh sounding music, one that you could only think of listening to a battle.

Chelsea bounced a bit on her feet, grabbed a pendant that hung from her neck, shaped like a green cross, broke it in half (since it coud and become whole again) and placed them into two slots on her wings.

"Dark wings, inovacte..." she trailed off, and a bright light shined, and instead of metal husks, she stood there with wings that had dark feathers upon them, though they looked as though they would disappear any moment. She slapped her forehead again, and opened the alcove again, pushing pause upon the music, and got out a few more weapons, one which included a fan and some twin bladed Katars.

((ooc: music -> White Eyes by Gackt))
Kari grabbed the guitar that was on her back and mumbled as her guitar now had a neon green streak on it's black surface "Claudia play loudly." and Lavi grabbed the mallet from it's place and said "Mallet grow grow grow!" as it started getting huge.
Chelsea hooked the Katar's upon her wrists, and grapped the battle fan, which was about half her height. She played the music again, and was airborn. She did a couple of circles around the area for a bit then hovered.

"Everything's in working order, now for the targets..." she looked around, and seeing no wooden targets to use, she looked at the other two exorcists, and a feral, no, predatory grin alighted her face.

"Target, found!" She dove down at them, the fan open a third of the way, revealing a weird symbol, and swung it, causing a gust of wind to follow.

((ooc: Symbol ))
Kari strummed her guitar and a loud and huge sound wave went towards her.
Chelsea blocked it with her fan, and redirected it towards Lavi. He jumped out of the way, and tried to smack her out of the sky, but she grabbed it with her bare hands, and had it redirect towards the other, Kari if she was right.

"Pretty good, but I'm at 83% syncronization, close to a hundred," she stated, and brought her wings forwards, still hovering in the hair.

"Feather spike barage!" She shouted and her wings glowed, and then shot out hundreds of feathers, each sharped to a point that they could probably stick into steal and then crack it from the force of the impact.
Kari blocked a few of them with her guitar and they didn't even leave a scratch Lavi started doing his seal thing and unleashed the fire seal at her with Kari's sound wave right behind it.
Chelsea wasn't fazed by this, and just flipped in the air, dodging it with ease.

"You know, we're not trying to kill each other here," she stated when she heard the sound of wood appearing. She turned from them, back to normal, and dove towards the wooden level one Akuma. Closing the fan, she brought it down upon the wooden figure and crushed it. They all started to surround her, but she just spun in the air, her wings spread out, and diced them in half.

"It's just training, not murder each other," She stated, going after another group of dummies. The song changed and a battle flute started to play, holding a sense of traditional Japan to it, then a loud electric guitar started up.

"It doesn't hurt me, to wanna feel how it feel. Do you wanna why it doesn't hurt me? Do you wanna hear about the deal that I'm making? It's you and me yeah. And if I only could, make a deal with God! She sung to the song, and her attacks grew faster, and the pile of rubble was growing.

((ooc: Song -> Running Up That Hill by Within Temptation))
"Eh we're bored people."Kari said with a shrug as she brought out her gun mumbling "Time to bring bad luck Hades." and it glowed for a minute as she shot a few of the wooden dummies in what would be lethal spots on a human.
She paid no heed to what she said, noting that she shot a couple of the dummies that would have gotten from her behind. Lavi sheathed his hammer, and brought out the scyth, but didn't know how to work with it.

"It works like Ozuchi Kozuchi Lavi, just think of it extending or growing, and it's for close combat," she yelled towards him, the song still playing and about to end. She landed on the ground, wings still extended. She three the fan towards the wall, next to the boombox, and brought forth the Katars. by now, the song had ended, and another one started, which had a low chorus of violen. Just when the guitar started, she dove towards the dummies, and sliced at them, her heart racing, blood pumping, and feeling exilerated, almost mad.

"I wish these were real, that way it's more of a challenge!" She shouted, her voice along with her eyes different.

((song: Ice Queen by Within Temptation.))
"Eh this thing's hard!"Lavi whined and then got it to work slashing the dummies as Kari continued covering his back as the y stood back to back either slashing or shooting the dummy.
Catalina and Alexander watched them from afar obviously not feeling like getting involved and talking about metal music
Chelsea was now out for blood, well, Akuma blood that is. Her eyes were red instead of blue, an evil grin was set on her face, and she kept using her acutal hands instead of her wings and the Katars to destroy the dummies. The music seemed to be playing the song depending on her mood, and at the moment, her movements were quick, fast, and wild.

"The question asked in order: to save her life or take it. The answer no to avoid death. The answer yes would make it, make it!" She sang along, her fists bloody from punching all those wooden dummies but she cared not, she was wanting to be exhausted, to get this training done, or is that what she wanted? No one knew nor did she, but she continued on, her wings flapping to keep her airborn and her evil smile stil in place.

"Come on! Why can't this be harder!?" She questioned, half mad from the training itself.

((song -> Cassie by Flyleaf))
Lavi gave Kari a look and nodded and said "Yeah I'm having a feeling the music is what makes her tick." and they continued hitting akuma dummies.
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