Wrritten originally for Valentine's Day. Been meaning to post it. All the flowers were chosen according to their meaning listed on this site. Neat stuff, cheak it out.



“Yes sir. They arrived here this morning and were addressed to you. They appear to be from a secret admirer…”

Roy studied the bouquet that was now gracing his desk. He’d dated girls who worked at flower shops before, (even one that owned one once) and so had heard enough about flowers to recognize the ones before him. The main flowers were German irises and white camellias, surrounded by a few Christmas roses, oak leaved geraniums, meadow saffron, then accented with butterfly weed, forget-me-nots, globe amaranth, syringa, and Michaelmas daisies. He also noticed several green leaves, which he recognized as being from the locust tree.

Havoc was the first to say what was on Roy’s own mind.

“What the heck kind of bouquet is that? Don’t most people give roses or carnations? I don’t even know the names of all of these.”

Roy had to agree. As pretty as it was it was still an odd arrangement, and the fact it had been delivered to him was odder.

“Well…if you think about what each one means…” Falman began. “The irises mean flame, the syringas mean memory, the daisies mean farewell, the amaranth mean immortality or unfading love, and the butterfly weed means let me g-”

“And how, may I ask, do you know all this?” Havoc interrupted with a raised eyebrow.

“Uh, well uh…”

“He learnt it from a certain superior officer.”

Both men stopped to stare at their colonel.

“Am I right?”

“If you mean who I think you do…then yes…” Falman answered sadly.

It figured, Roy thought to himself. While Roy himself was more into the conquest and gratification, that man was much more of a romantic sap. He knew the secret language of flowers by heart because it was ‘so romantic’.

He remembered…the first flower he gave him.

That peach blossom.

‘I am your captive’.

He remembered calling him a weirdo for giving another boy a flower, and was ready to crush it until he was told the meaning.

Something about…him openly admitting to another boy that he was his and declaring his feelings when so many others were afraid to do so…something about the way he bowed his head in that slight fashion and smiled at him…

I’m yours Roy…

Something about it, about him, was just…appealing.

Even when they broke up and he ‘lost’ him to another…it still felt as if he was his. They were still so close after all…as if he just couldn’t let go of the one who held his heart and affections for so long…

But now…Roy was the one who couldn’t let go…

Why did you die…?

“Hey Colonel?” Havoc called. “Something on your mind?”

He shook his head, shaking his head of the memories at the same time. “Not really.”

“So…” he started, steering the conversation back to the mystery bouquet. “It didn’t come with any names you were saying?”

“Yeah, other than the flower shop’s name on the wrapping. Like I said, I reckon you have a secret admirer boss.” Havoc replied.

“Mmm, I reckon it’s one of your girlfriends…”


The corners of Roy’s mouth twitched upwards into a sly smirk, before gloved fingers turned over a piece of wrapping curiously. The bouquet was well arranged and certainly had variety, maybe he should stop by this place for his next date-

He froze.


He read it over a million times; unable to believe it, until finally he said it out loud to see if it sounded the same way spoken as it did in this head.

“May’s Hues…”

“Something the matter sir?” Hawkeye asked, having not heard what he said just like the others.

“N-No…” he covered. “It’s nothing, nothing...”

The clamour over the boss’ bouquet had died and everyone had gone back to work, but Roy was still fixated on the name of the florist’s shop. He had to be over thinking this. It was a sensible name for a florist after all…flowers were many different hues or colours and May was a spring month. It made sense. The way it sounded was just a mere coincidence…