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Full Version: Meanest FMA Character?
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Well, the title says it all. Vote for who you think the meanest FMA character is. I chose Scar and Dante, by the way.
I voted for Envy ( out of the males) and Dante ( of course, out of the females)
So everyone agrees that Dante is the meanest female character.
QUOTE(Funkyduck @ Mar 4 2008, 10:45 PM) *
So everyone agrees that Dante is the meanest female character.

4 people doesn't equal everyone last time I checked.
I nulled my vote incase you're curious.
It's just odd to me that everyone would vote for the same person. That usually doesn't happen.
It's 4 people and she's the only female villain who's done anything that could be considered cruel.
Sloth just stood around and looked sad and Lust wanted to be human so people sympathise with her.
If you find these results surprising you'll be shocked to learn the sun rises each and every day.
I guess you're right about that. But since someone voted for Sloth, we can't really discuss it anymore. Ed fangirls will have a hard time choosing, since most of them tried to kill Ed at least once.
I totally thinks that Zolf J. Kimblee is the meanest in the male part, and that Dante is the female one.
I voted Envy and Dante.
Lost Alchemist
Tucker and Dante. Scar is cool but Tucker "killed" his own child, wife and dog!
Envy is just plain nasty. He's got a bad temper and a kicking-addiction or somthing.
Dante is the main antagonist so she wins in her department.
Iron Blood Alchemist
well as for me i choose shou tucker for the guys and as for the girls side i didn't know who to choose so i choose sloth.
Iron Blood Alchemist

He is nice in the manga though...
Yea hes not so nice in the anime......
I picked Shou Tucker and Dante.
I'd say they're both pretty mean people but I could have picked others too.
It's a tough call between Tucker and Envy, but i went with envy in the end.

Even though now I'm doubting my choice, because Tucker did turn his kid into a chimera. Oh the dilemma...
Morally hes effed up... that dosent mean hes MEAN.
QUOTE (Schmitz_7 @ Mar 6 2009, 09:58 AM) *
Morally hes effed up... that dosent mean hes MEAN.

what are you talking about??? cause i am confused on what you are talking about.
Definetly Envy and Dante. Nobody else really came to mind at the question XD
Tucker has messed up morals.. yea he did that to his wife and daughter... what else did he do though ? He was a crazed person who happened to be a renouned alchemist.

It made him want to see if it was just possible, and he had remorse he tryed to remake his daughter.

So i dont think hes mean. He just has a few screws loose.
I voted Envy and Dante. I don't think a character can get meaner than these two.
Speedy Alchemist
I think Envy and Isumi, Isumi cause she hits people. XD
And Envy, cause he killed Ed in the anime. dry.gif
Envy and Dante took this for me Thought Kimbley was REALLLLY close
Hawkeye-sensei. Yes. The guy who hides behind books like a douche bag. I don't know. He just doesn't seem nice to me. I mean, who would use their daughter like a notebook and not even apologize for it until your last three seconds of life? Weirdo. I really want some more insight on this character though. He is what made Roy what he is today. (And somewhat Riza did to.) But if it wasn't for his knowledge of Flame Alchemy, we wouldn't have The Flame Alchemist. And what did he mean when he said "that is why i am a human who died a long time ago." And what is his name? Does he have ishvalin decent? I'm so confused. And that nose....

Sorry, kinda went on a little rant there.
I aboslutely hate Envy to death right now because of what happened in ch.94... but I don't think he's.... mean. IMO Envy's a coward and.... and.... dammit, I shoulda chose Envy. RAWR I hate him so much right now. I chose MangaWrath/AnimePride because he did the most despicable things. Killed off so many people, started wars, and rebellions, ordered the killing for Hughes and he doesn't care a bit.

The females: Chose Sloth.... AnimaSloth anyways. She is cruel and sadistic. She played the mother/son card and that is just heartless. To use that kind of trick on children (even though they act way beyond their years) is IMO horrible.

Nuff said.
Witty Alchemist
I don't like Shou Tucker in the males, because he played with his family's lives just so that he could become a State Alchemist and enjoy the privileges granted to him.

And obviously Dante in the females, because she 'took away' so many young people's lives, just so that she doe not die.
Envy for the males, even though I think he's pretty cool.
And Dante for the females. She's terrible.
Tucker and Envy are the meanest guys FOR SURE! Dante is the cruelest lady...
Olivier...and maybe Izumi.
most of the characters in FMA are more "sadistic" than downright "mean" it would be someone like Pride (manga), or the Golden-Toothed Alchemist...
when it terms the meanest probably Kimblee because he blowed up many ishbalans cold heartedly sleep.gif
Tucker Hands Down.
Did anyone else know he's the only one who went to hell??
Envy is a close second. . . because. . .. T_T HE KILED HIGHES!! T_T

Izumi is mean in an AWESOME way. biggrin.gif
QUOTE (TheWolfenAlchemist @ Mar 8 2011, 07:26 PM) *
Izumi is mean in an AWESOME way. biggrin.gif

biggrin.gif this. I think many of the FMA characters mentioned here are better described as cruel than mean.
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