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Full Version: Scores Of "requiem",from Shambala's Conquerer...
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Anyone who had watched the ova of FMA, or even listened to the OST CD of Shambala's Conquerer, you should (or must) have been impressed by the 45th song...
Yes, it is the Requiem... which is played near the end of the anime...

To tell the truth, I love it and i want to get the ORIGINAL scores of this awesome piece... Not the piano-version scores, but the one with Violin, Drums, Guitar, and something from Rondalla...

I know that this request might be too difficult... Just out of curiosity... Thx in adv. happy.gif
Amethyst Sunset
You might want to search in here. This is for general music; we have our own little place for FMA music. happy.gif Good luck; I hope to find the piano-version myself.
Thanks, Amethyst Sunset!! ^^

Moving this to FMA Music forum. smile.gif

@DavidW. - Welcome to the board!! ^^
I will keep this open for a while and see if anyone can help you.
We also have "FMA Song Hunting" thread and "FMA sheet music & tabs request" thread, both are pinned at the top of this FMA music forum. For the next one you can probably use these thread? ^^
Wow...Cool! I'm home. Haha...
A big thx for you helpful
im new to this site, wonder if i can download the ova or anime mp3 song ...
By requiem do you mean requiem for a dream?
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