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Yotsuba comes from the man who gave us Azumanga Daioh. Within its pages lies the slowly paced adventures of one Yotsuba Koiwai, her dad and their friends.

It's hard to explain why I like this other than it's shameless fun. The characters feel very real and if you dislike Yotsuba you probably aren't human. The focus is (as you may have guessed) on Yotsuba and how she explores and learns about her knew environment, a small town, which she and her dad have recently moved to. Chapters are frequently set just after the other ends (be it a few hours or a few days) so since it began in 2005 with the start of the summer holidays we have only just reached autumn/winter of the same year.
The art is pretty simple but has been getting more and more detailed as it goes on and Azuma, the writer, has a great eye for facial expressions.

There are currently 53 chapters released most of which have been collected into 7 volumes with 8 two months from being filled. 6 of these have been released by ADV for you to go and buy. Scanlations can be found fairly easily if you're google savy so there is no reason not to give this a try.

I love this series, a lot. Yotsuba reminds me that some kids can be adorable. I wish more kids had her curious, good nature.
I love Yotsuba&! so much. It's such a fun series, and Yotsuba is absolutely adorable... I want to give her a big hug. happy.gif I love how she interacts with the other characters and explores the world around her. The other characters are cool, too.
Yotsuba&! is my favorite manga right now. I usually find myself bursting out laughing when I read it. XD It's hilarious how Yotsuba's dad (dunno his name) and Jumbo act like children.
Though I'm really annoyed, because I've gone to 4 different book stores recently and still I can't find volume 5.
I love Yotsuba and Azumanga Daioh. So FUNNY! I just read volume 5. I loved Yanda! he was so funny! Him and Jumbo are my faves! i love the Dad, too! (and Yotsuba-duh...)
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Winter Phantom
Yostuba is so kiwi.Volume 3 is my favorite.
Lost Alchemist
I read the first three books but never could find the rest and don't have the time to go looking for it.
QUOTE(Lost Alchemist @ Sep 8 2008, 09:17 PM) *
I read the first three books but never could find the rest and don't have the time to go looking for it.

You can't google "Yotsuba online"?
First result lets you read it online.
(Guess what 4th result is)
I've been meaning to check this series out at the library but I absolutly HATE it when they never have the first book. So until then I shall not read it hahahha laugh.gif
I love Yotsuba!
its soo funny
i need to buy vol 5! cant find it in stores ... which is poopie~ D:
Katya Martin
Yotsuba&! has its own scanlation site now (fourth result on Google for "yotsuba scanlations", dunno if I can link to it).

I love Yotsuba. She's like... sealed happy in a book. I was feeling depressed at school a while ago... and then I reread Yotsuba&!. The world needs a few more sources of clean, happy hilarity like Yotsuba.
it's so hilarious! I've read until vol.8 and i'm currently waiting for volume.9!! > w <
I'm looking forward for more comedy~! ^^
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