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Full Version: Need Meh Skin
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Hello. This is not about this forum, but I'm makeing an inuyasha fourm and need a skin! Can anyone help me?
You need to give more information than that.
Is it an Invision forum or PhpBB?
phpbb forum. Also I have requests for them. sorry if this is in the wrong spot.

First a banner that uses this picture: that says "Feudal Era-" then "A feudal fairy tale" (for uses on all except the first skin I'm requesting

OK on to the skins. I have 2 requests but i dosn't matter to me if you do them or not.

1. A purple/black back ground or Misasma to inuyasha people. also I want it with this picture as a banner with the same words:

2. an aqua with koi fish if you can.

You can go crazy with any others you find but if you've seen the show make it kind of like the charicters.
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