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Full Version: Tengan Toppa Gurren Lagann
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EDIT: Seeing the show is currently airing on Sci-fi I'm going to ask people who've already watched the subs to be careful with spoilers.

Tengan Toppa Gurren Lagann (hence forth known as Gurren Lagann or TTGL for acronym lovers) is the latest womb giving from Gainax (Evangelion, Diebuster and FLCL) and it continues their love affair with giant mechanical beasties and patting themselves on the back for being such good milkers of cash cows.

My cynicism of Gainax aside this is a rather fantastic piece of work. It avoids the oh so scary Gainax ending (just) and actually has a stab at a cohesive plot. The premiss is simple but engrossing and the story unfolds at a great pace. Beyond episode 16 there doesn't appear to be any signs of filler and even the recaps ep is enjoyable enough to be worth your time and attention.

The animation quality swings between stunning and more stunning (okay, I'm fanboying I admit but it really is rather good in a hyper active rainbow fashion) although the magic did seem to avoid episode 4 to a worrying degree.

I should give you a fair warning, GL is a shameless liar. At several points it will get you to believe something apparently trivial then turn it around and leave you open mouthed.

It runs for 27 episodes and a movie is in the works. Also worth a look is the "Parallel Works" shorts that consist of brief animations set entirely to music with no dialogue.

Genres: action, adventure, comedy, drama, science fiction
Themes: fanservice, mecha, post-apocalyptic, super robot
Episodes: 27
Age Rating: Teen
(Source - ANN)

Ahaha, I've been watching this series for a while, didn't think I'll like it at first but it won me over. Gotta love that Kamina.
I can't wait to purchase the dvds when they're released.
I tried watching a couple episodes and couldn't stand it. It was like watching an episode of Digimon on fast-forward, but with more explosions and cleavage. Imo. I just wound up with confusion, a headache, and no enthusiasm to continue watching.

It's kind of like Haruhi all over again. Everyone says it's brilliant and I don't get it.
For me, TTGL was a blast from the past.
A typical Gainax anime, it reminded me of how anime used to be a about 8 years ago or so. Accompanied by a great ost, the animation and the overall story really shines.
It's got action, comedy, and mechs! The only downside imo is the occasional fanservice :/ which isn't needed.

So if you like anime in the same ballpark as nadesico, furi kuri or the gunbuster series, then definitely check this series out! It's one of my top 3 anime series of 2007.


The Japanese animation studio Gainax has opened the official website for the theatrical movie adaptation of the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann television series on Monday. The website has announced that the movie will open in Japan in Fall of 2008.

Yes, apparently this was announced in Newtype. Current information states that it will *not* be simply a recap movie.

Additionally, there will be an OVA featuring Yoko. Concept art shows her younger, so it's likely before the beginning of the series.

Some characters were in the posters who don't seem like they should be... but I guess they'll just have to FIGHT THE IMPOSSIBLE AND KICK REASON TO THE CURB! BECAUSE THAT'S THE WAY OF THE DAI-GURREN-DAN.

Epic, by the way. This anime. This thread. Popogeejo.


(and, add to header- From ANN: Themes: Burning Manly Passion, Mecha
So ADV dropped the license, but it's been picked up by Bandai, we should see sub-only dvds by this summer!

Aniplex and Bandai Entertainment will be bringing out the North American release of Gurren Lagann. To get this highly anticipated anime out to fans as soon as possible, there will be two separate releases. In July, August, and September, the entire series will be brought out in a bare-bones sub-only format, at nine episodes per DVD. This will be followed in the first months of 2009 by a more standard release, containing both the original Japanese audio and a completely new English dub.

oh and GL episodes in a nutshell:

new info on movie:
...The film, titled “Gekijoban Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann: Guren-hen” (Motion Picture version Break Through Heaven Gurren Lagann: Crimson Chapter) will be a condensed, revised version of the Gurren Lagann television series’ first story arc. The film will open in Japanese theaters on September 6th.
some of the DVD extras: ( Live dubbing with character swap :X) CGI Extra Part 1 CGI Extra Part 2

GL to be shown on Sci-fi this july!!!
The Sci Fi Channel in the United States lists two episodes of the Gurren Lagann science-fiction anime series on July 28 at 11:00 p.m. ET/PT during the first hour of the Ani-Monday programmng block. Bandai Entertainment announced in April that it had acquired Hiroyuki Imaishi and Gainax's anime, after ADV Films had announced Gurren Lagann last July but then removed the anime from its catalog. Both Bandai Entertainment itself and its newly hired producer Toshifumi Yoshida had indicated that he would be working on the localization for this anime on an accelerated schedule for July.
First Gurren Lagann Music Clip Project Video: ~
I really like the Gurren Type armour of the black knight.
Yeah, the video was pretty neat. Next video will be released on june 23rd!
Pinballl wizard.
Interesting spin on things..... didn't like how it ended though
another one!
Lost Alchemist
TTGl just started to air in the states, it sucks that Scifi is airing it. Scifi has the show so broken up that you can't watch the full thing at once, DVR is something to use with scifi. Fliping back to the topic, I love this show I first the frist ep online. It was so funny that I got kicked off the pc for being to loud. (that's something new) But I found out this show on Da. (a art site that I'm on, if anyone wants to see just ask) A really good friend of mine draws the best Pics from the show, god I love her pics! (and the show as well)
But I found out this show on Da. (a art site that I'm on, if anyone wants to see just ask)

I hate to break this to you but everyone knows about DeviantArt.

But yes! It's airing on SciFi at two episodes and a billion ad breaks a week. The dub isn't bad at all and I encourage people to check it out.
Lost Alchemist
so you want me to post some of her pics? and yea it's bad when there are more ads then show.

And the Da thing is just something I do, sorry
Tris the Reaper
Ack, nevermind. Didn't see Popo had beat me to the DA punch. *backspace*

GL has me addicted, even with the bajillion ads. I think it's ruined me.
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: Gurren Gakuen-Hen (Gurren School Edition) will feature the cast of Gainax's robot mecha anime in a school in a parallel world in multidimensional space. As the character Kamina puts it, the cast will "enjoy school life" and "sweat under the glittering sun."
Little Washu
I saw it one SciFi. It's pretty good, though I watched it with my mom. She says she doesn't like how Yoko(I believe that's her name) is dressed. Neither do I, personally, but by now I'm used to that in anime. At first I had thought it to be like like most mecha(with the addition of kick-@$$ sunglasses) but it's much better than I thought. At least, better than Code Geass, which I heard was good, but really, really sucks
for adverts i suggest dvr.

On the dub, Simon being pronounced as 'see-mone' is god-awful. You may lose some of the hidden meanings of his name (but it's still being pronounced wrong for that intended meaning to be properly interpreted, not to mention the wordplay isn't mentioned ....) , but for american tv it's better to localize a bit more to have a proper english pronunciation of Simon.

The intro also seems a bit sped-up, but it's great to see the series on tv. It deserves the airtime.

GL themed USB drive ~
QUOTE(Popogeejo @ Aug 7 2008, 10:02 AM) *

I finally finished watching the series. It starting feeling like Battlestar Galactica after the time jump...but that's usually the case for any sci-fi show I watch nowadays. It's probably just me. o.o

GL themed USB drive ~
Not surprising, but still awesome. lol.
GL themed USB drive ~

Power your PC with your own unstoppable spirit!
New information about the Gurren-Lagann movie:

-Added focus on Simon and Nia, Lord Genome and Yoko.
-Exactly 50 minutes of newly animated footage.
-Final confrontation of Nia and Lord Genome was re-invented. Very intense.
-Actually, every single new scene with Lord Genome is thriving with intensity.
-The narrative was rewritten to fit into a single delivery rather than the episodic presentation of the TV show. Has a very distinctive flow.

Spoilers just cover up some characters who haven't shown up in the dub yet. Source: Newtype via 2chan
Well that was a fun two episodes wasn't it?

Tris the Reaper
*would be sobbing uncontrollably if her tear ducts would get into action*
Shame we have to wait three weeks until the next episodes.

Dig For Fire: The Roots of Gurren Lagann , An ANN feature encompassing the background/origins of TTGL

edit: Spoilers contained within
Dubben Lagann starts up again tomorrow.

About time. I enjoy ROD, but I didn't really watch Street Fighter Alpha...

So yeah, dub Nia is okay but kind of flat.
Lord Genome sounded awesome.

Caution SPOILERS contained withing the link

Parallel works 8 is out
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