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Full Version: Homunculi Bodies In He Other World
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I was just wondering...
Homunculi can't use alchemy coz their bodies are from the other side of the gate,
But how can Fuhrer Bradley's body be there in the our world when his body is supposed to be used up in
the transfiguration that made him.
I am really confused here...... can anyone explain this.???
@carbon - I'm not sure if I understand your question correctly, but if you are asking about that movie director in the FMA Shambara movie, his body is not "the" Bradley's body.
He is the "counter part" in the movie version of "our" world, which in turn is the alternate world to the FMA world where Ed was born. Throughout the movie, you see the "alter" version of FMA characters from the FMA world, such as AlterHughes, AlterAlphonse, AlterLyra, and so on, as well as AlterBradley. They look and sound very similar to the FMA world counterparts, but otherwise I think we should treat them as separate characters, independent of FMA world counterparts...

Hope this answers some part of your question.. or maybe I missed the mark completely... XDD
If so, please post your farther question on FMA Anime Q & A thread, and hopefully some of our FMA experts can answer your question. smile.gif

Closing the thread. smile.gif
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