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Full Version: Gamer Tags - Wii Friend Codes, Psn, Etc., Etc.
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Well since nobody posted this here goes tongue.gif

I have a PSN and a friend code but not a gamer tag since I don't really want to pay to play online.

PSN: JehutyZOE
Wii Friend Code: 6540 4990 5468 2001

(A little weirded out since I'm replying to a nearly 2 year old topic...)

Xbox 360 Gamertag: xFLAMETALx .... I'm bound to change it though. Once I get money for some Microsoft points

I got a Wii... don't know the friend code though.
Would SSBB Friend Codes count? huh.gif
ok mine are
Xbox360: crusnic002
Wii: i need to find that out again.

well thats all
My Xbox Live gamertag: Sins Of Envy
If you send a request please tell me you're from so I don't deny you. ^^

Now I just have to renew my subscription, gah. DX
Cosmo G. Spacely
XBL : Cosmo G Spacely
PSN : RBGreen-Goblin
No one has posted in here for a while....but I guess I wont loose anything trying XDXD
Here's my Wii code (1957 7466 3616 4739) and here's my code for SSBB (1848 2821 2724)
If you add me please send me a message to FMA so I can add you back!! :3
Does anybody play Starcraft II?
No but i play World of Warcraft

Vanielle or Vanchans from Jubei thos biggrin.gif let me know ur from FMA boards so i know who you are
PSN: LionheartK
Wii Code: Too lazy to check, I play SSBB too
QUOTE (潟 @ Feb 19 2011, 06:36 PM) *
Does anybody play Starcraft II?

I do. But I am very bad at it. I mainly play WoW.
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