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Full Version: Espionage: City Of The Dead
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The inspiration for this story came to me when I read the story called ‘Alchemists in the City of the Dead,’ written by authoress X Piastol X, on If you want, you can check it out. I had permission from her to write this story and a scene (or object I guess) that I have already written in upcoming chapters.

I hope you enjoy this story as much as I have writing it. XD

Ed and Al are sent to Raccoon city to find out why Havoc has not reported in. Almost getting run over, the two meet up with rookie cop Leon Kennedy, who unknowingly, helps in their search for the missing State Military Man. Terrible things occur when they dig deeper into the City and its secrets. Why was Havoc sent there in the first place? Will any of them survive alive?

I do not own Fullmetal Alchemist, its characters as well as Resident Evil, the location and its plot and characters.

Please enjoy reading and don’t forget to review!

WARNING: There will be some descriptive scenes involving gore/blood (etc) later on, so if you don't like anything like that, I suggest that you don't read or skip just simply over it.

Other then that... enjoy! :3




“Aww, Al!” Ed whined, dragging his suitcase on the asphalt road, heading in the direction they thought to be leading to Raccoon City but he and his brother didn’t have a clue how far off they were.

“Yes, brother?” the metal boy answered.

“Remind me why we took this mission again?”

“We had no choice, brother. Besides, you quickly agreed when you heard about the situation,” Al summed up, the two passing by a large sign that had white letters printed onto a green background; some of the paint was chipped away, leaving some letters incomplete.

“Oh yeah,” Ed stated sadly, glancing up at the notice. “Heh, a kilometre to go, Al.”

A positive sound was in reply and Ed glanced up at his taller brother, the sign behind them as they trudged on.

“What does Umbrella Corporation do, brother?” Al asked out of the blue.

“Well,” Ed ran a hand through his hair. “Mustang knows that Umbrella researches medicinal stuff mainly; pharmaceutical. I don’t exactly know much about it myself; I only know what the Colonel told me.”

“What about the rebel gang?”

“Bah!” Ed threw his hands up. “Mustang thinks that they are there for some type of negotiation. I haven’t got the slightest clue how he finds out things like that but… I wouldn’t put it passed him.”


“Yeah. Mustang sent Havoc in to find out the nature of those negotiations,” Ed grew quieter by the time he reached near the end of his sentence, dropping his gaze, like a heavy weight, to the floor. “Instead, contact has been lost.”

Al looked down to his feet as well, his white soul eyes staring at the tip of his metal shoes.

“I wonder if he’s okay,” he muttered sadly, a chilly wind passing by the two brothers as silent followed eerily afterwards.


Havoc’s feet echoed down the narrow hallway of the secret association, his white coat lab flapping against his trouser legs. His footsteps slow and steady, like he was ready for anything to happen, expecting the worst, and at the same time, expecting the least.

Hugged closely to his chest, was a small handgun, a Beretta, his fingers curled, at the ready, around the minute trigger; the small bullet tube pointing upwards at his chin as he stared cautiously ahead, his finger almost twitching involuntarily.

The male huffed quietly; beads of sweat trickled down the side of his head, pasting his blonde starburst fringe to his forehead, wisp of wet hair clung to the skin. His blue eyes, attentive and darting everywhere at once but he still managed to stay relatively calm, especially with all the chaos that had ensued just eight weeks ago.

He hadn’t had the foggiest clue what was going on in Raccoon City. After receiving the mission from Roy Mustang, to find out about the negotiations level, he had expected to be arriving into a peaceful town, with plenty of women adorning the streets. At first, he was right and he thanked god that it was like that but after two nights… he was wrong. By far.

He managed to crawl his way into the Umbrella’s secret labs, working in there only a day after arriving in the City. None of the employees had guessed that he was an outsider but Havoc secretly hoped that the rebels wouldn’t recognize him, if he ever happened to cross paths with one.

To maintain his identity, as well as not appearing too suspicious if he managed to grab all the information needed at once, Mustang gave him a low level of charade. Being a lowly ‘researcher’ made it tougher on the State Military man but he couldn’t complain; he would also have been placed in a low position anyway, due to it being his first day on the job.

Havoc’s heart jumped a mile when he heard a close sound; the shuffling noise of the creatures that now inhabited Raccoon City was nearby. He had faced several before, it felt forever since the mayhem started and he wasn’t exactly sure how either.

‘So much for finding out about the negotiations,’ he thought dryly, any sense of humour, no matter how lame, would have improved his moral by just an itsy bit.

Swallowing a huge clump of water that was held off in his mouth for ages, he took another step forward, staring at the white corner just twenty footsteps away, the moaning and shuffling sounds crawling closer.

Pressing his back against the white wall, the window to another room slightly vibrating at the contact, Havoc edged further; waiting for either him or the infested creature to come out.

“Come on,” the blonde muttered anxiously, wiping his forehead with the back of his hand quickly.

As if on cue, a hand waved into view, disappearing instantly back around the corner, until another one waved.

“Come out you idiot!” he half yelled and half whispered, his movement had stopped ages ago when his nerves finally managed to catch up to him.

Growling, he sprinted forward, standing fairways from the creature he couldn’t identify. Without hesitating, he aimed the gun and pulled the trigger, a bullet speeding out of its hole and rampaging towards its prey. Again, Havoc fired, light grey smoke wisping away from the weapon as he fired again and again and again; his mouth snarling at the sickly smell that ventured through his nose.


“Face it, Al, we’re lost!” Ed complained again, tossing his hands up in the air for emphasis, placing his feet on the white lines that were painted in the middle of the black road; his younger brother standing off to the side, walking on the loose pebbles.

“It’s your fault for scaring the driver away, brother,” Alphonse protected himself, glancing at his sibling that was throwing a tantrum.

The older brother growled quietly at the back of his throat. “I did not! I reckon something else did…” he mumbled by the end. “He pushed us out the car.”

“Oh yeah. I wonder why.”

“If only I could drive.”

“The colonel would insult you.”


Alphonse looked at his brother that stood like a statue in the middle of the road, the blondes arms crossed with an annoyed look on his face; his eyes lidded as he waited for a response.

“Don’t even say it, Al,” Ed ‘humphed’ angrily, his foot tapping bitterly on the asphalt road, his lone suitcase by his side.

Beep Beep!

A bright glow came from around a corner, the light shone into the face of Ed, his eyes, at first, casual but then widening in fright and surprise. The metal object was zooming towards him at a fast pace, the sound of rubber burning on the road, screeched into the atmosphere and the smell of the horrid mix wafting in the air, as the driver pushed heavily on the brakes pedal.

“Brother!” Al yelled, covering his eyes with his hands, as he waited for an impact.

Hearing none, he peeked passed his huge metal fingers, seeing Ed with his jaw hanging low, his eyes wide open; the bright shine from the headlights, flashing in Ed’s orbs. Alphonse could hear a choking type of sound escape his older brother’s agape mouth.

Smoke floated into the crisp air, leaving the hot rubber tires. The car was rumbling, sputtering as it released the tension that the brakes was ordering it; Al couldn’t see through the windows, as they were darkened from the inside, the boy could at least tell that the driver was probably having a panic attack.

“Brother!” Al yelled again, running onto the road, forgetting for that moment that he was a huge suit of armour that was walking and talking.

“Who’re you trying to kill?!” Ed barked, managing to regain some sense.

His feet echoing as he slammed them on the road, Al stole his way to his brother; hearing the sound of a car door opening and being slammed shut. Standing behind the shorter male and making a fuss, Al half scolded him for almost being run over and half cried to him, thankful that he wasn’t killed; Ed letting himself being shaken to and fro, his surprise remaining still.

Ed noticed, from the corner of his eye, that the driver was putting a hand over a holster, where a handgun was being kept safely, slender fingers twitching as they reached for the handle.

“No! Hold it!” Ed yelled, pulling out of his brother’s grip and stumbling two steps forward, his knees banging against the radiator of the car. He put his hands up in the air, the fact that he was almost run over now gone; he glared at the male who was looking shocked at him and probably as well as his brother.

A determined glare was on the blonde’s features, as he stared at the face that was almost completely bathed in shadows, although the light from the car shone a pale glow, revealing a side of the drivers head.

“I could have killed you,” a masculine voice stated, Ed’s heart was pounding hard against his rib cage.

The shock still remained present in his body; waves of trembles flooded his bulk, even when he tried to stay calm.

Alphonse looked up at the male driver, his body echoing quietly from within at the small movement.

“You think?” Ed rhetorically commented; a gasp of laughter escaped with his words.

“What were you doing on the road to begin with?” The driver started interrogating, his hand still hovering over his gun, although his fingers appeared to have relaxed.

“Heh, no cars were driving passed for the last fifteen minutes,” Ed replied, sweat gathering on his brow; he half smiled, a feeling of security swept over the fifteen year old.

There was a heavy sigh and the sound of loose pebbles compressing together on the asphalt road.

“You two heading to Raccoon City?”

Ed and Al looked at each other, pretty much shocked at the question.

“Yeah!” Edward smiled in relief, the shine from the headlights beginning to make his eyes water. The elder Elric glanced at Al, who amazingly looked nervous through his metal body.

“Get in,” the driver nodded his head towards his car, which was a jeep. Even from the shadows, Alphonse could feel the eyes of the man, trail over his metal armour, knowing that the newcomer was wondering what he was doing in metal. “Will you be able to fit?”

Nodding stiffly, Al felt Ed tap his arm and watched him begin for the door opposite to the wheel; the younger brother following suite although still nervous.

“Aren’t you going to ask about us?” Ed queried, slamming the door shut after placing his rear on the soft cushioned seat. “Especially my brother?”

Already in his seat, the driver glanced at Ed before looking back on the road again, the engine of the jeep purring as it was sparked into life once more.

“I’ll need to. I’m a cop. Leon Kennedy,” the driver introduced, feeling his vehicle move when the metal body of Al, squeezed his way into the car.

“Well, Leon. I’m, Ed and this is my brother, Al,” the blonde pointed over the seat at his relative behind him, grinning widely at the cop in the seat beside him.


“Long story.”

Deciding not to push the matter any further, Leon revved his jeep; lurching the vehicle forward into movement.

There was a moment’s silence; the view of the City finally coming into view, however, only the dark line was present; a dozen or so lights flickering off and on from high and low windows.

“Mr. Kennedy,” Al started, shifting at the back of the car. “Do you know anything about Raccoon City?”

“Yeah. It’s a peaceful town.”

“Peaceful town?!” Ed exclaimed, gawking at the response from the cop. “Then how would you explain-“


Silenced by Al’s call out of urgency, Ed settled back into his seat, trying to avoid the look of pure surprise from Leon, who was baffled by the fifteen year old’s reaction.

“What’s your purpose in Raccoon City?” Leon Kennedy asked after a short moment, side glancing at the grumpy boy opposite to him.

Ed propped his elbow on the door ledge, staring out his window at the posts speeding by them, a look of disinterest resting in his eyes.

“We’re just looking for a friend,” Al answered for his sibling, knowing how his brother reacts.

“I might be of some help when we reach the police station. It may be my first day on the job but heck,” Leon half smiled.

Ed mumbled something into his hand; his automail fingers, which were completely covered in his white gloves, tapped impatiently on the cushion by his thigh.

The cop glanced at him, having a gut feeling that what the blonde said wasn’t exactly nice.

“How old are you two?”

“Fifteen and fourteen, what’s it to you?” the older brother snapped.


“What, Al?! He’s just a rookie cop!”

“He could still help us, brother.”

“With what? We can’t even tell him the exact reason why we’re heading to Raccoon City.”

“Why can’t you tell me?”


“What?!” Leon asked surprised, the jeep passing a sign that had printed in big bold white letters ‘Welcome to Raccoon City’

“Exactly what I said! Our leader!”

“But your fifteen!” Leon looked away from the window, glaring at Ed who was getting edgy in his seat; Al remained at the back, staring at the ruckus that was occurring, debating about whether he should stop them or not.


“Where are you from?!”

“Lights!” Alphonse screamed, causing Ed and Leon to flinch.

“....!” the cop cursed, grinding his teeth as he flicked his eyes back ahead of him, the moment to react dawning on him as he shoved his foot onto the brakes. In response, the car once again screeched on the road, smoke rising from the wheels and blocking the windows, concealing anything from view from within the car. Burning rubber fled into the nostrils of the passengers, the gagging sensation resting on their throat.

The screeching sound was so high pitched that Ed covered his ears, clenching his jaw closed as he locked his eyes shut.

Springing to a halt, Ed lurched forward; thankfully, his seatbelt jolted him backwards again, the wind knocked out of him as he coughed to regain air.

Breathing heavily, Leon stared out the front, sweat dribbling down the side of his skull as he waited for the light grey smoke to disperse from his vision. He could faintly see the red glow of the traffic lights above him, showing him that he hadn’t passed over the line.

Letting out a sigh of relief, Leon settled back in his seat, his head lent backwards against the back of the chair and he closed his eyes.

“That was close,” Al stated casually, the accident not affecting him much on the outside but probably a great deal inwardly.

“Heh, yeah,” breathed Ed, slowly reopening his eyes to see his shaking hand.

Leon opened his orbs too, staring out his side window at the streets, his eyes setting on a shop nearby; the windows were open, lights on and the ‘open’ side of the sign was facing him.

“Wait a minute.”

“What?” Ed looked up, scoping the streets as well. “Hey, where is everybody?”

“That’s what I wanted to know.”

Tightening his jaw, Ed narrowed his eyes forward. “I wonder if this is why we lost contact.”

“What?” Leon asked out of breath, the night, so filled with events, beginning to affect him.

“There’s no one here!”


Here are some upcoming lines, only spoken lines, in the next chapter… so stick around for it. XD Also, on a note, the title might actually change AND please inform me if I should change the rating on this fic at any time. It doesn't have any sexual references of yet... but... the description could be rather gory... just a heads up.


‘Damn it. Wish I had a cig at the moment.’
“Look out!”

“Not again!”

“Nah. He said for us to wait here.”
“But you and Leon said to stay-“
“Tepid…” he identified, narrowing his eyes.


“…and fresh.”


I hope to have some of you around in the next chapter. Also, on another note, the title might actually change.

Mustang's Assistant
Nice and catchy, keep up the good work. I'll be waiting for the next chapter!
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