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I'll start with banners and the such I've made so far.


text: WWE Smackdwn Champ

text: Love Magnet

text: Finally, intelligent conversation

text: Wish I could turn back time.

Text: Hard Winter of Love

text: Fangirling

text: EdWin OTP

text: Lust be a lady tonight.

text: Gluttony, Get In My Belly

text: Blame the fangirls

text: Wish I could be cool like Kiba

text: Tough Love

text: PWND

More coming later.

text: Doom

credit for background goes to DA's fire_fly12612

text: Come on baby, light my fire
MSA= Mini-Skirt Army
(Not a skirt or a ranger, but this image screams MSA)

text: It ain't over till the fat man dances.

text: Looking for love

text: Speechless... not in a good way

text: These Magic Moments

text: Obey Me

text: Looks can be deceiving

text: Devoted

text: I'll meet you at the top

I drool, therefore I am.

text: Believing in you, always

text: Feeling Sheepish

I'll be back again later with more.

text: I eat shrimp like you in my sleep

text: I think I'm in love

text: Flattered

text: I'll cut you

text: Srsly.
subtext: No Roy in this chapter?

text: Srsly

text: Grumpy

text: My cup o' tea

text: Kiss the dishwasher

text: Getting to Ed's heart through his stomach

text: Somebody needs a nap

text: You talkin' to me
WOW. Those are really good! I loved the AlMei banner and the HoHo, Gluttony, and Black Hayate Avis.

I've got some more icons, and I'll be adding more in the next couple days.


test: My Spidey senses are tingling.


*text: Popular! Al knows about popular.

*text: Bored

test: Just noticed he's drinking milk.

text: Homunculus for sale

**text:Shake it up

text: Toxic waste at work

**text: Staring Contest

text: He will be my squishy

text: The Littlest Homunculus

text: beneath these city streets

text: Poison never had such appeal

text: Sickening Secrets

text: Pick me!

**text: Don't lose hope

*light fx credited to LJ's Meleada
** Background credited to DA's fire_fly12612

These are pretty cool! happy.gif

Which program do you use?
QUOTE(Rosicrucian @ Mar 29 2008, 07:42 AM) *
These are pretty cool! happy.gif

Which program do you use?

Thanks! I use Pixia.
Another batch, from earlier chapters:

Gah! They're so great! I love 'em all!
@J.S. - Thanks! happy.gif

I've started on my chapter 82 batch, plus a couple from earlier chapters:

Click to view attachment

Click to view attachment

Click to view attachment

Click to view attachment

Click to view attachment

these are great!
@Cr1 - Thanks!

Here's the last of my icons from chapter 82:

I love your sigs! Especially the first three.

The text on the icons are cute happy.gif
They're all aswesome, but I LOVE the Ed ones and the ones about Al's armor being storage space. That made me laugh. A lot. (Really. I'm only this tired-sounding because chemistry has demanded a ton of my time and I think I have mild allergies coming on. Ugh.)
@Causmicfire - Nice collection of icons from chapter 82!!!
LOL on Ed with bread icon!! XD
And, seeing those Ling icons make me happy!! ^^
@Kurenai - Thank you!

@J.S. - Thanks, I had to make some of that panel of Al, it's just classic. XD I think overall, the comedy in this chapter realy gave me a lot to play with as far as Ed's expressions.

@Tombow - Thanks! Ling was great to see in this chapter, and it just called for icon making!
I was getting a collection of panels together from chapter 83 to make icons, and had to stop and make this one real quick:

I'll have more from chapter 83 out Thursday-ish.

volume 19 omake:

Chapter 83:


le sigh

does it bite?




not cool

housewife extraordinaire


pass it on

when chimeras attack

say what?

open sesame


dressed to kill

all dressed up with nowhere to go
@Causmicfire - Chapter 83 had a parade of old and familiar characters, it made me very happy!! And, you made many nice icons of them!! They are all nicely done!! I like ones with Havoc, Izumi, Olivier, you got so many nice ones, it's hard to pick my favorites!
Also, I like the one with Roy in the library!! Very nice!!
@Tombow- Yeah, chapter 83 was awesome with the number of old character it brought back. XD Thanks!

Now, here are the last of the icons from chapter 83:

love note


smooth criminal

face palm


ed doesn't approve
I've got a little collection of Riza icons I made for an rp account:

@Causmicfire - I love your Riza icon collection!! Nicely done!
Thanks, Tombow

I've been working on some Kimblee icons as requested by The Mad Bomber, and I came up with quite a few variations for two of the images.

The Mad Bomber
Cool, thanks for the icons, IŽll be using some of em in the future and now all tough never expected you to make so many out of two pics
@Mad Bomber- I'm glad you like what I've made so far. I'm working on the sig. I've come up with this and this, so far, but I want to try working on a different texture for it. Did you want any specific text on it?

Chapter 84 icon batch

Going down, down in an earlier round (Sugar we're going down swinging) -lyrics by Fall Out Boy

om nom nom

--I'm really proud of the coloring on those two XD

armed and dangerous

The Blob, starring Edward Elric



--Background texture for the last three (above) made by worship_elle of livejournal and deviantart

here's lookin at you, kid (line from Casablanca)

I will never blink (line from a skit performed by ventriloquist, Jeff Dunham)


XD this kid was just asking to have an icon made of him, so adorable...makes me think of a young Breda.
The Mad Bomber
AH those are good, well the text in the right bottom corner could be: "Heretic"(hinting at the conversation between Al and Kimblee in that particular chapter) or simply "Crimson"
Haven't said much on these in a while, but they're as awesome as ever. The Kimbley ones freak me out, but then, Kimbley just freaks me out in general. Still, I love 'em all. The Ed and Winry ones from chapter 84 were cute, too!
More Icons!

For Thy Country


Slice and Dice

Soldier Boy

bound and restricted

@J.S.- Thanks!

Made for the 2008 EdWin Fire and Ice challenge

I think this finishes off my chapter 84 icons:

No You Didn't!

We're not in Kansas anymore, Den


Under Their Control

Tag! You're It

forget the dog,beware of shrimp

Add fuel to the fire

And just when I thought "Crank Dat Soulja Boy" would never again get stuck in my head...

Well, it made me laugh, at any rate, as did Ed's "Can't Unsee It" icon. But then, we all know he doesn't really want to. wink.gif

"Slice and Dice" was good, too. It made me think of one of my favorite lines from the old "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" live-action movie: "It slices, it dices, and makes French fries in three different... Whoops!" (You kinda need to see it to get it. It takes a little too long to describe.)

And, last but not least, I LOVE the "Forget the dog, beware of shrimp" one. Icons like those put a smile on my face.
@J.S. - Thanks. Yeah, he wants to see it, no matter how much he denies it.

Lol, I've only ever heard that song once, and not even all the way through...sorry XD

I love the Ninja Turtles, used to watch the movies and cartoons all the time when I was younger.

Last small batch before my vacation:

(just threw the other "the" in there, because it was bugging me)

The last two icons of this post contain spoilers for chapter 86!


you stink

locked, stocked, and two smoking barrels (movie title)

she's got a loaded gun (lyrics from a song by The Dead 60's)

momma said knock you out

take it on the other side (lyrics from Red Hot Chili Peppers' Other Side)

Bringin' sexy back (lyrics from Justin Timberlake's Sexy Back)

Chapter 86 spoilers below

come to me

back in black (lyrics from ACDC)

Sorry, wrong answer



I'm gonna be sick

I'll be waiting

FullMetal Fashion

Smile, it don't cost a thing

Don't Worry, Be Happy

Say Cheese


you want me to What? With who?

Back Off

dreaming of a true love's kiss

dazed and confused

fanfic tiem

Lion King... *giggles* The ciiircle... of liiiiiiife... wait, whaaa?

As usual, another excellent batch. When I saw the "For Xing" one, my mind immediately tacked on "and cookies!" for some reason. Don't ask, because I haven't figured it out, either.

@J.S. Thanks! Now, I'm thinking about adding "and cookies" on there! XD
Oh man, the latest batch is AWESOME! (Not that the others aren't, mind you, but they just kind of keep getting better and better, so I have to go on record as saying so... got it? wink.gif )

My favorites:

-"Holy Alchemy, Batman!" ("That little boy has creepy shadow hands!")

-"Too Hot to Conspire" (This one made me do a double-take.)

-"If looks could kill" (Classic Ed. laugh.gif)

-The second one from the bottom. (A less classic Ed, but one I love just as much.)

-"Is it over yet?" (Poor Fuery! I feel so bad for him looking at that and smiling! But it's soooo cute!)
QUOTE(jacksparrow589 @ Aug 21 2008, 12:45 PM) *
-"Holy Alchemy, Batman!" ("That little boy has creepy shadow hands!")


QUOTE(jacksparrow589 @ Aug 21 2008, 12:45 PM) *
-"Too Hot to Conspire" (This one made me do a double-take.)

I had someone else tell me that, too. I was just going to put "Too hot to think", but I thought the word conspire fit better, it wasn't until after that I remembered people use hot for attractive..I never liked to use hot that way, I prefer words like handsome, and the such.

QUOTE(jacksparrow589 @ Aug 21 2008, 12:45 PM) *
-"If looks could kill" (Classic Ed. laugh.gif)

-The second one from the bottom. (A less classic Ed, but one I love just as much.)

All of Ed's expressions are made of win, and being the main character we get much more of a variety from him. The "If looks could kill" one is pretty much one of my favorite Ed faces so far.

QUOTE(jacksparrow589 @ Aug 21 2008, 12:45 PM) *
-"Is it over yet?" (Poor Fuery! I feel so bad for him looking at that and smiling! But it's soooo cute!)

Don't you just want to go give him a hug?

Thank you, I've really been working on my coloring style during the making of these last couple batches!
More than a few of the same Roy, just different textures/wording.

Ah, "Check Mate" is my definite favorite of this batch. Makes me want to see an animated one of "Game, Set, and Match". "Game" being this shot, "Set" being... how 'bout a smirk? And "Match", of course, is snapping the gloves.

"Ninja Tiem?" is great, too!
@J.S. - Thanks!

Some chapter 87 icons, spoilers!

Like I said, "Mama Mustang" is win.

Now for the rest of 'em:

"The real 'stang" (...That one made me wonder at first. I like it, though!)

"Not your average soccer mom" (Kinda like "Superman"-- respectable... sort of... business owner by day, saving the world by night!)

"Hubris" (This one makes me wonder if Olivia's gonna fall victim to it in the end.)

Awesome batch, once again!
@J.S. - Thanks, again! I'm right there with you in wondering if she'll fall victim to her pride.

Here are some more of Roy:

--"The boy and his heart had become friends, and neither was capable now of betraying the other." - Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist

'Bout time we got some Royai lovin' in these icons!

"Jeopardy": I'll take alchemy for a thousand, Alex.

"The boy and his heart...": Awww! *sniff* So true... so, SO true!

"Look Ma, No Gloves!": Uh oh... sad.gif

I loves 'em all!
Click to view attachment

Size is 600x300, but it can be made smaller if you'd like.

XD- I was watching Spongebob with my 4 year old neighbor while I was watching him, lol.

I also have each of these without text if anyone is interested.

@J.S.- lol, alchemy for a thousand. Thanks!

...what did he sign them up for?

now that I think about it, I'm going to go back and make this one say My colonel will roast yours!

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