hey folks i'm new here and love this idea and all.. i'm starting my own manga and i'm working hard on it right now and I really need you to review it, rate it, post comments on my blog or just spread the word.. Thank you in Advance.
( below is a little summary )

A young orphan named Rakopan, spent his childhood training under his Grandfather when he discovers a mysterious hidden power within him, a power with limitless speed, power, and ability. Harboring a thirst for revenge against the planet Mavors for their actions against his family, Rakopan wages war against Morunar, the one who murdered his family. Using his newfound mysterious power, Rakopan goes in all out mode in attempts to fulfill his childhood vow, to destroy the planet Mavors.

I've posted the first three chapters in my blog already.. so Please have a look and tell me what you think.

Infernus Bushi , The Manga & Novel