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...has dealt with numerous riots and acts of violence over the years, mostly due to the different religious sects that reside within Schwiegengel's heart. The skies that stretch over the city appear to be stained with blood, but when peace suddenly falls over the once blood-ridden city after the arrival of a man known as Mortimer Stille, along with his teenage daughter, Hotaru Stille, suspiscion rises behind the sudden air of peace as well as within the Military upon watching the city. Inspired by the FMA video games 'The Broken Angel' and 'The Curse of the Crimson Elixer' (I've never played them ^^; Heh, wish I could, though)

Yes, I am well aware of the fact that I already other roleplays up, but, I wanted to start another one *nods* I was flipping through my FMA artbook last night when I came across the character designs for two of the FMA video games. That was when I decided to make another roleplay plot. Muaha.

Pronounciation: 'Stille'=Sh-till-eh, German for 'silent'; 'Schwiegengel'=Sh-v-eye-gen-yell, combination for two German words: 'Schwiegen' and 'Engel', which mean 'silence; silent' and 'angel'.

1. No chatspeak. At all. Period.
2. Romance is fine, just nothing potentially offensive (yaoi, yuri, etc...)
3. Violence, blood, gore, is accepted! (it's FMA; what do you expect?)
4. Don't kill off characters unless you have been given permission to do so by the user of the character.
5. Mild language, please.
6. Nothing above PG-13. Try to, and Scar will lead you to your doom.
7. No god-moding, please.
8. Have as much fun as possible!

Canon characters are okay, as well! We kinda need a few in this roleplay ^^;

Here are my characters:

Name: Jett Faolan
Alias: Jett, the Shadow Alchemist.
Age: 17 yrs old.
Occupation: State Alchemist
Rank: Major
Hair: Black, thick, short-ish.
Eyes: Dark-blue, but they do have a tendency to turn red every now and then, mostly in the winter.
Skin tone: Dark, tan (Ishbalan skin)
Personality: Odd, numb, helpful, quiet.
Strong points: Quick reflexes, physical strength, stealth, spying.
Faults: Easily irritated, apathetic, nosy.
Bloodline: Part-Amestrian, part-Ishbalan.
Alchemical style: Symbols of different metals tattooed to tips of fingers and thumbs, followed by arrays on his palms.
Family: Older half-sister, mother (deceased), father (deceased).
Clothing: Vests, mostly, with dress shirts and gloves.
Specializes in: Sword-play, blades, metals, radios.
History: As stated in his data, Jett isn't a full-blooded Amestrian. His mother wasn't exactly a faithful woman and had an affair with an Ishbalan, causing Susi's father to leave the home. Jett is a product of his mother's sin and has a made a clear point of not being proud of it. Thus, he and Susi are only half-siblings, but keep a tight bond, despite the fact that Jett's usually traveling.
When Jett and Susi were children, the Ishbalan Civil War took place, destroying their home and their family: to flee from the war, their mother took Susi with her to Dublith, leaving behind her son and lover in the East (Jett still holds a grudge against her for this). He and his father (name unknown) stayed in Ishbal, however, despite the war. Once the campaign to wipe-out the Ishbalans when Jett was 10-years-old, it was already too late for them to leave. Jett managed to escape while his father fought off the soldiers, but was killed by the State Alchemist known as the Crimson (or 'Red Lotus') Alchemist, Kimbley (yeah, I know he killed off Scar's family, but this guy killed other Ishbalans, so why not?).
Over the years, Jett has taught himself alchemy after learning the basics from his father, who happened to pratice the Amestrian alchemy used in the Genocide Campaign, and earned the title of State Alchemist at age 15. He has incredible stealth skills and the odd ability to travel through shadows, hence his codename, 'Shadow Alchemist'. His reason for joining the military is simple: 'To change the Amestrians' minds about Ishbalans.'
Theme song: 'die Töne sind Verklungen' - Peter Maffay
Name: Hotaru Stille
Alias: Hotaru
Age: 16
Occupation: Student
Hair: Maroon (near black-red), falls behind shoulders, thick, split bangs.
Eyes: Purple
Skin tone: Caucasian
Personality: Quiet, soft-spoken, peaceful, friendly, child-like.
Strong points: Kind, gentle, caring, story-telling.
Faults: Somewhat anti-social, meek.
Bloodline: Full-blooded Amestrian.
Alchemical style: Wears braclets with arrays embedded on them to perform alchemy.
Family: Mortimer Stille (father).
Clothing: Dark-colored skirts, pants, jackets, boots, socks.
Specializes in: Peace-making, transmuting light and silence.
History: Her past is kept under wraps; no one knows a thing about her except that her mother died when she was young. That's it.
Theme song: 'Twilight' - Vanessa Carlton

I'll put up my intro when other people join ^__^
(I'll join)
ooc| Yay! Once again, I'M NOT ALONE!!! XD So, here, I vill reply! Muahaha.

"'Schwiegengel?'" Jett inquired, reading over the notice he had just been handed. Colonel Mustang nodded as he reclined back in his chair, hands folded. "For the last fifteen, twenty some-odd years, that city's been plagued with controversial religious sects, which often exploded into attacks on innocent people and riots. However, a couple years ago, crimes and whatnot dropped to nothing in the city, almost as though everyone fighting had just died, yet they're all alive and well, acting as though there had never been any controversy," he explained, watching Jett with a calm expression. The Shadow Alchemist, standing before his boss's desk, just blinked. "And," he began, re-reading the paper in his hands, "why is there a need to send a State Alchemist there if there isn't a problem?" Jett raised a brow while the Colonel smirked.

"The peace that's suddenly fallen on the town is the problem, Shadow," Roy explained, leaning forward on the desk, supported by his elbows. "Don't you find it a bit suspiscious that all of a sudden a town once ridden with bloodshed is suddenly quiet. Full of peace, as though nothing had ever happened at all?" Jett took this into consideration and nodded. "Will anyone else be sent there?" he asked, folding the paper and shoving it into his trouser's pocket. The Colonel nodded. "You'll be meeting them at the train station in about," he checked his pocket watch, "...20 minutes." Jett's eyes widened. This had been a last-minute assignment. He grumbled, then ran out the door, muttering under his breath, "Dammit, Colonel, couldn't you at least give me a day or so to get ready?!"

After quickly packing a change of clothes, papers, books, anything else he might need, Jett sat at the train station, ten minutes early, waiting for the train to Schwiegengel. He sighed and sat with his elbows on his knees, checking the time on his pocket watch. "Nearly 3:30. Tran should be here any minute," he said, stuffing the watch back into his vest pocket. "Wonder where the others are...?" he wondered to himself, looking around.
One can wonder... L said as he dropped form the ceiling unexpectedlly (Thats my new habit lol).
Jett, surprised, obviously, nearly jumped out of his seat. However, he immediatly recognized the stranger, and relaxed. "Huh. The Brigadier General was assigned to check the city, as well?" he asked, scratching his head.
Well im certainlly Not Santa Claus. L said as he scrathed his head with a smile.
Jett nodded. "Huh. So Colonel Mustang wasn't the one that gave out these assignments; it was someone higher up the chain," he said, checking his watch again. It was apparent that he was eager to get this mission going.
Yeah. I rercived my orders directlly from The Fuhrer. L said as he took out some cake.
"The Fuher???" Jett quetioned, brow raised. Then, he checked the watch again. "Oi. Two more minutes and we're the only ones here," he said, stuffing the watch back into his vest pocket. A moment later, a woman trotted onto the platform, suitcase in hand, wearing a pair of gloves similar to Jett's with her dirty-blonde hair in a ponytail. She walked up to the two. "Are you the only other State Alchemists here?" she asked, placing a hand on her hip. Jett stared at her and nodded. "Yup, the only ones, including you," he said.

ooc| ...Dun-dun! It's Ash!! 8D I'll put up her status:

Name: Ashley Blair
Alias: Ash, the White Lotus Alchemist.
Age: 21 yrs old.
Occupation: Medical/State alchemist
Hair: Dirty-blonde, tousled, shoulder-length.
Eyes: Light-green.
Personality: Curious, intuitive, stubborn, tricky, serious.
Strong points: Messing with other's minds, emotionally strong, dedicated.
Faults: Hot-tempered, prone to violence, head-strong, over-confident, reserved.
Bloodline: Amestrian with a little Xingese.
Alchemical style: Alchemy tattoos covering her hands and running up her arms, ending at her elbows. Practices Xingese alchemy (known as 'purification arts' or 'rentanjutsu'). Oddly enough, on the palms of her hands she has the signs of 'alpha' (beginning) and 'omega' (end), 'alpha' on her right, 'omega' on her left. If she were to bring her palms together, thus causing the ends to meet, she winds up turning herself into a human 'Ouroboros'.
Family: Deceased.
History: All that's known is that she's been an orphan since she was 6 years old and that she grew up with a relative until she turned 15 when that relative passed away. She started taking alchemy lessons from Van Hoenheim (who, learned in recent chapters of the FMA manga, uses Xingese methods) when she was 11 years old and ended them when she became a State Alchemist at age 18.
Theme song: 'Open Up Your Eyes' - Jeremy Camp
Oh. Ash-sama! L called waveing at herfrom the ench which he dropped down onto.
"Hm? L! Where've you been?" Ash asked, her face brightening up as she set her suitcase down and put a hand into her pants pocket. Jett, meanwhile, looked at the two, brow raised, then watched for the train.

ooc| Poor Jett; he's the youngest one there XD
umm well...I was standing on the ceiling a little while ago... L said sctrathing his head with his Newer false arm.
ooc| Doncha mean 'auto-mail'? ^^; I get confused easily *nods*

"The ceiling?" Ash cocked a brow, blinking, then looked at his new arm. "How your arm doing?" she asked. Jett checked his pocket watch again. Then, a train whistle pierced through the air while the chugging of the locomotive could be heard nearing the station.
(yeah but the "U" button is all sticky lol. It's clean now though)

well i dunno becasue me and it are seperated but My new one is just fine. L said sort of child like
When Ash chuckled at the little joke, Jett stared at her wide-eyed. "...You actually laughed," he said, blinking. Ash glanced at him, briefly glaring, then, turned her attention back to L. "Well, that's good to hear," she said with a smile. Once the train pulled into the station, people poured off the train while others piled into it. Jett grabbed his suitcase and, along with Ash's, and headed for the train. "C'mon, before they run out of seats," he said. Ash nodded and followed.
she laghed before in Rush Valley too. whats so strange about that? L asked.

(YAY obivious L!!!!lol)
Jett looked at L with an expression of disbelief. "Eh, she rarely ever laughs; we can never get even a slight chuckle out of her at HQ," he explained as he stepped onto the train with Ash glaring daggers at him from behind.
then you know nothing about humor. L said as he got on the train.
Jett grumbled as he shoved the suitcases into the compartment above their booth, then sat down with Ash sitting across from him, two taking the only window seats in the booth. "So," Ash began, untying her ponytail as it was starting to annoy her, "how far away is Schwiegengel?" Jett looked at her and shrugged. "I dunno; it's somewhere up North, just beyond Briggs," he said.
Damn it. I finally need heavy clothing.. L said irratated. Just then Watari seeminglly popped out of nowhere surprizeing the trio. Hello sir. He said to L smileing.
While Jett nearly jumped out of his seat, Ash meerly blinked, running her gloves fingers through her thick hair. "Who's he?" she asked.
Wa-Watari! I told you never to do that! L yelled in frusration. Settle down L. I need excitement too. Watari said smileing and chuckleing.
Jett watched the newcomer, cocking a brow while Ash sat on her seat with her legs crossed and her arms folded in front of her chest, a sitting position popular in Xing. "He's Watari?" she asked, blinked. She recalled L mentioning him in Rush Valley once.
Sometimes. Watari said with a playful grin. I am L's Personal Caretaker and assistant. Watari said as the train started moveing.
"'Sometimes'?" Jett inquired, with a questioning look similar to Ash's. However, she only seemed a bit confused. But, she just smiled and bowed her head. "Nice to meet you, Watari-sama."
Alright then Watari...Since the Train is moveing I guess you can come... L said as the stasion became less and less visable. You brought your own suit case right? L asked. Hai. He repiled. he then opened a suit case to revile ..... a sh!t load of weapons. I packed Light. He repiled.
Jett stared wide-eyed at the weaponery in the suitcase. "That's 'light'?" he asked, resisting the temptation to pick a weapon up and examine it. He loved weapons; preferablly blades. Ash, however, blinked. "You carry around that many weapons?"
Yes. And thats only the first bag. Watari said with a smile.
Ash blinked in disbelief, eyes wide. "...And how many bags did you bring?" she asked.
3. Watari reasponded with a smile.
"3? Oh, that's nice; 3 fully loaded bags of weapons," Ash said, nodding to herself. However, with her status as a doctor, she wasn't used to seeing so many weapons, so, she drummed her fingers on her arm as she was sitting with them folded, while Jett asked, "Got any swords in those bags?"
Young Ladys shouldn't be playing with swords... Watari said. [font="Courier New"]What he means is- hes only trained in Ranged Weapons./font] L said looking a the old Man.
ooc| ...Jett's a guy o_O *confused*

"Ahhh, I see," Jett said with a nod. "I don't know very much about long-range weaponery; just swords, knives, anything with a blade." He rested his elbow in the sill of the window with his head on his fist.
well anyway... Watari did you bring my bag? L asked.
Jett scratched his head, quiet now, while Ash pulled out an alchemy book written in Xingese script and began reading it.
yes L i did. He said as he tok out a large bag of candy.
Ash resumed the reading of her book while Jett watched the snowy countryside disappear outside. After a few hours, sometime in the evening, the conductor announced that Schwiegengel was just ten minutes away. Shortly afterwards, the train came to a stop in a seemingly deserted train station. Ash put her book away in the back pocket of her jeans and looked out the train window.

"Wow, looks almost deserted," she said. Jett nodded in agreement.
I agree..I hope that Schwiegengel isn't all like this. L said survaying the area
Jett stood up and grabbed his and Ash's suitcases from the cargo holder above them. As he stepped off the train, Ash noticed something else that seemed awry. "Looks like we're the only ones getting off," she said, noticing everyone else on the train remaining seated and silent. She raised a brow, but hopped off the train, looking around the platform.
Watari Walked out with most of L's Bags and 2 of his own. he also had a bag of money with him. The train then took off. L took his bags and put them in the coat center (The place they take your coats) I guess no ones home... L said.
"Maybe there are more people outside," Jett suggested as he headed for the exit of the station. Ash looked around with an air of suspiscion. "There's something not right about this place..." she murmured, shivvering slightly. She followed Jett out of the station slowly, taking cautious steps. Once outisde, evening had fallen and snow blanketed the street and sidewalk. It looked like your typical city with large buildings, street signs and lights, that sort of thing. However...the area seemed deserted.
Well i guess this explains the peace.... L said.
"Yeah, no kidding," Jett said, heading toward a building that look suspisciously like a hotel. However, across the street, standing in the flickering glow of a street lamp, was a teenage girl. She stood, almost frozen, watching the group with her eerie, purple eyes. Ash noticed her and shuddered slightly, drawing a sharp breath. It was apparent that she could definatly sense something. The teen girl, noticing Ash's behaviour, cocked her head and walked across the street towards them.
hmm. Oh look a person. L said. he walked up to the girl. Hello. he said. I feel a little uneasy... L noted.
I wanna join!!! Hope it isnt too late!!

Name: Mai (Blue Diamond Alchemist)
Age: 16

Whit other clothes and icy blue eyes and she always carries a diamond around her neck for alchemical purposes
Personality: Friendly, kind, funny, shortempered, sly, tricky, aggresive.

Mai stand in top of a building as she looked at the scene below "So they are here" She thought

"Hello," the girl greeted with a small smile. She cocked her head to the side, arms at her sides. She wore a knee-length skirt complete with black boots and a purple jacket while her maroon hair fell to her shoulders in straight locks. Jett raised a brow at her, then looked down at her skirt pockets to find a silver chain hanging from one of them.

"Are you a State Alchemist?" he asked. The girl blinked and nodded. "Yes, my name is Hotaru, the Dove Alchemist," she said. Then she looked up at L (since she was quite short; Ed would get along great with her!) and blinked. "Are you three State Alchemists?" she inquired, eyes widening as she spoke. Jett nodded. "Yes, we are. However...I've never heard of you before," he said, brow furrowing. Hotaru just tilted her head to the side, "I don't get out much; besides, I live here. That's probably why."
Neither do I. Though I am Increaseinglly so. L said with a smile. He then saw Mai out of the cornnor of his eye. He snapped and Grabbed her with a sound hand...again Now Mai..How many times do we need to go through with this...? L asked sounding annoyed. No tresspassing.... L said. So why do they call you the Dove alchemist? L asked
ooc| Hiya, Mai!! ^__^ Nope, not too late! *nods*

"What were you doing up there?" Jett asked Mai, looking at her with a raised brow. Hotaru glanced at the newcomer with a smile. "I guess it's because I'm just a peacful person," she explained with a shrug of her small shoulders. Ash kept maintained a subtle scowl on her face. Hotaru, noticing Ash's attitude, turned her attention to the Xingese alchemist. "What's wrong?" she asked kindly. Ash blinked and shrugged her shoulders, "Nothing, nothing's wrong. Could I ask you a question, though: where is everyone?"

Hotaru paused for a second and nodded. "They're all inside, of course. It's dark out; normally people choose not to go out in the evening because of some superstitions that popped up around the city," she explained with another small shrug.
hmm? what superstison? L asked intreged.
"Oh, just silly stories like...uh, there's one about some chimera specialist that will use you in his experiments if your out in the dark," Hotaru explained with another shrug. "You know, just weird, little stories." The girl smiled in a crooked manner.

"Hotaru?" Another figure emerged from the shadows in the city, stepping into the light of the streetlamp Hotaru had just been standing under. It was a middle-aged man with graying, black hair and a thin beard that lined his jaw. He seemed oddly well-built for a man his age and bore an expression of weariness on his face. Hotaru turned, hearing her name, and said, "Papa! I'm ove here!" She waved to him. The man looked up and sighed wearily, "Hotaru, how many times have I told you not to come out here at night?" He walked up to them and placed a hand on his daughter's shoulder.
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