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Full Version: Describe Anime To Your Parents
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Okay, the premiss is simple, we just try and describe anime series as if we were describing them to our mums. (members without mums...sorry but you can pretend, right?)

A few guide lines (and by a few I mean one):
Try not to name the series in the description and see if others can guess it or put it in spoilers.

To get the ball rolling;
"So it's kinda like those old buddy cop shows...but in space. Yes, the purple haired lady is probably cold in that outfit but don't worry about that. The orange thing is a little girl. Yes, really."

Cowboy Bebop.

"So these dolls are alive, right...Yes, like Woody and Buzz Lightyear...kind of. Anyway, they have fights to become "Alice" which is basically the big shiny belt for dolls...Yes, like how the neighbour kids compete with each other but the loser dies rather than cries. No, I have no idea why she keeps saying "desu." No idea what "Unyuu" is either."

Rozen Maiden

"So you remember when you asked me to explain emos? This dude in the Kimono is a decent example. No really, it's okay to laugh at suicide. Look, don't worry that schoolgirl saved him...Oh, the weird face and her butt? Yeah, don't worry about that, we think it's meant to be there. No mum, just because they had those Kamikaze pilots doesn't mean Japan is obsessed with suicide. Yeah..I had meant to skip the opening. NO I don't get the rope thing either..honest. Yes, I am living the same lifestyle as the girl in the blanket, thank you. Ye-yes I know suicide is a serious subject...N-no, I'm feeling perfectly happy. You know what, let's just watch Fiddler on the Roof."

So long Mr. Despair
That was so funny!!!!
And is so true is so hard to explain!!!

Carnal Malefactor
My description of Cowboy Bebop differs slightly from yours...
Remember Scooby Doo? Well, imagine if instead of teenagers, the Scooby Gang consisted of a couple of bounty hunters, a fugitive with a massive debt, and an androgynous tween hacker... and the dog didn't talk... and it was in space...
I'm guessing you meant to have a "To" in there, so I took the liberty. Because I'm American, beeyotch!

I'll take a whack at this one. Not much imagination needed in this game for me, really. It would probably be a ramble if I didn't lose her past the first sentence. She was very proud of herself for remembering the title "Fullmetal Alchemist" today. (Took her four years?)

It's about this girl who wants to be a prince. No, not like a transsexual. Well, she was really little when she decided to become one, so she probably just thought anyone could do it regardless of gender, but more importantly, 'Prince' and 'Princess' are in close relations to literary archetypes of "Hero" and "Heroine", and in the literary world, it is quite possible for a female to be labeled as a "Hero" or even a male as a "Heroine" depending on the role they take in the story. Anyhow, the whole story is very symbolic. I didn't even really get it the first time around, until I studied more art and literature symbolism and psychology and all that junk. The whole thing is basically a metaphor for how different people deal with adolescence, emotionally, you know. Coming of age.

She gets mixed up in a bunch of crazy business with 'duelists' who are fighting to own this other girl, who's very quiet and reserved and basically lets people do what they want to her. So when she fights for the girl, by the rules of the game, they become engaged, and she keeps on fighting in hopes that maybe she'll have freedom and real close friends someday. Yeah, engaged. It's not, like, really engaged; it's just an arrangement. Besides, it's a better arrangement than her old fiance who was just using her and was abusive. Yeah, they live together, but, like- it's like roommates in a dorm, because it's a boarding school. They're not lesbians; they just kind of look like it in pictures. No, I don't want to hear more about what you think of the term "L.U.G", or how much you hate bisexuals and that Tila Tequila show; that has nothing to do with this. No, it's really a beautiful story of friendship and personal revelation, and- No, I am not a lesbian, Mom!

Revolutionary Girl Utena (Duh?)
Carnal Malefactor
Okay, so there's this girl with grapefruit-colored hair and horns who was made fun of as a child because she looked weird. One day she realized she has these eight invisible arms that can snap people in half like gingerbread men, and used them on a bunch of her classmates. Then she was taken to a lab and imprisoned there for about 8 years before she somehow broke free, killed almost everyone working there and ended up getting shot in the head, which didn't kill her but made her lose her memory and fall off a cliff into the ocean.
The next day she washed ashore, totally naked, and was discovered by two quasi-incestuous 19-year-old cousins who were taking care of an old-style Japanese inn for some reason. The male cousin decides to take her home and take care of her because she seems completely clueless and helpless, and because he probably hopes to one day have sex with her.
Over the following month, the girl slowly starts regaining her memory, but she's all bipolar so one minute she's all cutesy and clueless and the next she's a gawthed-out killing machine if someone tries to hurt her. Then some soldiers show up and try to kill her, but she kills most of them first, and maims their leader. Then another girl with similar powers shows up to try to kill her, but she gets dismembered and left for dead, only to be rescued by her father who isn't really her father, and given new artificial limbs, and then set free... she ends up coming to live with the girl and the two cousins. There's also this other girl who's normal, but was being molested by her stepfather, so she runs away from home and gets taken in by the scooby gang. She's not really important to the story, but is only there to tug at your heartstrings.
Uhm... I have no idea what really happens at the end, but there's a lot of blood, flying body parts, and titties.

Elfen Lied
Tris the Reaper
Okay, it starts off with this one boy moving to a town out in the middle of freaking nowhere for some reason [we later find out it's because he randomly shot little girls in his hometown...what's that look for?]. He soon meets a bunch of girls to hang out with at his school. What? No, he's not gay. No, he's not having sex with all of them, either. It just never mentions any other men...well, there was the older brother of one of the girls that randomly vanished one day. One of the girls's twin sister was in love with the guy...I already told you, no! Two of them are grade school children for pete's sake! ...No, he's not a pedophile, either...anyway. Eventually all the characters on here go insane at one point in Uh, well...the afformentioned twin kills the girl horribly 'cause she finds her burdensome in her quest for lo--what? She pees herself, too! It's quit--no, this isn't some weird fetish porn show, mother.

AAAAAAAAANYWAY, the series is divided up into arcs, and the premise is thus -- first episode or two are all cutesy and cuddly. Then the next few episodes are all dramatic until suddenly one of the characters goes insane and kills off the other remaining characters in a horrid death, then time resets as if nothing ever happened! Er, well, we don't know WHY until season two, when this girl is introduced and seems to be the cause of, I don't know why she has horns. In this season, we find out one of the seemingly minor characters from season one is actually the main antagonizer all along, though someone ELSE seems to be pulling the strings, but who, we don't know. We see her in one episode and hear her in a couple others, but--okay, you know what? Go watch Lockup: Lesbian Edition or something.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni [Obviously...and I think I wound up giving away 90 percent of the plot in the process]

Well you see that guy?? Well he is an hybride...What?? No!!!... Not because he has white hair it means he is an albino...No!!! The little girl whit the mirrow is not an albino either!!...Anyway that guy is half dog demon and half hu...What?? I am sure!! He is part dog, his ears just look like cat's ear but he is half dog...Tail?? How the hell am I supossed to know if he has a tail??...Well he is looking for that pink pearl to become full demon...Why is he a half demon?? Well his mother was a human and his father was giant dog demon and....What?? That is gross mom how the hell am I supossed to know how it happened...Anyway you see that...That hole...When the girl wants to go to the past she jumps inside of it... And... What?? No!! She didnt wanted suicide... What?? The girl's uniform?? Well appearntly is the only clothe she has...How she is gonne graduate if she dosent go to school?? Well I am not quite sure...That guy?? Well he is the bad guy he cant be killed because he hide his heart and whitout his heart he cant be killed and...What?? No that dosent has anything to do whit Pirates of the Caribean...What? Yeah that is a man...What?? Well he is strong so I guess he can carry that giant sword...Well infact that little green men is not a dwarf...No it isn't an alien either... What does he has in his hand?? Well it is kinda a bacoon...And well in that world appearntly cows can fly...And giant cats also fly...You know what?? Nevermind!! I am hating this anime let see the news *changes channel* .


Thanks Tris The Reaper!!
Tris the Reaper
QUOTE(MaiShadowAlchemist @ Jan 19 2008, 04:16 PM) *
sleep.gif I dont know how to put the name in that black thingy

[spoiler] text here [/spoiler]
Okay so, these two boys...their mom died. They tried to bring her back to life. They lost some limbs and one his entire body! But don't worry he gets an armor bod---NO HE IS NOT A ROBOT. He is armor. Yes, armor. NO NOT A ROBOT. ARMOR. ....okay fine, an armored robot. Anyways, they're trying to get their bodies back by finding the Philosopher's Stone...yes that is that thing from Harry Potter. No this is not ripping off Harry Potter. Mom, do you know what alchemy is? We learnt about it in school. It's old. REALLY OLD. REAL people wanted to find the Philosopher's Stone. Harry Potter did not think it up, this stuff be from the Enlightenment! ...Oh go back to history class mom.

Anyways, enough about the brothers, let's move on to the Military sub plot. It's far more interesting and the characters are more attract--er....interesting. Like those two. Yes, those are the two I draw a lot. I slash th---------uh yes, he IS obsessed with his daughter, yes, yes...uh...he dies?

Hmmm? Would I ever try to resurrect you if you died like they did? Well, I forgot to mention that what they ended up making instead of their mom was a disgusting pile of organs, who eventually took on a human shape, was able to turn into water and tried to kill them. So Awwww, mom! Come back!

(and my mother DOES know I "slash" characters :/)

Nothing happens. it's just a bunch of gags involving some high school girls with questionable hair dye choices.

Lucky Star

God's a school girl. Yup. Beware when she gets bored.

Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

And the way I would describe Rozen Maiden:
You remember how Pinochio wanted to be a little boy? These dolls want to be a little girl, only they have to kill each other to do it. Oh, also they're sisters and their dad is making them do it. Yup. No I do not need to see a psychiatrist mom.
Well, you se-e-e-e-e, mom, it's not really as bad as the title makes it out to be. It's about a really smart high school guy who thinks he can rule the wor- no, mom, that's not the character I'm obsessed with. I'll tell you about him in a sec. So anyway, the guy tries to rule the world by getting rid of criminals. Well, mom, I'm glad you asked. He kills them by writing their names down. What? It's not magic. That would just be stupid. And so the guy keeps getting rid of these criminals, but the police suspect him, and that's where this guy comes in. Yeah, that's his name. Y'know, like the letter? In the alphabet? He's not scary, mom! He's cool. And he likes to eat sweet things, so he can't be scary. Anyway- What? No, it's not a dark anime, it's intellectual. Anyway, that detective guy is smart, like the other guy who wants to rule the world. So they go on secretly going against each other, and we learn a valuable lesson in the end- Of course there's a lesson to it! And that lesson is: No one knows how to rule the world. What? No, I- No, I won't cut myself if I watch it, mom. I've seen it before. Okay, I won't kill people with a magic book, I promise.

Death Note
"All you need to know about this one is that it involves rich boys, a crossdressing girl and it's something I wish we had at my school. And I would spend every lunch hour there too. Why? Do you have to ask? Oh and the brothers are faking it. Yes really. ...because it turns girls on. I have no idea why it turns them on mom, it's called a fetish!"

Little Washu
"Okay mother, so there's this guy who tries to hang himself then- What do you mean I can't watch anime anymore?!"

She might not really ban me from anime, but she'd question my sanity even more.

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
"Anime is.......a cartoon but really more mature like and cooler then regular cartoons."

Best one I said to my parents so they don't ban me from anime. (I'm an Otaku so I might die without anime xD)
Mom anime is like Japanese cartoons more or less,What do you mean you don't get it what's not to get!?Alright let's take Yu Yu Hakusho for example,so the kid is a really bad student but with a good heart!Yes mom it wouldn't be right anyway so he saves this kid from a car that was about to hit him-yes I know mom that was surprising just let me get on with it!Anyway so since the people up in Spirit World-The people who tell you where you go when you die!Now stop asking questions till I'm done and please don't ground me!Let's try this again so the Spirit World people tell him he can come back if he gets somebody close to him to kiss him before midnight the next few days-yes I know that's weird anyway he gets one of the girls from his class-no they're not going out!Least not to my knowledge to kiss him so he comes back from the dead so he teams up with a class mate that used to always pick fights with him called Kwabara-it's his last name ma!And Kurama who has a fox spirit inside him after they save his mom-she was dieing from some disease I dunno!And a fire and ice demon called Hiei-yes mom the one that I'm obsessed with after they kick his butt and he turns good to kill all the bad demons and pretty much just save the human race,yes mom they do this daily now let me just change the channel!And if you want a real summary look it up on the internet!

That was the longest and most aggravating conversation I've ever had with my mother,she doesn't even try to ask about anime anymore.....and dad wasn't help at all even though he watches it too!

Yu Yu Hakusho
"Dad, the anime I like is like golf. mellow.gif Except in golf where it's really quiet and you know every detail and it's really peaceful, you hear really loud noises and music, action everywhere, and some details are a little sketchy. cool.gif
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