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Full Version: Detective Conan's Voice Actress And Creator Have Divorced
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Translation: For Popular anime "Detective Conan", Takayama Minami (43), known as Conan's voice actress, and the creator of the same series Aoyama Gosho (44) have divorced on the 9th of December.

They were married on May 2005. Aoyama is "canned" in his office when deadline of his work approaches, while the popular voice actress Takayama is also extremely busy. Their life is too "different" to be continued and it's hard for them to communicate with each other. They did not comment on this subject further.

The two of them met 10 years ago back when Yaiba was animated. They started dating at 2004 January and in 2005 March, Takayama proposed to Aoyama. When the marriage was annouced, people say it is fate linked by Conan.

Takayama is a well-known voice actress that has not only done Conan's role, but has also done Kiki in Kiki's Delivery Service by Miyazaki Hayao. She was an active idol voice actress that has released many singles. Aoyama is a very high tax payer; in 2005 he has paid 138.31 million yen tax (that's about 1.2 million US... holy sh!t we should stop buying Conan manga he is making way too much!). Detective Conan started serializing in 1994 on Weekly Shounen Sunday. The Tankoubon has sold over 100 million copies; it's a super best seller.

(It's a rushed translation, so it might be off by a bit. Please let me know if I made any strikingly obvious errors... *goes back to studying*)

My comment: Wow, that was pretty fast... Takayama proposed? o.o I never knew that... Oh well, I don't really care XD;;; But yeah I guess a marriage like this can't really work out...
I found this amusing, tbh. xDD Reminds me of the marriage between Andrew Lloyd Webber and Sarah Brightman only that one lasted longer x3.
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Lol, I was a lil surprised that it didn't last long, but I did find this amusing when their marriage was announced 2 years ago... it's like o_O Wtf, he married the lady that did the voice of his "son".................................................. so weird. 8D;;;;;
Meitantei Conan
wow, I Found out today at a Differnet Site, I thought it was Kinda Sad, If the Creator of Detective Conan, and The Voice of Conan Edogawa, were merried, They seem like a Good match, But O well Life Goes on.
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