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Full Version: Winry Gets The Shaft (or Doesn't, Haha) -spoilers-
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i just finished watching the last bit of the series and the movie and out of the whole thing theres one thing that i just didn't like, man winry got left out of the picture completely in the movie, ed and al seem to kind of leave her behind whats up with that. shes practically the hottest anime girl in the whole series and movie and ed acts like shes a nuissance all the time and leaves her behind to go to europe during ww2, for a telepathic gypsy nonetheless?!?!?! WHAT? what is wrong with that boy, not only did he give up the finest piece of *** in multiple universes, but the best person to substitute his arm and leg for automail as well as no more alchemic abilities. ed is really not a last minute descision type of fella. and he was just going to leave everyone in his world just to seal that gate after he worked so hard to come back and live with his brother, i just don't understand. the last scene in the movie is a zoom in to ed and als picture in the rockbell residence, with winry happily sitting down working on her dogs automail leg, man i always pictured ed and winry living happily ever after and al returning to his original body in uh, i cant remember the name of their world but it starts with an A. i enjoyed the series and the movie but the way it ended is just sad. poor winry. who would seriously choose living in a war tattered europe as opposed to a beautiful fantasy land with magic all this cool stuff like automail and talking suits of armor, oh yea and WINRY!!!!
Please, don't open a new topic just for your opinion, discuss it in the thread about your opinions on the movie which already exists
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