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Full Version: I Have A Question.
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Does anyone know were I can watch the whole movie? I don't want to download it I just want to see it. Well does anyone know a site?
Do not ask for streams/downloads.

Support and buy.
Tris the Reaper
Try Wal-Mart. Or if you're one of the ones dead-set on believing Wal-Mart is an evil corporation, then try Best Buy.

Oh, wait, online? That's even better. Try, or if you're daring, eBay.
Eh. I saw it already but thanks for posting here.
Tris the Reaper
QUOTE(Al. @ Dec 1 2007, 05:51 PM) *
Eh. I saw it already but thanks for posting here.


Popo, I think we need your "Joke flying over the head" picture here...or whatever that was.
don't ask where to find / watch licensed anime illegally.
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