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Full Version: Royai Ahoy
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So for NaNoWriMo I'm taking a shot at the 100 Royai themes. I've done 59 of the 100 now so I think/hope ::knocks on wood:: I'll make it. I've put them all together under the title A Blue September Morning - a line from the song After the Rain by Ruthie Henshall, Royai fans, listen to it, it's so them. And uh, yeah. I'm thinking of writing a full story loosely based on the Young Elrics Saga you will see in A Blue September Morning, just more serious and less . . . sappy. So uh, yeah. Enjoy!

A Blue September Morning
I loved them all! Very good how the last one tied in with the title! That was an emotional roller coaster, I'll tell you that. Read them all in one sitting, and that was like 12 hours straight! biggrin.gif but they're so good. I love the Royai ship now so much more! Good job! I'll try to review on FF.Net too. biggrin.gif Good job for your NaNoWriMo. And good luck!
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