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Full Version: Ffx Plot Question [spoilers]
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Okay. I've played through FFX recently. And I've watched large portions of FFX-2 getting played through. So, this sorta nags at my mind.

Tidus was a dream summoned by Yu Yevon. He comes from Dream Zanarkand, and by the end of the game, he is more than aware that "winning" would result in his for-all-intents-and-purposes death. However, as far as I could tell, he told no one about it. Before the battle with Jecht (or Yu Yevon, I forget which), he said something along the lines of "I'll be disappearing after this." (That's the English translation, and oh boy! What a great translation that was! tongue.gif) This was the extent of how much he told people about the greater story of Dream Zanarkand.

The only other person in the know, Auron, also decided to say nothing, as far as I can remember.

Basically, at the end of the game, no one knew anything about Dream Zanarkand--its history, purpose, mechanisms, or the fact that it even exists. So, Tidus just dissolves in the company of his merry band of travelers, and the party has no clue why.

I guess what I'm asking y'all is...

Does it hint anywhere in FFX or X-2 that Yuna (or anyone else) finally figured out the whole spiel behind Yu Yevon summoning Dream Zanarkand? Or are they still wondering why the hell Tidus just up and fizzled into pyreflies?

And, of course, this is not taking the possibility that Tidus told her after the "Good" or "Perfect" endings from X-2. That's entirely possible but not really what I'm asking.

(Sappy sidenote: I'd personally enjoy it more if they were aware of it later on. The circumstances allowed for no more than two of the following three people/things to be saved: 1) Yuna, 2) Tidus, and 3) Spira. No absolutely happy ending was going to occur, and I, being the sappy romantic that I am, would find it more moving if they were aware that Tidus told no one about this at the time so that he could sacrifice himself to Yuna and Yuna's goal.)
at the end where he was starting to be fireflies i think everyone realized what was happening and understood. he did give a hint that he would be disappearing. so in the end i think they understood
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