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happy.gif happy.gif happy.gif happy.gif hi everyone. I think this is really cool, take a famous song and make alternative words in the chorus. here is my first and an example. you set it up by putting the lyrics, then the song name (and the artist if you know it) in brackets. here's my first:


that's just one, the possibilities are endless.

We're so beautiful and stunnning! woaaah songs for the fantastic and cunning!

that would be a curious re-make chorus of 'Carpal Tunnel Of Love' by Fall Out Boy.
good one!

if i run here, if i just run here, would you give me sympathy, it's cross-country! forget the route told, i'm getting cold, would you give me sympathy, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease! let's waste breath, running round, in a mudbath! (chasing cars, snow patrol)
He is the culprit of the acid drops on my guitar, he pushed my arm, he is the culprit of the hole in my guitar the only reason why I stole my brothers guitar

Teardrops In my guitar by Taylor Swift my sister is listening it smile.gif
he he he, here's another,

this pen was brilliant, this pen was pure, this pen was beautiful, blue ink i'm sure, i wrote on the plain paper, the ink had then turned black, as black as a bruise from under your toes, i had to give it the sack, my fountain pen! my fountain pen! my fountain pen, it's true! i saw it's ink, in a little blink, and i don't know what to do, now my fountain pen's not blue!

(beautiful, james blunt)
So where are you copying these lyrics from, Happy?
XD lol here's mine

She was a skater girl he said see ya later girl she wasn't good enough for him now she's a super star slamming on her air guitar.

that would be my awesome re-do of Skater Boy which I dub Skater Girl XD
he he he, i'm not copying anyone popogeejo! he he he again, good one kari!

they tried to make me eat some spinach, but i said no, no, no!
yes it is green, and really sick i mean, oh, oh, no!
i got bags of time, but i think i'd rather die,
they tried to make me eat some spinach, but i said no, no, no!

(rehab, amy winehouse)
Get up!!! Get up!!! Get up!!! We are gonna be so late!!!
Get out!! Get out!! Get out!! Get out!!! No time for waffles!!!
Nothing you say is gonna make us arive in time!!!

Dont try to tell your alarm didnt work!!!
And dont tell me is better this way!!!
This is the 40 time we arrive late!!!
For once I just wanna arrive for Biology in time!!!

This is "Shut Up" Simple Plan (This is the same my sister says to me when we are late smile.gif
he he he! good one mai!


why this food is chedder, it's cheshire, it's eeeeeeeeedam, it's cheese lightnin'!

go go go go go go go go

go cheese lightnin', yer burnin' up the pizza's style! (cheese lightnin', go cheese lightnin'!)
go cheese lightnin', yer coastin' through the breddies file!
this is supreme, blue, edam and brie, it's cheese lightnin'!

i like that one! it's my birthday today (17th) YAY!, that's actually grease lightning in the musical grease!
Happy Birthday Happyman!!!!! My birthday is close too I am so exited!!!!

One song Jhonny
One song before I go!!!
Hurry up Jhonny!!!
The Manager wants the song!!!

Hurry up Jhony!!
Write the f*!@ing song!!!
It is not that hard!!!
This is our last chance
Our last oportunnity!!!

"One Song Glory" From the movie Rent!!
he he he hppy birthday mai! on the lines of birthdays

happy deathday to you,
happy deathday to you,
happy deathday mr. sandy,
happy deathday to you!

a cheer for lock! YAY! a cheer for shock! YAY! a cheer for barrel! YAY! and one for luck hip hip hooray and don't fornget the champain! pchhhhh!

that was happy birthday with a nightmare before christmas twist!

ahaha nice the night before Christmas is awesome(has a video game of it) er

Dancing bats painted wings,things I almost forgotten and a song something screeches once upon a Halloween.

Yeah this a total messed up 'Once Upon a December'
he he he!

rockin' around, sainsbury's for some presents for my mates,
prada, john smith, pink lady, every buy right for me!

that was a short weird remake of rockin' around the christmas tree

Dogs scare the living cr@p out of me they won't leave you alone till you give them food but not me!
alright that was the most messed up thing I ever tried which was supposed to be a re-mix of 'Teenagers' by MCR.
he he he!

who ya, who ya?
who ya, who ya?
who ya you idioto, who ya, vanish would ya!
who ya lennon and who ya, dawson i want ya to go!
don't feel free to score again keane, ya! or jenas!
don't feel free to dive again berbatov!
who ya kaboul, oh, who ya? who ya defoe, OH I HATE YOU!
have i really got to warn you, bent, ya! pyo, do give it away! DEFOE YOU **** YA!
who ya, who ya?
who ya! who ya?
oh i really hate you!
chimbonda, tainio and stalteri, hate ya!
i hate ya, i hate ya, i hate ya!
huddlestone, routlage and taarabt,
i really, really hate you, yes you!
who ya defoe, who ya, who ya! who ya you big fat punk! I REALLY HATE YA!
who ya, gardner, rocha, who ya? boating and bale! TAKE A HAMMER!
**** ya, **** ya, I CAN'T STAND YA!
ghaly, cerny!

that was a fantastic remake of do ya from dover, and it was the whole song!
Where is your hamburger restaurant tonight I hope they are just as good as us,maybe they won't find out what we know you were the best customer in this part of town!

ahahaha dedicated to the awesome hamburger place down the street and this used to be Where is your boy tonight? by FOB
And I give up forever to punch you
Cause I now that you stole my lunch
You are the closest to heaven that you will ever be
Cause you wont get out of here alive

And I dont want no one to see us
Cause I now I will get all the blaim
If I try to tell them is your fault
I now that they wont understand
(Cause I now that they wont understand)

When everything feel like the movies
Yeah you know that you wont get an
extra this time!

That was a messed up version of "Iris" Goo Goo Dolls "Never Steal Food From An Hungry Kid"
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