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Full Version: Caught
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Lol, this was an idea I had in my head for the longest time and I finally wrote it out for the fma_ot4 comm's alphabet challenge (this time the prompt is 'C') it seemed to be a big enough hit on lj I decided to post it here. XD


She could still be considered a newlywed. Gracia and her husband Maes had really only been married for five months. Each day still felt like the first. Anyone could tell it would be a prosperous marriage even in those early months.

So, the last thing Gracia had expected to see coming back home from grocery shopping one day was her husband’s best friend on top of him.

Gracia let the image sink in for a moment. There, spread out on the couch, was her husband Maes. On top of him and pinning his hands above him on the arm rest, was his best friend Roy Mustang. Both fully clothed. But it looked like Roy was in the act of trying to unclothe him with his free hand when she walked in. The instant she came in they looked at her, Maes with utmost fear and dread, Roy with casual indifference.

After the shock, Maes shouted.

“Gracia! This isn’t what it looks like!”

Then Roy spoke.

“Why hello Gracia, I’m just in the process of raping your husband, care to join in?”

“GET THE f*!@ OFF ME.”

Gracia was silent.

When Maes started kicking at him Roy decided to comply with his request. He knew now was not the best time to keep on doing this anyways. Maes got the hell away from him as quick as one of his thrown knives.

“Sorry, just fooling around.” Roy chuckled, running his fingers through his hair.

“You don’t fool around like that Roy!” Maes yelled not looking at him. For once, Maes was the one pissed off by Roy’s ‘fooling around’, if it had really been just fooling around.

“Well I guess you both want me out, right? I’ll be seeing you. Sorry you had to see that Gracia.” Roy said, his relaxed attitude not faltering.

And with that he left, the door shutting softly behind him.

Gracia was still silent. Finally she made her way over to Maes and sat down next to him. The other was afraid to look at her, his face red with shame and disgust.

“Gracia…darling, you have to believe me.” he finally began, gathering up the courage to defend himself. “That was all Roy just then! He came on to me! I don’t know what came over him…we were just talking about the old days and all of a sudden he pinned me down and started…GAHH, what the heck got into that bonehead!?”

Gracia simply stared at him.

“…dear…say something please…” Maes begged, afraid that a stupid thing his friend did would ruin the happiest time of his life.

“…do you think Roy is interested in a threesome?”

“Don’t leave me over this ple---pardon me, what did you just say.”

His wife had a very thoughtful and curious expression. “Do you think Roy would be in interested in having a threesome with us?”

Maes stared at her dumbfounded. “…whut.”

“Or, do you think the next time he forces himself on you I can take pictures?”


“Oh! Maybe we could even ask that nice Hawkeye lady to join in, she’s pretty hot, what do you think dear?”

“…you know what, love?” Maes began, his face completely blank from shock. “I’m going to go to our bedroom, take a pillow and scream into it for the next hour or so, kay? Kay.”

And with that he left her alone.

What? She thought to herself, able to faintly hear his muffled screams through thin walls (that was just how loud they were that not even a pillow was enough!). Aren’t I allowed a few fantasies too?

The end! smile.gif
You actually used the word 'whut'...I am so amused. Well actually amused by the whole thing, go Gracia woo, live our fangirl dreams!
I normally try to avoid 'words' like whut in fanfiction, but just plain what wasn't going to work in that situation. XD

I'm glad you liked it. Whoo, naughty!Gracia!
Oh, my GOD! that was so funny!! biggrin.gif lol. I could totally imagine Roy doing that like as a prank but Gracia's reaction not expected!! lol. biggrin.gif

Haha, I loved it. smile.gif It actually made me laugh out loud. More, more!
WHUT! laugh.gif

Wasn't expecting that!

Woah..Gracia has fantasies....EW

i was in a library reading this and was hold back so much trying not to bust out luaghing!
I thought it was hilarious! Even though I don't think Roy or Hughes is gay, I could totally see them pretending to be gay, like Shigure and Ayame from Fruits Basket. And Gracia's reaction was unexpected, though she probably knew they were just pretending.
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