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HEY WE ALL KNOW THE RULES BY NOW!!! WE ALL KNOW THE STORY!!!! BUT!!! Before we begin I have one new rule...


Quick Intros on changes perhaps.

How many years ahead would you say...
ok, this is a sequel of the forum "origonal anime" for those new to this. basically, in the last forum, there were loads of lands ruled by a group of evil overlords.

however, a demon lord named solomon tried to take over the world, and the lords served him.

a bunch of good guys eventually defeated solomon, but some of them were killed. veterans, you can explain your own characters, as well as new ones. lets go!!
Alright here's mine
name-Kari Neko
eye color-it changes but usually is blue-gray
clothes-black tank top with a gray hoodie,black pants,and black sandals.
(sorry how many years ahead...)
(16 she was 18 in the first one.)

Vampire king, and possible Chevalier.

-.-;; Don't wanna' know.

'bout 6"2

112 pounds.

This varies, he never went full power on a enemy.
So other then seeming like Kuroma from YU YU Hakasho, he is a mystery.



Son of Kari and Takai.

15 soon to be 16


116 pounds.

The only power revealed so far is he is like Kazuma from s-CRY-ed.


Name unknown

No info, yet to be revealed.
He, unlike Solomon, does not like to sully his own hands, and preffers to manipulate people.

let me think, my characters are:

name: englebert donner (donner)

age: 63

appearance: very pale skin, long purple robes. carries a wooden stake on his back.

bio: donner is a vampire, and was one of the lords from the first episode. he was one of the good guys. he has the power to turn into a bat, but, being a vampire, is harmed by sunlight. he now works in the government, as a high council member.


name: genny juarez

age: 26

appearance: long red hair, cute face, often wears green clothes.

bio: only a ten-year-old during the first episode, she is a half-blood (part demon). she has a snakes tounge, and has a poisinous bite. she did little other than follow the good guys around during the first episode. however, she is now married to another council member(my new character)


name: maximillain howitzer

age: 50

appearance: very fat. has a bushy brown mostache.

bio: once an evil lord, he is actually dead. however, as a spirit, he still returns to the world for unknown perposes.
Name: Kaido
Age: 31Appearance: Blue eyes, black hair, has a scar still from Knox.

Name: Airashii
Age: 30
Appearance: Tanned, dark hair, brown eyes.

Name: Tsar Owen
Appearance: hooded.

Tori is deceased he was 115 the day he died.

Kaido and Airashii have one son called Ryoku, he is 13. His relationship with his father may remind you of Eiki and Kaido's.. he has tanned skin, blue eyes.

Kaido has not learnt about his demon past.

Last new guy: ???He has the same hairstyle as Kaido, looks similar but has a beard and red eyes...

(ANYONE CAN JOIN!!! PEOPLE JOIN!! Shall we begin?)
((yeah let's start!))
ok. i've got more:

name: eric messerschmidt

age: 35

appearance: pinstripe suit, small mostache, has a hook replacing his left hand

bio: a gun for hire, messerschmidt works for the highest bidder. he worked for both sides during the first episode, and although he did help the good guys, he is currently imprisoned for crimes he commited as a gang boss.


my other character, alrik, died 5 years ago in a plane crash (it was his own fault!!)


my new character

name: alexander hurricane.

age: 29

appearance: spikey blonde hair

bio: from an aristocratic background, he is now a council member, and is married to genny juarez
Kazuma fell out of his bed, And on his head.
"God d@mn it!" he said anime jolting up and rubbing his head.
He was to turn 16 today.
And he jolted around getting dressed.

He ran out his room and waved at his mom, and looked for his 'father' Bayonet.
"Ma, where is the gift you talked so much about?" he said a bit excited.
Kari finished her coffee and she took out a glove out of her pocket and she said "Kazuma before you were born there was a war going on between these lords.Well as you can guess I was part of it and I met a man named Takai well he was your real father.He died and he gave Bayonet his will and this is his glove and he wanted us to give it to you on your 16th birthday."
There was a knock at the door,

Kaido opened it

"Hey everybody!!!" shouted Kaido

Ryoku was holding a big present.

Airashii looked slightly at Ryoku "Are you sure, Honey>"

Kaido looked at her smiling

"Of course, he's fine!"

Ryoku collapsed

"he justs needs training."

They walked in to find a solemn atmosphere.

Kaido widened his eyes.

Kazuma took it, his eye's already widdened at her story.
He put it on, and nothing happend.
"Eh?" he asked himself.
He smiled, "thanks mom." he said and hugged her.


Bayonet walked in and smiled vaguely.
They years had no effect on him.
But he was takeing something very hard, his once long black hair was now a snow white.
He looked into Kari's eyes..
Kari saw Bayonet's hair and restrained herself from laughing and she said to Airashii,Kaido,and Ryoku and she said "Hey guys!" and she saw Ryoku on the ground and she sighed and said "Kaido what the heck have you been doing to this poor kid??!"
"I think we should come back later..." said Airashii.

They started leaving. The room



Airashii hit Kaido hard on the head

"I mean a lovely wife..." he said Anime scared smiling.
".............and so that concludes the meeting, gentleman" a rather fat ambassador said to the council assembled around him.

the council member gradually began to file out of the building. three figures walked out together.

genny said "donner, are you going to see kazuma? he's 16 today." she smiled at alex, beside her "we are"

donner grunted, "its too sunny, i've gotta stay here"

"suit yourself" said alex. he and genny climbed into a waiting car, and drove off down the road through the city
Can I join but if is not too much trouble can someone give me a sumary?? Please???
"Guys where are you going! Come on I made pancakes for god's sake!"Kari said dragging them back in
kaido, Ryoku did not need to be dragged in, they charged to the table.

"So Kazuma what's it like being 16" asked Ryoku curiously.

Kaido started wolfing down his pancakes.

"Honestly Kaido, you're manners ever since you've had Ryoku."

"Sorry honey..."
(sure, heres a summary)

basically, kaido, kari, all of them, were living in a world ruled by 14 evil tyrant called the 14 lords. however, it was peaceful.

then a demon lord from hell, named solomon, corrupted each lord, until only a few were left. the good guys killed off the lords, one by one. eventually, after facing off solomon, takai (kazumas true father) and solomon both died. since then, the world has been in peace.
Kari got the whipped cream and syrup out with her tail and she asked "Anybody want some?"
Cool so can I join???
as he saw genny and alex drive away in the car, he said "honestly, now they're driving alriks car? why didn't the little stunted guy leave me anything?"

(be my guest)

Kazuma's hand shot up.
"I do!" he said.
He began eating like there was no tomarow after he was given them.
"16? Cool.." he said eating.


Bayonet placed a hand up to his wife.
"I am sorry, but I am not hungry.." he said.
Thanks Guys!!!!

Name: Mai
Age: 15
Description: Wavy brownish Blonde hair that she put in a braid rested in her shoulder or in a bun whit chopsticks.
Personality: Friendly,Shortempered, Kind Of Agressive, Loyal, sometimes cold, sarcastic and funny.
Kari gave Kazuma the whipped cream and syrup and she said anime pouting to Bayonet "Bayonet are you going all emo because of your hair now?"
Kaido looked up,

"Come on, your wife's a great cook, how can you not want to eat!"


The red eyed man was walking down the dusty road, when he saw a house. He looked at the sign...

"Kaido's house... I've found you...."
(introduce her somehow)

the car pulled up outside kari and bayonets house. alex walked up to the door, and knocked
Bayonet was never mad about his hair, he was stressed over something, and even his wife did not see this.
"I am fine.." he mutters.


Kazuma felt odd..
"Something is wrong.." he mutters through a mouthful.
He did not like the feeling.
"Liar."Kari said to Bayonet and she went to the door and opened it and said "Hey come in I made pancakes!"
Mai walked down the street she stoped and looked at the sky "Damm am hungry and I got no money" She thought angrily "How could I loose my wallet" She thought and continued walking she then saw and old man looking at a house "That man looks creppy wonder what he is doing" She thought
in distant cave in the mountains, howitzer walked inside. it was dark, and unnaturally cold.

howitzer saw a large block of ice with a mysterious figure inside. frozen.

"good lord, it really is still here" he said, and promptly knocked on the ice


alex said "hi everyone" and walked in towards the pancakes
The man looked at her... he then ignored her and walked towards the house.

He knocked on the door. It didn't open, so he smashed it open.

"Where are you?"

He looked out the window next door to Kari's house.

Bayonet was quiet to them now.


Kazuma still did not like this feeling, but he continued to eat.
Kari let Alex and Genny in and she ruffled Kazuma's hair and said "Happy Birthday" and she said to Bayonet "What's bothering you hun?"
The man walked out of the house and started walking next door.


Kaido and Ryoku were happily eating.

"Oh yeah, we have to give you your present!"


The ice smashed, revealing Tsar Owen sitting on a throne of ice. His eyes shot open.

"Ahh... good sleep... and the world isn't destroyed... All the better..."

(Dinner see yousooon)
Mai looked at the old man whit a atonished look on her face "What the hell" She mumbled.
Kazuma smiled and ate more and more.


He looked at her.
He sighed lightly.
"I.. Just do not feel well.." he said in a low voice.
Kari looked at Kaido and Ryoku and said "One of these days I'm going to enter a pancake competition." Kari sighed
Mai shook her head and looked at the old "What exactly are you doing??? you cant go around smashing doors!!!" She said angrily to the old man
genny and alex quickly helped themelves to lots of pancakes.


howitzer said "owen, it really is you" he looked awe struck
Kari went to get herself pancakes but she found them all gone and she yelled "WHO ATE ALL THE PANCAKES!"
"don't look at us" said alex and genny together
Kazuma pointed at Bayonet.
"Him!" he shouted.


Bayonet replied "..."
"Great.I guess I have to make more..."Kari said anime sighing and she grabbed her black apron and put it on and put her hair up and started making more pancakes with chocolate chips.
((bbl gotta clean kitchen))
alex looked out of the window, and saw a strange old man. nudging kazuma, he said "do you know him?"
Kazuma looked up from eating.
"Eh?" he said.
"Dunno'" he said.
Mai shighed "Damn what a weird day perhaps I should call home and tell Mom and Dad were am I and also tell them that I am not coming back" She thought but then shighed "Yeah right what a great idea they will find me and then kill me" She thought whitout any hope she got up from were she was sitting "I have to tell them and talk to them perhaps they will stop searching for me" She said and looked around "Were do I find a telephone" she thought she then saw a house and knocked and then waited, there was noice in it so there was definetly people in there she could even smell panckakes she shock her head "Dont think about food" She scolded herself and knocked again.
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