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Full Version: Why Do People Hate Rose So Much?
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Is she really that bad? I didn't find her unbearably annoying; just during the first two episodes when she wouldn't shut up about her boyfriend. But when I saw how she risked her own life to save Ed from Wrath, I ended up liking her better. She's cute enough, and I felt like she just needed someone to protect her. And don't forget, she was the last one to speak to Ed before he went into the Gate to look for Al. That has to count for something.
Amethyst Sunset
Basically, the main reason why people hate her is because she's so gullible and weak. Another is because some Ed (and possibly a few Ed/someone-who's-not-Rose) fangirls don't like her sidling up to Ed.

Here's a thread that explains more.
I really did like Rose for the first two episodes.

... And even when she lost her voice and saved Ed from Wrath, She was still good then, too.

But later on when she just stood there and WATCHED Ed get sent to the other side of the gate, and fight with Envy. And she stood and WATCHED Ed get stabbed. Sure, she screamed out his name and Dante grabbed her arm, but could she not have tried harder to get away from Dante ? I mean, come on... She only grabbed her forearm... >.>;

And her line in the movie made me hate her. =/

" Al, he's gone..."

Why would you tell that to a boy trying to find his brother ?! Uugh...

They should have stopped using Rose after the first two episodes, because really, they ruined her. =/
Amethyst Sunset
Hey hey, first off, easy on the spoilers. They may hurt innocent readers' eyes. But since I've seen the anime several times, I feel no effect. XD

For one thing, perhaps Rose wasn't just watching those things happen to Ed. As we've seen around episode 49, Rose becomes more placid, as though brainwashed or hypnotized - yes, we can all blame Dante for this. Had she not been placed under this spell of sorts, she would have acted. I mean, she did urge Ed to "get up and move forward" when he was being attacked by Wrath. Sure, she didn't exactly leap into the fray and endanger her life, but would you do that if you had a baby in your arms and there was nobody else to take care of him/her?

As for the whole screaming-Ed's-name thing, she had only just recovered from whatever Dante did to her. You can't just expect her to just break away that quickly, and maybe Rose also thought that she couldn't do anything anymore, as Ed was already killed, and Al a.k.a. the Philosopher's Stone was already activated. And of course, there's Envy, who managed to kill Ed...and who could also kill Rose if he wanted to - which I doubt, 'cause Rose is part of the plan and surely Envy knows that.

And I guess Rose may have thought that Ed was really gone (if she doesn't think he died, which I highly doubt) and tried not to give Al false hopes, which could lead him to do something rash.

Well, I can't say much; the anime did manage to give Rose more depth (and/or a bigger role) than the manga, where she only appeared in only a couple of chapters and disappeared. Personally, I was quite glad to see her again. Even if that was her role in the anime.

Sorry about the rambling. I like Rose, actually. She's just a bit misunderstood and quite different from the other characters.
Link to thread for Rose discussion provided, closing.
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