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Full Version: Nuclear Weapons And The Wars That Surround Them
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What is your opinion on Nuclear weapons and the use of them in a war in general?

Bush is now using the fact the Iran could produce nuclear weapons as propaganda for a war. In support for this war he even brought up World War III as more propaganda to support his next 'war'. Do you think we should pursue Iran just because they might have nukes?(We all saw what happened in Iraq)

And do you think that World War III is inevitable in do time?

Sorry for not making a good topic starter, I suck at starting debates. tongue.gif
I think that WWIII is inevitable in that the world will always have nations that get pissed at each other. And I bet that sometime in the course of history between now and the end of time, there will be large groups of nations going at it.

However, I think that going to war to specifically deter a nation from getting a particular technology is foolish. If you look back, it seems that it's far more effective to develop bigger, faster, more efficient killing technologies so as to outstrip your neighbors than to sit on your current status and try to prevent everyone else from attaining the same level of tech.
You can't really get anything better than a 100megaton bomb for killing.
QUOTE(coyote_sprit @ Oct 25 2007, 11:49 PM) *
You can't really get anything better than a 100megaton bomb for killing.

Yet we always seem to come up with something that makes a bigger "boom".

And this weapons technology war works great until someone goes crazy or does something wrong, and all of a sudden, we have a huge-arse crater where Morocco used to be.

But until then, a tenuous peace can be had. As for perpetual, everlasting peace? I think we've got a ways to go before that happens. Maybe even an eternity.
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