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Full Version: Fan Vid Help, Please! Evil Horizontal Jaggies
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NOTE: I didn't see anything like a "fanvid"-type forum, so I stuck this here, since my ultimate goal is to make fanwork(s) with it but I haven't MADE anything yet. tongue.gif

<Moving the thread to Fanworks forum. ~Tombow>

Okay. I bought FMA: Volume 9 DVD last year. It's mine, I own it, etc. etc. I want to make an avi, so I can take screencaps of that avi, so I can make Livejournal icons. Of Greed. Maybe of Dorochet, too. ^_~

I am using DVDDecrypter (STEALING IS BAD, KIDS, ONLY USE IT ON STUFF THAT YOU LEGALLY OWN / lecture) and VirtualDub-MPEG2.

(Tip: if you want to make avis straight from your vob files--that's the files of the dvd in their "natural" format, you need VirtualDub-MPEG2.)

Problem: in certain places, when the characters are moving around, suddenly the picture gets really "screeny" and ugly. Remember those Photoshop pictures from a few years back where people put black horizontal lines on stuff to make it look like it was on a screen? That's exactly what it looks like, except more ragged. Cool for sigs, YUCKY for screencaptures.


How do I make it go away?

Googling has told me this process is called "deinterlacing".

I'm messing with Smart Deinterlace 2.7beta2 right now and that kind of semi-works, but still isn't killing ALL the deinterlacing.

I tried the Telecide filter thing, but as far as I can tell, that does...nothing. And inserts a different kind of "jaggies" ickiness like a low-quality jpg picture.

I am extremely not tech-savvy, so I'd like to avoid switching to AviSynth if at all possible. Not using GUI makes me nervous. XD

Again, I'd like to restate that I'm NOT DOING ANYTHING OUTSIDE THE LAW, not even trying to, and would just like to make some freakin' captures for icons, dang it.


A little help, please? Thanks!
before you muck around with virtualdub....(not to mention ripping etc)

insert dvd into computer

play using windows media player
Press Ctrl+I to capture a frame.

see if this works (might have saved the screenshot in the "my pictures" folder or it'll prompt you)

I don't have a dvd video on me to verify if the above will work in your case.
Hey, really? I'll definitely give that a try; thanks! happy.gif
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