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V Criel
OK well this is my first roleplay ever. You can have made-up charaters. Just make sure that you post the following info.
charater name:
important family:
name: Venessa Criel (nomaly goes by V)
gender: female
important family: younger twin brother: Josphe Criel
younger cousin: Winry Rockbell
older brother: ??????
hometown: Sawamisa
info: Venessa lost her right arm when she was 5. Ever since she was 7 she has been tained by Izumi. Her and Joe pritty much raised themselfs. Sawamisa has 5 gangs. People who are in the gangs are called gangies and people from Sawamisa call themselfs townies. V herself is a lead gangie which means she is in charge of her own gang. She has been trying to be a state alchemist and finally becomes the Halfmetal Alchemist after just about 1 year of training with Ed. Can impersonate anyone and hates being called stubern. speaks 5 languages and 9 deilects and can use alchemist just by claping her hands
looks:right arm automail, brown hair usaly pulled back, blonde streack only visable when hair is pulled back, brown eyes, tall as Winry
personality: pritty much she just acts likes Ed

Epic fail, dude~

I shall Rp with you....and blow you away with my amazing l337 5|<1llz >D

First apparently I have to fill this thing out thooough...

Charater Name: Roka (Roh-ka) Kinasé (Kee-nass-ay)

Age: Eighteen (18) Years

Gender: Male

Family: None

Hometown: Cilian (Silly-anne)

Bio: A former recruit for the Amestris military under the workings of one Shou Tucker; Roka was born in the town of Cilian, a four-hour train ride south of Central City. He did not have any siblings or pets while growing up, and his parents died in the war when he was merely seven years old. He was raised from then on in Shallows Rock, a small village along the river West of Risembool, by a strict man who later went on to teach Roka the works of alchemy. Later, Roka became the first-hand assistant of Mister Shou Tucker, the Sewing-Life Alchemist, in the studies of chimeras. Before the Elrics arrived at the Tucker estate, Roka had gone back to Cilian to visit his parents' gravesite, as it was the anniversary of their death. When he returned to Central and realized his 'partner' had been taken into custody on counts of murder and illegal alchemy-useage, Roka became a "traveling alchemist", studying the world around him and helping those in need where he could with his alchemy. Despite never taking the State Alchemy exam in Central City, in time Roka came to be known as the "Lonely-Frost Alchemist", because his past, according to those he'd helped, was lonesome and brutal--and he himself as cold as a blizzard.

Short black hair, pale violet eyes, somewhat-pale skin and a fair body build

Personality: Always calm and collected, one might even call Roka 'stoic' by the way he hides his emotions all the time. He is said to fear nothing, and often uses his alchemy as a way out of most tough situations.

Mmmmm....yeah, I think that'll do.~

Lonely-Frost.... gawd that's emo xD
I will rpg!!

Name: Del Blaine (Delaila Blaine but hates to be called Delaila)
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Family: She has but she dosent like them.
Bio: She live whit her parents but they were always crushing her whit stupid rules son one day she ran away, she traveled to many places and learned alchemy whit Izumi Curtis and the left to Central and took the state alchemit exam and became the Red Dragon Alchemist.
Appereance: Brownish blonde hair and light brown eyes.,medium high.
Personality: shortempered and agresive,sarcastic,funny,friendly.loyal hates to be called by her full name.

V Criel

"What happened?" V's younger twin brother asked.
"Who knows." V said.
V and her brother were in front of what used to be the first branch the Central library."Haga Lust. Sumon shein." Joe looked at his sister. Out of the different languages she spoke he only knew two and that was not one of them. Just then Hughes came by.
"Hey you two! Why don't you two come meet the Elric brother."
V had better things to do than meet the pipsqueak and this trash can of a brother but Joe beat her.
"I actually have so thing to do why doesn't V go with you." Joe said and walked away.

“Yo!” Hughes said as he walked into the room.
“Lt. Col. Hughes!” Edward said surprised to see him.
“I heard from the major. Jeez, I told you guys to holler if you popped by Central.” Hughes said.
“Who’s that?” Alphonse asked just noticing V.
“She looks familiar.” Edward added.
V was leaning against the wall, her arms crossed.
“That’s Venessa Criel.” Hughes said forgetting she was there.
It’s V Hughes! As for familiar ether you know my brother which I doubt or you know my cousin Winry Rockbell.” It was hard to tell the girls were related. V looked more or less like a taller, brown haired, female Edward. (picture coming soon!)
“I see it! You have the same face. Aren’t you busy Lt. Col. Hughes?” asked Al. V rolled her brown eyes and noticed the paper on the table. She walked over and picked a piece up.
“Ya but I needed a break. Damn…the first branch has to get burned at a time when it’s usually busy.” Hughes complained.
Ed who had been watching V turned his head towards Hughes. “The first branch?”
“Yes, the tribunal is close by, so I would store records of old cases and registries of names in that book collection. This is preventing me from getting any work done.” Hughes explained.
Ed and Al turned their heads towards the ever so quite Scieszka.
ME!!!!” Scieszka yelled. “I did read and remember military detective records too, but…”
“How about her, Lieutenant Colonel? This person is looking for work.” Ed said referring to Scieszka.
“This lady has that kind of special ability!? That’ll help! Let’s start right away!! We pay very well!!” Hughes said excitedly.
As Hughes pulled her out the door she managed to thank the brothers and was gone. Ed and Al waved and looked at V. “Can you decipher any of that?” Ed asked
“Kin-da.” V said not talking her eyes off the paper. “If you want I could help.”
“I doubt you’ll really under any of it even if you can decipher if.”
“I’m an alchemist Fullmetal. And seeing as I’m more talented then you, at lest according to the military, I might be of some help.”
Del cursed under her breath she was angry but trying to control her temper something had happened in the train station stopping her from going to Central "Damn Mustang is gonna start whit his stupid jokes if I get late again" She mumbled and walked to the police officer that was controlling the situation she walked past to him "Hey stop right there missy" He said "Sorry but you will have to wait" He said she rolled her eyes and took out her watch "Red Dragon Alchemist and no I dont wanna wait" She said and kept walking.
V Criel
V had been helping the boys for ten days now. They were starting to discipher the notes and under stand them. Second Lt. Ross and Third Lt. Bloch were out side the room. Third Lt. Bloch opened the door. "It's closeing time." he said into the opened door.
"...NO f*!@ING WAY!!" Edward yelled. Bloch and Ross walked in to see V pressed up agenst, Al had his head in his hand, and Ed was pressing on the table.
"Wha...what happened!? Were you three fighting? please clam dow-..." Bloch said only to be cut off by Al.
"No, it's not that."
"Are you angey that you didn't breack the code...?"Ross asked stairing at V.
"We broke it. The broken."Al said.
"Oh, really!? Isn't that good news!!?"Bloch was suriprise at the threes reacting to brecking the code.
"He called it 'the devil's resrseach'." V said.
"What did you find out?" Bloch asked.
"The raw materials for the Philosipher's stone is.."V started but trailed off only to have Ed finish her sentice.
"LIVING HUMANS!!" After a few momenice of silence Ed continued,"If what is says in these documents is true, than the raw materials used to create the Philosipher's stone are living humans. And it will take muliple sacrfices to manufacture just one...!"
"I can't believe that something so inhuman was done by an organition under the military..." Bloch said followed by Ross' this is unforgiveble'.
"Can you please not tell anyone about this." Edward asked.
"But..." Bloch started
"Please. Please act like you never heard this." Ed pleaed.

The next day Ed and Al were in their room. "Brother... please go eat some breakfast."
"I don't want anything."
Ed was laying on the sofa in the room. Al was siting on the floor leaning on the back of the sofa.
"...I'm tried of this." Ed said
"yeah" agreed Al
"It's like..." Ed lifted his right arm in the air," just when I thinking it's within my reach, it runs away from me. It keeps going like that. And this time, when I feel like I finally got ahold on it, I'm kocked down by what I caught." he made a fist with his hand and placed it on his forehead."Ha ha... looks like God really hates those man that broke his rules. Are we... really going to live the rest of our lives like this? Hey, Al, there's something I always wanted to tell you, was something I was too scared to say..."
"What is it?"
Before Ed could say any more there was a camothion in the hall.
"ELRIC BROTHERS! ARE YOU INSIDE!? IT IS I! CAN YOU OPEN THE DOOR?" Armstrong's voice came throught the door followed by V's.
"Major leave them alone!"
The brother stared at the door were it bersted open and Armstong brust in."I HAVE COME, EDWARD ELRIC!!"
"Major shut up!"V followed him through the door along with Bloch and Ross."You what! I can't take this! I'm going to see Mustang." V walked out muttering under her breath. But she stoped when she heard Ed say somthing about the truth. As she listened she heard something about lab 5. When the major walked out followed by Bloch and Ross she walked back in.
"If you want to get into lab 5 your going to need my help."

Del arrived to Central she took a deap breath "Finally am here" She said as she walekd into HQ she walekd trought the corridors looking for Mustang.
V Criel
Edward, Alphonse, and Venessa snuck out of the hotel that night. with V's help they got there without being seen. " A guard!?" V said bewilled.
"How do we get in?" Al asked.
" We climb." V said with a smile. the boys watched her as she backed a way from the wall. then she ran at it. right before she hit the hall there was a *click* and she was on the wall. once up there V took the barred wire and lowered it for ED and Al. once on the other side they looked for a way in the lab. " door's boarded." Al said.
"what about the vent?" Ed said.
Del tapped the floor imaptiently she then shighed and sat down.
V Criel
“Come on Ed.” V said hauling herself up and in the vent. “Al, you’re going to have to wait here.”
“Huh? Are you two okay going…” Al started.
“It’s not much as being okay, but your huge body isn’t going to be able to get in through in here.” Ed said.
“It’s cramped in here.” V said as she and Ed crawled their way into lab5.
“Ya, a normal-sized person wouldn’t be able to get though here. I’m glad my body was small en… NOOOOOOO!”
“Ed shut up!” V said kicking him in the head.
“ Wait. How come you fit?”
“ My shoulders and more narrow than most girls my age. Hey!” V punched the bottom of the vent and the gate fell and she dropped into lab followed by Ed.
“Lights are on.” Ed noticed.
“Hmm.” V said in an agreeing tone.
Ed took a step and the floor tile suck. They both looked up to see spikes. As the spikes fell, Ed did the same; V did a backflip and almost hit her head in the process. As Ed went to get up his hand pushed one of the floor tiles. As a result a knife fell out of the wall making Ed jump and almost get killed by arrows that came flying from the opposite wall. The floor opened up to a spike pit right under V’s feet. Ed grabbed on side of the pit as V, somehow, managed to flip and grab the other side of the pit. “Ed, I swear when we get out of here, that is IF we get out of here, I’m going to bash you into a shrimp.” V said as she pulled herself back on the floor.
“Plenty of traps.” As Ed said that he pushed another tile. Ed and V turned their heads to see a giant blowder coming strait at them.
They both started to run. V noticed a vent gate missing and mannered to get into the vent. Ed tripped and rolled agensted the wall the blowder passed and V dropped out of the vent.
“ I’ve had it!” Ed said and clapped his hands. He made the hall into one piece of soiled concrete.
Winry was bored so she decided to work on a spare arm for Ed, just in case he came back to Resembool with the arm missing or totally ruined beyond repair Again... She thought. She started thinking about Ed and Al. She missed them, and suddenly a tear landed on the grill of Ed's arm. She quickly wiped it away from the arm and her cheek. She sighed and resumed work.
V Criel
V looked at Ed." come on." she said offering to help him up.
"Thanks." Ed said grabbing her hand.he noticed thta her right hand felt hand. As they walked down the hall they were silent. At the end of the hall there was a set of doors. Ed opened them and they walked in.
"I've been waiting for you." said a voice out of the darkness. A suit of armor fallowed the voice. V rolled her eyes. Ed didn't noctice.
"Who are you?"
"I'm am the guarden of this place. my name is number 48 also known as the Slicer." the armor repiled as he drew his long sword. Ed transmuted his automail ready to fight."Funny. You two dress alike."#46 remarked. Ed hadn't noticed before, but he was right, the did.
"Not now." V said knowing what he was going to say and now was not the time.
"She's right. This isn't the TIME!" #48 came running at them. V did a side flip to the left to aviod the attack. Ed, more or less, just rolled to the right.
"Ed!" V called "I'm gone'a look around. Think you can hold him off?"
"Yeah!" Ed said as the Slicer's blade hit his shoulder.
"Automail to the shoulder." the Slicer said pulled away. Ed reconied #48's reflexes. They were like Al's.
V started to look around very so offten she would look to make sure Ed was ok."Your no good dead Fullmetal." she wishpered to herself. She heard Ed say 'I spar against someone like you all the time'.Must be talking about Al. Wait were's Barry? she thought. Ed was stating to get worenout. V looked up to see how high the pillar branches were."That's not high." she said and climbed up to the one of the branches. "Where's your friend?" she called once on the branch.
Ed looked up to see were she was."How did you get up thier!?"
"Climbed." she said notinterest in Ed at the moment.
"Oh yes. My companden is takeing care of your friend outside."
"Is he as stroung as you?"Ed asked breathing hard.
"He is strong but not like me."
"Then we have nothing to worry about."
V sighed at the same time reaching to her belt. She pulled back quickly pulling something metal from her belt and sent it flying at the Slicer. somehow what ever she throw and enuf force to nock his hemit off.
V dangled from the branch then dropped down."You okay?" Ed asked. V noded. she walked over, picked up the helmit along with what she she had thrown which happened to be a dager.
"Start talking." V ordered.
"Oh you haven't won yet."#48 said. as he did the body of the armor got up. It changed at Ed swinging the sword.
"Forgot about that." V said. she dived at the last moment between Ed and the body, there was a flash of light and the body fell in two pieces. Ed and the Slicer talked while V just looked around.
V only truned her head when she heard armor hit the floor. the blood seal on the body was scrached. "can we get a more on." V said. Ed picked up the helmit and they started to walk.
They came to a room and with a transmution circle on the floor.
"This is it." the helmit said.
"well look who it is Gulttney." said a voice from one the couners.
Ed and V looked to were the voice came from.
As Winry worked on Ed's arm, she came across an old picture she hadn't seen for a while. It was of her and her cousin, Venessa, whom she called V. She shuddered as she remembered the fights they had had. Finally, she was done with Ed's arm and moved onto his leg. She decided to make it a little taller, just in case he grew by the time he would need it. Not very likely... She thought with a laugh. She resumed silent work all by herself until nightfall.
V Criel
There in the corner was was to people who...WERE SITING ON AL!"Brother!" came Al's voice.
"Can i eat him Lust?"Gultney asked.
"no Glutney."Lust said
"well look who showed up." came a voice from behide them. they turned.
"Envy you ketp us waiting." Lust said.
"ya well about that," Envy sudney jumped twisting in mid air. Starteled V turned and whiped out a pair of pistals. she shot at Envy but missed. instead the bulets hit a weak spot in the celing and it came crushing down followed by priseners."just hurry up and make the stone pipsquik"
"Ed."Ed turned and looked at her."so you'll telling me that you him to take these people and turn the into the P.H.S."
"why yes? why else would we have them here?"Lust asked.
"Why else would we have them here?" V said, but it was Lust's voice that came out not her own.
"Not now Ed." V said in her own voice." time to leave."
Ed went to clap his hands when his automail went limp."huh?"
"there goes the automail. let me do this." V said moveing in frount of Ed. She fliped back landing on Ed's shoulders then pushed off ,makeing Ed fall, fliped off the ceiling landed behide Al, makeing Lust jump, shovered a dager in Glutneys skull grabed Al only to Envy grab and twist her arm makeing her fall holding her left arm. "aww! hehe. wrong arm." V said looking up at Envy and grining she grabed another dagner from her belt fliped over Envy's back and stabed he in the gut.Envy let go out of pure pain. V landed on on knee claped her hand and touched the floor.
This was the first the brothers had seen her use alchemy and were surpised. The product of her alchemy was an explostion to the wall to the right of her.
"I wounder if I may be of some asistence, great alchemist." came nother than Scar's voice.
"What are you doing here?!" is all that out of V.
"Can eat him?"
"yes you can have the scared man." came Lust's reply and Glutney chaged at Scar.As Glutney charged him Scar touched the wall make in the room exsplode. V covered her eyes. The 5 pillars that held the rest of the ingredent explosed as well.
"Ed!" V yelled streaching her hand out to Ed. just before touching hands the liquid hard a reaction with the both of them." time to go before they turn into gods." Envy said and left followed by Lust.
just then the major,Ross,and Bloch entered the room. seeing the reation the major said"thier haveing a reaction with the water." Ross moved tored them. once in arms reach see huged both of them."Mom,your back." Ed said as V siad"Johnson." and the reaction stoped.
the major carryed all 3 of them out and they were brought them to the hospital.
Winry woke up the next morning and kept working on the leg for Edward. She looked down on the ground and noticed a screw. "Huh?" She asked herself as she bent down and picked it up. It had a tag attatched to it. Winry recognized what was on the tag and closed her eyes. "Whoops..." She said softly. The second she stood up, the phone rang. She ran to get it and picked it up. "Hello?" It was Ed. He needed her to go to Central to repair his arm. "Uh... I'll be there soon!" She said before she hung up. She packed her things and got ready to leave for Central as soon as she could.
V Criel
Ed looked around. He was lieing in a hospital bed. V lay in a chair with her head and feet propped up on the arms of the chair. Al sat in a crouner limb less thanks to Gluttney, when Winry walked in. "Hey Ed." Winry said with a smile.
"hey."Ed said. Al staied quite. Winry looked to were V lay. "Venessa!" Winry said surprised to see her cousin.
"IT"S V!"V said not moveing.
"Alright, alright, sorry!" Winry said, putting her hands up in a pushing motion. "So anyway, Ed... How bad is the damage?" She asked, pointing to Ed's arm which was in a sling. He smiled. "It's not that bad, Winry." He said, showing her. She smiled back. "That's good... by the way, what happened to you? Not to mention, why are some of Al's limbs missing?!!" She yelled, pulling out a wrench just to scare Ed. He cringed and explained some things to her. Not everything, because he didn't want her to worry.
"I see... and that's all you want to tell me, Ed and Al? What about you, V? Anything else to say? Or are you all just going to keep quiet and not tell me anything, just like always?!" Winry said, looking like she was about to cry. Ed and Al looked down. "I'm sorry, Winry..." Ed said softly.
V Criel
V rolled her eyes. "You worry to much." V said streching. Ed looked at V. To him it looked like V didn't care about Winry. "Al you ok? you've been kinda quite" V said rubing her left arm. OW! must have pulled something. Danm! V thought. "anyway, why are you here Winry?"
"I asked her to come down."Ed said

Winry was fixing Ed's arm while V lay in the chair. Al had gone up to the roof. Whether Al had been in the room or not, Ed knew that it would still be quite in the room. There seemed to be a tention in the room.

(every one! Mato is joining our rp as... ready? AL!*claps*XD)
Hello!~ I'm Mato. I'll l be playing Alphonse from now on. I'll post him later, though. I Have a few things to take care of first...
welcome! here's my next post: Winry fixed Ed's arm and watched V in her chair. She noticed V rubbing her arm. "Hey Ven- I mean V. You ok?" She asked, testing Ed's wrist and shoulder. She got out her wrench, tightened some screws, and tested them again.
V Criel
"Wha? Ya." V said."sounds like one of the screws is to tight." Winry looked over then back at Ed's automail. V was right one of the screws was to tight. Danm! Envy had to grab my arm! V thought. " Hey Winry. Did Joe ever call you?
Winry loosened the screw and shook her head. "No not yet." She said. She tested Ed's fingers and fixed some of them silently. (sorry its so short!)
V Criel
"Danm!I told him to call you." V said streching."wounder how Al's doing?""done." Winry said standing up.Ed moved his arm to see how it worked.Getting up Ed said"i'm gona go see Al. you 2 comeing?"
Winry nodded. "Hey Ed, how's the arm? Is it moving properly?" She asked while they walked. "Yeah, thanks Win." He answered with a smile. Winry opened the door to the roof and saw Al sitting there. She smiled at him. "Hey Al." She said.
QUOTE(thePureAlchemist @ Dec 11 2007, 11:46 AM) *
Winry nodded. "Hey Ed, how's the arm? Is it moving properly?" She asked while they walked. "Yeah, thanks Win." He answered with a smile. Winry opened the door to the roof and saw Al sitting there. She smiled at him. "Hey Al." She said.

Hey I'm new in here, I'm gonna be playing the role as Envy!
V Criel
"Hey Al." Ed said walking over to Al. V leaned adaist the wall. She didn't want to get involed with the brothers any more then she had too.
Winry leaned against the wall by the door, next to Ed. She smiled at Al. "How you doing?" She asked him, since he didn't sound too good. ((sorry it's so short!))
V Criel
Winry had brought some metal for Risembool witch Ed used to transmute Al back to normal. well as normal as a suit of armor can be.
((Sorry I'm so late...>< I like I said, I had something to take care of first... But I need to read what the heck happend while Didn't Post so gimme a sec...))Al stands up, "Thank you, brother." ((I'm sorry It's so short! There's been a lot going on, and only V and Pure really know what I mean...))
V Criel
V looked off not really careing what was going at this point. Ed smiled but noticed something in Al's voice. "you ok Al?"
Winry was puzzled. She could also hear something in Al's voice, but she couldn't figure out what it was. She walked over to V and said quietly in her ear, "What's up with Al? You hear something weird in his voice, don't you? Or is it just me?" She asked. She was still holding her wrench from before (she had forgotten to put it on the bed when they went to see Al), so she put it in her pocket.
V Criel
V shruged. "beats me." why is she asking me!? I really don't care. V though looking way from the brothers.
"I'm Fine, Brother. There's just something on my mind...." Al responded.
V Criel
"hm?" Ed looked at Al worriedly. he could tell something was wroung.
"It's nothing, Brother. Really." Al said in the most reassuring tone he could despite the fact that what was on his mind wasn't nothing in the least.
Winry walked back over to Al and put her hand on his shoulder. "Al, just tell us what's on your mind. Please?" She asked, with the cutest puppy dog eyes she could make without hurting herself. "Just say it, it's ok!" She said. Why won't he tell us? That's not like him.. is it that bad? She thought.
V Criel
"Al come on." Ed was really starting to worry. V looked over quickly. She had a felling that what ever was on Al's mind had to with Barry the chopper.
"But.... I........ No!" Al screamed, Pushing Ed to the ground and jumping off the roof.
V Criel
Ed fell back stunded. "Al!" V yelled jumping after Al. She landed a little behide him. she could hear Winry screaming her name but she didn't care.
Winry called V over and over, but it was no use so she soon gave up. She ran over to the edge of the roof to see if Al was ok. "Al?! AL!!!" She called.
When Winry couldn't see anyone, she gave up. She held Ed back as he tried to go after Al, but that was it. When he gave up, she sat down and sighed. "What's with him?" She asked Ed.
V Criel
Ed looked at his feet. "he's..." Ed was scared. Al didn't normaly act like that.
Winry looked at Ed questioningly. "Ed..?" She asked him, confused. "Do you know, or are you just thinking?" She asked.
V Criel
Ed shook his head before lookoing up at Winry. "do you think V can look after him?"
Winry shrugged. "Not sure..." She said quietly.
Al kept running. He knew what he did was wrong, and probably hurt his brother, but his les kept running.
V Criel
V chased after him swearing under her breath. She kept up pretty well seeing she was chaseing a suit of armor. "YO ALPHONSE!"
Al looked back momentaraly, but he keeps runing.
V Criel
V growled claping her hands and touched the ground creating a wall in front of Al. "geez are you annoying." she muttered standing up.
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