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Al Stoped before he hit it and turn around.
V Criel
"Al come on." V said looking at him gently.
Winry was scared for Al. She stood up and looked off, to find out if she would be able to see Al anywhere, which she couldn't. She sat back down and pulled her knees to her chest. She sighed and looked back at Ed. "I'm scared.. He could get hurt!" She told him.
Lost Alchemist
(i'm joining)
charater name: Neko
age: 15
gender: female
important family: no one
hometown: has forgoten
info: rased in so many towns that she forgot everything about how she was before Tucker, When she was about 3 she found Tucker as she was hunting after food. After a year in Tucker's basement and seeing Edward and Alphonse that one time, she found the will to brake her cage and find the two boys, but she found out as she got out of her cage that she was all cat with no traces of being human. She wondered around looking for anyone to turn her back, she found an alchemist that made her half cat half human
looks: golden hair that gose down to her back with a pair of gold but pirced cat ears. Most of the thime she has on long skirts and tank tops. but sometimes if lucky she will have on pants that have her gold and black tiped tail behind her. she was known sometime ago as the gold-blue eyed cat, for her eyes looked gold in the rain even though her eyes are deep blue.
personality: much like a cat sticks to one person and stays with that person, and has a thing for balls.

Neko sits on the roof tops watching Al and V run after each other. She jumps down behind them swaying her tail under her skirt "Nya?"
V Criel
V looked behide her to see a half cat half human behide her. She raised an eye brow try to figure out if she was a chimera. "You lost?" she asked not knowing what to expect.
Lost Alchemist
"Nya meow." She nods her head no slowly walking over to V smelling her sent, Neko looks up at Al smileing her cat like smile. Her tail fickers under her skirt, she pulls off her skirt as she stands there in a pair of thight shorts with a golden tail with balck tips. "Mrow?"
V Criel
"a cat chimera?" V thought out loud. "where'd you come from?"
Mustang's Assistant
(I'll join but mine will be more...human.)

Character name: Lt. Zander

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Important family:?

Hometown: ?

Info: Born in a city on the outskirts of Central so its only natural that he would want to become a soldier which is exactly what he did. He became a state alchemist on his first try then again when you're a weaker Flame alchemist not many people can say no. He's the same as Mustang but his alchemy is weaker.

He is close friends with Mustang, he once was Mustang's Lt. but was replaced with Hawkeye. He feels no resentment towards Hawkeye and thinks shes better suited to protect Mustang than he is although she seems to have no alchemy at all. But he still hangs around to help Mustang and Hawkeye when they skrew up every now and then.

Looks: Black hair with crimson red eyes and lightly tanned. He has white gloves to help him with his alchemy like Mustang and ALWAYS is wearing his military uniform even when he doesn't need to unless he's undercover.

Personality: He is always serious and merciless when it comes to fighting. But he is actualy quite lively once you become his friend.

I got a question. Is it okay to write in first person?

"Great,the one day Mustang gives me a day off and I get to watch a big scene unfold outside a hospital." I mumble to myself as I stand up, patting my uniform while doing so.

I make my way over to the thing, the armored guy, and the girl. Well shes more of a teen than a girl. But none the less I have to sort this mess out before something bad happens.

"Hey! Whats going on?" I ask mildly irrated and its showing.

Great, so much for first impressions but some things can't be helped.

Lost Alchemist
Neko jumps at the sound of Zander's voice. Neko hides behind Al, shakeing a bit. "please don't take me away!! I never met Tucker. I was not in lab 5. DON'T TAKE ME AWAY AND LOCK ME UP!!!" Neko's tail raps around her leg just as a cat's tail would go beteen a cat's back legs. She clings to Al's arm.
Mustang's Assistant
My eyes widen before it relaxes and a grin forms.

"Well that explains a lot but right now I don't care about that and even if I did you're currently not causing any harm so I don't see the point in locking you up. " I say kindly taking a step back.

"But...we can't have you walking around Central like that since this is of course the heart of the Military and there will be hundreds of guards and if just one of them spots that apperent tail of yours then my credbility is blown right out of the water because I lied to protect you." I quickly add.

Then it hits me.

"You talk?!" I ask a shocked expression clearly showing.
V Criel
(ya frist person is fine)

"he's not takeing you anyways. and besides your staying with me." V said looking at Zander pushing the fact that the cat was taking. "so Lt. Zander whats up?" V said. "what Mustang give you the day off?"

Mustang's Assistant
"Well evedently stopping and catching a mass murderer is worth a day off after a few months of breaking my back to do it." I answer the teen.

"Um you're the Halfmetal alchemist right? If I got it wrong then I owe you all due appologies but I've been a bit busy lately and names aren't something I remember." I quickly add with a laugh.

"Here as a show of good faith I'll even take these off." I say taking me gloves off and stuffing them back into my pockets.
V Criel
"Halfmetal? what is the furher already picking my state alis?" V said smileing. "my name is V Criel." well actuly it's Venessa. V thought."you sould know that anyways Lt. Zander. you see me around HQ enough."

Ed and Winry where looking around Central for Al and V. Ed was as worried as even and stayed quite while they looked.
Mustang's Assistant
"Ha, just because I see you around doesn't me I'll remember you. Remember I'm one of Mustang's jokkies, I have to be running around the HQ almost every minute like his personal servant. Well, then again thats what I get for deciding not to move up the military ranks." I say with a laugh.

"V? So that means you're Venessa right?" I ask somewhat more seriously.


I know I shouldn't have done that but I just had to see what the reaction would be smile.gif

V Criel
V glared. "IT'S V!!" she steamed. "what's it with people and calling me that! ugh!" She wacked her head with her right plam. In doing so her white gloved moved to reveil some metal.
Mustang's Assistant
"Ah, so you DO have automail." I say with a grin.

"Well then, it seems you and Ed are a lot alike Miss V." I add turning around.

"I'll be heading back to HQ just to torture Mustang because I've got nothing better to do and because its fun. You be good now." I say with a laugh as I walk away towards HQ


I reach HQ after a few minutes of walking. "No wonder why so many people are in such a ill-mood when the come to us" I think to myself with a laugh as I walk inside, my body already aching from a educated guess about how this is going to play out...
Lost Alchemist
Neko stands there shakeing watch the two fight. "nya?" She sticks her head out from behind Al. "V-ten?nya"
Mustang's Assistant
"ERRRR GET OUT!" Mustang shouts.

"Oh god don't do tha-!" Zander's sentense cut short as he is blasted through the door of Mustang's office.

Zander forces himself up and looks around to see everyone is looking, even Hawkeye. They each have a shocked face as if its amazing that Zander surivived the blast.

Zander stands for a minute before collaping.

"Maybe I overdid it a little bit...." Mustang says with a laugh.

"A BIT? You've could've killed him!" Hawkeye shouts.

" he....." is all that Mustang can manage to say.
Winry stood up and looked at Ed. "I think I'm going to go check on V and Al.. You go back to your hospital room and wait for me, ok?" Winry asked Ed. Before he could answer, she went out the door and down the stairs. She ran in the right direction just in time to see V and Al.. with someone else. "V? Al? Are you guys ok?" She asked, somewhat ignoring the other person there.
Lost Alchemist
Neko ducks her head behind Al hideing her self fairly badly with half her lower body sticking out with her golden tail waveing in the sky.
V Criel
V glared at Winry before truning to the cat. " you have an name?"
"Eep!" Winry squeaked and took a step back. She covered her mouth and gasped when she saw the chimera behind Al. "W-w-what's that?!" She whispered to V after first hurrying behind her.
Mustang's Assistant
Zander steps behind Winrey and covers her mouth with one of his white gloved hand.

"This is a public place and that thing with the tail isn't suppose to exist so if you don't want her to be locked up and exspirmented on I suggested you keep quiet." he says as he walks around in front of her.

He looks around before releasing her mouth and walking towards Al, V and the thing.

"Why are you in the hospital?" V asks.

"Where are you Lt. Zander?!" a voice calls from down the hall.

"Quick you idiots hide her before the soldiers come!" he shout to the 3 in front of me.
V Criel
(mustang's, one their in an alley, and two please don't make V talk. I don't mind Ed or any of the other charaters I do but please don't touch V. thanks)
Lost Alchemist
Neko's ear fall quickly after hearing Winry, before looking around hearing the other voices, here eyes dart around before her cat side takes over by jumping into V's arms as cat useing the little bit of alchemy she knows.
Winry was shocked, so she ended up doing what Zander said. "What... who are you, anyway?!" She asked, getting angry that he had touched her mouth.
V Criel
"clam down Win." V said holding the cat.
Lost Alchemist
Neko sits in V's arms shakeing holding in the smellest part of her fear, knowing that if she let her fear get her V would hate her forever. ""
Winry frowned. "But he touched my face! Not even you, Ed or Al have ever touched my face! I don't like it!" She said in a harsh whisper to V. She walked back over to Zander and smacked the back of his head with the back of her hand and walked back to V. "There, now I feel better." She said. "What's your name.. uh.. Miss?" She asked the cat.
Lost Alchemist
Neko sits there shakeing, trying to fight back from turning back and runing away. "Neko" she closes her eyes claming down seeing that there is nothing to worry about, now that V-ten and WinWin-ten wount hurt her.

(i use nicknames k?
V-ten V
WinWin-ten Winry
Z-kun Zander
Danna Al
onii-ten Edward)
((aahh cute nicknames!! XD)) Winry smiled. "How cute!!" She exclaimed, patting Neko. "Hehe!" She giggled, happy to see that Neko was no longer afraid of her.
Hello Peoples I'm joining~ ^^

Name: Kisha
Age: acts 17 (idk how old that would be in wolf years...)
Gender: Female
Important family: None
Hometown: None
Info: Kisha is a human bound somehow inside a wolf's body. She is an alchemist despite the fact that she's in a wolf's body. She was assigned to Roy Mustang and has learned from him. She doesn't speak to anyone to hide that she's a human. Her front left leg is automail because of an accident one day when she was hit by a car.Looks: White wolf with a thick black collar and a military state alchemist watch hanging from it. Front left leg is automail.
Personality: Spazzy a bit, Playful, luffs adventure, strange craving for chocolate.


Kisha was chained to Mustang's desk. She was small for an average sized wolf. She sat there, waiting boredly for an assignment to be given. She didn't like the fact she was paired with Roy though. To be honest, she'd rather be paired with just about anyone else. She was very stubbern and rarely listened to him. She was fairly young still but knew alot about alchemy.
V Criel
(btw mato is letting me be Al)

V rolled her eyes muttering something about Winry. Al took this chance to get away. He drew a crilce on the wall V had made and made it into an acrh. V spun around to see Al disapear thought it. V droped Neko and went after Al. A part of boys cut her off and she stoped to watch them. A shopkeeper chased them as the ran the same way Al did. She walked after them. They shopkeeper had lost them and walked away from where they were hideing. She walked over to the alley and found them behide Al. "well goodthing this pile of juck was here." the older of the boys said. "I'm not a pile of junk." as Al said that the boys jumped and noticed V. "hello Rick, Leo." she said smileing and they boys relaxed.
Lost Alchemist
Neko yeps in a hiss as V-ten drops her, she stares watching Al run before nips WinWin-ten on the foot, as she ran to find Danna. She runs to where Al sits, she slowly walks up behind to to boys meowing trying to get Danna to see her at his feet.
(sry I haven't posted! my power went out ^^")

Kisha couldn't keep still. She stood up and paced the floor impaciently. Where is he?? she thought to herself, I can't stay here like this! I get all fidgety!! She couldn't take it. She wiped around and bit down on the weak leather leash. It snapped right in two luckily. She gave a small smile before running to the door. There, she stood for a few seconds on her hind legs and drew a transmutation circle on the door. She pressed it and a flash of light glowed. When the light stopped, there was a nice hole right thought the door. She slid through it and darted through the halls at lightning speed. She burst outside and stood for a second, taking in a deep breath of air before darting through the streets.
Lost Alchemist
Neko hears the mutt pawing her way though the streets, Neko hisses lowly hopeing the mutt will hear her.yo mutt i know you can talk. Neko sits down before Al.
Kisha stopped and looked around. She spotted the cat. She creeped over bareing her fangs. I'll give you 2 minutes to talk and then It's good-bye kitty, she barked.
Winry ran to where she thought Neko went to. There, she found a whole bunch of people, including Al, V, Rick, Leo, Neko, and a wolf. A wolf?! She'll kill that poor kitty! Winry thought. She ran up and stood next to Neko. "Don't worry, I won't let anything happen to you!" She said, pulling out a heavy-looking wrench.
Lost Alchemist
Neko stands on her back paws before changeing back to her body. "You are the mutt, Mutt,nya. Winwin-ten i'll be fine i fight a bit,nya" Neko stands there keeping her tail on the ground till she can stand fully. She swats to the wolfs eye, stareing at them. "Change Mutt"

New nickname to list
Kisha- Mutt
Kisha growled. "I can't," she finnaly spoke. She sat down. "And I'm not a wolf you dumb @$$ cat. I'm a human trapped in this dumb body." She looked around. "Good, Mustang isn't here," she said. "He'd kill me if he found out I escaped." She looked at Winry. "Make sure Ed dosen't know I escaped either, he might tell Mustang." She looked at them and relized they were confused. "Oh right," she said, "My name is Kisha. I'm Mustang's military wolf. They're doing this new program in the military where they get animals and train them to work for the military. Mustang is hiding my secret though. If they found out I was really human, they'd run tests on me." She looked over her auto-mail front leg to make sure it was ok. It was old, but it was still in good use.
Winry blinked. "Um... ok.. I'm not even going to ask how you ended up like that.. but do you need some maintenance on your automail?" She asked.

((I'm going to add my own OC ok?

Name: Erika Parker
Age: 13 (she's a bit short, so she looks maybe 10)
Gender: Female
Important family: None.
Hometown: An unknown town near Resembool.
Info: She's an alchemist (alias the Pure Alchemist), and became one at 10 (the military kept it a secret at her request). She has long, golden blonde, curly hair (her bangs are parted like Ed's, minus the antenna, and cut shorter). Her state nickname is "pure" because she can transmute just about anything into a "pure" substance (water, snow, white rose petals, etc.. depending on what she's transmuting), but she only transmutes weapons when she absolutely needs to. She can also heal with Xingese alchemy, or her own which would cause her to get whatever she healed (for instance, if she healed a cut, she'd get that cut automatically). She's not very physically strong, and she has a terrible cough.
Personality: The kindest person anyone could meet (next to Alphonse), and very polite. She becomes intimidated by people of importance (Ed, Roy), and is polite with everyone (she uses -san for even her closest friends), and her nickname is Eri.))
Lost Alchemist
NEko flicks the mutt. "i'm going to keep calling you mutt till i find a reson not to call you mutt" Neko hugs winwin-ten and changes back staying close to winwin-ten. She meows finding no more use in this mutt
Kisha growled at the cat. She looked then back at Winry. "Errr...sure I guess you could work on it. As long as it dosen't cost me anything and you hurry and do it quick. Someone from the military could be here any minute. I didn't really SNEAK out..." she said smiling.
V Criel
V looked at the scene in front of her. Rick and Leo where at her side. Leo took his sunglasses off reveiling his red eyes. "Why didn't Roy tell me?" V said raiseing her hand. "state alchemist in training." Al watched in silence.
Lost Alchemist
Neko waves her paw at V-ten. then hisses at the mutt. Neko's little light bulb gose off, she jumps down landing her paws on the Mutts head changeing her back to a human form. She hiss stareing that the girl
Kisha grumbled and turned back to a wolf. "I'm gonna rip you to SHREDS CAT!~" she growled and launched upon the cat, fangs beared. Before she could get the cat, she was pinned down and thrown in a net by two military guys. She barked and howled and thrashed, but the net wouldn't give way.
V Criel
"hey!" V yelled at the 2 men. Though she was only a state alchemist in training she got the repect of a col.
The two guys ignored her. They dragged Kisha back to the military, but before they could Kisha once again got free. She ran into and ally, jumped onto a garbage can, then leaped onto a roof. From there, she darted from roof to roof, the military guys were running back to headquarters to call in reinforsements.
"Aah!!" Winry shrieked. Suddenly, a small, pale-skinned girl walked up.

"Neko-san.. that wasn't very nice. She didn't do anything to you, did she?" Erika asked with a soft smile. Though she had only known Neko for a little while, she was happy to see her.
Kisha lept down from the roofs and looked for a place to hide. She ran into the hospital, hopeing they would be too stupid to look there. She ran into a curious room and hid under a bed. She didn't realize it was Ed's. She stayed there, silent and alert. She hoped the person on the bed wouldn't tell someone about her running in. She was out of breath. She layed her head down on the floor but kept her eyes open and ears up.
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