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ooc| Um, I thought you were taking over Mustang.. I kinda need someone else in this scene, because.. well.. Erika can't really move herself out of the Fuhrer's office, and I doubt the Fuhrer would carry her out. Not to mention, a wolf can't pick up a human girl, no matter how tiny she may be. Could you possibly not just keep to yourself in this RP? Pick whomever you want to be (Roy, Bradley, whomever) and stick to them. Otherwise, it's too confusing.
1.)Why can't Mustang go back to the Fuhrer's home?!?
2.)Fine, but who esle is going to oppose him? Unless we create a new character....
"hm? who is that?" Jherem asked.

"Oh yah, she is Erica, the pure alchemist, I met her in the hallway an minute ago... But what are they talking about? What Is the fuhrer planning to do in Xing?" Lanara said.

"Really....... then here." He slapped a small piece of machanics into her hand.

"Whats this?"

"Just keep it. And don't you dare loose it............. By the way, your friend isnt looking too well there." He pointed.

"Ok" Lanara put it in her poket and walked up to her. "Hey! Erica! I got lost again! ^^'. Care to show me where the gunmen's practice rooms are?" She said as an excuse to get her out of the fuheres office.

"Wait a minute, it'll be impossible to create a transmuatiton circle of that kind of sand. We can use soldiers. Seige the country, put them in the right places and that makes a transmutation circle. After that, I can kill the entire country!!!!!!!!"
ooc| I'm confused. Who do you want to be Mustang?

Kisha made no attempt to pick up Erika, but instead decided to drag her out by the shirt, making it a whole lot easier. She stopped at Lanara, and let go of Erica's shirt. She sat down, waiting for her to get Mustang.
Lost Alchemist
OOc: hey guys! sorry typeing in my room so typeing fast. but i'll be on more often! oh if you guys forgot, Neko was a human that Tucker fused with a cat, so she had cat ears and tail, but after meeting Scar she truned back to who she was before Tucker. And last time i was on she was in the bed that Eri was in, when she was sick. and Neko-matta was what she called her cat side when she was part cat. She can use alchemy, as wind alchemy. Her name that her mother gave her before she was turned into a cat was "the lost alchemist" for she was born in a group of alchemists that keep the wind alchemy to them self.

Neko sits in the room that she woke up in. Her tail just lieing limply on the bed. "Where did everyone go, nya?" She places her head in her hands leting her golden hair fall over her face, as tears slow roll down her face. "I'm not Neko-matta, I'm just Neko...I want my cat powers back,nya!!" she sits there crying.
OOC: sorry, i don't make any sense, I'm like half a wake... I think that someone has to be suspicious of Zevin, he can't just sacrifice a country without anyone stopping or atleast trying to stop him. I see Roy fits into this... I don't think I'm making sence now... goes to sleep...
ooc| 'night! it would make sense if roy was against this, or suspicious about it.. maybe we SHOULD add another character.. hold on, I think I can manage that!!
character name: Tristan Jenkins

state alchemist name: the Albus Alchemist

age: 15

gender: male

important family: n/a

hometown: Some small town in Wales (just like Howl from Howl's moving castle!! *swoon* lol)

info:Bio: He grew up in Wales, and learned alchemy when he traveled to Xing. There, he learned both healing alchemy and fighting alchemy. He is called the Albus Alchemist because he is actually quite similar to Erika, in the concept of being "pure". He's very kind, although can have quite a smart mouth. He's very gentle with children, but knows how to handle adults. He and Erika have not met each other yet, but when they do, he comes to understand her gift and he supports her. He's very loyal, and quite street smart. He uses the transmutation circles on his hands (when he was young, he used a knife to carve the circles into his hands, so now they're scars) to transmute pretty much anything into anything else.

looks: Dark brown hair and gray-green eyes, quite handsome, pretty tall for his age. compared to Erika, he's about a foot taller.

personality: very kind, a little cocky, very good at arguing when he needs to. he's a little mysterious, which makes the girls around him go crazy with fangirly noises. he doesn't really WANT to be famous, but the girls just don't leave him alone. he's a not a major, he's a lt. colonel.
Meanwhile in Arquoya:
"Officer, where are the spying devices that you planted in Xing? The Fuhrer is intrested in what they are doing right now."
"They are right in here!"

So while the bugs were heard, the attack no longer a surprise, Ling possesses the Philosopher's Stone, the Rantanjuitsu artists, were now revealed. Zevin sees his chance, but time is of the essence, he needed 3 more to complete the circle, each one who has seen the gates. It is possible to check Lanara's files, it quite possible for the Dreamweaver Alchemist to dream the gates?

"I need to hurry to central, inform me of her decision when the time comes."
Tristan went into the Fuhrer's office to introduce himself as the Albus Alchemist, when he saw a young girl on the floor. "Huh?!" He exclaimed, running over to her. She looks so young.. maybe 10, 11.. and she's so pale! She looks like she hasn't eaten in months! I have to help her... he thought, picking her up. He saw a wolf right by her. "Hey there.." He started, confused that a wolf was in the hall. As he touched her fur, his eyes widened. "Oh, I see.. a chimera. Poor girl.." he said with sympathy in his eyes. He gave a small wave and carried Erika to a nearby bench. "Miss! Would you watch her for a bit?" He called to Kisha and went into the Fuhrer's office.
Lost Alchemist
Neko craws out of bed and walks slowy to the Fuhrer's office, with a sheet rapped around her body with her long gray skirt and black tanktop under it. "Eri-chan?,nya" Neko stands there watching everyone. "what's going on,nya?" Her limp ears fliker just a little. "Puppy not chimera, she my buddy nya. I was chimera, but Scar make me human,nya."

Occ: hey to those that do not know nya means meow!
Zevin needs to find the people fast, before the Fuhrer starts an total offensive, but, he decides to go to the eastern frontier Lior. A shot is fired, Zevin sighs, he has ran out of time, the most he has is 4 people who have seen the gate. He phones the Fuhrer about the attack, he boards a train to Youswell. A ghost town, memories of the past flow in...

-a year ago-
"You disgust me, Mr. State Alchemist..."
"Disgust is used with reality, but what is reality?!? Can it be explained by science?"
"Stop talking that way! You don't want to get me angry!"
"Really... you can kill me if you can catch me!"

Zevin runs to the cliff, and he waits for them to catch him, while secretely transmuting hydrogen from the air. He sees they have caught up.

"Welcome... your town is dead, and while we were talking, you sealed your death"
"What do you mean! You filthy State Alchemist!!!!!"
"Don't call me filthy, you don't like it when I'm angry!"

Sparks fly, and a huge tidal wave carries them away and destroys the town.
ooc| if nobody minds, Erika sometimes sees the past and future in dreams.. so if it's alright, she's seeing this right now.

Tristan introduced himself to the Fuhrer. "Hello, sir.. my name is Lt. Colonel Tristan Jenkins, better known as the Albus Alchemist, reporting for duty. I just got here in a transfer from Lior." he said. "But, if you'll excuse me, sir, I have to get my accommodations in order." With that, he bowed and left.

Meanwhile, Erika was having visions of the flood in Youswell. She saw Zevin there, causing the flood. Her eyes flew open, just as Tristan walked to her from the office. "You alright, Miss?" He asked her. She nodded. "Yes, thank you very much. My name is Erika Parker.. also known as the Pure Alchemist." She answered. He smiled. "I'm Tristan Jenkins, or the Albus Alchemist.. it seems our names match." He said, still smiling. Erika blushed a deep crimson and smiled back.
He returns to front... Lior is almost in destroyed. The Xingese soldiers have invaded and are storming the city. Zevin watches from aside, he was to succeed, maybe a different idea, he could tempt the prince into doing so... He sat there quietly, with a incomplete Philosopher's Stone he has stolen from the prince after the assasination. He carved a transmutation circle into the ground... A flash. Moments later, awoke another Izumi Curtis...

"Watch, Ms. Curtis"
Sparks flew, Zevin put his hands together, a huge tidal wave formed and crashed down upon Lior... just like a year ago in Youswell..."
"Oh, Erika is awake now?.... ^^" Lanara, said poking her head into the room, interupting Erika and Tristans conversation. "Ya looked a little pale back there, you okay? :<"
Erika nodded. "Yes.. thank you. I was just talking to a new friend, Tristan. Tristan, this is Lanara." She said with a smile. Tristan stood and gave a short bow to Lanara. "Charmed, I'm sure." He said with a handsome smile. Erika stood up, and her knees gave out at that smile. Tristan caught her with his quick reflexes and strong arms. "You should lay down a bit longer." He said to Erika. She nodded, with a red face.
Lost Alchemist
Neko leans on the wall of the Fuhrer's office, with her ears and tail hanging limply, but she forrces her tail to move around but Neko stagers nearly falling. Her once gold but now yellow eyes meet Erika's eyes. Her eyes blink weakly. She stands faceing the Fuhrer. Her ears lie close to her head pinned back, as her tail raps around her leg. She walks to his desk, slaming her hands on the desk with her nail diging into his desk. "Fuhrer, this land needs no war. I have lost everything from that war i grew up in! The tan skin and red eyed war!" Neko's hair and eyes change to a deep red, with a blood red lines runing down her legs and her body. The air around the Fuhrer sparks with alchemy of the lost blood line of the full wind alchemists. Neko's ears flicker along with her tail. "You where the one that set me to that man! JUST TO MAKE ME TALK!!!!! You wanted such skills as my own! You wanted to that war to start much longer ago! why let the Xing die just like you let the tan and red eyed tribe did!" Neko holds back her tears ah she starts to push back the other side of Neko. "Turn me back, nya!!!!!!!!"
Tristan ran over to Neko and picked her up. He carried her out of the Fuhrer's office, bowing to the Fuhrer and asking him to excuse her. Once the doors were closed, he put Neko next to Erika. "Are you crazy?! If he knew you were alive, he would have you taken away to be experimented on!!" He scolded her. He patted her head. "Come on now.. I'll do my best to stop this war before it starts, I just need you to be calm and stay with us, ok?" He asked her gently. Suddenly, Erika started coughing violently. Surprised, he put his hands on her shoulders in case she passed out. Then, he saw everything she was. "E-Erika.. you're.. that woman.." He said with wide eyes. He picked her up and motioned to the others to follow him. "Come with me! We're going to my apartment!" he shouted to them.
Lost Alchemist
Neko stares at Tristan. "Tri-kun I was experimented on,nya! That man, Tucker, turned me into a cat hopeing that I would talk about my powers,nya! He forced to force me to push and seal back who I was,nya. I want him to fix me back to who I was, nya. Please don't ever stop me,nya. As being the alchemist that shares the name of my god Aubis, i will do what i have to and still stay by Eri-ten's side,nya." Neko turns and walks back into the Fuhrer's office, her ears and tail pined back. "I cruse you man, you will never get your hands on anyone with my air around them!" She turns around and walks out with her tail and ears lieing limply on her head and hanging lowly.
It's almost dark, the stationed troops on the Eastern Front are holding their positions while Xing countines to attack. Zevin needs more power in the stone for transmutation.

"I have followed you here, who are you?"
"My name is Zevin Zhang. I'm a state al.... *PUNCH*

Izumi punches him again, and again... Zevin doesn't budge and fights back... This is going to be interesting...
When Tristan, Erika, and Kisha got to his apartment, he locked the door behind them. He searched the room for bugs and cameras, which he didn't find. "Alright.. Erika, I need to ask you something." Tristan said gently, kneeling beside her. "Are you.. the woman from the Gate? The one I met?" He asked. Erika looked at him. "Do you remember.. anything about her? Maybe I could help you.. if you can help me remember." She answered. Tristan nodded. "She looked just like you, but less fragile and small, and her hair was about as long as yours, in a long braid.. she had antennae-like bangs.. a silver circlet around her head.. silver wings, a white dress.." He trailed off. Erika's head shot up. "Her name was.. Destiny? She told me that.. she was projecting part of her soul onto me. That people from the other world can't sustain her, so she chose me.. before I was born. She gave me her face and part of her power, but I wasn't the firstborn so I ended up being severely weakened.. and if I had been born before my brother Liam.. I would be a normal girl now." She said. Tristan looked down. "So you ARE her.." he said.
"Your from the gate?!?!" Lanara jumped out from behind something."UWAAAAAA!" She said in amazement then scurried around with glittery eyes. "I have so much to ask you! =D. Hold on, lemmeh go get Jherem!" then she ran off to get him.
As the fog clears, Zevin finally beats Izumi, tired, but most of all, overpowered by the Incomplete Philosopher's Stone. Zevin is thouroughly wounded, bleeding profusely, he makes Izumi comply to the following demands.

1.) Become a State Alchemist
2.) Serve on the Eastern Front
3.) Do as I say.

Izumi surprisingly accepts, and Zevin was clever, he made a phone call to the Fuhrer to start the invasion. Only after he checked all his wiretaps and bugs. Unfortunately, he had one installed right below Tristans apartment, equipped with a sound amplifier. It was hidden by a painting he had given the residents below. So Tristan has seen the gate, so Psiren on one point, Edward Elric, Alphonse Elric, Tristan, Izumi, possibly Erika, and one oddball seige to conduct.
Erika looked at Lanara, surprised. "Well.. yes. But the woman currently inside the Gate isn't me. She's told me that.. after I die.. I am destined to take her place within the Gate. She showed me where she lives there. It's beautiful, full of mirrors.. but what she told me about them is.. fearful, to say the least. She told me that she's kept people in those mirrors.. the souls of people she once lived with, while she was alive. She said I could do the same to those people I care about.. and she's already saved my brother for me." As Erika said this last sentence, tears welled up in her eyes. "I haven't seen Liam for three years.. And I've sort of.. been in a rush to hurry up and die so I could see him again.. saying it now, it sounds awful.." She trailed off, crying. Tristan put his arms around her. "It's alright.. I understand. I'd give anything to see my parents again, too." He said gently. "My parents are gone as well.. but I only wanted to see Liam!! That's another reason why it's so terrible.." Erika said. Tristan hugged her softly, not wanting to crush the girl. "Everything will be all right. I promise." He said to her.
As Zevin is listening to the bugs on Tristan's room was immediately dragged off to the hospital as soon as they talked about the gate. The Fuhrer appeared and he shut off the bug device as quickly as possible. He faints from exhaustion, but in a flashback he remembers this:

- 9 years ago-
"I want my mommy! I want my daddy!"
"They are dead, we are going to take care of you"
"Dead... dead... dead?????"
"Your parents have been killed in the Xing war... you are in Amestris now."
"Hold it right there! He is born in Xing and he should come with us."
"This is not your buisness!"
"Yes it is! *BOOM*"

The soldiers falls to the ground, lifeless, clutching the rescued Xing child. The child was then taken from his lifeless body, still crying. Then were sounds of whips, the child cried more, and then all of a sudden ceased crying as if he finally understands. He would grow up to believe the world is a evil place, he would grow up to resent his superiors. The soldier was brothers with Vato Falman, a friend of Roy Mustang, as he would eventually learn.
Erika looked into a mirror and showed everyone how she can force a vision by looking through a mirror. She saw everything that went on inside Zevin's head. "You see, I can only do this with people who are asleep.. unless I am. One of us has to be asleep so that the portal to the mind is open. Right now, he must be sleeping. If he were awake right now, I could probably still do this with the mirror.. but it would put a large strain on my body to do so. I'd have a bad headache and.." Suddenly, she was cut off by a wave of pain in her head. She staggered backward, holding it. "A-and sometimes.. I get visions only in my head.. and it doesn't matter who's asleep and who's not.. Destiny gives me these.. and they hurt.." Her eyes widened and glazed over, as she watched her brother die for the second time.

Erika had been younger then, back when she lived in a small town near Resembool. Liam was walking down the street with Erika, when they spotted soldiers coming back from the war in Ishval. He took her hand and led her to the side as the soldiers passed. Suddenly, one of the soldiers had flashbacks about Ishval, and saw Erika as an enemy. He grabbed his gun, insane, and pointed it at her. As he shot, Liam jumped in front of the quivering girl. The soldier shot over and over, until someone behind him knocked him out and ran over to the teenage boy and his sister. "I'm so sorry!! Are you alright, sir?" the man asked. He gasped at what he saw. Liam had been shot 5 times in the chest, and had no hope of surviving. "Miss.. I don't think you should look.." He said, putting an arm around her and putting her head to his chest so her eyes were covered. "Liam.. is my brother alright? Tell me!" She piped up. The soldier did his best to hold onto her, but Erika wriggled out of his grasp and looked. "LIAM!!! NO!!!!" She screamed, rushing to her brother's side. As she started to cry, Liam's beautiful gray eyes opened. "Eri.. I'm sorry.. I can't protect you anymore.. I did my best.. to make Mom and Dad proud.. and to make you happy.." He whispered to her. He smiled his gentle smile and put his hand to her face, wiping away a tear. "Don't cry for me.. I'll always be with you." He said. With that, his hand fell and he died. Erika screamed, and the young soldier held her close as she cried. The vision was over, and Erika remembered that the young soldier had jet black hair and transmutation symbols on his gloves. Colonel.. Mustang? That was him.. when Liam died? Erika thought as the fog in her head cleared. Tristan was holding her now. She had tears all over her dress, on her face.. and on Tristan's shoulder. He must have been holding her tight, she figured.

ooc| sorry it's so long!!! sorry.gif
It's the next morning, Zevin wounds had been bandaged, but Izumi destroyed his automail attachments, they had to be removed. To his surprise when he woke up he finds Edward Elric.

"Whoo... I dozed off didn't I?"
"Yes you did, let me introduce to a brilliant young automail mechanic."
"What happened on the Eastern Front"
"A temporary peace treaty has been signed for the next 3 months or so. Psiren has agreed to your demands and is heading here right now."

"That's good, but tell them when she gets here, arrest her."
"I see, well, I guess i shouldn't ask ^^'. I wouldn't want to impose or anything." Lanara said with her hands in front of her.

"Jeez, what is so urgent?" Jherem walked up to Lanara. "Is she your friend?" He asked looking over to Erika. "Hi there." He switched his briefcase to his left hand and held his right hand out to shake. "Im major Roexon, but seriously, I already hate this job, just call me Jherem."
"Maybe reviving Izumi was a mistake...Maybe it all was a mistake. No this can't be wrong... Change it no, aaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!!"
"Sir, you've been studying for hours and still..."
"You see this gun, it doesn't fire bullets. But it still shoots..."

Zevin shoots the gun full of Hydrogen, claps his hands and seconds later, the guard simply explodes...

"Let's go to that brilliant automail mechanic, it beats walking on this leg..."
Oi, I'm sorry guys, but I'm getting too confused. I'm gonna leave. Have fun!
Lost Alchemist
Neko sits in the darkness watching everything. The girl of the gate is her? I wonder if she knows the boy of the gate? Neko purrs to her self as she stares off thinking about everything and how she was left back there. She was lucky to have some cat left in her, for she had walked behind them, keeping close to hear everything but away so no one would see nor hear her. Neko was lucky that the house she was in had left the 'cat' door unlocked. (in other words the backdoor). Tears flow from her face, knowing Erika's fate was sealed as well as Neko's with the gate.
Erika shook Jherem's hand, dizzy and sweaty from her previous vision. "Pardon, but.. did you ever know someone.. named Liam, Jherem?" She asked, trying to figure out why she had that vision just now.
Lost Alchemist
Neko's head spins with something from her past.

A small child stands before two great door one gold the other black as a moonless or starless night. The child's hand grips the light blue dress in her hands. Tears well up as she starts to grab the gold door. She hears growling from the other door. A boy with just two flesh limps are seen, an left arm and a right leg. He calls her to the black door. The child lets go of the gold door and opens the black. The world flashs behind her eyes, everything and anything. The boy tels her something about being one with other...Lights fade in as a old door opens with two boys, one much taller then the other. One being flesh and the other metal. The little light comeing from the doors are all the child needs to see with the child just now seeing a tail under the child dark blue dress. "Mother where are you?" The child looks up when pounding is heard from under her. Yelling so much yelling, and punching. "Edward, Nina." The child just watchs as the event plays out

OCC: i said before that she saw Edward before. And that was it!
"Why? I haven't seen the truth... why can I do alchemy this way? Why?"
"These texts, aaaaaaarghh!!! Why can't I find anything?"
Unnoticed, Jherems eyes shot open and he silently let out a small gasp. "Why does that sound familiar to me?" he thought. "It sounds familiar but i don't think i recall. I should look into it later." He rubbed the back of his head.
"Wait a minute... It can't be, Izumi burned by gloves... It must have left burnt my hands with the transmutation circles... That's impossible, but I can use that to my advantage. Then again, it shows where my cirlces are... I'll go back to my old way..."

Zevin finally draws a transmutation circle, then, he puts the pieces together that were from a design 100 years ago.

"It's finished... I call it what he called it 100 years ago the DIFFERENCE ENGINE!"

Zevin had just finished a inefficient and heavy version of the calculator.
Erika looked at Jherem with sad eyes. "Thank you.. very much. It would be nice if there were someone other than me who remembers him." She said quietly. Tristan looked at her. "Parker.. I've heard that name.. before.. when I was young, I was a transfer student in a small town near Resembool.. there was a girl there named Parker.." He said, trying to remember. Erika's head shot up. "Tristan-san.. Oh my gosh! I remember you! You look so different.." She said quietly, examining his face. Tristan laughed. "Yeah.. I was an awkward little kid, huh?" Erika smiled and shook her head. "No.. you were a lovely little kid.. who turned into a handsome teenager." She said with a soft, whispery laugh. "You changed, too. You were a cute kid and now you're beautiful." Tristan said, blushing a little at being called "handsome". Erika smiled at him. "I missed you when you left.. a few days later, Liam died." She said sadly. Tristan put his hand on her shoulder, which comforted her. "Hmm.. I wonder where Zevin is.." He said, changing the subject. "I haven't seen him.." Erika said to him as he thought.
"I don't remember you meeting anyone named Liam, Jherem." Lanara turned to look at him.

"I don't either, but for some reason, I do."

"That was real specific sleep.gif. Anyway...." She turned to Erica and Tristan. " Can we keep this from between you and me? We are looking for case files on the philosiphers stone, but I get kina lost in Central library..." she sweatdrops.
Lost Alchemist
"The red stone? The one used in that evil war?"
Neko walks from her hideing place, to stand under the lights. She walks close to Erika, rubing her head on Erika's arm, hopeing that she will rub behind her ears. Neko leans there thinking over how to be a cat once more, even to be a cat for the rest of her life. 'Will the boy and girl of the gate help me like before or will I end up dieing trying?
"Huh? A cat chimera?" Lanara crouches down. "Y-you can talk?!"
Lost Alchemist
"I'm human right now. I was a chimera once before a man named Scar. I will help you find that stone IF I can use it to turn me back, or if you can turn me back to being a chimera." Neko purrs lightly with each word. She rubs her head under Erika's hand before standing up. Neko's mind slowly works in the last bit of Lanara's words. "You are rude, It is not nice to think that a girl with both cat ears and tail can not talk! The mutt of Roy can talk as well, most chimera's can it's just that some of us don't want to talk. I talk, but I go on forever!"
Erika's head started to hurt again. This time, the scene playing before her was one of the future. Edward Elric was laying down in front of her, his eyes glassy, in a pool of his own blood. Alphonse transmuted himself to save Edward. Erika, having been strained too much by having 2 visions in 5 minutes, fell unconscious. Tristan caught her with shaking hands. "Erika.." He said softly. "I don't think you should go after the philosopher's stone.." He said to Lanara. Suddenly, Erika's eyes fluttered open. "The philosopher's stone.." She said in a whispery tone. She took out her earrings and gave them to Lanara. The stones were crimson red. "Destiny gave them to me.. after I found out who I really am." Erika explained.
In due time, Zevin visited the Rockbells, he got his leg repaired albeit with a lot of pain. As he took the train to central from Risembool, he couldn't help but to think about Roy Mustang, and what he did here many years ago. Before heading to Arquoya to see Psiren, he would first visit the Fuhrer.

"Fuhrer! I would like Tristan, Erika, Izumi, Edward, Alphonse, and Psiren released from jail and transferred to my department!"
"Agreed, but what is your strategy."
"I would like for each of them to command a batallion, Edward here, Alphonse there, etc. Then we create a two rowed seige around Xing. After that I'll use my alchemy to completely annihilate Xing."
"Yes I see, the plan of yours looks just like a transmutation circle. So you are going to sacrifice Xing for a Philosopher's Stone."
"Yes, and if you co-operate, I will give you 1/2 of it..."
"Yes, good job, Lt. Colonel. Zhang. Now I should say Brigader General Zhang."
"Thank you!"
"You will have full command of these troops. They are to be going to the east to fight immediately!"
"B-but, to tell you the truth, we arn't really interested in the red stone, but with our research, it may have a direct tie to the gate. Also, why is it so bad to look for such a tiny thing? Why avoid it?"

Erika looked down at the small stones in her hand. She put them back in her ears without hesitation. "They are very powerful.. very dangerous substances. They may be small, but even just one has the power to wipe an entire town off the map. A large one can do the same to a country. A philosopher's stone.. if used a certain way.. and if it were as big as, say, Jherem's fist.. It could blow up a whole planet." She said softly. "Contact with the Stone could turn one into a horrible being.. it could suck out your soul and make you a homunculus."
Zevin arrived at Arquoya, he picked up Psiren and headed off to central, he found the Elrics and picked them up as well. Then, he left for Tristan's apartment.

"Erika Parker, Tristan, you are to be headed to the Eastern Front now!"
"Who are you"
"This is Brigader General Zevin Zhang!"

"Brigader General....? What's he up to?"
OOC: mach9? are you playing Pures' characters?! D:

"Again that brings up the question..... 'Who the hell would want it then!?!?! D:' Hmmm, now that i think about it, maybe a psycomaniack with a god-complex would, but thats just weak D:. Besides, Jherem tought me to stay away from breaking the rules."she mutters 'hypocrite D:'" ._. plus i'll get a 3 day lecture from major Armstromg O_O" she shuddered.

"._. did you just call me a hypocrite? T_T" He quickly switches from sad to serious. "But really, why do you keep those philosophers stones? You being in association with the gate, you do know the status of those things right?"
ooc| Yes, just now... I have no idea what would happen if i barged in to your house and say that you were going to war. you wouldn't just remain silent would you???
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Erika jumped. "W-w-well.." She started, turning to face Lanara. "Destiny gave them to me.. she's able to make them from the souls of those who perform human transmutation. People who lose their whole bodies in the Gate make philosopher's stones.. unless she sees that in the future, they are destined to leave the Gate.. then she doesn't touch them." Erika whispered to Lanara and Jherem.

Tristan stood, a few cm. taller than Zevin. "Oh yeah? You can't even say my last name, and you expect me to go with you? I don't think so. Go call the Fuhrer, he'll tell you I was just deported here, therefore I can't be moved again until I've been here for at least a month. About Erika, she's my secretary and was deported with me." He lied, taking her hand and giving it a light squeeze.

Erika heard Tristan's voice in her head. "When I went into the Gate.. I was able to speak with Destiny for a while. She taught me how to talk to others who had seen the Gate through minds. Anyway.. don't worry. I won't let anything happen to you.. Eri." He said to her. Erika blushed at being called her nickname and squeezed back. "She taught me, as well.. thank you for taking care of me.." Erika replied without speaking a word.
Lost Alchemist
Neko jumps on the man that walked in the door. "rude." She sits on top of him grining. Neko stares at the stones in Erika's ear. "Eri-ten, those can turn me back right? Or are they too small? And you" Neko pokes the man under her. "It's rude to come in a person's house without asking." Neko states rather proud of her self. Eri-ten see me! I'm doing everything! Let me keep you ok! You are the other side of me, so to speak.
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