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Full Version: Ed Song (tobira No Mukou E)!
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edo little kid
hi guys

this is

I loooooooooooooooooooove my Edo songs

EDO-KUUUUUUUUUN! XD I just knew something like this would pop up some day!
edo little kid

and ed-kun is great boy!!


a just love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Edo-kun's fangirls are gonna scare him if they hear this....
XD*attawcks ed* uwwahh I wanna find this song so bad XD
thank you so much for sharing!
anyone notice that the producers have a fondness of jazz music?(see roy song files)
Sorry if I'm posting in an "old" topic now, but seeing as it was on the first page, I figured it couldn't hurt.
Anyway, I found a place to download this song!

That's the whole song of 4 mins 52 secs, sung by Paku Romi happy.gif
Aww, I have a really cute mental image of Ed dancing as he sings 'Tobira no Mukou E'. Thanks for the link to the song! Paku Romi has a very good voice!
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