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Full Version: Bionic Woman
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I've watched the new Bionic Woman (based on the 70's show) every Wednesday night and also replay on Bravo and USA, and I'm so praised for Michelle Ryan as Jamie Sommers (distant cousin to Ed Elric...he-he-he I'm just guessing)...the show is darker than every before and thanks to the producer (the team who responsible from the new Battlestar Galactica on Sci-Fi) brings the heights on it!

So what d'ya think of this hyperkinetic show? So which is better: the 70's version or the '07 version?
I think I despised Michelle in Eastenders and Lord knows how she got a part like the Bionic Woman, and apart from that its not on over here yet (mainstream anyway).
This is based off of an older show? I haven't seen the older one, but the current one is terrible. I watched the first episode, barely... it was so stupid and corny.
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