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Full Version: Other Not-so-well-known Voice Acting Roles Done by Japanese FMA VAs
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As we all know, our favourite seiyuu (voice actors) voice anime characters, but that's not always the case. . . .

Has anyone heard any seiyuu do any ..... unusual roles for voice acting??

I can't say I haven't. I was thouroughly dazed when I heard that Toru Okawa, Roy Mustang's japanese voice, did the japanese dub of Tinky Winky from the Teletubbies. . . . And I'm still shocked now!
ookawa toru already shocked me when i saw his picture (no offence) oh and now he is doing roles in BL drama CDs. i heard his voice as a seme and i was like blushing and puffing hot (bad mental images) but i was still too attached by roy and instead of the character he's playing i imagine roy and *COUGHFAINTSPUKE*

Amethyst Sunset
I have heard that Romi Paku, Ed's seiyuu, also does dub roles such as Oblina in Aaaah! Real Monsters and Gerald in the Hey Arnold! movie.

Get this: Toru Ohkawa is also the Japanese dub voice of Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch, and Count von Count from Sesame Street.

Keiji Fujiwara is Willy Wonka's Japanese dub voice...yes, from the 2005 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. He also did the title character of Paddington Bear.

Personally, 'tis really awesome that the great seiyuu of FMA are expanding their horizons and really working on a lot of things. It shows just how versatile they and their voices are. happy.gif I for one could not believe the above info I dug up from Wikipedia.
Ohkawa was also Iago in the Kingdom hearts games. XD And that coach guy in the Japanese dub of Home Movies.

When you think about it tho it's not that strange that they're in the Japanese dubs of American shows: after all American voice actors are in both american cartoons and anime. Is it that weird that the voice actress of Timmy Turner from Fairly Odd Parents is Rikku in Final Fantasy X and X-2? ...okay, it is a little, maybe Lisa Ortiz is a better example.
Rie Kugimiya; Alphonse's voice actor has done the voices of Billy from Thomas and Friends.
And even more unusual, Mr Noisy-Mr Men. biggrin.gifD

I want to watch them now. xDD
Misty- Nala
Some of the weirdest ones I've found are:

Romi Paku: Lucy Liu in Charlie's Angels
Rie Kugimiya: Ann Darrow in King Kong
Toru Okawa: Optimus Prime in Transformers Armada
Keiji Fujiwara: These are teh best happy.gif Niles Crane in Frasier, Sawyer in Lost, Shaggy in Scooby-Doo,
Shin Aomori (Basque Grand): Doctor Drakken in Kim Possible huh.gif
Kenji Utsumi( Armstrong): Hexxus in Ferngully, Gimli in Lord Of the Rings ohmy.gif , Wolf in Shrek, he's also in Budgy, the Little Helicopter
And the seiyuu of Kain Fuery plays Gluttony in Brotherhood. Quite a chnage of character, huh?
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