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Full Version: Ed,al,winry,klara,homenculs,come In Please It Is Realy Good!
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edo little kid
look this is my pic laugh.gif

I can't speak english good! sad.gif

because I'm from saudi!!! smile.gif


but I love FMA so so so so sooooooooooooooo much!!! wub.gif

and this my pic for FMA

All FMA on sea


All winry blush.gif

Edooooo wub.gif



Envy pride chibi wub.gif

where pic are the best one??

please teal me!!!

and sorry again I can't wriet english good sad.gif sad.gif
I think you do pretty well with speaking in English. THe drawings are all nice, but I think my favorite is the one with Ed, Al, Winry, and the others singing. Ed would probably dominate all with his singing, after all his english voice actor is an awsome singer. I like the Envy with Chibi Pride as well, even if I can't picture Pride as being chibi wink.gif. Great job with them all XD!!!! I look forward to more of your art.
I think they're all pretty nice- I really like your coloring =O

*can't color to save my life*

shrink your sig before the mods do btw- it's way too big
Wow, I really like all your pictures, especially the one with Ed, Al, and Winry singing!
edo little kid
ooooh thanks realy I love you guys wub.gif

soooooo much wub.gif

and this another pic

Roy and Ed

Ed x winry

Envy x Pride


ok love you All laugh.gif

and love FMA
the best one out of all of them is the chibi one (the last pic in your first post) and that's because anatomy doesn't count in chibis. lawl.

your coloring is great. but your anatomy needs work. you don't have problems with the face though. but your arms and legs seem to stiff. try smoothening the lining, that helps a lot.

and btw, resize your pics. i dislike scrolling.
I can't see any of your pics, boo
edo little kid
my New new new pic

edo little kid
thanks all people

this is another pics

New + Old

1-winry , den , and pinako

2-Ed and Armony

3-winry china


5-All FMA pretty

6-Ed and his mother 1

7- Ed and his mother 2

8- winry,enjy,ed,armony,selina,and markiz

9- cuit chibi!!!

10-Elishia youing!!!

11- enjy x edo

12- maria x edo

13-My story's drawing for Fma

All my story


I love FMA and Love Drawing pics for it

look my pics and don't forget

to tell my where are the best one

I love hear you viewpoints,, OK

Do you want more pics,,,?

Just tell me * * * * * *

Love you All and take care
oh joy, mary sues..

lawl don't double-post, kid. i understand your english is broken but at least read the rules and get a dictionary to understand them.

your pics are not bad though. not bad.
edo little kid

new pics

It is prtty?

please I love hear you viewpoints

love you all
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