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10/2/07 - Just wanted to let everyone know who is reading this fic that I'm still working on chapter 3 and I hope to have it done sometime this week. I've been quite busy the last few days. So sorry, and I hope someone is enjoying this story :-) More to come soon!!

This is my very first fanfic ever so needless to say I'm alittle nervous about the comments that I will be getting on it lol, plus I haven't written anything in about 6yrs. This story is based as basically a squeal to the end of the movie. I really loved the anime and am starting to read the manga but I didn't really completely like the ending of the movie so I decided to write a squeal to it. I'm sure this someone might of came up with this story line already so please forgive me, I'm not trying to be a copy cat :-) This is EdxWin based as well. The first chapter might not be all that exciting but it will lead up to something good in my opinion and I hope in yours too. Here is the first chapter of it and I'm almost done with the 2nd one so if it seems worth it I'll be posting that on here too sometime this week. If you don't like the story that much please don't be too harsh like I said I'm a bit nervous posting it :-( lol. OK enough rambling here is the first chapter of "HOME" and I hope you enjoy it.

*Author's note - I'm pretty sure I spelled a few things wrong in here cause I couldn't quite remember the spelling of certain places. Please forgive me on that*

*A plane flies over head and takes off in the sky, leaving a trail of smoke behind*

"What was that?!"........
"I think it was Ed,... I guess this means goodbye....... for good"

Ametris 1919

"For something to be created, something else of equal value must be sacrificed....... Ugh! I'm never going to understand this stuff! Hmm"

"Ugh Winry?......Earrrrth to Wiinnrrry????"

"Hmm?....OH!!!" Startled by another voice in the room Winry fell practically out of her seat. Truth be told Winry just wasn't herself lately. After Ed and Al had left to the other world she did take it pretty hard. Never seeing her friend's again? Ever? People she grew up with that she considered to be family? A part of her? No it just didn't seem possible.

"Oh Sheska! Gees you scared me!" laughing alittle bit while she was straighting herself in her chair and closing the book she had her nose stuck into. She has been trying for weeks to figure this dumb book out, what it all meant. She never did understand the laws of Alchemy. Not even when the boys tried explaning it to her half a dozen times.

"Umm Sorry Winry, I didn't mean to. Today is the day you wanted me to come visit right?
For the weekend I mean?" Sheska stood kinda awkward in front of her friend's work bench, she has been a little concerned about Winry lately and she wasn't the only one, Pinako even saw a change in her, she just wanted to work all the time on her auto mail. That was nothing new, Winry loved her auto mail, but she was starting to become more obsessed with it than usual. Constantly working all hours of the day on extra limbs that she really didn't need to make.

Winry finished straightening out her work and put the book away and smiled. "Of course, I'm sorry, I've been working so hard lately on this project that I completely lost track of time. Oh shoot! I'm sorry I was suppose to you pick up at the station! Oh I'm such a horrible friend! Her face starting to flush.

"No no no!! It's okay really!! I figured you might be working hard at something so I didn't mind. I found it alright" She said with a smile. "So... how is everything been here?" She was hesitant in asking the question. Things were abit crazy lately for just about everyone.

"Well nothing new really, grams still seems to have her senses" she laughed. "To tell you the truth I think she is more worried about me then she is about herself. She hasn't had any more dizzy spells but I do really wish she would get that looked at." Sheska nodded in agreement.

"Oh I almost forgot to tell you! Lt. Hawkeye and the Colonel are back from their trip. I guess they had a wonderful time there. That is till The Colonel had abit of a jealous fit when some bartender tried to ask for the Lt.'s number." The girls broke out in a fit of laughter. That would be a typical Roy Mustang move Winry thought as she remembered the Lt.'s and the Colonel's wedding day, no one was really surprised that the two had feelings for each other, but no one expected them to finally come to their senses and tell one another let alone get hitched!!

"Remember when Riza told us how he proposed? Winry asked in between giggle fits, " Man he was so pathetic at it!

"Lt. Hawkeye! Glad to see you could make it to work today. Have a seat please."
"Colonel with all due respect. I did have the day off today and I tried getting here as fast as I could, but when you called me I was nearly 40 minutes out of town"

"I know I was just trying to make a joke Lt. simmer down"
Feeling alittle embarrassed by her outburst Hawkeye sat down as she was told ."Yes Sir. So what seems to be the emergency?"

"Well it seems we might have a problem here at HQ's, and if it doesn't get fixed there could be some serious issues"

"A problem sir? Do we have another spy on our hands? Is this going to lead to another war?"

Mustang put his hands up in reply to stop her from continuing "No no Lt. nothing like that, one of our men are well having relationship issues and I...."

Relationship problems? he seriously didn't drag her into work for someone's personal affairs that had nothing to do with them and was certainly none of their concern "No offense sir, but I do believe that this is none of our business. And if this is another issue with Havoc? Please forgive me for saying but, I do think your the cause of that problem."

Shocked at first by her slip up, "How could I have said that" she thought. Well it was true and he knew it. Mustang sitting in front of her at his desk looked alittle taken back by her statement but then eased back in his chair with a small smile creeping upon his face.

"Oh really?.... and why would you say that Lt.?"

Oh great! She did indeed for some reason have the privliedge of being able to get away with things alittle easier with the Colonel more so then the other men, but now she was starting to feel that she might of went alittle too far this time.

"....Ummm.....well do have a tendency of stealing Havoc's love interests and.. well I do think that it .. well in my opinion sir, it isn't fair to him, nor do i want to be part of this issue. And furthermore, to be honest with you? I'm alittle annoyed that you dragged me in on my day off for this"

She stood there for some time before he spoke again, she had a strong feeling by this point that today wasn't going to be her only day off and in fact that she might be "on vacation" for awhile. Then suddenly Mustang broke out in a fit of laughter as Hawkeye looked on at him abit confused.

" My, you are certainly beautiful when your angry at me" Still laughing Hawkeye looked at him wide eyed. "What did he just say? Did he just make a pass at me?" She straightened up almost annoyed with herself. "Dammit don't get all gushy over the Colonel you should know he has a way with the women" she thought to herself. Mustang then realized that she wasn't laughing back.

"If you would excuse me sir and I don't mean to be out of line, but like I previously said before I do feel it would be in the best interest of everyone if neither YOU nor I get into Havoc's affairs and I....

Mustang stopped her again before she could continue. "Well It's now or never" he thought to himself. "I have to tell her before she thinks I'm a total creep." "The situation at hand Lt. has nothing to do with Havco, but rather with us"

Now Riza was speechless, "US" she thought. "Wait a minute there is no "US" what in the world was he getting at?"

Seeing her puzzled face he again chuckled to himself alittle. "What I'm trying to say here is, don't you think it's about time we were truthful to each other?"

She began to feel abit nervous. Not knowing what exactly he meant by his last remark, she couldn't help the shaking that began to creep up into her legs. "God I hope he doesn't see how uncomfortable he is making me. "Truthfully sir? Well I thought we have always been truthful to each. Is there something your trying to tell me?

Mustang could tell in her eyes that she was starting to get what he meant but knew he needed to get this out now or it will never happen. "What I'm trying to say here Lt. is.....will you do me the honor, of being my wife?"

"Oh man! I can't believe that guy."

Winry remembered that story so vividly as if it was yesterday. The guy didn't even tell Riza once that he loved her or heck didn't even try to make a move on her. Then he goes and springs a question like that out of no where. She couldn't believe how Mustang could be that pig headed at times.

Sheska now unpacking her suit case in the spare room was practically in tears with the story. "Yeah but it did work though didn't it? And believe me I was rather surprised that Riza found that to be romantic. I tell you if I ever get married, I would like it to be alittle more romantic and have the guy actually say I love you first!"

Winry nodded in agreement. It felt so good to laugh that hard for a change. She hadn't had a good laugh in about a year now. She was so glad to have a friend like Sheska. She did help her get her mind off things.

"Hello dear, hello Sheska glad to see you were able to make it out for a visit" Penako stood in the door way admiring the laugh on her grand daughter's face.

"Oh hello Ms. Rockbell" Sheska greeted the small ederly women. She doesn't look sick to me she thought to herself. Maybe it wasn't anything serious after all.

"You may call me aunty Panko dear, you know that." Panko said smiling she was so glad that Winry had made friend's with the girl. Winry being much of a tomboy she never really had any girlfriend's.

Sheska feeling abit embarrassed nodded acceptingly "Of course ma'am, sorry it's a habit."

Penako smiled warmly at the girl. "Well just wanted to let you girls know I'm back from town, and that I had made a apple pie earlier that should be cooled down enough to eat, if you two are hungry." Both of their faces lit right up. Gram's pie's where the best and even though Winry was taking up the fine art in baking herself. No other pie maker could beat Penako's.

"Thanks gram we'll be right down"

"Well everything is all unpacked. So how about that pie?"

"Sounds good to me!" Winry said with a small giggle "Let me lead the way"

"Great cause I'm starving!...... So your still going to try to go through with it aren't you? The project I mean"

Winry stopped for a second in her tracks. Not making much of a attempt to look at her friend.
"Yeah I am. I know you don't understand Sheska but it's important to me. I have to find out if there is a way to get them back."

Sheska nodded in reluctant agreement. She felt for her friend she really did. But everyone knew how dangerous this was. What happend the last time the gates where open and better yet it might not work out the same way. Sighing alittle before speaking up, "I know I don't know how your feeling Winry, heck I've never really had any friends until you. I've always surrounded myself in books......but I don't think it's a good idea, I might loose you. And call me selfish but hey we all are in some sort of way. Otherwise you wouldn't be thinking about doing this either"

Winry knew what her friend was saying was true. But she didn't really want to argue about this anymore. She was stubborn and she had her mind made up. "Did you bring those books I asked you about"

"Yeah, I just hope the military doesn't find out what we're up to"

"Winry dear! You have a phone call"

"Ok Gram on my way down", Winry turned and smiled at her friend, "Don't worry Sheska everything is fine, as a matter of fact that is why I'm going to talk Colonel Mustang into helping me"

"You what??! Oh no, oh no! he is going to kill me!! I knew I shouldn't of brought the books here!" The poor girl's face was stricken with fright, what will become of her job?! There is no way he would help with this!!

Winry ignored her friend's outburst once more as they made their way downstairs to the kitchen. As she picked up the reciever she could feel her heart pounding violentely through her chest .

"Hello Colonel. Thank you for calling me back"

"You know it's a pleasure of mine. Sorry I didn't call back sooner, we just got back"

Winry laughed to herself, if he only knew. "Oh it's quiet alright really"

"So.....what was it that you wanted?"

Standing there clutching the phone for a few seconds she finally broke the news to him.
"I want to learn Alchemy Colonel. I want to bring Ed and Al back home. Where they belong, and I want your help"

Chapter 2

He couldn't of heard her right he thought to himself. Was she crazy? Does she know what she is even asking? He took a deep breath before he spoke again.
"Winry I don't think you realize what you are asking me here. I don't think you should even be thinking about doing this. Alchemy is a very dangerous tool and if it falls into the wrong hands..... look what I'm trying to say is. There is alot of risks involved and I don't think your thinking clearly. I know you miss the boys very much but you know what they went through when they tried bringing their mom back.

She sat there in sort of a daze as if she was falling into some kind of trance. No she wasn't hearing him right, he was saying no wasn't he? He isn't going to help me. Why? Why not??!! He has to miss them too! Right? He has to know how important they are to her. SO WHY WON'T HE HELP?
"No you can't be doing this to me! Don't you understand? They belong here! They belong at home with Grandma and me in Rezenbol. And if those soldiers from the other world hadn't invaded they would still be here! Roy you have to help me please!"

It took everything he could muster to hang up the phone. He did the right thing right? He had to tell her no. There was no logical way of going through with something like that. Surely she would have to see that. The risks involved. It might even cost her own life trying to bring them back here. And then what? Does she think the boys would want to live here happily knowing that it cost their best friend's life? And what if they hadn't of made it through to the other side of the gate? No, he knew they were still alive he could feel it. But then again when you care about someone that much does the risks even matter? If it gets them home to you no matter what? He felt a deep feeling of guilt swept over him. She has lost two people she cared most about in this world again.

Riza was standing behind him this whole time. She had heard everything. She knew that it hurt him badly rejecting Winry like that. But she knew too that is was for her own good. But at the sametime could not help but to feel just as guilty.

"You didn't cause this you know." her voice had scared him. How long had she been standing there? he thought. He continued to stare out the window not saying a word, she continued.
"I know you think this is your fault that the boys are gone. That somehow you hurt her again. But there was nothing you could do, and there is nothing you can do now. Like you said Alchemy is a dangerous tool, and we are greedy with it. Us humans thrive on it. Trying to use it for whatever needs that we think will satisfy us. You did the right thing. She'll forgive you in time"

He turned around, his hands clenched in fists. Trying to hold back every emotion possible. "Did I? ....... Did I really do the right thing? I should of been there for them long before any of this had happend! I should of been there....." he stopped. Riza ran over and embraced him.

"It's ok, I know.... I know you miss them too, and you miss Hughes. I know how hard it was for you to get close to people and you loved those boys just as much as you loved Hughes. You did what you thought was best at the time. We are only humans Roy, not gods, just humans."

Winry set the phone down and stood there quietly for a moment. Sheska and Panko knew what the outcome was, truth be told they had a feeling from the beginning.
"Winry?.......Hey it's going to be alright really. Look I'm pretty smart and I've had to read through all those books like a zillion times. I think if we worked together we can manage to figure it out. What do you say? Who needs the Colonel anyways."

Winry turned around and gave a small smile. "Thanks Sheska, but I think Roy is right, maybe I should just take a break from it for awhile. Umm if you'll excuse me I'm going to go up and change out of these clothes"

Sheska looked on hopelessly as Winry sped up the stairs into her room slamming the door behind her.

Munich 1923

Hey Al!! Look I got one! WOW is this sucker is big! I think this is the biggest one yet! Oh man I can't wait to get this guy home tonight. We'll be eating good! Al raced over to see what his brother had gotten. Ed wasn't exactly the greatest fisherman he just never had the patients for it like Al had.
"WOW Brother that is a good size! Almost as big as mine, look!" Ed looked over and saw that Al had apparently got himself two good sized fish in which his heart sank. Damn it! Al always has the best luck.
"Gee Al that's great uuuugh" Ed's had slumped in deafeat. They finished out their fishing trip til dusk and decided to get home.

" Yep we will sure have us a good dinner tonight. I do wish I got at least one trout though. Those are Noah's favorite"
Ed gave a wide smile at his brother, he was happy for Al although he never thought that he would have such great luck with girls. But then again Al was the more sensitive one and girls liked that.
"You better give Noah the bigger fish though Al after all she is feeding for two now." Al's eyes lit up. That's a great idea brother your right that is only fair, we don't need it as much as she will. Say do you think we can stop into town and take a look at the vegetables at the market stands? I want to get something nice to go with the fish tonight"

Ed smiled to himself, he knew why Al wanted to go so badly. "Sure Al I know you want to make a good dinner for Noah"
Al's face turned bright red, he didn't know why, but somehow Ed always got to him the right way.

"Hey Mr.Hughes!" The boys said in unison, "Hughes had to laugh at them, those boys were always together, you could never sepearate them for too long.
"My my my what do we have here, oh it's the Elric brothers hello boys. What brings you in town, ahh! I see you have been fishing?"

"Sure have, Al here wants to make a special dinner for his girlfriend. And speaking of girlfriend have you confessed your love to Gracia yet? You know I think if I ask Noah she could put a good word in for ya?" Ed knew how to get right under Hughes skin and had no problem doing it.

"Very funny Edward, how many times do I have to tell you to respect your elders didn't your parents teach you anything?" The boys laughed as they ran off.

"Sorry sir I'll make sure he straightens up!" Al said trying to catch up with Ed.

"Man I love to bust on Hughes he is so easy to pick on. Ed still smiling from ear to ear while he was looking over the vegetables. Hey Al! what kind where you planning on getting?"
"Well I was going to ask you what you think we should get since you are so picky"
"Me? Nah I love all kinds of food. He said proudly"
"Yeah the kind that rots your teeth out" Al said to himself as he was looking through the baskets. "Hmm hey brother what about this? some squash?....... Brother??

Ed wasn't listening to a word Al had said, something else had caught his eye. "No, it can't can't be!! Wait! Stop!!
he started running as fast as he could. That girl, it can't be her! How? How could it be? But it..... it must be. Hey!! Please stop!
A girl turned around and her long blonde pony tail swayed behind her. Her big brown eyes staring at him in confusion. Ed just stood there for a second. What a fool he thought of course it wasn't her.
"Sorry, I thought you were someone else. My mistake." He should realize by now that in this world there is familar faces every where.
The girl politely smiled and continued on her way as Al was coming up behind Ed breathlessly.

"Brother...what was that about? Why did you take off like that?" Ed turned around to see Al with two bags in his hands panting like crazy.
" I'm sorry Al. Just thought I saw someone that I knew, here let me help you with those."

When Winry finally came down the stairs Sheska could tell that Roy's rejection was hitting her pretty hard. "What am I going to do?" She thought to herself, she always felt awkward with things like this. "Hey, why don't you show me what you were working so hard on when I got here? It might help you take your mind off of things" She offered incouraginly to her surprise Winry's face seemed to brighten up alittle at that thought and dragged her out to the shed.

"I'm almost done with it. It's probably the best made one yet. I used really good metal for it so he won't......" She trailed off. Sheska knew why Winry had made the arm. It was for Edward as she looked around she saw at least 30 more arms lying in a pile, apparently they were ones she had worked on for him but decided they weren't good enough. She didn't say a word but let her friend continue on.

"I know you think I'm crazy. Making these special arms and legs for him. But I know him and I'm sure he has long broken the other ones by now or perhaps even out grown them again. So when he does get back here I want to make sure he has the best." Winry let out a small smile after she spoke as she polished the arm. Sheska stood there for a moment before getting the courage to speak again.

"You love him don't you?" She asked yet she knew all along what the answer would be. Winry stood there for a moment still polishing the steel arm almost as if she didn't hear Sheska just then before answering her.

"Well of course silly! Him and Alfonse they are like brothers to me. Heck besides Grandma they are the only family I have left. That's why it's so important to me to get them back. Although ROY doesn't seem to understand that. I bet if it was Riza he'd do anything in his power for her to return or even Mr.Hughes if he was still alive."

"That isn't what I meant Winry, I mean your in love with him.......aren't you?"
This time Winry did act like she heard her friend but didn't answer right away instead just sat there kinda frozen. Then Sheska could see small tears form in her eyes. She ran over and gave her a hug. "Hey, it's ok! I'm sooo sorry. I didn't meant to upset you. I just thought it would be best to come to terms with it all"
Winry laid in her friend's arms and continued to cry. She had always loved him she knew it for as long as she can remember, but it never dawned on her to come to terms with it. To confess it to him. She always thought that she had plenty of time for that. Now it was to late.
Chapter 3

After dinner was well over and everyone seemed to have gone to bed. Ed had found himself in front of the fire place in the living room of the apartment that him, Al, and Noah shared. He seemed to be in a trance almost as he dazed off into the fire.

"Hey, couldn't sleep again?" Ed turned around to see Noah in the door way. He looked down at her tummy, she has to be due for the baby soon he thought. She was getting so big.
"So when are we going to meet the newest Elric?" he said with a smile avoiding her question. Noah just gave out alittle sigh. She was used to this with him by now. For the last few months he hadn't gotten much sleep at all he just would stay awake for hours staring off into the fire.
"Two more months. Can you believe it? I just want this baby to come now. You have no idea how much my back hurts." Ed just laughed at her as he thought of when Elicia was born. He had no idea what he was doing but somehow everything managed to work out alright. The two sat in the quiet dark living room for some time before either spoke.

"Thinking about her again aren't you? That's why you couldn't sleep" Ed looked over at her as if he didn't know what she was talking about.
"Who? I don't know what you are talking about." But he knew damn well he couldn't get away with it.

She gave out a laugh "Don't toy with me Ed! You know who. Did you forget I can sense everything wether you want me to or not?" They both laughed alittle. Ed knew that he couldn't keep anything from her even if he wanted to. It was a bad trait of her's he thought.

"Yeah, I just regret not being able to of given her a proper goodbye. I just ran off again like I had always done."

"I'm sure she understood. She wouldn't hold it against you. I'm just sorry you never got to tell her how you felt"

More then anything he never wanted to admit his feelings for Winry, he always thought of her as a sister. Nothing more, and it wasn't until it was to late that he realized that he had actually fallen in love with her. How couldn't he? She took such good care of him. Saved his life, was always there when he needed help. But back then he never gave it a 2nd thought. How childish I was he thought.

"I just wish she would care more about my human parts then my mechanical ones."

"She does brother"

Noah sat across from Ed rubbing her stomach and humming quietly to herself before speaking again.
"Why haven't you even told Al about how you felt about Winry Ed? I'm sure he always knew but why didn't you?"

"I don't know" he said still looking at the fire. "I guess I figured that my feelings would go away eventually, I mean I'm never going to see her again anyways so what would be the point? Just to upset him? He had felt guilty for the longest time thinking he caused me to wind up in this world in the first place."


Neither one spoke the rest of the night but deep down Noah felt alittle guilty herself, if she hadn't listened to that crazy Dr. in the first place Ed might of been able to make it back home and could of stayed there for good.

"Central HQ, Mustang speaking"
"Hello Colonel it's Panko Rockbell"

"oh lovely" Roy thought to himself "This crazy old women, she has probably called to ring me out and if she had it her way would probably throw a wrench at my head from Rezenbol. Which amazes me that Winry hasn't yet"
"Oh hello Ms.Rockbell, how nice to hear from you again. I'm sure I already know your reason for calling...."

"I'm sure you do" Panko broke in before he could finish his sentence. He could tell already that this wasn't going to be a pleasant conversation.

"Look, I know my grandaughter has called you with some crazy idea of her's and I must say I agree with you fully on how much of a foolish idea this is."

Oh phew he thought, this might not be to bad after all. "Oh that is great to hear, I didn't mean to be unkind to her. I was only looking out for her best interest"

"Well I'm glad to hear it" Panko once again cutting him off "But now I have to unfortunately ask you to reconsider and take Winry under your wing."

She has to be kidding, she is just as crazy as her grandaughter. "Well Ms.Rockbell like I told Winry.."

"Please call me Panko, Ms.Rockbell sounds to formal and besides you make me feel like a old lady. Now Please hear me out Colonel before you give me a lecture on Alchemy. I know very well the dangers of it. Have you forgotten already that I was here the night the boys tried to revive their mother? What Winry and I had to go through to get Ed well again? Let me continue. I promise you I wouldn't allow Winry to even think of such a crazy idea if I had a choice in the matter."

"But Ms. Roc... errhmm Panko you do have a say, your all she has got left"

Panko let out a small sigh before continuing "That is just the thing colonel, I don't have much time left and well yes Winry is nearly 20 yrs old now and can take care of herself but I don't want her to be without any family left here for her"

Roy let out a small laugh "Panko please, you have many years ahead of you! Your a tough old cookie, or ummm well your a tough women I mean and you aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Who do you think your kidding here"
Silence fell on the other end of the phone, suddenly he realized she wasn't making a joke.

"Mr.Mustang, please keep this between just the two of us. If you wish you can discuss this with your wife but I wish to keep this conversation to a minimum. I haven't told anyone yet of my condiontion and certainly not Winry. But I'm dieing, I don't have much time left."

Roy began to have a huge knot in his stomach. How can this be? This poor girl has gone through so much and now this?
"Please continue" he finally managed to say.

"I have been having some dizzy spells the last few months, Winry was getting worried about me so I finally went to see the doctor to ease her mind. They seem to think I have a tumor on my brain and it's fastly growing. There is no cure for it and it's only a matter of time now.."

"How much" he began, "how much time do you have?"

"Just a few more months left. I can't bare to leave Winry behind, and as you know those boys are her only family left and as for Edward well any fool can see that he is her one true love. And she will never give up on that even after I am long gone. I can't leave this world peacefully until I know she is going to be alright. Can you do this for me? Can you do this one thing for her?"

Roy didn't hesitate at all when answering the women "I'll leave Central in the morning, is it ok if I bring my wife?"

"Ugh Sheska I really don't feel like going into town today. Can't we just turn around and go home? There is always tomorrow"
Sheska wasn't paying any attetnion to what Winry was saying as she dragged her down the road.
"I haven't seen the town in ages I thought it would be nice to get you out for a change. I was hoping maybe you'd like to go back to Central with me for alittle while. We can stop in Leior on the way and vist with Rose? She'd like that you know."

"That's the last thing I want to do right now! No offense but I certainly don't want to see Roy Mustang anytime soon."

Sheska let out a deep sugh "But I'm sure Riza would love to see you. And I know your mad at the Colonel but he was only looking out for you Winry. You know that Alchemy isn't practiced freely anymore since what happend. You'd only get hurt in the end..."

"Hey Winry!! Wow I didn't expect to see your pretty face here today" The girls turned around puzzled to see a tall dark haired boy in front of them.

Winry let out a small giggle and smile before greeting the gentlemen. "Hello Aiden good to see you again, this is my friend Sheska. She is visiting from Central. She is part of the military.

"Military you say? Hmm she doesn't look like one of those dogs" The young man said with a wide grin. "I'm Aiden pleased to meet you"

"like wise"- Sheska said with a small smile. He was certaintaly a good looking guy she thought to herself.

"I was just bringing Sheska into town to have a walk and to get out and get some fresh air."

"Oh well you won't mind if I join you then" Aiden said without waiting for a response. Aiden had moved to Renzbol about 6 months ago and fell for Winry instantly but unfortunately had no luck in winning the girl over. He tried like hell but there was something in the way and he didn't know quite what is was. Winry never attempted to open up to him no matter how hard he tried. She always kept things to her self. Never got to personal with him.

"Ummm no it's ok you can join us if you wish" she said hesitantly.

Of course Sheska had to check out the book store they had and Winry agreed to meet back in a half hour. Aiden thought it would be a good idea to tag along with Sheska. If this is a good friend of Winry's then he could surely find out some info on Winry from her.
Sheska was alittle uncomfortable when the boy asked to tag along with her but she went along with it.

"Oh my!! I have been searching everywhere in Central for this book! Oh I have to get it. As her eyes gleamed with excitement Aiden couldn't help but laugh at the girl She must not get out to often he thought to himself. He could see why her and Winry got along great.

"So Sheska, how long have you and Winry known each other" Still gleaming at the book and not taking a eye off of it Sheska answered happily. "Oh we've been friend's for gosh about 4 or 5 yrs now. I met her when her friend Edward and Alphonse were in the military with me. She used to come and visit them often"

"Wow I can't see Winry to be the travler. She is such a homebody it seems"

Looking around at the other selections she carried out continuingly not even realising what she was saying. "Well Winry wasn't always like the way she is now. Edward and Al were like brothers to her. She sure does miss them. It's hard knowing you'll never see part of your family again."

Aiden was totally confused. Winry never mentioned these boys to him and sure she always seemed to be day dreaming but for the most part seemed to be generally happy. Perhaps they had died? She did say she'd never see them again. That must be what she means oh poor Winry if there was only something he could do for her.

"I'm sorry to hear that. If you don't mind me asking.......what happend?

"Hmmm?" Looking at him puzzled he continued to ask his question

"Their death? How did they die?"
"Oh!! No No! She began to chuckle alittle, "they didn't die, You never heard of the Elric Brothers? The Fullmetal Alchemist?"

Aiden looked at her stunned. The Elric brothers! Of course who hadn't heard of them. They were known all over the land. He had no idea that Winry had been such good friend's with them.

"Well Winry and the boys grew up together. And Winry fell in love with Edward but unfornately it was to late. They are in a parallel world they call it. Edward got stuck there trying to save Al and then Al tried to bring him back home and that is when that war occured. To save us Ed had to go back and Al followed him. And we haven't heard anything since. So now Winry has the crazy idea of learning alchemy to bring the boys back somehow"

"What??! That is crazy! Besides Alchemy is forbidden now" Aiden looked down, dissapointed in knowing the truth now. The women he fell in love with may never be able to return his feelings no matter what.

Sheska could sense she must of hit a nerve. "Oh I'm sorry, I didn't mean to.... I thought she would of told you about it."
Aiden looked on down the road as the two walked to meet Winry "No, she hasn't. I guess perhaps she wanted to spare my feelings. I always knew there was something she was keeping inside but I never knew it was something that tragic. She told me about her parents, and now all that is left is her grandmother and of course her friends' he said with a small smile.

She gave a small smile back and didn't say anymore as they walked the rest of the way.

UPDATE 10/11/07 - Just wanted to let everyone who is reading this story know that I'm in the middle of writing chapter 4 and hope to be done with it in a few days. I hope your enjoying it so far, it's going to be leading up to someting very soon.
Here is chapter 4 sorry it took so long, I wanted to continue on with this chapter but didn't want to make it too long so I'll add more in chapter 5.

Chapter 4

Roy was pretty quiet most of the way to Risembool, in a way he still couldn't believe what he was actually going to do. But deep down he could feel that this was something that had needed to be done and was long over due. But Winry didn't really know to much about Alchemy and what the cost will be in order to even reach them, if it was even still possible. Will she still want to continue on, or will she finally expect what fate has brought to her.

"Go Alphones, you belong with your brother. I'll stand guard and will close this side of the gate for you. But promise me you boys will be ok"
"Thank you sir, thank you so much and I promise you everything will be ok for now on, it's all finally over. Say good bye to Winry and the others for us........."

"Your awfully quiet, do you think it was a bad idea to come after all?" Riza sat there looking more down at her hands then at him, she was afraid for everyone involved in this as to what the outcome might be. If it backfires and Winry doesn't make it to the other side of the gate then what? She couldn't bare to think of losing another friend.

".....hhuuhhh I don't know what to think anymore, I really don't. These past few years have brought more tragic to our lives to last a life time. I just want all this to end, to have a good turn out for once. But all it's been is one sacfrice after the next. And when you think about it, no matter what happends with all of this, it will just be another sacrifce in order to make someone happy. I know life is all about sacrifice but can't we get a break once in awhile. The boys were some of the strongest people I ever knew."

Now entering Risembool, please remain seated til we are fully stopped. Thank you.

Roy looked at Riza a small smile started to form on his face before speaking. " I know your worried about me, everything is going to be fine. I would be lying to you if I said I want to go through with this. Truth have it, I want nothing more then to go back home and tell Panako to stop acting as foolish as her grand daughter. But I know that this is something I must do. I owe it to that girl to give her some peace in her life. " He gave her a gentle kiss on the head before getting up to leave. She stood up with him and pulled him gently back to her and kissed him.

"Maes would be really proud of you if he was here you know that?" Roy held her in his arms for a few secs before leaving the train.

"I think he'd be more proud of me for finding myself a wife"

"Ow, ugh what is wrong with you today sweetie. You have been awfully mean to mommy. I don't recall doing anything to upset you...... OW!"
"Noah?! Are you alright?" Noah sat up as best as she could. She was having slight pains on and off for about a week now and was starting to get nervous. She wanted so badly to go to the doctor and see what he thought but didn't want to get Al all upset over nothing. So she thought she'd wait til him and Ed went on their trip. That way he would never know a thing, and she wouldn't have to worry him.

"I'm fine! I just....cut my finger is all. Sorry to worry ya" she said with as cheerful of a tone as she could muster up. The pain has gotten worse since the past two days and she could feel herself constantly griding her teeth to avoid showing any signs of it in her face around Al or even Ed for that matter. They'll be leaving tomorrow morning, and won't be back til close to when the baby is due that will give her plenty of time to rest up. And maybe she could stay over at the doctor's for a few days to make sure everything is alright.

Al came walking into the kitchen to see what was the matter. No matter how convincing Noah could be, he always worried about her nonetheless.
"Are you sure your alright? Where is the cut? You might need a band aid, you know maybe I should stay here til the baby is born. Ed can go off without me for abit to look on more for the bomb. After all it took us two years to even find anything about it's presence here in the first place." She immediately interrupted him.

"Al don't be silly, I'm fine really! And it was just a small paper cut when I was putting the newpaper away to perpare dinner. You can't even see it anymore. I wish you'd stop worrying so. You know it's not good for you or the baby even. I can tell he senses it."

"He? We're having a boy??! But how do you know"
Noah just laughed at him and walked back over to the stove. "I can sense it. It's definately a boy. A strong healthy little boy who is trying to tell his father to calm down and go on with his mission. We will be fine here. I promise."

Al didn't look to confident in her statement but nodded in agreement and left the room. He was hoping he wasn't doing something foolish in leaving her alone for awhile. With the baby's due date in only a few months anything could still happen.

"Man what are you planing on doing with this pumpkin, it's HUGE!!" Winry started to laugh at the site of her friend who was trying with all her might to roll this pumpkin up the hill to the Rockbell's.

"You sure you don't want to quit Sheska? I can handle it myself" Sheska looked determinded to get this pumpkin up the hill as best as she could and definately didn't look like she was going to give up anytime soon.

"No no, I'm...ahhhhhh oh no!! Ohhhhhh why didn't you asked Aiden to help us!!!??! Sheska slipped in the grass but thankfully was able to catch herself in time before the pumpkin came rolling backwards.

"Oh please Sheska, we don't need his help. We are perfectly capeable in bringing this home ourselves and you'll be happy we got it when you taste the pie and eat the seeds. These Alantic Giants make the best pies."

"Yeah if you say so she said breathlessly" They had finally reached the house and decided to leave the pumpkin on the lawn for abit while they took alittle rest.

"Gram is going to be so thrilled when she sees this pumpkin!! Gram! Gram?! We're back! Come out here and see what we got!" Winry said all excited as Sheska looked on in amazement how in the world can she not be out of breath! she thought to herself. Just then the door flew open and the girls turned around to see someone that they weren't expecting to see at all.

"Well Winry that is quite a big pumpkin, what are you planning on doing with it if you don't mind me asking?" Roy was smiling from ear to ear with that smart arse look on his face. Winry wasn't the least bit amused at this point. What the hell is he doing here? He made it very clear that she was acting like a fool and he would not help her. But yet here he is.

"What are you doing here Roy?" she asked very saracasticly. He looked at her abit puzzled at first then that smiled reformed back onto to his lips. He loved playing dumb and was enjoying every minute of it for some reason. Can't he see how much he had upset her? Doesn't he realize what her feelings are towards Ed? Hell everyone else knew, he couldn't be that blind sided!

"Well you did call me a few days ago did you not? Asking for my help? You were very sweet to me then, why the cold shoulder now?" Sheska could already see the wrench after wrench flying towards the Colonel's head. Why was he being like this now?

"That is enough Roy" Riza appeared behind him smiling right at Winry, decpite the fact that Roy was still standing there Winry ran over to Riza and gave her a huge hug.
"I am so glad to see you! How was your trip? I still can't believe it really happend!!" Winry suddenly looked cheery again. It was good for her to be that way and Riza was glad she was the cause of it.

"I know, I still can't believe it myself. Who would of knew I would fall for someone like Roy Mustang" The two girls burst out in a fit of laughter. Roy was not finding this funny at all, in fact what where they getting at anyway??
"umm excuse me.....EXCUSE ME!!! I'M STILL HERE!"

"He is here cause I asked him to come Winry" The 4 turnred around to see Panako standing in the door way. Winry was confused, why did he come when grandma asked him but not when she did?
"What do you mean Grandma? I don't understand..... Oh I see, you told him."
Now it was Panako that was confused what did she mean?
"I know grandma, I know your dieing. I'm not a stupid girl." Winry turned around and walked over to Mustang and gave him a small smile then a hug. He looked towards everyone else rather shocked by her affections but returned the gesture.

"Thank you...... thank you for coming. I know you didn't want to do this. And I'm sorry for getting so upset with you."
He could feel the slight shivering of her body and he could tell she was crying sliently to herself.

"It's my pleasure he whispered sliently in her ear, I'm sorry I was so hard headed before. I was just looking out for you. I had no idea."

Winry slightly pulled away from him to look at him straight in the eyes as she spoke. "No one knew, not even me....."

Celeste Nayamashii
Wow happy.gif Winry learning alchemy, Pinako and such. My goodness what a cliffhanger. You do have a very good story going on here but I want to give you some constructive criticism if that's okay. Please don't take offense to this. It helps us all as writers to evolve. These are the mistakes I've seen throughout your story.

1. When writing a flashback, try making it in italics so it doesn't seem to run together. I got a little lost while reading some of your chapters when I realized I was reading a flashback. Like these sentences for instance:

"I just wish she would care more about my human parts then my mechanical ones."

"She does brother"


Those were flashbacks in a previous chapter of yours, so try putting those in italics, also the same with any thoughts a character might be having to themselves.

2. I saw a lot of spelling, grammar errors and run-on sentences. Try using a spell checker when you complete a chapter ^_~ They really do come in handy. A couple of run-on sentences I found were these:

"Very funny Edward, how many times do I have to tell you to respect your elders didn't your parents teach you anything?"

"Man I love to bust on Hughes he is so easy to pick on.

To make those sound proper they should be more like this:

"Very funny Edward, how many times do I have to tell you to respect your elders? Didn't your parents teach you anything?"

"Man I love to bust on Hughes. He is so easy to pick on."

Just try not to run sentences together like that. It makes things sound very jumbled and can be a bit confusing.

3. One sentence that stood out to me was this one.

They seem to think I have a tumor on my brain and it's fastly growing.
Fastly isn't really a word and doesn't sound right for a sentence such as that. Try substituting it with a word like quickly or rapidly.

A common spelling error is the word definitely. You spelled it definately which is okay, like I said it's very common. Also, just for the record, Sheska is spelled Scieszka happy.gif

Other than those minor errors, you're doing good and have a nice plot going on! Keep up the good work! *two thumbs up* I hope Winry and Edward can get back together again.

Thanks for the advice! I don't mind at all. Actually I did put the italics in when I was typing the story up in Word but when I copied and pasted it to over here it must not of went through and Ididn't realize it. :-( I'm abit rusty since I haven't wrote in a loooong time lol. But I'm glad there wasn't too many mistakes. I'll go back and fix these chapters up tonight since I won't be home to use my regualr computer to continue with the story. But I'll definitely do what you suggested to the next chapter before posting and let me know if it got any better grammar wise lol. But I am very happy that you did like the story line that makes me feel tons better! :-)
Celeste Nayamashii
Oh yes, unfortunately when we copy and paste our stories over, we have to use the forum coding to make it italicized. I'm glad that my review could help make you feel better about your story and I am looking forward to reading your next chapter hon happy.gif
I'll will probably fix my grammar mistakes on my previous chapters today since I'm stuck here at work all day and won't have nothing to do. Unforunately I probably won't get to finish chapter 5 of my story til Monday. I'll be at my boyfriend's all weekend and I forgot to forward my story over to his computer so I can work on it some more :-( But I will definitely have it soon. I really want to complete it and not let it die out. Oh and question, well two actually lol. In one of the volumes in the FMA manga that I have, I think it might of been 8 but can't remember. They have Scieszka's named spelled Sheska, so I'm confused now lol, at least I think it was spelled that way. But I'm going to fix that too and look it back up again later. And my other question was were did you get your sig? Did you make it yourself? It looks so awesome and I would like to get one for my account but I don't have the talents to make my own :-(
Celeste Nayamashii
In the manga, that may very well be the spelling, but I'm not sure if you have the anime profiles book or not? I picked it up a few months ago at the bookstore and I was reading Scieszka's page and that's how her name was spelled. I'm just figuring since the story is going along with the anime and movie, that should be the proper way to type her name lol Anyway, take your time with your writing and don't force yourself happy.gif just be slow, go back and re-read your chapter before posting it to see if anything sounds off or might need to be added. Good luck with your writing!
Ahhh that would make sense then. I still haven't gotten to re-edit what I have doen so far. Like you i've been having a busy schedule too lol. My boyfriend got a new puppy on Firday it's a yellow lab he is soo adorable. I've been helping him get the puppy adjusted so tha thas been keeping me busy. I'll probably get back to all of this tomorrow. It usually takes me like a week or two to finish a chpater as well. Plus I'm co-writing another story with a friend lol but I will definitely not let this one die cause I think it has potential. I hope anyway happy.gif
OK everyone here is Chapter 5 of my story. I did some re-editing to it before I posted it up here and am currently working on re-editing my previous chapters on here so they'll be easier to read. My apologies for that :-( Ok so here is the next chapter of Home I hope you like it and can read it alittle better. I'm hoping to improve with my writing as the story goes on for like I said it's been a few years since I've written and I'm still abit rusty.

Chapter 5

Winry had a feeling that her grandmother was in fact dieing. That was part of her reason in trying to figure out a way to get Ed and Alphonse back as fast as possible. Because once Gram was gone she would have no family left. Sure she has Sheska, Riza and Rose of course but friend's weren't the same as family. Everyone needs some piece of family in their life. Some place in their hearts that they can call Home.

Still standing there Mustang began to spoke. He could see the pain in the young girls eyes and could not help but feel the guilt of her dead parents sweep through him again. It was as if just looking into her eyes he could see every bit of pain in this young girls heart. She has lost almost everyone she has ever loved and he felt mostly responsible for it.

"When did you find out? .........About your grandmother I mean?"
Winry looked at the ground for along while before speaking to him. As much as she didn't want to admit it, she knew something was off with her grandmother for awhile. Even though Panko reassured her that things were fine she could tell that her grandmother was in deed not herself at all. But in a way Winry thought that if she shut it out too like her grandmother had then that it would just disappear. Though deep down she knew she'd have to come face to face with it eventually.

As she looked up at him before speaking he could see her blue eyes turning a sudden shade darker from a pretty crystal blue to the shade of midnight as her eyes started to tear up alittle. She quickly looked down to hide them from him. " I've known for along while now. She started getting ill shortly after Al and Ed departed from here again. At first it was just some coughing fits then it turned into minor ""Dizzy spells"" I came down into the kitchen one day and found her on the floor. She tried to give me a excuse about the heat and she probably just over worked herself. But I had a strong feeling there was something more behind it. I tried ignoring it like she had and continued to focus on ways of getting the boys back but as time went on the worse she had gotten and I knew that it was......"

She stopped talking there and Panko came up from behind her. Winry could feel the women's presence but couldn't bare to look at her grandmother. Panako insisted that she would look into the older women's eyes. With all the strength Winry could muster she looked into the old women's fragile face and could still see some spirit left in her. The older women had a small smile crept across her face with pure warmth and love and her eyes. This was clearly not the eyes of a dieing women. But of one with the strong will to go on. Panako was not afraid to die, but was afraid of leaving Winry alone. Winry smiled back at her alittle. For as far back as Winry could remember her grandmother was always a strong women who would never let her pride bring her down and Winry admired her for that.

"I'm not going anywhere child" Panko began still smiling. "I still have a good long while before my last days here and I told myself I'd see to it that you got the boys back home where they belong before I said my final goodbyes to you and even then you should know I'll never be to far away from you. This place is my home and a piece of me will always be here at heart"

"Phew this bag is heavy!! Gees Al what the hell do you have in here???!" Edward came down the stairs ever so slowly The suitcase he was carrying was almost the size of him and probably close to the same weight at that. Sometimes he had sworn Al was worse then a girl. Al came out from the kitchen and started to laugh at the site of Ed, he did look pretty funny. Of course Ed didn't find this the least bit amusing.

"Some help would be nice here!!" still snickering to himself Al came over to help him. "Sorry Brother, you just looked so funny. Don't worry this is not the suite case I'm taking with us. This is for Noah in case I'm not here in time for the baby's arrival and she needs to get to the hospital. Everything is set up for her to go." Ed glared at his brother for a long moment before he spoke. "Al? If this is for Noah then why the hell did I drag it down here??!"
Al again laughed at Ed "What are you laughing about??!!" He asked face now turning a bright crimson shade of red.

"Boy brother, you don't know anything about kids do you? We need the suitcase down here so when the cab comes to get her they can take the suitcase right at the door and obviously Noah can't carry it on her own." Ed felt so stupid. Of course she can't carry it on her own. What was he thinking? I guess he still had something else on his mind. He was still having dreams about Winry, mostly just one reoccurring one. She was on her steps crying and someone came up behind her to rest a hand on her shoulder. When she turns around it ends up being him. But why was he having this dream and what was she crying about? The dream usually wouldn't make it much further before he would awaken then end up back downstairs staring out into the fireplace once more. He wondered if she ever thought about him and even more if she loved him the same way he had loved her. No matter how hard he tried he still couldn't except the fact that he truly would never see her again.

"Ummm brother?? Brotheeeer........your spacing off on me again. Are you sure your alright?? "
Huh? Startled out of his daydream Ed gave him a small smile. "Sorry Al, I guess I was off somewhere else. I'm fine. Let's get this suitcase over by the door and get something to eat quick. It's getting late and we need to get going soon" Al agreed and helped him with the suitcase. He still didn't believe Ed and knew that something was wrong and had been for awhile now. Somehow he had to find out what it was.

"Ok the thing with alchemy is you have to study it very carefully and dig deep into your emotions to even get it to work with you. Think of it as more of a art. Don't worry we'll start out small on this." Roy couldn't help but chuckle alittle at the confused look that went across Winry's face. "It's basically memorizing formulas at first and things will get easier after that. Believe it or not that is the hardest part."

"I hope your right" she said with a determined look on her face, "because I have a strong feeling we don't have much time, I want to get the boys back here before Gram gets worse" Roy looked away from her with a sadden expression on his face. "I know you do" he said then quickly changed the subject before she got suspicious at the sudden melancholy tone in his voice.
"Ok so about those formulas I'll go get the books from Sheska" as he started to walk away he heard her shuffling behind him. As he turned around he saw a bundle of books in her hands with a bright smile on her face. "Not to worry colonel" she said proudly "I have the books right here!"

"Oh Riza I'm so glad you two are here. Winry was so upset about the colonel declining her request and I must admit I was alittle happy that he did. But only cause I'm worried about her of course! But in the end I know she won't ever be happy until she tries to reunite the boys here to Ameteris" Sheska continued to ramble on and Riza had no choice to cut her off in mid sentence. "You do realize Sheska that this whole turn out will not be a happy ending? Even if Winry gets the boys back?

Sheska looked at the blonde Lt. in slight confusion. "Your talking about Panako aren't you?" The timid girl began to ask but before Riza could answer Panko had entered the room.

" Hello girls, did you have any of the apple pie I made this morning? I'm figuring that we can get started on the pumpkin tomorrow. I thought that I would give The Colonel and his wife here sometime to get adjusted." Both girls smiled at the older women in agreement. "Thank you Ms.Rockbell that is very kind of you. I'm thinking Roy will be out there with Winry for awhile. There is alot to alchemy that she must learn still. But then again you already know about that" The Lt. stated, trailing off in her final statement to almost a whisper but not soft enough for Sheska to over hear.

"Indeed, well I won't be a menace any longer" Panako said dryly " I do have some work to finish up so if you'll excuse me. Oh and dinner will be ready at 5 O'clock so I hope you brought a empty stomach with you. There will be plenty of food"

"She is a brave women" Sheska said softly looking over at Riza sympathetically
"That she is" Just as Riza began to walk upstairs to one of the spare rooms the phone began to ring. "Could someone get that?" A voice called from down in the basement " I have my hands full" Sheska ran over to the phone and called out to the tiny voice down below. "Don't worry Ms. er I mean Pankao I got it for you"

"Rockbell Automail, how may I help you?" Sheska asked sweetly. At first there was no answer at the other end of the phone which began to freak her out then a Male's voice came through on the other end.
"Winry?" asked the young gentlemen caller.
"Oh no, I'm sorry she is not available right now. This is Sheska, could I take a message for you perhaps?
"Umm yes please" the young man began "Could you please tell her to call Aiden when she gets some time."

Sheska's ears perked up at the sound of his name, whether she wanted to admit it or not she thought Aiden to be rather cute.
"Oh Aiden! Hi there, it's Winry's friend Sheska she said in a kind of nervous tone. She thought for sure he would have no idea who she was even though she had just seen him a few hours ago.
"Oh of course Sheska, I'm sorry I guess I wasn't paying attention to what you said your name was when you answered. So Winry is busy huh? That's ok I don't want to bug her. Is she working hard on some automail again?" He said with a chuckle in his voice

"Ugh yeah you could say that hehehe" she started to say nervously. She was never good at lying to anyone and she could sense even through the phone that he was getting suspicious.
"She is working on a project with a friend of ours that came in from out of town just alittle while ago. It is a bit of a emergency so I'm not sure when she'll be able to get back to you"
"Oh that's ok, just tell her I called. Thank you Sheska, hopefully I'll get to see you again before you return home."
"I'd like that, oh I mean!! Ummm I'll definitely give her that message for you. Thanks!! Have a nice day!" and before the boy could say goodbye she hung up feeling totally embarrassed.

"You boys behave yourselves out there! And don't bring any trouble home with you got it!!"
"Yes Ma'am!" Edward called back to Noah and a jokingly direct mannar from the train window. Al came running back to Noah one last time to say his final goodbyes before departing.
"Be careful. And take care of the baby while I'm gone" Al held her so tightly she thought her stomach was going to be flattened back to normal!

"Don't worry, I'll be fine! But you need to let go alittle before you squish the poor little guy" she said with amusement in her voice. Al quickly backed away looking alittle frightened as if he did in fact had hurt her. He scratched the back of his head alittle as his face began to grow red "Ugh sorry, I guess I got carried away"

Noah just smiled on at him and felt as if she fell in love with the young Elric all over again. He truly was the sweetest guy she had ever met and she could see why Ed had missed him so much before they had reunited. "Well you better get on that train before it takes off on you. Be careful ok? I love you" Noah gave Al another tender hug before parting ways.
"I love you too. I'll be in touch" he said as he kissed her gently on the forehead before returning to the train.

The Elric brothers bid farewell to Noah as she watched the train pull away and fade into the mid afternoon fog. Just then she felt another sharp pain on her side. She winced in pain and started to walk back to the apartment that she had shared with the brothers. She knew that she had to call the doctor as soon as she got home to make a appointment. Something definitely wasn't right.
Celeste Nayamashii
=O Oh goodness, a cliffhanger! I certainly hope Noah is going to be alright! I wonder if Winry will find her way back to the brothers or not? The writing as a lot better! I still saw a few typos here and there, but nothing too major. Very nice! I'm anxious for another chapter hon! ^^
Aww thank you so much! I'm glad to see my writing is slowly improving. That gives me some hope for the future chapters when things start to really get intense. It took me a few days to figure out how I wanted to put a decent cliff hanger to this chapter and trying to play out the scenes in my head to were the timeline for everything will make sense. I think I got it all straight now :-) And I finished re-editing Chapter 1. It looks alot better and I changed some of the wording abit. I'll go back and check my spelling grammars in Chapter 5 again. I checked it like 3 times before posting but I do always manage to miss something each time. I'll am hoping to start Chapter 6 today I have a few ideas in mind and I should have some free time after I finish some of my work. I definitely can't wait for your next chapter as well!

Oh and I love your sig! Would there by any chance when you have some free time. If you could make me one? I don't know how to make any :-( But only if you get some free time. Don't want to bug you or anything.
OK so I finally finished chapter 6! Sorry it took so long everybody. I'm having some family issues at home so I haven't been to motivated in writing anything. But here it is, I hope you enjoy this chapter. I'm getting slowly better at this writing gig again and I promise once I have some more time I'll fix chapter 1-4 so they are easier to read.

Chapter 6

It was another cold day in Rush Valley. Here it was mid October and Aiden could swear it was going to snow at any moment now. He had been working hard all day long on a engine for a customer that will be due in at any moment. Still he seemed to be having trouble with it.

"Damn it, ugh maybe the starter is bad also. Battery seems fine now, or could be the alternator. Something just isn't adding up!" Another ring at the front desk, which could only mean a customer has arrived.

"Oh man I hope that isn't Mr.Brockman. He is going to be soo annoyed with me" He thought to himself as he tried to get as much grease off of his hands as possible before going up to the front.

"Aiden could you see who just walked in please? I'm abit busy trying to adjust these brakes for Ms. Hawthworth"

"Sure, no problem Mr. Henry" Aiden called back to him as he was making his way up to the front of the building. As he approached the front of the shop a women with Sandy Blonde hair was there waiting with her back to him. Without startling the women Aiden tried his best to make his presence known.

"Eeehmm, Hello Ma'am how may I help you today" The boy asked in his usual friendly manner. The women turned around and almost looked kinda stunned to see him standing there. She was certainly a attractive women. Possibly in her mid 30's no older one would say. And for some strange reason Aiden had this feeling that he had met her before. She didn't look familiar to him really but he still felt that he had known her from some where. "Perhaps he had seen her on the street before? Yes that must be it" He thought.

After a moment the women smiled warmly at him. "Hello there, I'm sorry you startled me for a moment." She said with a small smile. Aiden could feel the heat creeping up on his face.

"I'm sorry Ma'am I tried not to...." She held out her hand to stop him from continuing. Smiling warmly at him again "Oh no please, it's alright. I'm fine really. I seemed to have gotten a flat tire on my way into town. Would it be any trouble for you to take a look at it?"
Aiden stepped out from behind the counter and went over towards the window to look out at her car. Sure enough her front passenger side tire was completely flat.

"Sure thing Ma'am I don't mind at all. I'll be right back. Just going to go get my tools" She smiled and nodded politely at the young gentleman before her disappeared within the back of the shop.

She appeared to be a wealthy women. Wearing a black wool pea coat type jacket with a matching hat to match. Her gloves looked to be made of suede and she wore a dark gray fur scarf around her neck. Her hair was somewhat short. About shoulder length with a waviness to it. Her eyes were dark green almost a emerald color and her skin was a creamy white color. She looked around the small shop while she waited.

It wasn't a very big place just a few shelves that were set up around the shop. They reached from the floor to the ceiling with all kinds of car parts on them. The parts where all separated in boxes and each box was labeled. It was clearly a very organized establishment. The counter was pretty small. But just enough size to fit a cash register, a appoiment book and telephone. At the far end of the counter there lay a large piece of metal that resembled some sort of car part but she wasn't sure as to what it was.

Aiden came back out with a few things in his hand. He set them down onto the small counter top for a moment while putting on his coat and gloves. "Ok I should be able to patch up your tire for you and have you on your way" he stated as he walked over to the door. "There is some coffee on the stove over there if you would like some. I just made it about 10 minutes ago so it is still fresh"

The women nodded accepting and replied with a small thank you before starting over to the pot. She watched him walk outside and get going on her car as she poured herself some of the hot drink. A mischievous grin slowly coming upon her face. "Well, well so We meet again"

"Doing pretty good Winry. I must say I didn't think you'd take on to this so quickly. We should have you set to go in no time" Roy Mustang had been in Resembol for nearly 2 weeks now and figured once Winry got the knack of things that they'd have to relocate to Central to finish off the process. Although she was picking up the trade rather quickly. There was still alot to work on and he could tell she was beginning to get worried.

"How was Pinako this morning? I know she wasn't feeling to much like herself last night"

Winry dusted off her pants as she stood back up again. Her normally neat Blonde ponytail was starting to come undone and she didn't seem all that concerned in fixing it.

"She was doing alot better when I woke up. She even made some breakfast which I was grateful to see. Especially since Sheska's cooking could use some work. Thank heavens for Riza being here!" The girl said with a small giggle. In all reality she was becoming more worried with each passing day but didn't want to get anyone else worried. There was enough going on without her having a break down. She took her stance once more and began carving out another transmutation circle.

"Now remember what I told you.." Mustang started as he walked up behind her "You really have to concentrate. Put all of your emotions into what you are trying to create. The harder you work at it the better the success.

Winry closed her eyes and clapped her hands together. She began to see her and the boys running down the hill after school. Them racing each other back to the house for dinner. Watched on as their mother passed away. Stood behind as their only home burned down to the ground. Said good bye to them as they left for the final time to Central to take on their last battle. As she kept her hands tightly together she slowly spread them apart and put them down onto the transmutation circle. A strong blinding blue light ammensed from the circle. It spread out into the sky and kept soaring higher and higher as if it had no end. A strong rumble began to shake the earth and the girl and her partner fell backwards onto the grass and just as quickly as it happend it stopped.

Shooken up by what just happend. She slowly rose up from where she had fallen and quietly walked over to where the circle had been. There was nothing there now but a large black circle with the remains of charred grass and right in the middle of it all was a hole with a reddish glow to it. She reached out to touch the glowing red light but was abruptly taken back away from it. She turned around to see that it was Mustang holding her back with a look of horror on his face. A cold sweat began to bead up on his forehead and a stern look fell onto his face.

"Don't touch that! Do you understand? Whatever you do, do not touch it"

Startled by the direct manner in his voice. Winry did what she was told and backed away from the glowing orb in the middle of the burnt circle. Within a few moments the light died out and all that was left was a empty hole in it's place.

"I, I don't understand? What just happend? It felt so warm. The light I mean, when I placed my hand above it I...."

"I know" Mustang interrupted her. "I don't know what I said to you for that to of happend but I must of hit a nerve somewhere. If you keep this up it won't be much longer til it will be time"

Winry sat straight up and turned around to face Mustang. Her tender blue eyes began to darken as they watered up looking at him pleading. "You mean, I might see them again soon?"

Mustang stood up as well and began to walk over to the house before he answered Winry and with a small sigh replied back "I'll go inform the others that it's almost time. Why don't you and Sheska go into town and get some of the things that your grandmother has requested. It is important that we get them as soon as possible."

Confused by his request she nodded agreeingly and went off over to the shop. She began to feel a glow in herself and she could actually feel a true sincere smile come across her face. "If I can get the ability to bring Ed and Al back then maybe I have the ability to help grams too!"

Mustang walked into the house to find Riza sitting at the table with Pinako. It was good seeing her out in about these past two days. Roy thought to himself as he started taking off his jacket. She has gotten alot worse since the two had first arrived and he knew that if Winry didn't get the hang of things soon that their plan might just fail.

"Hey, would you like something to eat? You look kinda pale" Riza said as she turned to look at her husband with some concern in her voice. Mustang held up his hand to gesture her to stay seated as he walked over to the seat next to her at the end of the table. A few small beads of sweat started to form on his forehead and his face began to turn as white as a sheet as he began to speak.

"It's Winry" he began, "She has encountered the Philosopher Stone"

Riza and Pinako looked at him in bewilderment. Did they just hear him right? How can that be? In order to get ahold of or even make the Philosopher Stone you need human sacrifice. The two just continued to stare at him without saying a word as he continued.

"We were outside and I told her to try as hard as she could. To allow all the feelings she had into her alchemy. She clapped her hands and put them on the circle. All of the sudden there was this light, this ominous blue light that filled the whole sky and it knocked us both right off of our feet. Just as quickly as it all occured it stopped and when we got over to where the circle had been there it was. A red orb right in the middle of the charred grass."

"Charred grass?" Pinako asked with a raised eyebrow. "Just what in the world did you two do out there?!"

Riza got up and and walked over to the sink with her cup. She was quiet for a few moments before responding to the news that her husband just dropped on the two women.

"Roy? Does this mean? Sighing to herself as she tried to get out what she wanted to say.
"What if someone finds out about this? We are all in alot of trouble. Especially Winry, alot of villains that are still lurking out there will be after her. Just like with the boys and I... she stopped as he reached her. He grabbed her shoulders tightly and looked into her reddish brown eyes as she looked on at him pleading for answers.

"Nothing is going to happen to her alright? We are still going to continue on as planned. Inless you changed your mind Pinako. It's not to late you know. With this type of power and Winry not knowing the full strength of it she can be a secret weapon now. And this will indeed put her in harms way."

Pinako stood up and walked over towards the door and looked out at the field. She could see Winry and Sheska now almost at the end of the road. On their way into town like Roy had asked them to. She turned to face the two with determination in her voice as she spoke. "The plan will go on as continued. I am not backing out of this. Winry is to not know any of this. Do you understand me? She is to not know what she had seen today and she is to not know about our plans. Now if you'll excuse me I feel rather tired. I think I'll go take a nap. Let me know when the girls have returned won't you?"

Riza grabbed Pinako's arm as she walked by her "Wait a minute! I don't understand I thought once Winry was ready you were going to tell her the rest of the plan?"

"I know my grandchild, if she knew what she had done here today she would only try to help me as well. I am a old women Riza, I've lived a long life and I know in my heart it's my time. And the greatest gift that I could give to my granddaughter and the lord is my soul." With that said she continued on up the stairs to her room.
wow i love it great job :D and Noah's baby is Al's right?
QUOTE(edxwinryfan @ May 4 2008, 02:10 PM) *
wow i love it great job biggrin.gif and Noah's baby is Al's right?

Thank you! I had actually stopped writing it because I had gotten busy with other things and I wasn't sure if anyone was really into the story or not. I obviously have to fix some grammar mistakes in the previous chapters but if you like it that much I could start working on it again. I still have the ideas on where I wanted this to go still fresh in my mind. And yes Noah's baby is Al's :-) I always thought he would make a great dad.
yeah i like it alot and i am actually writing my own one like it but different
awesome, I would love to read it sometime. And I will start working on the story again hopefully within the next 2 weeks or so. I'm just finishing up another project I am working on. I believe I had started the next chapter and just never finished it so at least I have a start. I love the EdxWin pairing.
i will post mine on here probably this week. Take your time with it :) and i love the pairing too :D
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