If you don't know the show "Know your Stars", I'll give you the discription. It's baisicly an announcer makes up stuff that isn't true to embaress them on live TV. Somehow, it works and is very funny. Now for the first victem.

Victem 1: Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto: *being dragged by guards* Let me go! I don't wanna be embaressed!!
Guard 1: Shut up!
Guard 2: Just be happy. Besides, you get paid.
Naruto: Really???
Guards 1 and 2: No! *burst out laughing and throw Naruto in a chair*
Naruto: *lands on his head*
Kakashi: Ouch.
Shino: I'll bet that hurt.
Aelita*FC*: Naruto-kun! Are you okay?!
Naruto: Don't worry, I'm fine.
Announcer: Know your stars, know your stars, know your stars, know your stars!!
Naruto: Oh no, here it comes...
Announcer: Naruto Uzumaki...........he acctually is a ginius.
Naruto: *smirks* I do have my moments.
Saskue: *muttering under his breath* Yeah right.
Garra: *is snickering while holding a video camera*
Announcer: Naruto Uzumaki.............he had a hyper problem when he was 5.
Naruto: I did not!!
Garra: *snorts with laughter and continues filming*
Announcer: Naruto Uzumaki............he wants to be Saskue's best friend.
Naruto: *pissed, stands up* No way is that ever gonna happen!!
Saskue: *angry* Like I'd ever be friends with that loser!!
Sakura: *thinking* I really wish they were, though.
Announcer: Naruto Uzumaki..........he makes out with Aelita when no one's looking.
Naruto: *turns as red as blood* Would you shut up?!
Aelita: *mad* You were supposed to keep that a secret!! *chasing a scared Naruto*
Announcer: Now you know, Naruto Uzumaki. The ginius, Saskue best friend wannabe who makes out with Aelita and has a hyper problem.