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Full Version: Watching The Series
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Mr. Boomstik
there are 55 some odd episodes right? The last episode where Ed ends up in the middle of WWII and Alphonse is back in his normal body... does anything come after that? Is there another season after that or is the series finished?? i really want to know because it seems like there should be more too it.

guess what i'm asking in a nutshell is, are there more episodes where Ed is in a world without alchemy and his struggle to get back home?
51 episodes, 1 movie, 3 ova.
Read the manga instead.
Mr. Boomstik
thats not what i'm asking... i don't care about manga... i don't have time to read it as much as i do watch the series... are there more episodes? and do the movies take place before or after Ed changes time periods?
They has a movie. Go watch it.

And a few OVAs.

But NO, they do not have any more episodes. Episode 52 DOES NOT EXIST.
- The Fullmetal Alchemist series only has 51 episodes. ONLY 51. Episode 52 DOES NOT exist, no matter what anyone tells you.

Says this page

Have a nice day. smile.gif
The manga pwns the anime by miles.

BTW, use the "Search" function next time, it's there for a reason.
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