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Full Version: Bioshock
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i cannot believe a thread for this game hasn't been made yet. the game came out recently actually. i'm thinking of getting it. if you have no idea what i am talking about, look at the videos.

Bioshock trailer @ MySpace i hate myspace too, but the quality of the video is ten times nicer than what i can find at YouTube.

Spike TV Trailer

damn, i really want to get it. who's with me on this? :D
Bioshock is a really good game. I can say its one of the best games there is for Xbox 360 right now [besides Halo 3 that'll come out at the end of this month]. The graphics are just awesome, and almost everything is flawless in it. I'd suggest buying it to anyone that loves a great first-person shooter type game.
I want it badly. ;0; Must get, must get...! I mean, jeez, you can shoot BEES at people. BEES. How awesome is that!?
I was going to get bioshock for PC but i heard it's very glitchy. D: I'm just going to get an xbox360 and buy the game XDD
I kept seeing this game on little advertisements around game sites. I had to check it out, with it being all over the place and all. When I watched the trailer, and a snippet of gameplay, all I said was wow! Ive gotta get this game. But then I saw it was exclusive to Micro$oft sad.gif I dont have a 360, and my PC doesn't play game well whatsoever.

One of my friends has it though, and says its a really good game.
I just hope that they end up releasing this game on PS3. I'd love to give it a try but my computer is too slow and I don't have an X-Box. msn-cry.gif
Hugh the Hit Man
Bioshock is amazing!! I've had no glitches at all, so I don't know where that rumor came from, but it is so much fun to play!
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