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Full Version: If They Mated...the Game!
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I love one of silliest sketches from Late Night With Conan O' i made my own game. Post a pic two of your favorite characters (anime/non-anime), who usually rumored to be dating. The pictures are then combined into a grotesque/non-groutesque new (third) picture of what their offspring would look like if they mated.
Photoshop/non-photoshop users welcome biggrin.gif
Here's mine...(i didn't use photoshop yet, I'm doin it later)

and what happened those evil bad robots if they having a child like this...

You're turn folks and have fun laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif
There's something similar to this int he FMA character dicussion forum. But it only pertains to FMA characters.
Kamui (x/1999) + Raito (Death Note) =
Lelouch (Code Geass)
EniviD EiraM
Gintama + Lelouch = Zero Kiryuu smile.gif

*what the ?*
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