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Full Version: The Long Lost Elric Sister.
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Energy Alchemist
I just need at least 3 FC's then I'll start. Let me put mine.

Name: Annistaisia Elric
Nickname: Anna
Age: 12
Looks: A long red jacket, a white tank top, black short skirt, black shoes
Hair: Long and the same type of blonde hair as Ed's hair
Hairstyle: Like Riza's only has small bits of red on the tips.
Alchemy: Energy type Alchemy
AKA: The Energy Alchamist
Crush: N/A
Crush on her: N/A
Bio: Anna was born 2 years after Al was. She grew up with her brothers and Winry until her mother died. She felt like it was all her fault, so, after the funeral, she left home. Soon, she ran into a teacher named Shino and he taught her everything about alchemy. After she turned 9, she was an alchemy expert.

In this story, Anna is about to learn more about alchemy and reunite with her brothers.
Energy Alchemist
No one likes this fourm, huh? sad.gif *sigh* What now? sad.gif Please post! I put all my hard work into it.
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