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Full Version: The Official "adlib-sub" Competition
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Deadline to signup is now Saturday Sept 15
(sign up remains open till i decide otherwise)
Sign up here to join a competition on making a adlib fansub

Please note that NO experience is needed.
  • Just be able to write dialogue
  • Write down when the adlib dialogue should be said
What this will entail:
Once enough people sign up, forum members not on a team will be assigned.
  1. Teams will choose a timed segment of an anime to parody.
    (The length of the time segment will be determined later)
  2. Send anime name and ep# to asunder
  3. Teams collaborate to write up a script/dialogue
  4. Teams send finished script + timings to asunder.
  5. Created subs will be placed in a divx file as well as on youtube
  6. Community judges which is the best!
  7. ???????
  8. Profit!!!
Other tidbits:
  • Before signing up, you can gather a pool of friends, form 1 team and submit one post containing all your names.
  • Teams can consist of up to 8 members. Please be aware that the more people in a team, the harder it will be to collaborate (especially after 5).
  • Max groups would be 10
  • Once assigned you can choose a team name
  • You can only be in one team
  • Collaboration can be done via a thread in the CoF forum , PM's , chat programs or the use of external sites such as
  • Once teams are formed, choose an anime as well as the episode #. PM asunder these details. If I can't obtain a raw for the anime you want to parody, I will ask you to choose a different anime.
  • Be clear in all communication, I'm not a psychic. I don't want to guess which naruto episode or series you want to parody.
  • Only sign up if you will have the sufficient time to collaborate in the month of September.
  • The granny rule is in effect.
  • Voting on the best adlib sub will take place after all parody segments are finished.
More info to come
Instructions on what i want as far as the timing of dialogue will be placed here later

If you have a question please either PM me or post on this thread.


Signup list:
The One-Eyed Hamsters
  • Popogeejo
  • esrz22
  • mei tenshi
  • ed drink your milk
Team ??????????
  • AA Battery
Black Bubble Team
  • Bluebubble
  • Blackcat
Video Example:

(pardon the bad humor and mistakes)

What I Expect from each team as far as timings /dialogue:

the time (minutes:seconds) [When the line of dialogue begins] followed by the actual line of dialogue itself.

00:01  Man, I'm so bored

00:03 Yeah

00:07 Maybe, we should post in Spam Central.

00:24 What's that sound?

00:34 Hey what the heck is that?

00:43 ZOMG

After i get a script from a team, I will generate a video for that team to look over / edit / finalize
First team! The One-Eyed Hamsters:

mei tenshi
ed drink your milk
Could I perhaps do it by myself? It's just that with college and all, it's going to be hard to colaborate with a team and I need to do it in my own time.
If not it's ok, I'll manage smile.gif
Thanks !
Individual submissions are fine, it'll be more fun to brainstorm with a group though smile.gif

If you can't find other people to collaborate with, I can assign you people that want to be in a group, who haven't found anyone else.

I don't mind if you want to enter the contest w/o other people.
AA battery
me ish solo.
and another joins!

in other news....

Deadline to signup is now: Saturday, Sept 15
~black cat~

my sister already has a rough video
suitable for the comp;
how do we send you the script?
how does it exactly work?
is it like a funny subtitled movie?
and how do i send it to you peoples?
(new to this )

just me and the
(we're twins)

Black Bubble Team;

black cat
Welcome to the forums. Since neither of the other teams have started, you can join in as well

For the dialogue/script, simply send me a private message with the script , you can either attach the script as a word document or text document.

For the video part,
use (up to 500 megabytes) or to to upload the rough video
Send me in a private message, the download link.

Also provide me with the anime name and episode#'s.
~black cat~

black cat
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