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Full Version: Noob With Art
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How's everybody doin? I'm very new here and just wanted to let other artists and admirers of artists know that...hey...I can draw! I love drawing! Been drawing since I could pick up a pencil. I'm going to be submitting lots of FMA art since its my newest obsession.
I'm looking forward to meeting you guys so don't be shy about leaving me a comment, kay?

I'm a bit hyped up on coffee so I'm apologizing now. XD biggrin.gif

Here's a pic that I just recently finished. Flames will be put out with style.

I think the file didn't fully upload

use to upload your file and paste a link in the thread.
QUOTE(asunder @ Aug 30 2007, 05:55 PM) *
I think the file didn't fully upload

use to upload your file and paste a link in the thread.

lol Thanks! Yah, I was wondering why it wasn't showing it. I'll get that a try. biggrin.gif
@YaoiAlchemist - Welcome to the fanart fourm!!
That Ed and Al and Winry look very lovely!! ^^
I'm looking forward to seeing many of your posts with your FMA fanarts! ^^

BTW, I took out the Attachment with the partially uploaded pic from your first post.
(Click on "Manage Current Attachments (1)" then click on red X, then click on OK to take out the Attachment.) ^^
YaoiAlchemist: That is a lovely artwork of Al, Winry, and Ed. The colours are so vibrant and make me think of early spring. Is there a story behind the artwork? I really like the contrast between the characters; it appears as though Ed is rather meloncholy, whereas Al and Winry look completly blissfull. Ed's expression really conveys a certain sadness to the viewer. Nice work with this piece! I hope to see more of your artwork in the future.
That is a very nice picture. =O
Did you do all digital? Or scanned the lineart?
That doesn't matter, 'cause it's awesome. happy.gif
Loved the way you added the "blossom-snow", the only thing I can complain about it Ed's left arm. It seems a bit too short compaired to his body...
i only wish the image was bigger. i can barely see any details enough to really comment or anything. ):
Ed-Al-Win Fan
Very nice, I like the colors ^^
That's really great work! And the colouring is wonderful too. Very beautiful.
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