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Anime music videos, when done right, can be truly impressive. Post here any and all AMV's you've made. As long as it isn't Linkin Park I don't care what you do (I'm not banning LP but if we can avoid them I would be happy), all I ask is that it be your own work. Feel free to discuss different ideas, techniques, tips and share advise on AMV's as well sop others may learn how to make these.
Sharingan Serpent
Nice the banner by the way, I'm gonna save it wub.gif
I luv ur banner happy.gif
Here all my list I made right here...
Victorian Romance Emma - My Guardian Angel
Victorian Romance Emma - Ribbons Undone
....that anime change my life!
FMA - Mr Garden Gnome Maker
FMA - Mr Silent Killer Gas Passer
FMA - The Musical Oddites
FMA - The Slow to Speed Revue
FMA - The Chipmunk Strikes Back Best AMV classic!
FMA - We're Not Gonna Take It: The Edward Elric Story Yet another AMV classic!
FFVII Advent Children...on classical!...I love Vivaldi!

Making AMV is my hobby and I'm also a very artistic is my life!
WHEW! Check the rest of my vids on my site wink.gif ....and enjoy some happy viewing....tee-hee!
Fantastic job on the Emma AMVs, joanne! ohmy.gif more please!!!
QUOTE(mei_tenshi @ Sep 1 2007, 08:18 PM) *
Fantastic job on the Emma AMVs, joanne! ohmy.gif more please!!!

I'm doing one's more intruiging that ever before and a liiitle bit of spoilers biggrin.gif
Little Washu
This is one I made. I don't know ANY sites to download any anime episodes from (all I try say 'Windows Media Player cannot support this file' or 'The zipped file is corrupted') so bear with me.

Anyway, I made it 'cause the ending themes we get in America are either changed or shortened. In our Cartoon Networks case, they change them. So I made my own ending. It's been favorited 3 times and has a 4 star rating. It's the 2nd one I ever made.
Here's the latest gig called FMA -Chipmunks Gone Wild!
If I ever get that RAM installed, I might just be able to render my latest AMV.
My old vids (plus my account) are closed so I have a new one also my new vid from Victorian Romance Emma, a wedding dedication to my two youtube friends. if you're a youtube user...greet them to congratulate smile.gif
Here's my latest AMV featuring Ed wink.gif
This is my best one, probably.

And here are the other ones I've made. smile.gif

And i think that's about it! smile.gif
Wynter Myth

This one up here is just a Music Vid i made with FMA featuring one of the theme songs of Bleach Tonight Tonight Tonight by BEAT CRUSADERS
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