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Triss Hawkeye
((Let's. smile.gif))

Triss couldn't help but smile inside as Ryunosuke had read the scene exactly how she had wanted him to. He wasn't completely useless, she decided. As the rain shinobi became bound by Ryunosuke's jutsu, she landed and moved in. A single swing with one katana and the enemy shinobi's head was severed, sailing away from them into the street. Triss took a cloth out of a pocket and began to clean her blade, not sparing a glance for the corpse.

"That is a useful jutsu you know, Ryunosuke-san," she said, not bothering to look at her team-mate. "I almost envy you..."

She wondered why she had said that. But then, it did not matter. He was a team-mate. She could trust him enough to say such things, surely? It would take drastic circumstances to turn him into an enemy.

"We had better return to sensei and Akira-san," she said quietly, walking away.
Fullmetal Poser
Ryunosuke retracted his kusari-gama from the corpse of the rain shinobi and recoil it for storage. His hands were still a little numb from the lightening attack but he could move them and control them. He knew he was get feeling back in them a little later.

He nodded to Triss and started walking to where Sensei Tsubasa was waiting. He noticed that Sensei Tsubasa was using his wrist blade to prop himself up. Ryunosuke walked up to Sensei Tsubasa and offer himself as a human crutch. Now, whether Sensei took the assistance or not was another matter. He then waited for Sensei Tsubasa to say something.... which would probably be sarcastic and negative.
The Mad Bomber
Tsubasa watched quietly at his students kill the rain shinobi, better him than them, but for to have been their first kill they seemed unnaturally calm and the way Triss decided to end it was bloody as hell. He could wonder what kind of monsters he was breeding here, but then again he himself had already been labeled as one so there was no point in regretting. Tsubasa glanced at Ryunosuke, who offered his aid, but Tsubasa stumbled up on his own, ignoring his help for now. The bandits had scattered no doubt and the prime causes of this whole mess were dead, but there were still things left unsolved and too many questions that required an answer. Yet those thoughts were halted by the villagers, that had came out of their hiding, gazed at the street with a quiet mix of awe and fear. They made a few quiet nods, but didn`t seemingly begin to celebrate the situation at all as Tsubasa quietly walked over to the long haired rain shinobi laying face down in the pool. Tsubasa kicked the corpse onto it`s back and gazed at his dead opponent, it wasn`t a pleasant sight, but at least the man`s eyes were closed so he seemed to be at peace instead of screaming accusations of murder with his dead eyes. One of the villagers finally approached Tsubasa and coughed loudly to get his attention in order to catch his attention, Tsubasa glanced towards the man.

"We are grateful that you have risked your life to save us, but I understand that for you this might seem another job yet we are thankful at least. If it`s no offense, we can offer you a resting place at the town hall and of course whatever medical supplies we have."

Tsubasa smirked before looking back at the corpse of the shinobi with the smirk turning into a grin.

"If you want to show that gratitude then give the two ninjas and the fallen bandits a proper burial, not a hole in the ground where you just pile them."

For a moment the villager seemed confused and even angered by this proposal, but apparently understood Tsubasa`s meaning and made a slight bow before hurrying off his way to the town hall. The people of the village had finally started the come out and many headed for their homes to see what they could repair, a horrifying awakening from a nightmare that they had experienced. Tsubasa finally glanced at his students and at the same time watched as the corpse of the large shinobi was picked up.

Bloody hell Triss... you don`t chop off someone`s freaking head just because they are your enemy.

He thought with the grin still on his face and now even stronger with disgust at what had happened here. Yet he finally allowed himself to breathe easy and made an encouraging attempt to smile.

"At least you kids made it against that shinobi, despite that he was way above your singular skills, but seems that my teachings haven`t gone to waste. Yet... Triss, please refrain from decapitating your foes.... I find it.. distasteful... that`s not an order or critic, but that`s how I feel. Despite the fact that they were our enemies and committed crimes, you should at least give them some respect for the skills they harbored after you have defeated them. Yet I am just being freaking soft now, get yourselves patched up and rest, you`ll need it before we leave..."

Tsubasa said before stumbling towards the town hall, he still had open wounds, which required healing yet he had for a while already forgotten about them. He finally collapsed when he entered the town hall, but managed to drag himself to sit against the wall and whenever someone tried to help him, he simply made a somewhat hostile glance towards them. Yet despite his will to survive this situation on his own, he passed out after a while and was taken to the care of the villagers. The town hall now had plenty of space to spare as the people began to depart to their homes and the men of the village secured the village in case any bandits remained.
Triss Hawkeye
Triss raised her eyebrows a millimetre at Tsubasa's request. He had a point, she supposed. Still, if one wants to defeat their enemy, they must do so by the most certain means. Showing an enemy respect at the price of an opening would be foolish.

Still, she decided that she would follow her superior's request, if only to keep him happy. The less he had to complain about, the less Triss felt she needed to worry that she would become inferior - Ryunosuke had the potential to become a strong ninja and a good force to work beside. But Triss couldn't ever feel secure unless she was the most powerful. She would do anything to stay that way.
The Mad Bomber
(You guys can post something about what they did while Tsubasa recovered if you wish and about your characters arriving to the edge of the village where Tsubasa is waiting for them)

Some hours later Tsubasa found himself laying on a humble bed in the town hall with all of his wounds bandaged and only a few people around the large space that had earlier been packed with villagers. He quietly stared at the roof and recalled upon the events of the day or at least he thought so as in fact it had been at least a half a day ago. The battle had taken it`s toll on him unlike his students since their injuries had seemed minor compared to his, but then again he had not dared to use his other jutsu due to their dangerous nature. He must have seemed weak in the eyes of his pupil, but had they engaged the more experienced rain shinobi in combat, they would not have stood a chance. Tsubasa slowly forced himself to sit on the bed and placed his feet onto the floor, quietly he tried to gain stability beneath his feet without causing his wounds to ache, as they had before. He let out a quiet sigh of relief as he didn`t feel a stinging pain in his wounds or bones, which he had feared to have broken in the battle. He took some steps towards the entrance and stopped to glare outside, the streets were calm and empty of the havoc caused earlier. The villagers had even gone back to their daily business and started rebuilding their little community, perhaps for the better yet there were other matters that bothered him more than the future of the town.

It was the future of his pupils that he was worried about, he couldn`t help wandering what kind of shinobi`s he was training them to be, obedient killers that would do blindly what their village leaders told them? Tsubasa didn`t like Sunagakure or the way things were under the current kazekage, this had been one of the main reasons he had left, but the overall lack of information for this mission had bothered him. It had seemed too good to be true at first, but then suddenly by a twist of fate, it had every element to become one hell of a mess involving lots of people dying. At first he had thought that the acceptance of his return had been because enough time had passed, but suddenly had the feeling that he was seen as a tool to be used for some greater purpose. Yet this mission seemed too much of a coincidence and he began to have a feeling that there was more on his way, if he wasn`t careful. The fourth hadn`t after all meant for him to return as a part of the village, but a tool of the village just like he had thought about his own son. Tsubasa smirked as he stared at the street that was slowly coming to life and filled with busy villagers, it might have been his usual paranoia, but then again he hadn`t been `exiled` for no reason. Tsubasa heard slow phased steps from behind him as, if someone was sneaking up on him or approaching him cautiously. He glanced towards the hall behind him and saw the shrimp of a mayor standing there with a stupid fake smile on his face, but it was no use being rude towards the apparent coward.

"I have your payment, it is all that our village treasury could muster to pay for your help, but it should be enough, I checked it twice." The mayor said before handing out a small pouch filled with money and Tsubasa grabbed it, but felt for a moment how unwillingly the was giving up the payment for the services concluded.

I bet you did... Tsubasa thought and checked the inside before placing the pouch on his belt, but sighed at the same time as he could only wonder where he would get another jacket for himself. He closed his eyes for a moment and rubbed his forehead with his fingers before giving a final look at the mayor, who had already began to walk away.

"I guess those two had some earlier encounter with this village?"

He asked with his fingers against his own forehead, but his eyes were drilling into the back of the mayor`s head at that moment. A few others in the hall, who heard Tsubasa, seemed restless as well by the words. The mayor turned to stare back at Tsubasa, again trying to disguise his nervousness beneath his smile.

"Why would you say that?"

"Well I happen to have a gut feeling that no shinobi would be willing or foolish enough to sacrifice their lives in an even battle, if there was only money at stake. Besides, the one I fought seemed angered by our intervention, far more angrier than he was supposed to and I don`t think he would have stayed around to fight me for your tiny wealth. It`s about time I am given some details about what you have been keeping from me and why, also what word your messenger had brought to our village?"

Tsubasa said with a steady voice as he slit the other wrist blade into sight and began taking steps towards the mayor, of course this was only for dramatic effect, but at least the man might squeal out the truth more willing when threatened with force.


After some time Tsubasa exited the town hall with all of his equipment packed, he hadn`t seen his three students at the town hall as they had been offered some other accommodations meanwhile. Yet he had sent a villager to fetch them and to tell them to be ready to depart at once, Tsubasa headed for the end of the town where he stood at the last house waiting for the three to appear. He had refilled his rations at the town hall from the supplies stored there and he had also found a temporary solution for his torn jacket, he was now covered by a black cloak with a hood. The cloak had an opening in the front and reached him slightly past his knee`s, he kept the hood down as the weather didn`t really require it. To him the weather was actually just fine, the sky was filled with clouds, but it didn`t rain nor did the sun shine and on top of that there was a slight wind rising up. He quietly glared at the village opening besides him and wondering had the three coming up the street changed due to this experience.
Fullmetal Poser
Ryunosuke was glad to have dry clothes on and the feeling back in his hands. He was also appreciative of the family that allowed him to lodge with them. However, he wondered if Sensei Tsubasa was holding back during his fight with the other rain shinobi. If he was, that could only mean two things. First, Sensei Tsubasa had powerful attacks that could to damage to a large radius. And second, that he was holding back for the three genin safety.

While Ryunosuke awaited word from his Sensei, he restocked his supplies and made sure he had enough water and food. He was helping a family with some repairs to their home with word came from another villager that Sensei Tsubasa was requesting his presence. He quickly finished the project he was working on and bid the family farewell. He gathered all his items and headed towards the meeting spot. He stood in front of Sensei Tsubasa and awaited his direction.
Triss Hawkeye
Triss had changed, and with a nod of thanks to the shopkeeper who had sold her some food, she left and wandered along the street for a bit. She climbed onto the roof of one of the buildings, sitting crosslegged on the damp surface. She took out one of her katanas and began to polish it. She had a good vantage point. It was time to practice.

She ran her cloth up and down the length of the blade. Having learnt no reflection-enhancing jutsus yet, she had to make do with this surface alone, which was fairly reflective but blurry and still slightly stained from the last battle. Sighing, she rubbed the cloth up and down the blade methodically, tilting it so that the puddles of the street slowly began to show in its reflection as the grime was cleaned off. There was a flash of movement in the blade. Annoyed that she still did not have the skill to tell what it was, Triss glanced up, looking over the street. Sure enough, there was Ryunosuke running down - he must have been summoned by Tsubasa.

Sheathing her blade with another sigh, Triss jumped down from the roof, following in the boy's footsteps at a more leisurely pace.
The Mad Bomber
(I have no idea what is going on with Winter Phantom, but I`ll just pretend for now that her character arrived along with them. )

Tsubasa gazed away until they all arrived before him and scratched his neck with a bored expression while yawning, the journey would be a tiresome one and personally he wasn`t thrilled about it. Yet then again he had a way of making things easier on himself and giving the kids some perspective, not to mention keeping their training up along the travel. He looked at the them from right to left as they formed into a row before him, from Ryonosuke to Triss as Akira was left in the middle. He had been able to catch glimpses of their fight and their performance hadn`t been disappointing, but he was not willing to think that they mastered anything, after all he could have killed them once, if he had wanted to. Yet as his own performance must have seemed somewhat sad at the village, it might just fool his students and have them think that he was a far more easier foe than they his jounin rank led to believe. He would have to get to know the three better, he knew all the basic stuff such as their backgrounds, attitudes and ways of thinking, but there was more to their stories he believed. Tsubasa decided to brake the silent moment with a cough and gazing beyond them at the village.

"Our business here has been concluded so I hope you are prepared for the long walk home..."

He said with a rather distant voice, but flashed a clever smirk at them before turning away and beginning to walk away from the village. Yet after a hundred meters he stopped, bit his thumb causing it to bleed slightly and began performing hand seals without a warning. After the seals were complete he slammed his hand into the muddy roads surface and was for a moment covered by smoke.

>>> Kuchiyose no Jutsu <<<

As the smoke cleared Tsubasa was standing besides a large wolverine that glared first at Tsubasa, then at the three genin that were not too far away from Tsubasa and finally at the village on the background. Tsubasa gazed briefly at the genin with the same confident smirk on his face, but his smirk faded away as the wolverine turned to stare at him and he turned to face the beasts demanding gaze. The wolverine was at least two or even three times as tall as Tsubasa, which made it appear intimidating, not to mention the sharp teeth that sticked out in it`s mouth and the dark fur that covered it`s body.

"Heya!" Tsubasa greeted cheerfully and stood with his other hand on his waist in order to appear more relaxed.

"You? What the hell!? Why did you call for me to a place like this?" The wolverine growled at Tsubasa as apparently it had expected to have been summoned to a battle and the annoyed reaction made Tsubasa clearly grin out of slight fear.

"Kaemon, can`t I call for an old friend just to see how his doing?" Tsubasa asked, trying desperately to appear innocent.


Kaemon growled again, but seemed to calm down as he had apparently been interrupted from something by Tsubasa`s call yet now the sudden rage had calmed down and it`s attention turned to other things. It first gazed at the visible, and various, bandages that Tsubasa was covered in and then at the three genin standing on the background of the not so happy reunion. Kaemon hmhed at the sight and gazed at Tsubasa.

"Where did you get all beat up like that? That`s not like you at all and mind telling me who these punks are with their suna headbands?" Kaemon inquired.

"Ah, well long story short, I was accepted back to the sand village, all tough under suspicious circumstances, and I was granted the rank of jounin, not to mention these kids to train. Our latest mission got a little rough, if you must know why I look so beaten up."

Tsubasa said with a seemingly calmer tone, but kept his remark in the middle of his sentence as a whisper so that the genin couldn`t hear him. Tsubasa suddenly slammed his hands together, before Kaemon had the chance to retort, and quickly hurried to continue his explanation.

"But you as a remarkably good friend of mine can spare me the strain of running back to the sand village, can`t you? Just me, not the kids, they`ll have to run as a part of their training." Tsubasa explained, but never gazed at his students, who no doubt were either very confused or pissed off by Tsubasa`s acting or probably both. Kaemon almost spat at the thought, but grinned his teeth.

"I swear this is the last time I ever appear when you summon me" It swore with an annoyed tone.


Tsubasa muttered with a smile as he knew that despite the apparent annoyance and bickering of Kaemon, they had been trough a lot together and in fact Kaemon was the only summon he had ever come to rely on. Tsubasa quickly spun around and walked up to the genin with a calm face, even relieved face.

"As you must have heard, you aren`t allowed on his back and secondly don`t even try to talk to him, if he doesn`t say anything to you first. Despite his name(Kaemon means joyful) he isn`t cheerful at all when it comes to humans bothering him and don`t even think of saying anything about the irony of his name. I could have lost a limb once, if my master had not stopped Kaemon when I spoke about it out loud..."

He instructed the genin, but as he recalled the time he had dared to point out the irony of Kaemon`s name, his face began turned into a grin just from the memory of that day. Certainly they were friends, but back then he had been a mere genin and Kaemon still had a habbit of getting violent from the slightest insult. Without another word Tsubasa quickly walked over to Kaemon and leaped onto it`s back before it gazed at the genin.

"Try to keep up punks"

It said with an amused tone before rushing off into the distance with Tsubasa on it`s back, but the jounin was not clearly enjoying himself as he desperately hanged onto the back of the large beast. Kaemon on the other hand enjoyed tormenting his passenger and forcing the genin to run as fast as they could, if they wanted to keep up with their master and his ride.
Triss Hawkeye
Triss watched the conversation take place. She found herself telling herself that she would learn to summon, one day. The wolverine was sleek and beautiful, however fierce it may be. Putting to the back of her mind as an emotionless mental note with some effort, she watched as Tsubasa jumped onto the creature's back and disappeared.

"If I didn't already know him, I would think that was some sort of poor joke," she said with a bored sigh. "But I suppose this means we have to go all the way back through the desert on our own. It's logical - he wants to test our navigation and survival skills. I suggest we make sure we have supplies for the journey, then set out immediately. If he wants to test us, we must excel."
The Mad Bomber
(Shall I skip onwards or are we waiting for Fullmetal poser to post a closure?)
Triss Hawkeye
((I dunno. If you like...although I have to say, Akira hasn't appeared in a while...))
The Mad Bomber
QUOTE(Triss Hawkeye @ Dec 20 2007, 12:45 AM) *
((I dunno. If you like...although I have to say, Akira hasn't appeared in a while...))

(( No kidding, I have a bad feeling that ppl don`t have enough time to post... or they are away or something... I can fill in a genin spot if needed, but i hope we could continue with those we began with ))
Fullmetal Poser
(( I am so sorry, I got caught up with finals and the holiday. Once again, sorry for the delay. I should have no problems posting after the holidays. ))

Ryunosuke was a bit surprised by the summoning of the some what abnormally large wolverine. But perhaps, it was not some much by the summoning of the great beast, but more of less, by the communication between the two. And for some strange reason, he felt the urge to poke the beast to see if it was just some sort of illusionary trick or the real deal. Ryunosuke reframed from his child-like impulse because he knew the wolverine would have no trouble cutting his arm off. And truth be told, he liked his arm.

After hearing the prep speech by Triss, he nodded in agreement and started running in the direction of the resourceful sensei riding the majestic beast.
The Mad Bomber
(Wonderful, I`ll close this section of the rp with this post and well move onwards to the chunin exams, that means canon`s that have not been taken will be up for grabs as they come along and new rpers are allowed to join in)

Had Tsubasa known what his students thought of Kaemon, he might have laughed out loud even in the presence of the beast and in it`s absence he would have found it the most hilarious thing on the face of the earth. Majestic might have been a word for fools and people, who hadn`t witnessed Kaemon in battle to use, but Tsubasa knew better. A merciless predator sounded more like a fitting description, but then again it sounded reassuring when you knew that Kaemon was on your side, not against you. Also riding wasn`t the term that described what Tsubasa was experiencing, hanging for his life was a closer guess than anything else...


It had been some time after the incident at the village of Kashin, since then Team Tsubasa had been given some time to take a breather except for Tsubasa himself, who was put under harsh inquiries about the events that took place. Had the genin even tried to interfere they would have been simply ignored and sent away, being told to train instead of bothering adults with minor details. Everything was as Tsubasa had expected it to have been, it had been a test of loyalty and trustworthiness, apparently the fourth still remembered too well what had happened to family of powerful ninjas of which Tsubasa was that last one remaining. Yet despite the suspicions and inquiries Tsubasa was allowed to walk away without any punishments, apparently he had succeeded in making an impression. Soon after he received a message to come meet with another sand jounin, Baki, another person that knew all too well what was hidden in Tsubasa`s past.

"The chunin exams huh? And in Konoha of all places?"

Tsubasa confirmed with a clever smile on his face, it sounded all too nostalgic for he had taken part in his chunin exams in Konoha as well and was now excited to see how it`s ninja`s had developed. Yet there was another thing about the exams that made him smile, a sleek, very discomforting smile that made Baki obviously very concerned at that moment. Yet the older jounin decided to redirect the conversation as there was another matter concerning those that would participate in the exams on the sands behalf.

"The kazekage sama`s children will also participate in the exams besides your team" Baki said with a rather concerned voice and it told Tsubasa that there was someone else that he was far more worried about than Tsubasa. Even Tsubasa at that point stopped smiling and his eyes slitted as he gazed at Baki.

"When you say it like that you mean Gaara..." Tsubasa reasoned and tried to make the conversation as quick as possible from that point on.

Gaara, that freak son of the fourth kazekage was a terror for the whole village and for a very good reason. Even Tsubasa had to admit that the boy was even more scarier than Kaemon could be even, if he wanted to. From that point on the conversation was very brief and the meeting point for the teams was set to be at the east side of the village, from there they would leave towards Konoha. Tsubasa sent messages for his students as usual to meet him at the east side of the village and in these messages he told them right away, that they would leave to the leaf village for the chunin exams. Refusing would of course result in the immediate wrath of their master and as a consequence he threatened to release Kaemon on them, if they refused again. All tough that was pointless as he knew that none of his students would let him down like that, but then again he wasn`t quite sure about Ryonosuke, somehow he seemed a little bit too simple or modest to him.

The jounin`s would be the first to arrive to the scene to wait for their students at the east side of the village, neither of them said a word to each other, but from time to time gazed at each others as, if trying to figure out what the other one was planning. Tsubasa had occupied a shadowy place along the wall that protected the village and sat against it whilst staring quietly at the village, occasionally at Baki until the first of the genin started to arrive.

(The spots of Gaara and Kankuro are open for grabs! New and old members of the rp may take them!)
Fullmetal Poser
Ryunosuke was returning from the fields to his family's home. Surely, it was not easy to maintain a farm in the desert. The climate is bad, the irrigation is poor and the elements are harsh. There was still so much that still needed to be done plus there was training too. But he knew his step-mother was expecting him for the meal she just finished cooking for the family. She was a normally sweet and lovely woman, but if you missed one of her meals, you would have to deal with her wrath. And that was not a pleasant thing. He remembers getting beamed in the head with a skillet 60 yards out because he missed dinner one time while focusing on his training.

When he arrived, the table was already set and his father and 7 brothers were already seated waiting to eat. His step mother was patiently waiting. When his father said: "Last again Ryunosuke, maybe I should stop giving you the harder jobs." Ryunosuke replied "No, it is alright" and took his sit at the opposite end of the table. The meal went as it normally did, people fighting of elbow room and over the last piece of whatever. Ryunosuke even smiled at a few jokes that were at his brothers' expense. When the meal was over, it was time to clear the table. Ryunosuke's oldest brother said "That was tasty. Umm ... To be fair ... those with red hair help mom clean the table." At that, his brothers scattered like the wind. Ryunosuke sat at the table rather disgusted by the 'fairness' of that statement since he was the only one among them with red hair. After getting a rather stern look from his father, Ryunosuke got up and began collecting the dished.

As he was carrying the dished to the kitchen, there was a knock on the door. His step-mother went to answer the door and called for Ryunosuke. Tsubasa's massagers finally arrived and said:

"Ryunosuke Isamu, you are to report to the east side of the village by order of Tsubasa Kinjo. You will be departing for the Chunin exam in the Leaf Village."

Ryunosuke replied: "Yes, thank you."

He turned back into the house to see that his family has gathered behind him with their concerns faces. He walked by them casually upstairs to his room where he kept a bag ready to go when Sensei Tsubasa beckons. He walked back down the stair to here one of his brothers asks: "So, no light show tonight Ryunosuke?" He was not too trilled that his brother called his ninjustu training a 'light show' but answered with a simple "no." As he was walking out the door, his step-mother said: "Oh please be careful Ryunosuke."

Once outside, he saw his father there waiting for him rather sternly:

Father: "So, you are leaving for the Chunin exams?"
Ryunosuke: "Yes, sir."
Father: "You know Ryunosuke; there is honor in admitting when you are not ready."

Those words hit a nerve with Ryunosuke. His father never talked to him about his training so how would he know if he was ready or not. Ryunosuke pause for a second nodded and started walking to where he needed to meet Sensei Tsubasa. He waved to his family then faded in the distance.

As he was walking to the meeting place, he passed his mother memorial. Ryunosuke paused there for a few minutes saying and thinking nothing. Honestly, what do you same to someone you never knew. He signed and said under his breathe:

"Well, I guess we will find out if it was worth it."

Then started walking again to the meeting place.
Triss Hawkeye
Triss would never have admitted it to anyone, but she wished she were still away with her team on a mission in some remote village. On her return she had found her suspicions to be right.

Her father had begun teaching the family ninjutsu to Itto. Never mind her, never mind the most skilled at taijutsu - her skill in that had cost her the opportunity to learn new things. Old man Hawkeye...he had said he was 'satisfied' with the skill Triss had. "Satisfied". On the other hand, her younger brother, more skilled than Triss at ninjutsu but hopeless with a katana, was being taught the precious family secrets.

Life at home had become a shouting match - first between Triss and Itto, then, as she realised who her enemy was, her father. When the summons came, she was only too glad to leave...with two of her father's scrolls tucked into her bag.

She approached the meeting place of her team, eager to get going before her father started a commotion - she would probably have by early evening before he noticed. They would have to be well on their way to Konoha by then - another trip, far from home. By the time they returned, Triss would be an honoured Chuunin, she hoped. Maybe he would forgive her...
Death Awakens
Temari glided down on her giant war fan to an area just outside Sunagakure. She was ready for the chunin exams in Konohagakure. However, she was not too thrilled to be traveling to the exams with another group. She did not have a high opinion of Tsubasa nor his three runts. But then again, truth be told, she had little respect for anyone. She viewed these exams as more of a formality than an actual test of her kin and her own skill. She figured that at least she would get some enjoyment out of the misfits failing at the exam.

Temari look around her, she could have swore her brothers were right behind her. She was a bit perturbed that they were not here yet. She hoped that Gaara was not having another episode with assassins. Perhaps it was better, if she went and look of them. After all, she was the oldest. Besides, it was not like Baki would leave without the Kazekage children.
Triss Hawkeye
Triss arrived at their meeting place in time to see the Kazekage's daughter fly down on her fan. She narrowed her eyes. As far as she was concerned, that family was a collection of brats, with a stuck up older sister, a bad-tempered brother and a freak.

She stood defiantly as Temari approached, staring her down with no evidence of respect or submission, but at the same time with no obvious ill intentions. Maybe it would unsettle her, Triss' couldn't-care-less impassiveness. Everyone reacted in some way to those three. Well, just to be irritating, Triss wouldn't.
Death Awakens
Temari noticed Triss's eyes narrowed a bit. 'Could it be that Triss was not happy to see her?' she thought. She decided to make some small talk while she waited for her brothers and Baki to arrived. She stated casually but with a hint of coldness:

"So Triss, how is the Hawkeye's clan Kekkei Genkai training going? I hear that your father seems to be nursing your younger brother more than you but I thought you were the heir to the family. It is a bit annoying how fathers desire a male heir. Oh, and what about that meek wallflower Akira, does she still hide in her sisters' shadows? And don't get me started on that farmhand from the family of failures. Honestly, you would think that one out of the numerous sons would make a half way descent ninja. Really, is it that hard to shine out from amongst your teammates? Or perhaps, it is your teammates that dim your talent so your father cannot see your worth?"
Triss Hawkeye
Triss gasped involuntarily as Temari touched a nerve, then, furious with herself for losing control, regained her fairly neutral expression, annoyed that Temari knew so much about the inhabitants of the village.

"He's foolish," she muttered. "Itto is good at ninjutsu, so that is what he is taught, along with swordsmanship, like everyone from my family, although he is only fair with it. I'm good at the sword, and so that's all I'm good for. It's as simple as that, supposedly. My father never says it, but I know that's what he thinks." She vowed to remain silent on the matter from here on out - she had already revealed too much...but even Temari was someone to talk to. With an effort, Triss regained her nonchalent tone looking down at the ground in indifference.

"And as for my teammates, I really hold no opinion on them. All that matters is that we are able to work together."
The Mad Bomber
Unbeknownst to the two genin, Tsubasa was already on the meeting location and had already been listening to them throughout, that brief confrontation, which he would not allow to continue. He had heard enough, it was never his intention to ease drop on the two, but at least that shed some light on what was going on with Triss. No one in the village, except for his students and some occasional messengers, talked to him and he never bothered anyone else. Tsubasa sighed and opened his eyes as he got up on a rock covered by the shadow of the village wall, his clothes and skin were both covered in an earthy shell that fell off him as he got up.

"Judging by the early morning bickering the two of you seem more than eager enough to prove your worths at the exams"

He slowly stumbled up and brushed the last pieces of his camouflage off his jacket. He gazed at the both of them to check their expressions and simply smirked as an explanation to the sudden `arrival`. He hadn`t seen Temari in a while, not that they ever even properly met or that she even knew about as to why he was banished as the matter was kept secret from all youngsters in the village. At least her sharp wit had worked for Tsubasa`s advantage as he had learned more about Triss, especially when he was the type that didn`t like to ask anyone anything too directly. Tsubasa looked at the village quietly before checking his left and right, hoping to see more of his own genin arriving to the spot.

"Well I took Baki as someone more punctual of a person, but I can hardly blame him considering with whom he has to travel..."

He said with a rather awkward grin on his face as his words were not simply directed at the obvious threat in them all, but also at himself.
Triss Hawkeye
Triss gave a sidelong glance to Tsubasa, noticing that he had appeared from the rocks. Did that mean he had heard what she had just said? Thankfully she hadn't told Temari about the scrolls she carried, and had no plan to.

"I wish they would be more punctual," she said. "I can see Ryunosuke is on his way, but Akira and ... the others I haven't seen at all yet."
Winter Phantom
(Hi! I'm sorry after being off for so long,I was too occupied with tests and homework at school.Can anyone tell me what happened during all this time?)
Fullmetal Poser
(( Welcome Back Winter Phantom! We finished the mission and how are preparing to travel to Konoha for chunin exams. ))

Ryunosuke continued walking towards the meeting place. As he got closer, he noticed three figures in the distance, one was noticable taller then the others. And judgeing by the silhouettes, the other two were female. He just assumed that the three were Tsubasa, Triss and Akira. As he appoarced he noticed that the other girl was not Akira but the kazekage's daughter. He also observed that Triss had the certain glance and wonder what new trick Master Tsubasa did.

He said rather apathetically:

"Hey. So who else is accompaning us to the chunin exams.?"
Triss Hawkeye
Triss iwshed with annoyance that Ryunosuke would be more observant. He should be able to recognise the Kazekage's daughter and work out for himself that it meant that Baki's team would be travelling with them. However she simply sighed, saying, "The Kazekage's daughter and sons will be accompanying us," indicating Temari.
Fullmetal Poser
Ryunosuke looked at Triss and stating apathetically:

"I see that, I was just wondering if a third group would appear. I mean, it would not be so surprising if another group arrived would it? After all, Sunagakure is currently in the process of restoring and maintain a military force. It would not be so odd if we made a strong appearance at the chunin exams."
Death Awakens
((Sorry, my mother has been in the hospital for the last week and a half and is still there. I have been caring for my little sister in the meantime. I will post when I can just don't know if it will be as often as I use too.))

Temari was listening in on Triss and Ryunosuke's conversion. She gave a sharp smile over towards them stated.

"Precisely, for a farm boy, you sure do know a few things about this village. That for that exact reason, my bothers and I are participating in the chunin exams. Honestly, the only reason why your team is coming because of that last mission which you seemed to have found success on because a fluke. No matter, Kazekage children will make our village proud."
Triss Hawkeye
Triss made an effort to control herself and shrugged, as if she couldn't care less. "Well, I'm of the opinion that family and bloodline is of no importance when it comes to talent. You either have it or you don't. Chance doesn't come into it." However she fumed inside at Temari's obvious jibe at them. She seemed to want to be obnoxious. Fine then - Triss would simply be obnoxious back, in her own way.
Death Awakens
Temari smiled an evil smiled and replied:

"Well, if that is case, could this be why your father is focusing his attention on your younger brother and his talents. I do, however, find your logic a bit irrational. Family and bloodline are important when it comes do to Kekkei Genkai. Some abilities and techniques do tend to be clan related. I am sure you would not be too pleased if everyone could learn the Hawkeye's family techniques. But since bloodlines are of no importance, perhaps I should ask your father to train me when we get back from the chunin exams."
Fullmetal Poser
Ryunosuke signed at the two girls bickering, he wonders why Sensei Tsubasa did not do anything to break it up. Perhaps he found a little amusement in the conversation. Ryunosuke, however, did not find the topic entertaining and reminded him of his brothers and their petty little fights. It was apparent that both girls were trying to get under each other skin, perhaps for a competitive edge at the chunin exams. He then mumbled:

"This is going to be a long trip."
Triss Hawkeye
"I said talent, not skills and abilities," Triss replied coldly. She then shot a glare at Ryunosuke. "Whatever. I just want to be off already," she said, wondering where Temari's brothers and Akira were.

((What are we going to do about Akira? Does she even post any more?))
The Mad Bomber
(*cough* Yeah... I have beeeeen, wandering about that... I was waiting for WP to post, but apparently that won`t happen anytime soon. Should we just continue? We hardly are going to get anymore than 4 people for this rp it seems so were would be one team member short and lacking some people for original chars... any thoughts?)
Triss Hawkeye
((Well shall we excuse Akira due to illness/sudden turn of events/family issues etc? What about Gaara etc, do we have any volunteers for them or will we have to fall back on just Temari in our team (screw canon tongue.gif)? I wonder if an RP bulletin would be a good idea for RPs looking for members to play certain characters...))
Death Awakens
((Well, I would like to continue but I really don't want to play more than one character. And I am open to suggestions. I am adaptable.))
The Mad Bomber
(( Well all tough it pains me to do this I think we have to go with only our own characters and canon will be described in the story, we can still have them in the story of course etc. DA mind creating a genin profile of your own? ))
Death Awakens
((I going to go with a character much like Winter Phantom, besides, Hyūga Hinata is one of my favorite characters. I should be able to post more soon, since my mom should be getting out of the hospital late this week or early next week.))

First Name: Akiye
Family Name: Takeuchi
Rank: Genin
Gender: Female
Age: 12
Blood Type: O
Weapon: Naginata
Hair: Light Short Blue
Eyes: Brown
History: Youngest of three children, she was two older brothers that have become successful but more average jōnin. She has been overly protected by her parents and her brothers all her life.
Personality: Shy, unpopular and does not participate willingly in activities at social events. Akiye is more of a follower then a leader. She lacks self-confidence but dreams one day of becoming a ninja of medical.
The Mad Bomber
(Cool, IŽll create an opening for you here...)

Akira hadn`t shown up for the scheduled meeting and not too soon after Tsubasa received word, apparently Akira had some family matters to attend to, that claimed greater importance than the exams. Tsubasa respected her choice, it wasn`t like she couldn`t enter two years later yet it left him in an awkward position of having a team of two geni, however the messenger interrupted and informed that a replacement was on the way. It had been a hasty pick, but they said that this genin was like Akira or at least the words that the messenger used hinted towards that. Tsubasa nodded and returned to the two other genin, whom had been left alone as Baki had already led Gaara, Kankuro and Temari out of the sand village. Tsubasa scratched his forehead with a bothered face.

"Akira won`t be coming, but apparently we haven`t been abandoned completely, a new genin is on the way to fill her spot so we can enter the exams... "

Tsubasa said as he quietly stared at the village, expecting to see a figure rushing towards them or at least come at all.
Fullmetal Poser
Ryunosuke was a bit shocked but the news; however he showed little expression in his face. It's definitely going to be a long trip to Konoha especially since they are going to have to do teamwork exercises again. He knew that ninja are supposed to be flexible but this seemed a bit extreme. He joined Tsubasa staring out at the village waiting for a figure to appear.
Triss Hawkeye
"OK," Triss said. She wondered whether the new teammate would be any improvement on Akira. Maybe someone stronger in ninjutsu or genjutsu would complement the team better... It didn't matter. Just as long as they left the sand village as soon as possible.
Death Awakens
Akiye ran at a moderate pace towards the edge of the village. She knew her new sensei and teammates would be waiting there, especially since they should have already left for Konohagakure. She still had lipstick kisses marks on her cheeks from her mother and grandmother when she arrived that the meeting point. She fumbled through her things looking for the official noticed she received that stated she was to report to Tsubasa Kinjō for the chūnin exams.

Akiye was blushing as she bowed reverently before jōunin presenting her document and stated softly and timidly:

"I ... am ...Takeuchi Akiye ... um ... reporting ... for the ... chūnin exams."
The Mad Bomber
Tsubasa quietly stared at this genin appear into his view, first marking the odd hair color, but concentrated in her acting. Her personality came apparent as she drew closer, the shy attitude, bow and equally shy greeting. Tsubasa couldn`t help, but chuckle despite how odd it might have seemed.

"Fu fu fu...."

Tsubasa chuckled between his teeth as he accepted the document, it was really too much of a co-incidence, she was the same as Akira. This made Tsubasa wonder whether they had chosen her on purpose to join his team or was it just dumb luck? Who knew, but at least it wouldn`t change the mood, another competitive type would have surely caused some trouble.

"Good, welcome to the team, I think you`ll fit right in... shall I say you are exactly what your predecessor... take that as a compliment.... Anyway, these two are your teammates Triss and Ryonosuke. You`ll get to know em along the way I guess, watch out for Triss she can be quite competitive and judgmental... Ryonosuke well... he is less of a mystery..."

Tsubasa said introducing the teammates to Akiye, but didn`t allow any of them to say anything about his remarks about the two genin. He began walking towards the entrance after throwing his bag pack around his shoulder, he didn`t give any order and just expected them to follow. He didn`t say anything until he realized how odd it seemed to just take off like that.


He muttered with a distance voice as he stared at the sky before starting to walk again and gain distance on them.
Triss Hawkeye
"Hmph." Triss glared at her sensei's retreating back, then followed without a glance at the new member. A lack of confidence was not a good quality in a ninja - she would have to learn that, and quickly. Hopefuly she could toughen up before the chuunin exams.

Maybe I ought to be less judgemental... Tsubasa had made it clear that he did not approve of this so-called fault. However out of spite, Triss had chosen not to act on it. Like he was perfect - everyone else seemed to hate him, or at least be suspicious of him. Still, Triss was beginning to feel that she didn't want her vendetta to get in the way of people's approval of her.

What am I thinking? No one especially liked her anyway. And personal attachments could be dangerous to a ninja. The code is everything - relationships with other people should not get in the way. It should not matter whether or not people liked her. And thus she did not need to make the effort to try to get along with someone if it was not advantageous. Happy with her logic, the stone-faced girl caught up with her sensei, walking beside him without a word.
Fullmetal Poser
After Akiye introduced herself, Ryunosuke felt like as a team, they just regressed to square one. In all honestly, he was hoping the new teammate would a male. Instead, it was another timid female that probably needed to be dragged along. He gathered his stuff and threw his pack on his back and starting walking. He was sure that there would be much training on the way to the chunin exams. If fact, he was surprise to see that they were walking and he began to wonder what what jounin was planning.
Triss Hawkeye
((Over the next little while I'm going to be away in Iceland, after which I am going to have exams. I've got a lot to do, and unfortunately, RPing is low on the priority list. So I'm going to leave this RP for now - it's really inconvenient, and I'm sorry. I may be back, just don't expect it to be soon. It's been fun. smile.gif))
Winter Phantom
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Winter Phantom
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