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Winter Phantom
Akira grumbled a few words about boys under her breath as she searched for other things her teammates have missed.She almost stopped infront of a book she found,but gave up and followed Triss to the till."Is this enough?" Akira asked Triss,while glancing at the things she found.
Triss Hawkeye
"I think so..." Triss said, looking around her to be sure.
Fullmetal Poser
(( Sorry for my carelessness, I will be better. ))

Ryunosuke left the girls in the store. He still in not that comfortable being around girls since he is a bit shy. He ran to catch up with Tsubasa Sensei and expected to get criticized for leaving the girls in the store and for the items me brought. He also wonders about the new sense of urgency for mission and what problems lay ahead in the town.
Winter Phantom
('It's okay.))

"Yosh." Akira smiled as she got out the money for the supplies.'Wonder what happened to the boys?' She pondered for a moment,till she shook her head.
Triss Hawkeye
((That's fine.))

Triss rolled her eyes at Ryunosuke. "You'd almost think he didn't like us," she smiled at Akira. Putting her hands in her pockets, she left the shop, following in Ryunosuke's footsteps. He always seemed uncomfortable around them - he seemed quite shy. How cute, she thought.
The Mad Bomber
Tsubasa was standing around at the edge of the village, on the side of the main street that lead in and out of the town. He kept impatiently gazing towards the direction of the store whilst grinning his teeth, he did not quite know what to do with the three, they could get in the way if this got any dangerous. They might have been ninja, but they were merely genin and truth be told, Tsubasa never considered his own judgment of their skills very accurate. They could either succeed or they could fail, they had not know real combat and had not killed anyone, they couldn`t really place themselves before that situation what was ahead of them.

As they appeared into sight he took a few steps forward from the wall that he had been leaning onto and gazed at them, he simply waved his hand at them, telling them to come after him as he began almost running out of the village. He was not willing to wait around any longer, the whole thing was bothering him even more now and it would probably make him worry like hell before would be clear of all the facts. Bandits or no bandits, something was placing the villagers at risk and it would be sometime before someone might die. Bandits so far seemed somehow suspicious, there had to be loads of them in order to scare a town that could with little organizing defend itself.

Also there was a more terrible guess looming into his mind and he had to admit that he did not like it one bit. Yet at that moment it was pointless to think about it and he needed a distraction, he gazed at his students who came quickly after him.

"Did you get what you needed?"

He inquired with a rather blank face, but his attitude had lightened a bit for now as he didn`t pondering the same thing over and over again.
Triss Hawkeye
"Some food, some drink, some spare water pouches, rope, matches, first aid, a small sewing kit..." Triss recited as they approached Tsubasa. "Are we going now?" Despite herself she was feeling intensely curious about the mission ahead.
Fullmetal Poser
Ryunosuke continued running with the group as he heard Triss list the items they got. He was curious about the mission and the serious face that Tsubasa once wore. He wondered if this was going to be the first time them face 'real danger'. He also wondered if Tsubasa had faith in their abilities.
The Mad Bomber

Tsubasa answered bluntly to her question as they had informed of their equipment, personally Tsubasa would not have bought as half as much items as they had, but he couldn`t blame them for wanting to be properly prepared. Without another word he lead them out to the desert and again forced them into a faster phase, but this time he gave them a room for breather now it was bot about training. When they would arrive, there might be a battle and he couldn`t afford to risk them being exhausted in case of a battle. A battle, he was not afraid of bandits or that his students would fail, but the cause of this trouble seemed rather suspicious. Again he trapped himself in the chain of thoughts that he kept going over and over again in his head, for the sake everyone else except himself he hoped that he would be wrong in his prediction.

- The Village Of Kashin -

The small border village of Kashin was situated in a small valley with little woods around it, it was split by one main road that made T-intersection before the town hall before splitting off into three directions. All of the houses were built out of wood in a very simply fashion, except the town hall, which had some more sophisticated architecture about it. Anyone arriving to Kashin at first would have thought that there was an event going on perhaps or that people were inside due to the rain. But at closer examination anyone could see that there were no lights in the windows or no one ever gazed out of the windows. Of course like any village under attack or hiding, there was one exception and that was the town hall. It had been barred and occasionally there was an eye pair peeking out of the building to check the street. Some people sat around in the town hall and eyed each others impatiently, but never said a word or decided to go to sleep after someone else woke up. Finally a young man with a wooden staff leaning against his shoulder gazed at the others and broke the silence.

"Any sign of them?" He whispered.

"Which one would that be? The help which will probably never arrive because our messenger likely caught or those cursed aggressors?" A middle aged man asked as he peeked out of the building.

"Either of them, we shouldn`t lose hope just because it has been a while, I mean some of us got out of the village already..." The young man responded, trying to stay optimistic.

"And may I remind you that half of them got captured trying in the process and might be dead already?"

The older man hissed back with an angered tone, the comment effectively silenced every objection and the silence descended once again upon them.


The village was approachable from the three roads, one that lead to the west, one to the north and one to the south. The one coming from the west had a bridge to cross with a steep river flowing on that side of the village, but it seemed too obvious and an ideal place for an ambush to the newly appointed jounin. Tsubasa decided to take an alternative route, he lead them to farther up the river, to the north where there was no apparent possibility of safe crossing on feet. The river was also flooding from the rain that poured down on them, but Tsubasa wished to enter the village undetected and to check the situation even, if everything was fine. He had caught a glimpse of the village earlier on, but it hadn`t seemed to be alive, just as he had thought. Yet luckily the river crossing was too wide and they were able to barely leap across all tough the footing on the side of the river proved out to be treacherous as he had almost lost his balance at the edge of the river. He also had made sure that none of the genin had droped into the river, it would have been a pain to drag them out of there with the current being as strong as it was.

Tsubasa sighed quietly as they finally stopped at a tree on the northwestern side of the village that provided them a better look at it. Tsubasa glared around, no signs of life, no lights and not a sight of the mentioned bandits. The weather itself was grim enough to make the situation look even worse and depressing, he slowly sat down onto the branch whilst biting his teeth together as he had hoped have been able to sight any signs of life or even a survivor. He couldn`t recklessly enter the village in case of an ambush and because he had the genin to consider, he would have hoped that Triss`s father would have thought her some of their family techniques, which would have proved useful in this situation. But hoping for that was pointless and he had to use his own skills to handle the approach, he discarded idea of house by house search and concentrated on the town hall. It was the largest and most noticeable building, there was no doubt that the mayor, who had been responsible for calling them, lived or had lived in there so it might be the best place to start looking. Normally he would have tunneled his way under the village into the building, but he doubted the genin could follow as they most unlikely were not skilled in doton no jutsu. Tsubasa gazed at everyone of them at turn and nodded slightly.

"Seems disturbingly quiet, but that is where we are going and from this point on you will follow my orders only, you will not start running around on your own. There might be a trap or an ambush out there, but I can`t tell from here. Follow me and stay on the rooftops, I will lead and you follow, if you see anything alarming or get into sudden trouble shout for me. Normally I should have probably sent you back already because this is a life threatening situation and just because we are supposedly facing `bandits`, you have no right for arrogance. Got it?..."

He awaited for their answers and prepared to use a number of clones to secure their surroundings, just in case, but stopped as he realized that his bunshin no jutsu had a problem with it. Yet there was someone whose kage bunshins could work excellently in reconnaissance missions and a creepy, knowing smirk appeared on Tsubasa`s face as the rain whipped his face. He looked at Akira quietly for a short while.

"Akira, now is your turn to show off your skills, I want you to use your kage bunshin and search the village for any movement at all. Any signs of life or indications of recent activity in the village."

At least the kage bunshins weren`t too valuable compared to their lives, if there was an ambush looming in the darkness of the village.

(Winter, you can write about your character using the clones, using them to search the village and finally spotting some movement in the town hall. I`ll carry on the plot from there on again.)
Triss Hawkeye
"Yes sir." Triss nodded, looking out over the village. What awaited them there? She felt a pang of jealousy as Akira was chosen to spy out the village. Again she wished that her father had taught her something, but the possible reason for that was eating away at her...but she didn't want to say anything just yet. It could just be her being paranoid....
Fullmetal Poser
"Yes Sensei;" Ryunosuke said in response to understanding Tsubasa directions. He kept his eyes on the village to see if he could detect any movement. The village itself looked bleak and abandon but there must have been some reason the 'bandits' targeted this village. He began to look at the village more closely to see what possible resources the 'bandits' were after, but, all in all it seems like just a normal little village.
Winter Phantom
"Hai!" Akira nodded sightly and quickly to her sensei and did the familiar hand sign.Three clones appeared in a circle,all ready.Akira glanced at her teammates and Sensei one more time before jumping on a nearby tree,then dissappeared.

'One out of the two cloned haven't seen anything...' The blonde-headed ninja thought,suddenly thinking if this was a waste of time or chakra.The villiage looked more like a ghost one,seeing no movement or presence at all.

She was about to give up easily and return to her teammates,until she caught a shadow in a building.Should she enter alone with her clones,or report to the sensei immediately?

'So it's the Town hall...' She frowned,reconizing the type of building.Also thinking it was maybe the leader of the villiage who needed helping or who else over there.
The Mad Bomber
Tsubasa glared at Akira with great impatience, he expected quick reporting of her discoveries, if there were any and he hoped that she would have finished hers can already. He glared once more at the town then at Akira.


He asked in a rather harsh and sudden manner as she didn`t say anything at all all tough her clones probably had searched the village already.

Triss Hawkeye
"If the village is empty then where are the people." Triss said it as if it weren't a question, but a puzzle that needed solving. She gazed down at the village where she saw no movement except for Akira's shodow clones. Her eyesight was good, but not good enough to see across this sort of distance with complete clarity.
Winter Phantom
Akira resisted the urge to roll her eyes and sigh at her sensei,but stayed quiet."There was a movement in the Town Hall,and wanted to report it before checking out on my own." she replied in a monotone voice,glancing at the floor.
Fullmetal Poser
Ryunosuke listened as Akira reported her finding. So there is movement but he wondered if it was the town's people or the bandits. He waited for instructions for Sensei Tsubasa.
The Mad Bomber
Tsubasa hmhed and partially let out a relieved sigh between his grinned teeth, survivors huh? Or was it the enemy hiding out there in order to spring a trap on the arriving rescuers. He couldn`t determine anything until he got a closer look and stood up straight as he prepared to depart from their lookout.

"We do as I say, no fooling around or heroism, if that occurs I will have you whipped and increase the training phase for all of you. Akira have your shadow clones wait near the city hall and keep an eye on the building, report anything you see."

He said with a cold voice, but there was still that shred of amusement all tough he didn`t think that it would be funny if any of them got killed. Tsubasa glanced at the city hall and then at the other buildings around them, at least they provided roofs, which they could use in order to advance to the city hall`s top floor.

"I go first, you three follow me in a wedge, Akira first on my left backside, Triss on the right and after Akira comes Ryunosuke. If you see anything in case Akira missed anything report at once and stick close to everyone else, I will take any threats head on and you will only act as I command or to defend yourselves."

Tsubasa ordered before leaping off towards the town and with a few jumps he reached the first roof, he made a brief stop, but continued his movements to the next roof as he cleared the area just in case. He did not doubt Akira`s abilities, but he couldn`t guarantee that she had been exact or the enemy was hiding in places that could not be found with a quick sweep of the village with shadow clones. Tsubasa would have liked to concentrated his full attention on the city hall, but had to watch out for attacks against the three genin so he had to sacrifice a few glances their way. Yet surprisingly and more worryingly they arrived on the roof of the town hall undetected or unnoticed, but appearances had a tendency of being illusive. Tsubasa glanced at the three genin and knelt at the edge of the roof, there was easy access trough the window, but it would certainly be guarded. But to a jounin like him entering and taking out a few bandits shouldn`t be a big problem.

"Follow only after I tell you to or when there are no more sounds of fighting, if there are any even..."

He said with a smile before swinging himself agile down from the roof and straight trough the window, it partially opened on itself and the rest just splintered into thousands of glass pieces as he swung in. Immediately he spotted movement on his sides and as a response his wrist blades flashed in the dark, after one spin the two men stumbled back as the wooden staffs they were wielding had been shortened by a hands length. Tsubasa got a good look at their faces and clothing, but that was what just bothered him as a third, younger man charged from the shadows with an axe trying to desperately hit Tsubasa. The young farmer was leveled by Tsubasa`s fist that sent the farmer onto the floor with his nose bleeding, the three farmers around him looked in shock as they realized that he was a ninja.

"Ah sorry about that" Tsubasa answered with an embarrassed grin as the blades disappeared into his sleeves as fast as they had appeared.

"Who are you?" One of the older farmers demanded to know.

"Kinjo Tsubasa, a jounin from the Suna, I was sent here to, along with my `adorable` students, to see what kind of a mess this was."

"Finally!" The young man snorted arrogantly as his nose was bleeding, but he did not complain as the arrival was at least on their side.

Everyone seemed to sigh in relief and seemed that the farmers had gone trough a lot, Tsubasa glanced around and whistled to the genin as a sign for them to follow. This whole thing still bothered him, only three? Were the others downstairs? Certainly the hall below was bigger, but it didn`t seem sensible, a village like this had to have at least 50 men in it and only three were guarding the top floor? Had they died or something else? A fourth man climbed into the fourth floor, he at first peeked into the room before appearing fully, he was a rather skinny man with expensive clothing. Probably the mayor.... Tsubasa thought as he gazed at the man, then at the other men and finally at the genin, who entered trough the window.

"We need to rest here for a while, the journey has beenn tiring and if things are quiet for now we may as well get prepared for what`s ahead. Kids you get resting and take a look around the hall, IŽll talk to that guy over there... he is the mayor right?"

He said pointing at the skinny man at the stairs and afterwards asked for confirmation from the three men, who nodded quietly before starting to barricade the broken window so that none would get trough. Tsubasa had not looked below, but the sight that awaited there was not pleasant, families had packed into the lower hall and space was scarce. Some wounded and sick laid around being taken care of, elderly people sat aside against the walls as this whole incident was not good for their health in anyway. Food also seemed to be a problem, they had been barricaded for quite sometime and in time they would not have enough food to survive the day. They had been under siege sometime from their enemy and Tsubasa guessed that there was more to this than just cornering off a whole village.
Triss Hawkeye
Triss jumped through the window then stood back to let her comrades in. As they came through, Tsubasa began to barricade the window. She looked around. They were in a room, the top floor of the building. The light was gloomy and the room darkened considerably as Tsubasa blocked out the light, but Triss' eyes were not affected in the slightest. There were four other men in the room, all farmers by the looks of it, except forthe thin man who Tsubasa had assumed to be the mayor. The farmers' faces were hard, concealing fear underneath their tough expressions. They seemed to be relieved that help had come, but at the same time not entirely pleased that the help came from children.

Triss gave them and the mayor a brief nod and started to push away the broken glass from beneath the window, picking up a broom off the floor and sweeping the shards into a corner, not entirely sure what to do with them. Then she noticed a particularly large shard of glass and stowed it carefully away in her bag.

She didn't know why, but Triss had an instinct for these sort of things - just like in the shop she would seemingly at random pick something up with a gut feeling that it may come in useful. Whether they actually did or not was hard to say. Triss was almost ashamed of this bizarre habit, rationality and effeciency being important to her, but she had also been taught that senses beyond the physical five existed, and coupled with a sharp memory for small details it could well be that she was responding subconciously to...

Her thoughts were broken by the sudden wail of a baby from below. Closing her eyes to enhance her hearing, Triss could hear faint and frantic shushing from a few people - women, it seemed. There were a few coughs, but no sound above the odd virtually inaudible murmur. The village seemed rank with fear. One thing seemed certain - bandits were not the only problem here.
Fullmetal Poser
Ryunosuke kept a low profile on the roof waiting for a signal from Tsubasa. He kept a keen eye out of any movement. Then he heard an 'All clear' whistle telling them that the situation is under control in Town Hall. Before he jumped through the window, Ryunosuke made a quick canvas of the area. Even thought it was raining, a breaking window does make a distinct sound which could be recognized by any good watchman. In a upper level of a house in the western area by the bridge, a small light seemed to have flicked in short and long dashes. After the light dashed stopped, he looked around at the surrounding area to see if someone would acknowledge the light dash code. He saw a short returning message coming from the forest area south of Town Hall. He jumped through the broken window to report this activity to Sensei Tsubasa.

When Ryunosuke jumped through, he saw a man with a nosebleed and two others that were already preparing to seal the broken window. He looked at the men closely and could identify these men as farmer, since he too was familiar with that lifestyle. He also noticed that Triss was moving the broke glass fragments in the corner where they will be out of the way. He saw Tsubasa in the distance approaching a thin but well dress man. As be walked towards Tsubasa and the other man me wondered what other resources this town could have that would make it desirable and profitable to the bandits.

With haste, Ryunosuke approached Tsubasa and reported:

"Sorry to interrupt you Sensei Tsubasa but after you enter this building I saw a light signal from the western edge of town. This signal was made up of a series of light dashes. Then the signal was knowledge from the south forest area using the same type of code."
Triss Hawkeye
A signal? Triss opened her eyes and looked out of the window as Tsubasa was boarding it up. Just before the last crack was sealed off, Triss could see out a little. Outside was dull and grey with moisture, and Triss wasn't able to see anything of value before it was shut off. She cursed mentally, wishing she had been the one to see the signal.
The Mad Bomber
Tsubasa stared quietly at Ryunosuke for a moment before grinning and scratching his hair, he would have wanted to ignore the whole thing, but he quickly threw a gaze towards the farmers who shook their heads. Everyone suddenly seemed more alert now and one of the farmers sneaked down stairs to inform of the signal, Tsubasa approached one of the farmers that had been baring up the window.

"Not yours I presume?" Tsubasa asked just in case.

"No, we have not even such things from here before, mainly because we have been keeping places shut down.... but if our suspicions are right, it`s another raid."

"Raid?" Tsubasa asked with a rather shocked tone as his thoughts were racing wildly, raiding sounded like something that happened here frequently.

"Yeah, they come and go, take whomever or whatever they can..." The farmer answered with a depressed face and forming a fist with his hand.

Tsubasa glared at the boards quietly to his right before sighing and scratching his hair again "How many are there?"

"About 30 to 50... even more, who kn..."

"Right... and they just managed to drive you into a corner like this? Well IŽll kill them all, if it comes down to that"

Tsubasa promised after having cut the farmer off in mid-sentence, his promise seemed rather excessive to the farmers, they just wanted the bandits to go away and leave them alone so that they could continue living their peaceful lives. Tsubasa smirked as he made his way down stairs as he had the feeling that he wouldn`t have to kill so many bandits. He quietly made his way downstairs and made a quick hand signal as a sign for the genin to follow him, he sat down next to the door and glared at them quietly.

"Listen kids, these farmers are the one`s that are in danger and I want you to stick with them, protect them, if it comes to it. I will take these bastards head on and see what kind of tricks they have up their sleeves.... this whole mission has stank ever since we heard those rumors on our journey and I warn you, what we might be facing are no mere bandits.... that is, if you had not realize that on your own already?"

He inquired with a smirk as they waited for the raid to commence, no doubt it would be a quick in and out attack, but Tsubasa would make their face turn from fierce to shocked, no matter what their opponents were.
Fullmetal Poser
Ryunosuke followed Tsubasa towards the door. He was still unsure why the bandits would continue to raid the town. Maybe they were looking for something specific but what could a farm village have that was so valuable. One thing was for sure, these were not ordinary bandits and they were determined to get want they wanted. He heard Tsubasa's command to protect the villagers. He nodded towards Tsubasa to acknowledge he understood the order.
Triss Hawkeye
Triss nodded once - two months before she would have accepted the command without hesitation, but after being in a team for this long, she felt she ought to speak.

"Sensei...will you be fine on your own? What about our team? If something got out of hand..." Triss was surprised at herself. She seemed to be lost for words. What was this feeling... She snapped back to her usual militant self. "I'm sorry sir, I'm a genin, I should not question your orders." She started down the stairs to the town's inhabitants, glad that the gloom was hiding her blush of embarrassment.
The Mad Bomber
Tsubasa placed his chin against his fist as he turned to stare at Triss with a rather expressionless face all tough his raised his eyebrow slightly as a hint that he was listening to what she had to say. Her words were not really surprising, true they were a team, but Tsubasa felt that they did not realize the gravity of this situation or that he was just being too soft hearted because they were just genin. Either way Triss`s fears would not be too profound he hoped, he was a jounin after all and that stood for something all tough he hardly ever thought that it defined his real strength. Perhaps on a vague scale, but nothing more. Tsubasa glanced at the door and stumbled up as some footsteps or to be exact splashes came from outside as feet trampled the muddy ground. Tsubasa had a final look at the three with his usual smirk on his face to encourage them.

"Well no need to be that hard on ya self Triss... your question was reasonable, but then again you have not seen me take anyone on with my full strength so let`s just say that there are hardly any bandits out there that can match my level."

That was a bad lie and he knew it, these bandits would have been divided and driven back to the mountains already had they been an ordinary case, they were no pushovers. He would have liked to discuss the details about these bandits and about all of this had started from the farmers, but time was not on their side so he had to take these guys head on regardless of what little information he had on them. Without another word Tsubasa excited the city hall and walked up to the street, he gazed to his left where a rather large group of bandits with weapons at hand were approaching. Tsubasa eyed the quietly remaining with his right side turned to them, they approached and Tsubasa quietly grinned as they got closer, just as he had expected. The group stopped some feet away from him, they did not charge as they had not seen him before.

"How the hell are ye?" One of them demanded to know.

"Stow it, just kill em and be done with it." Another from the back said.

"Alrighty then."

The first bandit said and charged with a large grin on his face, the bandits heavy sword came swinging down and landing in the mud just as Tsubasa side stepped his attack before following up with an elbow in the bandits face. A few cheers came from the farmers as the bandit went down, but after that there was a stoic silence as Tsubasa calmly placed his right hand before his own face. The bandits stared at him quietly, other with more fear and a few with sudden anger on their faces as all of their eyes seemed to be nailed on the headband hanging around Tsubasa`s neck. Tsubasa briefly smirked before concentrating some of his chakra in order to dispel the genjutsu that had created most of the bandits.


Suddenly a number of the bandits began to disappear all tough a few remained as they were certainly real, but two figures caught Tsubasa`s attention amongst them, they had stayed back and were no doubt the one`s controlling this small pack. They both wore long black rain clothing, masks or at least the other one had his mask hanging around his neck, their headband`s had the symbol of Amagakure. The one on the left was taller and had shorter hair, he seemed like the muscle as where the other on right, who had long hair and was thinner seemed to be the brains. No doubt he was younger and yet the cause of the genjutsu, the main thing that had allowed them to operate like this, undetected and unopposed. judging by their appearances the larger shinobi was around his thirties and the other was somewhat younger, didn`t really matter. They might have been chunin in the past, but he couldn`t say so this called for some carefulness. Tsubasa glanced at his genin quietly and wondered whether they would be fine, probably yes as long as they didn`t get into a fight with these guys.

"I was wandering how such an disorderly mob was able to harass this village to this extent, but I always thought that Amagakure ninjas had more pride than to run about with bandits yet I hardly think you are nothing more than missing-nin. Despite that it is rude and unlike me, I don`t feel like we need to share our identity`s because I will probably have to kill you anyway, you won`t mind will you?"

Tsubasa inquired as he knew that these ninja`s were not going down without a fight and he would probably have to kill them, the remaining bandits could be taken out quite easily as they had lost their support or that support would be tied down soon enough.

"Not at all, we haven`t had a chance to test how strong this countries shinobi are, but for what your reputation tells you people are supposed to be good, would be a shame to see you shrimp disappoint that faith."

The larger rain shinobi said with an amused tone before looking at the bandits and nodding them to attack the city hall, despite the turn of events they obeyed and charged towards the genin who would be first hand in their way. Taking out 10 unskilled baboons wouldn`t prove too hard for the genin Tsubasa hoped.

"Let`s just get this over"

The genjutsu using rain ninja said with a bothered tone after shrugging, apparently he didn`t seem to care too much about this fight or think the ninja before them as a threat. Tsubasa glanced their way before being forced to take a step back and lowing himself to a knee`s height to avoid the shuriken`s flying trough the air towards his head. The wrist blades appeared from Tsubasa`s sleeves and he grinned as the rain water slowly dripped down his face, he hated genjutsu above all and that smaller ninja seemed to be at it again, what he didn`t know. Yet he had dispelled the one earlier then the rest shouldn`t be too hard, but then again there was the larger shinobi that was now rushing towards him, lovely at least he would get to fight in his own elements in some sense. Yet in the end it might be two against one, but that was not the main concern, the fact as to why these two were here still bothered him. Money perhaps? Well who knew, but the whole fight seemed very sudden and rushed as it had began right away after they had arrived to the village. Tsubasa was starting to have a bad guess about the situation as it seemed that they were far more well prepared than he had expected, which might lead into using drastic measures.
Triss Hawkeye
"They're coming." Triss stood ready for a fight, watching from the doorway as ten bandits ran towards them. Amagakure...the hidden village of rain? She barely had time to think this as she drew both katanas in preparation. The first bandit reached her ahead of the others, determined and eager. Side-stepping his punch, Triss spun round behind him and, keeping her other katana back to defend her back, ran him through as he turned to face her. His hand flew uselessly in front of her face as the man collapsed with a gurgle, blood spilling onto the ground. He moaned and twitched for a few seconds then lay still. With a small smile of satisfation, Triss turned to face the others, flicking a loose strand of hair out of her eyes, taking stock of the situation.

"There's one sneaking around to the right. Ryunosuke, you're nearest, take him out. I'll take the left," she commanded, running towards two bandits on the left who were trying to evade the genin.
Fullmetal Poser
Ryunosuke gave a cold stare to the bandit sneaking up on the right side. Apparently, the bandit was not aware that he was detected. Ryunosuke took out his Kusari-gama and swung the kama end around the bandit's neck slowly choking him. He then yanked the chain towards him decapitating the bandit. Ryunosuke stood emotionless as the kama came flying back, he caught with his hand and turned around to see another bandit coming towards him.

The second bandit was unusually fast and came swinging at Ryunosuke. He was able to parry the bandit's attack but the bandit delivered a round-house hit towards Ryunosuke. He was able to block the attack but the puddles and the mud caused his to slide a few yards away from the bandit. Ryunosuke pull out four shurikens and threw three towards the core of the bandit. He then ran and jumped to get along the side on the bandit and threw the fourth shuriken low towards the ankle. The bandits easily enough evaded the three shurikens coming towards his core and assume the fourth would miss since it was a bad throw and figured it just hit the ground. However it did not, the fourth shuriken cut the right Achilles tendon of the bandit. The bandit fell in pain and had trouble getting off the ground. Ryunosuke approached the immobilized bandit and took out the rope he purchased from the store. Ryunosuke hogtied the bandit so his limbs with behind him. Ryunosuke figured perhaps they could get information out of him if the others should retreat. Besides, they could always take the bandit in custody or kill him later.

Ryunosuke thought to himself, 3 down but 7 to go. He saw Triss heading towards two bandits and a few were in Akira's directions but two were unaccounted for. Ryunosuke canvas the area to find the two missing bandits.

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Winter Phantom
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Two bandits came from behind Akira,but in time,she jumped back and threw shurikens at the bandits instead of wasting chakra for her clones.The two bandits easily escaped.

Closing her eyes as she ran to the first bandit in normal speed,and attacked two pressure points on his chest,making him fall back to the ground,but not defeated.At the second bandit,she gave him a hard roundhouse kick to the head,resulting in being knocked out.

The first bandit,who wasn't defeated snuck behind her,and aimed her head for a punch,a succeeded.

"Itai!" Akira growled and bent down,knocking him off his feet.

Her teeth clenched together dangerously,she turned around to the teammates,a frown on her face from the bandit attacks.

"At least we fought a little." She muttered under her breath.
Triss Hawkeye
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The Mad Bomber
Tsubasa spun back like a dancer as the larger shinobi, he was in fact taller than Tsubasa who himself had thought himself as quite tall, the two spun back and forth for a while as Tsubasa began to counter attack the strong attacks by the rain ninja. Tsubasa moved backwards, but threw well concentrated spinning slashes and occasionally stabs, he even at one point swung himself over the large ninjas shoulder to the other side so that they would return to where they had started. As a conclusion both of them had small cuts, but nothing serious and both seemed amused by each others skills in close combat. The ninja had wielded a wakizashi and spun it from one hand to another rather skillfully, he also had double wielded it with a kunai at one point before it seemed to be no longer needed. Tsubasa slid backwards in the mud with a grin as the dance stopped, but his mind was concentrated on the task at hand as it seemed that the large shinobi charged to the side. Was he going for the genin? No, the shinobi stared at him all the time he moved to the side and Tsubasa cursed as he saw the danger almost too late.

"Suiryuudan no Jutsu!"

The long haired shinobi shouted, even almost declared, obviously taking pride in his skills as the ponds around Tsubasa formed into one singular mass resembling a dragon before coming crashing down on him. The rain shinobi smirked quietly as the water mass seemingly had hit their target, but their smiles faded as where Tsubasa stood was a wall made out of the muddy ground whilst the jounin was nowhere to be seen. Tsubasa had to say that it was getting a very arduous already despite the fact that he was rather skilled himself, but he was going to get serious and stop using only his wrist blades, he need to kick it up a notch. The rain shinobi quietly stared at each others as the wall of mud crumbled down and revealed a sinking in the earth itself. Before neither of them were able to react a pair of hands grabbed the younger rain shinobi by the ankles, Tsubasa had decided to eliminate the annoying genjutsu and ninjutsu type first.

The larger shinobi rushed to the aid of his comrade, but Tsubasa rose from the ground in between them with his own clone holding down the other ninja. The larger shinobi seemed obviously more cautious as Tsubasa`s mud covered hands were formed into the bird seal and his wrist blades had disappeared into his sleeves.

"Fusenmei no jutsu"

He said with a clever smile on his face before the very air around him and his whole body seemed to distort as, if he was from what one might see in a genjutsu. Obviously this was the conclusion the larger shinobi had come to, but the younger one shook his head as their eyes met. Yet at that same time they both grabbed a group of shuriken, which they threw at Tsubasa who simply moved slightly aside, his whole body seemed to move in a blur and there seemed to be more than one of him moving in the same direction. Tsubasa hmhed at their attack before revealing his wrist blades once more and now taking the offensive against the large ninja, but he still had his thoughts on the long haired ninja. No doubt he was already trying to free himself or had begun to perform a jutsu of some sort to attack, but the clones grip got tighter and pulled the shinobi deeper into the mud. Yet it was scarcely a miracle that Tsubasa had been able to dig his way underground, the kind of muddy ground was the worst thing he knew and he was covered in it, some pieces dropped down as he charged at the large shinobi. Yet it seemed that the man was not yet finished and had something up his sleeve than taijutsu, of course, no ninja could be so one sided. The man formed seals and a moderate rate, but was able to use his jutsu before Tsubasa reached him. A large spree of water came sprouting forth from the large ninja`s mouth, creating a deadly, piercing shower that seemed to have incredible pressure.

Yet Tsubasa was not trough introducing these ninja`s to his wind based blur jutsu, he was able to released a minimal constant flow of chakra into the air from his feet and hands that created the blur effect. It didn`t require too much, but would prove tiring on the long run and that was why he had created it to take the enemy by surprise. Tsubasa darted, but the direction was another thing because it seemed now that there were 5 of him running side by side towards the shinobi. The spree of water pierced one of the blurry images without any harm done and he tried to turn his attack against the others, but realized too late the Tsubasa`s speed was larger than expected, even his blows were faster as his hand moved in a blur and cut vertically across the large shinobi`s shoulder. Blood spurted onto the ground as the blades cut clothe, skin, flesh and small veins. The man seemed stunned for a while, but darted backwards and slid backwards in the mud, the large shinobi`s face was twisted in anger. He realized that he had taken the sand shinobi too lightly and glanced towards his partner, who had just managed to destroy the bunshin holding him down.

"A blur effect huh?" He asked as he held his wound with a clear grin on his face all tough it was partially covered by the breather mask.

"Not quite that simple I am afraid, I am able to cover myself with a small chakra flow in order to create that effect, but it also improves my movements as you must have realized a moment ago. In other words I simply increased the chakra flow and used a temporary boost to land the hit, but I am certain your sharp eyed friend had already noticed that." Tsubasa answered as he made a slashing movement with his hands and the blood flew down to the mud to color the small pouches of water red.

"Seems that you can use both air and earth type jutsus, which would make you a jounin no doubt." The large shinobi determined by the basis of what he had seen and stared at Tsubasa with his eyes nailed on his like he was a prey of some sort.

"You are a slow learner"

Tsubasa remarked before revealing his quirky smirk, the large shinobi smirked back as a large wave of water began to gather around the whole street as the long haired shinobi had gone to work again. Tsubasa glanced at the long haired shinobi who was forming hand seals at a rapid rate, seemingly over and over again to create various water jutsus or one monstrous one. Apparently they wanted to change the element and take away the earth out of the equation, all of the water from the small ponds and the ever feeding water gathered into one wave. The large shinobi quickly leaped to the side of his partner as Tsubasa glanced at them quietly and then at the water they were gathering.

"Ho? You want to play this by your rules?" He asked before taking a stance that indicated that he was ready for whatever they could throw at him as his blades were raised to a threatening gesture. "Fine by me"

"Shut up! We`ll see what your little air blur ninjutsu and taijutsu can do against this!"

The long haired shinobi shouted, apparently he was pissed off by Tsubasa`s attitude, no wonder he was the one behind the planning and no doubt the stronger one. He had not seemed too happy about his plans being revealed and now possible ruined by the meddling sand shinobi. Tsubasa smirked as the two shinobi arose on a large mass of water, apparently they had also borrowed some from the nearby river as well in order to being this about. Tsubasa was covered by the shadow of the mass and still stood ready for the coming attack as the two seemed to be having a short breather to determine how to finish Tsubasa. They had forced him to use some amount of his chakra all tough not all, but it was still a considerable amount in the end and they had forced him to use his higher techniques already. Tsubasa glanced at the water mass and went trough possibilities as fast as he could, but his eyes caught onto a single amusing detail that might just prove useful for him in the end.
Fullmetal Poser
Ryunosuke noticed all the water collecting where Tsubasa was fighting. He thought to myself; 'Sh*t, that can not be good.' But there are still five bandits. Triss was attacking two but three were still unaccounted for. Then, out of the corner of his eye, he saw two of the bandits trying to seek into the Town Hall threw a window in the back. He wonder if the object or whatever the bandits desired was in Town Hall since that seem to be the focus and the farmers where willing to protect what ever was inside. Ryunosuke threw some shurikens at the bandits to get them way from the window. After all, it was their job to protect the villagers and they were inside of Town Hall.

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The Mad Bomber
Tsubasa glared at his students once more to ensure that he wouldn`t have to help them, with them around it felt like he had less burden to watch out after his own life, but then again if he hadn`t been there from the start then, what chances could they have had against these odds? None to be frank, but Tsubasa himself now found the odds staking against him, he had thought of a few possible attacks against these two now, but he decided not to. Those attacks would be inefficient and only a waste on the long run, truth be told he had allowing them to use their own element and change the odds, but he had no other choice. A gamble was the best way to turn the odds, allowing his enemies to have their way now would allow him to achieve victory later on. Tsubasa smirked and took a small step forward as he stared at his foes upon the rising water mass.

"So before you decide to take this to a serious level, might I inquire as to why you two have such an interest in attacking this village? I suppose ordinary banditry is out of the question huh?"

The two ninjas seemed amused for a moment, but seemed to be on the mood to reveal their motives. The long haired one chuckled shortly and gazed down at the bandits who were being beaten by the genin, he grinned as a response and gazed at his fellow ninja. The large ninja nodded back, but held back for now until the jounin could be cornered. The long haired shinobi turned to the sand jounin and both of them prepared, taking battle ready stance.

"It`s business stranger, nothing more" The long haired shinobi answered after the moment of silence.

"Ah misery sells?"

Tsubasa said with an apathetically sarcastic face, but during the silence their nods had not gone unnoticed from him, they were going to attack the genin. Tsubasa grinned as the large water mass came roaring down upon him and he jumped backwards as high as he could, but the water extended to his feet as it was guided by the rain shinobi`s chakra. The waves pulled him under and he felt the pressure coming down onto him, it wouldn`t kill him, but it made the situation less bearable and it was harder to move. Tsubasa glared upwards as the water seemed to be forming into a dome like formation in order to keep the water intact and on it`s place. He spotted the rain shinobi far above him, smiling and preparing a jutsu to defeat the jounin. Tsubasa began quietly swim his way towards the edge of the dome, but the shinobi used his chakra to redirect the water within the dome and driving Tsubasa into the center. Truth be told Tsubasa was impressed, it was like a large version of the water prison jutsu he had once witnessed, but far more draining and efficient no doubt. The shinobi released another jutsu that sent a torrent like water mass moving towards Tsubasa within the dome, no doubt to create pressure or to drill a whole in him. Tsubasa cursed as the torrent approached with terrible speed, but scarcely was able to avoid it by using his chakra to increase his movement speed like before.

But he felt something was in leg, there was a small cut on his ankle the soaked blood into the water mass, Tsubasa grinned at the sight and stared at the rain shinobi, who prepared to send another torrent away. It was about high time, Tsubasa suddenly made a full spin in the water and began swimming towards the bottom as the torrent came whirling after him. The rain shinobi saw no need to direct the rat that was cornering himself already...


As the dome formed the larger shinobi once more pulled out his kunai into his left hand and the wakizashi into his right hand, he began sliding down across the dome side towards the city hall with a shark like grin on his face. The large shinobi examined the three genin below, he made conscious notes about their weaponry, apparent skills and appearances as they seemed to dispatching the very last of the bandits. He randomly picked his first target before making a leap trough the air and coming trough to the entrance of the town hall, he rushed in a charge towards Triss with a crazed blood lust in his eyes.

The short sword swung across the air in a large move and was headed right towards the genin`s head.

(Your turn, if you want you can use the large rain shinobi that is attacking you, he is maibly taijutsu type, but can use some minor water jutsus.... you get the picture)
Fullmetal Poser
The two bandits were less then thrilled that Ryunosuke interrupted them. The bandits dodged the shurikens and both came charging towards Ryunosuke with their weapons drawn. Ryunosuke use the weighted end of the kusari-gama and warped it around one of the on coming bandits. He then charged the kusari-gama with some of his chakra to give the chain a raiton charge to stun the bandits. He ran along the side of the second bandit and pulled the chain towards himself which caused the bound bandit to strike the other one. He quickly unwrapped his kusari-gama and used some rope to tie the bandit up. While he was doing this, the second bandit regained his footing and rush to attack the occupied genin.

<<< Kawarimi no Jutsu >>>

Ryunosuke changed places with the bounded bandit so the second bandit would attack his partner. Ryunosuke then wrapped part of the kusari-gama chain around his right hand knuckles and delivered a punch to the second bandit’s face that knocked him cold. He then proceeded to tie the second bandit up so both bandits were immobile.

Ryunosuke then checked the area and saw that Triss was getting attacked by the large rain shinobi from behind. He swung the kama end of the kusari-gama around the blade of the sword causing it to lock around the blade and pulled with all of this strength to prevent the attack toward Triss's head.

The large rain shinobi noticed that his attacked was stopped and turned to see who the culprit was. He noticed Ryunosuke had all his weight in the chain when he prevented the attack on Triss. The rain shinobi smiled and moved the short sword so that locked kama chain would slip off. When he did this, the off balanced Ryunosuke fell and slid in mud until he made contact with a wall of Town Hall. The mud-caked Ryunosuke quickly up and sprinted way from Town hall, he did not want any of their attacks to mistakenly cause harm to the villagers.

The large rain shinobi charged at the sprinting genin. He swung his short so toward Ryunosuke's upper body. Ryunosuke dodged the by ducking and swung his leg around trying to knock the rain shinobi's feet from under himself. The rain shinobi simply jump to avoid the attack and drove the short sword down towards Ryunosuke. Ryunosuke quickly did a back flip to avoid the attack but then heard the rain shinobi say:

>>> Taihoudan <<<<

Ryunosuke was struck with a water stream that sent sliding away from the rain shinobi. When the water stream stopped, Ryunosuke was in a defensive kneeling position with his right arm over his face. As the water was dripping up of him, Ryunosuke said to the large rain shinobi with no emotion:

"Thanks, I needed the mud washed off."
Triss Hawkeye
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Triss heard the rain shinobi approach and whipped round to parry, only to find that Ryunosuke had gotten there first. As the rain ninja turned to attack the boy, Triss was about to attack from behind, but she realised that including the two bandits that she had faced, she and Akira were left fighting while their team mate chraged off. Focussing her chakra to her arms and legs, she put on a surprise burst of speed, charging the two bandits ahead of her full on, before ducking between them and swiping at their legs, causing them to stumble and fall, allowing Triss to finish them off with a powerful thrust into the spine from a katana each. Two more bandits that had been able to move forward in Ryunosuke's sudden absence were onto the villagers. Again concentrating her chakra to increase her speed, Triss ran up to them, cutting off a hand as it reached for a child and slaying both men within seconds. Triss felt her chakra slowly but surely draining. She couldn't keep up this pace for long.

Confident that Akira could manage the other bandits using Shadow Clones without requiring immediate assisstance, Triss swiftly and silently ran up towards the rain ninja. Resisting the temptation to try to finish him off as well from behind with her limited resources of energy, Triss instead stopped at Ryunosuke's side. He was dripping wet and wore a stupid grin of confidence on his face.

"Fool," Triss berated him. "Don't think I can't defend myself. The villagers should have been your first priority. Instead you left the bandits to Akira and in some fit of herioc-ness decided to defend me, having no idea of the strength or abilities of your opponent, running off and allowing two bandits entry into the building."

Triss gave the boy a look of pure disgust, then turned to the rain ninja, katana in a defensive position. What was this shinobi - genin? chuunin? jounin? He seemed by his attitude to be roughly between chuunin and jounin-level, although it was hard to tell. Either way, whether she was under or over-estimating him, Triss knew that he was more than a match for one of the genin on their own. Infuriated with Ryunosuke, Triss pulled herself together and returned to her customary poker-face.

"Be patient. We'll fight him together and assesss his strengths and weaknessess," she said authoritively.
Fullmetal Poser
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Ryunosuke looked at Triss still emotionlessly and said:

"I have not forgotten our mission. That is why I kill one of the bandits and immobilized those three hog-tied bandits over there. That is four total. Besides, I was diverting our enemy away from the Town Hall so the villagers would not be in harms way. I had no intentions of fighting him alone. I no, I do not doubt your abilities and you so not doubt your teammates. Besides, a good leader would have noticed I was leading him away from the villagers and trying to get him to use his attacks so we could used them against him. So, perhaps, before you berate someone, you should look at the whole picture."

Ryunosuke looked at Akira and waiting for her to join them so the could battle the rain shinobi together, as a team.
Triss Hawkeye
"If you are not careful, your overconfidence will be the death of you," Triss replied monotonously. She knew the real reason for her losing her temper was that she had wanted to fight the rain shinobi herself, but it had worked out that they were facing him anyway. But something wasn't right. Surely a shinobi of this level would have killed Ryunosuke outright, rather than attack him with a blast of water that, although powerful and slowing, was unlikely to be deadly? She would have thought it was obvious that the three were genin, easy pickings for a more experienced ninja. She didn't turn her head even though the temptation to glare at Ryunosuke was great.
The Mad Bomber
The whirling torrent finally hit the bottom of the water globe and shook the muddy ground, raising the mud all around the bottom and covering Tsubasa out of sight for a while. The rain shinobi grinned with a glee in his eyes with certain expectation about what he should see after the mud would settle. As the mud finally descended after a while, it revealed Tsubasa who had seemingly survived the attack and was merely staring back at the rain shinobi. The rain shinobi`s face didn`t twitch as he suddenly grabbed some shuriken, he threw them what was seemingly thin air to his left, but the air suddenly vibrated and the shuriken were hit aside. Tsubasa smirked and allowed his jutsu wear off, it was obvious that this shinobi was no pushover and that the bunshin within the water sphere was no longer fooling him.

Tsubasa had made his way underground and made a clone of himself just after the second torrent attack had collided, he had got away with a scratch again, but there was no telling when it might have been a serious hit. After that he had surfaced outside the globe and began to silently advance upwards the water mass, but a surprise attack had apparently failed. Both of the shinobi`s eyed each others quietly, both had obviously underestimated each others and their jutsus capabilities. Tsubasa would have thought that this shinobi would have already wasted a great deal of his chakra, presuming he was that of a chunin level, but apparently he was more closer to a jounin. The rain shinobi smirked and took out a kunai in his hand, he quietly eyed Tsubasa and spinned the kunai on his finger before taking a full hold of it.

"So that jutsu was not only meant to deceive the eyes of your opponents by creating new images of you, but concealment is possible as well... yet then again that isn`t perfect at all as you know. The air around the area where you move vibrates slightly, a sharp eyed shinobi can spot it, but I have to admit had it been just a moment longer you could have gotten too far. I didn`t think that anyone this skilled would have been sent to a damned village like this."

The rain shinobi complimented Tsubasa awkwardly as he revealed what he had already learned of Tsubasa`s jutsu. Tsubasa smirked back quietly as an answer, but gazed at his left at the town hall wondering again for a second before directing his eyes again at the rain shinobi. They were both standing on the water globe and the rain shinobi no doubt could control the water as he liked with certain jutsus. At least neither of them now had the `obvious` advantage, but Tsubasa knew that a head on attack would be risky so he would basicly have to remove this water mass somehow out of the equation. Stalling the shinobi now seemed like the best option as he could decide on what jutsu utilize with least damage to other around him and the easiest manner to defeat this shinobi without wounding himself.

"Well truth be told us coming here was just a co-incidence, bad luck for both sides you could say because both of us know this isn`t going to end nicely, either I kill you and finish off your buddy who doesn`t seem so tough as you or you kill me before finishing off my students. But in any case I am more curious as to why you decided to pick o this village?"

Tsubasa inquired briefly with his eyebrow raised, but his muscles were already waiting to be put into motion as he would have to retreat to avoid the next attack. The rain shinobi seemed annoyed by the prying attitude and quickly began to perform seals.

"That`s none of your concern"

Tsubasa leaped backwards onto the ground and began forming seals in order to perform a jutsu, but the rain shinobi was indisputably faster as the water mass began to move towards Tsubasa in a tidal wave like manner. Tsubasa could sense that there was a lot of chakra put into this jutsu and it`s goal was to crush the enemy instead of trapping them, the rain shinobi had grown weary of this fight and wanted to end it. When Tsubasa weighed the situation he had to admit that the rain shinobi was far more talented jutsu user and at least of equal strength, but of course Tsubasa had not relied on facing his opponent head on. As the tidal wave rushed down onto Tsubasa the rain shinobi remained behind to watch the destruction caused by the wave, it didn`t only seemingly reassemble the muddy street, but swept down few houses as well. Tsubasa knew that it was a no way out situation and decided to act, he suddenly plunged himself up from the mud behind the rain shinobi as the tidal wave swept over his clone. Tsubasa smirked and began perfoming a number of hand seals, the rain shinobi turned his head just in time to see Tsubasa release a large blast of air from his lungs.

>>> Daitoppa <<<

The wind blast tore the rain shinobi off his feet, cut him and threw him a long way back down the street along with the water mass that got now further away from the ninjas influence. It would require more chakra to recall that water mass and that would in turn tire the rain shinobi to considerable lengths. Yet Tsubasa also knew that he had his limits and the all tough he hadn`t used too many jutsus it had become tiring, he had to finish the fight quickly. Meanwhile the long haired rain shinobi pulled himself out of the mud that he had ended in and spat at the ground before rising up to stare towards the jounin, who had began to form new seals. Thus the rain shinobi followed and began to form seals of his own to counter whatever jutsu the sand shinobi was planning on using.
Triss Hawkeye
"So - not as confident when you're facing two ninja?" Triss said to the rain shinobi blandly, again, as if it were a statement rather than a question. No reaction was perceived from the rain ninja, however he seemed to have paused, weighing them up. Either he was nervous, or he didn't think of them as so much of a threat that he couldn't take his time and toy with them. Triss stared him down, as she did so realising that the enemy was just as good as she was at her own game. Unblinking, she kept the gaze.

"Now," she said quietly to Ryunosuke, as she saw the first flicker of movement that betrayed the rain ninja's intentions to form hand seals. Triss leapt to the left, coming at the ninja from the side. She hoped Ryunosuke had done the intelligent thing and come from the right, forcing the enemy either to widen his range or aim for just one of them - either way gaining them a precious second or an opening.
Fullmetal Poser
Ryunosuke was a bit shocked at Triss's statement. He knew by the brief battle he had with the rain shinobi that he was toying with him. At least they were fighting away from Town Hall so the villagers would be safe unless another group of bandits followed the two rain shinobi.

He noticed that the rain shinobi began to make some hand seals. He observe them closely to see he if could figure out the attack but then again, this is the first time he was seeing techniques of the rain village. As he was doing this, he heard a faint 'taint' from the bossy and at least moody Triss. He saw her move to the left to attack the rain shinobi from the side. So he darted to the right to attack from the other side. He noticed that the rain shinobi eyes followed him so he must be the intended target to the jutsu attack. At least Triss should be able to land an attack since the rain shinobi was preoccupied with Ryunosuke.
Triss Hawkeye
So he chose Ryunosuke, huh? Triss jumped into the rain shinobi's blind spot, delivering a powerful down stroke with her katana. As expected, the shinobi was forced to jump out of the way. Back to square one, only that Triss and Ryunosuke were further apart and the shinobi was forming handseals...and his back was to a building. They had seconds to think of a way to use this to their advantage.

"Deciding which of us to aim for, then?" Triss asked in her statement way. It was a psychological trick she had learned from her father - one of the few non-taijutsu things he had taught her so far. Predict what the enemy was thinking and state it, at the same time forcing him to think along lines to your own advantage. Poor Ryunosuke probably didn't know what was going on, Triss thought with a secret grin, but if this worked it would mean that the rain ninja would be ever so slightly inclined to aim for one of them instead of both. Whether he would actually do so was another matter, but repeated over a long enough time it may begin to take some effect...
Fullmetal Poser
Ryunosuke saw that Triss made her attack but missed. At least the attack interrupted the hand seals. He began to wonder if they just fell into a rain shinobi trap because he realized both Triss and himself were both stopping and preparing for an attack in a puddle of water. And water was the rain shinobi's environment.

Ryunosuke saw that Triss made her attack but missed. At least the attack interrupted the hand seals. He began to wonder if they just fell into a rain shinobi trap because he realized both Triss and himself were both stopping and preparing for an attack in a puddle of water. And water was the rain shinobi's environment.

Ryunosuke wonder how their other teammate was fairing but now was not the best time of canvases the area. The rain shinobi already began to remake his hand seals up against a building so a surprise attack from behind was unlikely unless with a small probability that Akira was hiding in the building.

Ryunosuke heard Triss's question like statement and recognized it as a mind trick from one of his mother's note books. He did not believe this mind trick was working judging by the evil grin on the rain shinobi's face. He thought to himself; 'My overconfidence may be the death of me but your (Triss's) arrogance pride may be the death of you.' However, he did not view himself with overconfidence but rather with foolish bravery. And he was well aware that that was his character flaw.

He did not think it was wise to reassemble with Triss simply because if the rain Shinobi was only planning on attacking one, if they were to reassemble it will hit them both. But judging by the rain shinobi face, he was pretty sure the next attack would be directed at them both. Ryunosuke then jumped out of the puddle and was ready to dodge if need be.
Triss Hawkeye
Triss looked around, thinking fast, looking for an advantage somewhere. She put her thoughts on Ryunosuke to the back of her mind - she had to concentrate. The rain shinobi was up against a building. He had a wall behind him, wooden and sturdy. There was a window to his right and a slightly faded hanging sign - maybe for a shop although the wrinting was unclear - above his head to the right. Having an idea, Triss reached into her pouch, pulling out two shuriken and a kunai. Taking a breath, she jumped to her right, throwing the two shuriken to sever the hanging sign, throwing the kunai straight afterwards. One shuriken cut the rope completely; the other leaving a thread still keeping the sign up. However the kunai, aimed straight for the middle of the sign provided enough force to detach it completely and send it falling onto the rain ninja, who instinctively brought up a hand to deflect it.

As he was distracted Triss took that moment to charge signalling to Ryunosuke to do the same. I'm on the right, she thought. Ryunosuke's on the left. He's got nowhere to run. As she thought this Triss leapt into the air, making sure that the enemy shinobi could not evade by jumping. All this while staying poker-faced - she did not allow herself even a smirk.
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The Mad Bomber
(we continue, I dunno, but with the long posts that I make I was thinking of ending the battle of Tsubasa at least, I could have made it longer, but then again I don`t think it needs to be. You can continue with yours.)

Both of the ninjas battling each others on the street finished their jutsus at the same time, the rain shinobi created water projectiles from the near by water and by the time they reached Tsubasa, a wall had risen from the earth to block them. There was a moments pause in the combat, Tsubasa sprung from behind the wall and charged head on at the rain shinobi, who attacked with new water projectiles. These in turn hit their target, but only dispelled the bunshin that had appeared from behind the wall and at that same time a hand sprung from the mud to grab the rain shinobi`s leg. Yet the shinobi was not surprised by this move and pierced the hand with a kunai, but the hand disappeared as quickly as it had appeared. The rain shinobi`s face distorted from annoyance as he had thought that his opponent had been wounded, but his eyes still kept searching. The shinobi smirked as he spotted the incoming attack targeted at his blind spot and threw a pair of kunai to deflect the blades.

"What a poor performance.... discarding your own weapons so carelessly!"

The rain shinobi said with a victorious tone as he turned to look at Tsubasa, who stood some feet away with a grin on his face and took a step forward. The rain shinobi was quicker however and threw a number of shuriken, which sank into Tsubasa`s shoulders and one in his chest. Yet as they sank, their movement was not hindered by the flesh, muscles or bones that should have been there, but in fact they weren`t. The shinobi, who had already continued with another jutsu in order to finish off his opponents was stunned and spun around with the name of the jutsu hanging on his tongue.

A blade formed out of the very earth itself pierced the shinobi`s right shoulder and another followed instantly to slash across his chest vertically. He had a jutsu that allowed him to create new blades from the very ground itself, but it had taken a while to get since the earth was muddy. What the rain shinobi had just attacked had not been a clone, but a reflection created by Tsubasa`s "Fusenmei no jutsu" from water in a small pond on the street, another ability that he had not used from the start. He had intentionally kept those two moves in his sleeve as it had become clear he would have to get close in order to inflict deadly damage. Tsubasa grinned at the sight as the warm blood flowed onto his right hand, he knew it would come to this, but this was where his plan to a turn that he had not expected. Before he would have laughed at the face of death with the knowledge that no one else depended on him, no one needed him, but now he only managed to glance towards the town hall.

"o jutsu..."

The rain shinobi coughed out after a brief moment and his cough was accompanied by blood that had entered his lungs. Both of them were engulfed by a large explosion of water, their figures disappeared as the water sprung into different directions and covered the street for a moment. Afterwards there were various pools of water on the street, most soaked with blood and some torn parts of clothes, most noticeably Tsubasa`s jacket that floated in the most blood stained pond. Yet neither of the shinobi were to be seen around clearly, but both of them lay torn up on the street, covered by their own and their foes blood. The large rain shinobi fighting the three genin seemed shocked by this turn of events and seemed rather discouraged, but still knew that he had a chance against the three of them as long as he remained calm.


Darn it, my body hasn`t ached this much since `that day` and now I am supposed to open my eyes, get up, not to mention defeat the other foe. Are you kidding me? Sigh, punks, I knew they would prove out to be trouble...

Tsubasa raised his face from the mud, there was a thin red line near his hairline on his forehead, the rest was almost covered by the mud from the ground and he noticed for the first time that his jacket had been torn apart. He still at least had his dark sleeveless shirt, but he glared at his jacket, that laid in a pool not too far away, with apathetic eyes. Slowly he managed to raise his hands to his sides and push himself up, ignoring the pain he swaggered up with a grin on his face. It was a wonder he had survived the attack, the rain shinobi had clearly intended to kill him with the blast, but he guessed that it had not just fallen apart in the confusion of battle. The long haired rain shinobi was ten feet away from him, laying face downwards a pool of his own blood and water mixed up. Tsubasa wandered whether he was still alive, but consider the damage he had inflicted and the close-range water blast, the shinobi couldn`t be alive anymore. Tsubasa took a few unstable steps towards the town hall where he saw the combatants still fight, but out of exhaustion he slipped and even gladly allowed his face connect with the muddy ground. His head was leaning towards the town hall and he could see blurry figures, but nothing more, he smirked quietly to himself.

I fail again huh? Well I hope those kids can take care of themselves after the short time of beatings I have given them.... would be shame, if they died here...

He thought as he stared towards the town hall, he breathed heavily and tried to gather his strength in order to get back onto his feet all tough all he wanted to do was die or at least rest in some manner. Finally he hit both of his wrist blades into the muddy ground and pushed himself up onto his knee`s, but didn`t stand in order to avoid another fall to the ground.
Fullmetal Poser
(( Shall we finish our fight too, Triss? ))

Ryunosuke felt a wave of water rush on his feet and against legs. He figured that that meant the fight with Tsubasa against the other rain shinobi was over. He wondered who was victorious but now was not the time to take a quick peek. He was aware of the distraction Triss make with knocking the sign down. He also saw how Triss figured the rain shinobi would jump to evade.

Ryunosuke sung his kusari-gama around the rain shinobi bringing both of the rain shinobi hands to his side. He knew if he could keep the rain shinobi still, Triss could deal a fatal swordsmanship attack on the shinobi. He also knew that he just holding the chain would not be enough. However Ryunosuke knew that water was a great conductant and would amplify his raiton attack. But, he would get some on the attack too because of his wet hair and cloths. Nevertheless, the focus of the attack will go to the direct target; the rain shinobi.

Ryunosuke kick a good size wave of water towards the rain shinobi then jumped on the wooden walkway of the shop. The rain shinobi was still bound and now, even more soaking wet. He tugged the kusari-gama tight and said:

"Lightening Shock Binding!"

At that moment he sent a power voltage through his kusari-gama chain focusing it on the where the chain was wrapped around the rain shinobi. Since the chain was around the shinobi's torso, it gave Triss some room to deliver an attack to the head and neck area without her getting any of the stray raiton attack. Ryunosuke kept delivering the shock through the chain, and every now and then a small part of the ration attack would go astray and travel up his arm. It was a bit painful but nothing like when he first tried teaching the attack to himself. This pain was at least tolerable. He held the chain tight and waited for Triss to make her move.
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