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Figured I should open up my own sig shop.
I'm a bit out of practice and I thought taking some requests might help me get out of my slump XD

Okay, let's see...
Examples of my work:

If you want to request a sig, I need to know the following:
Stock: The image you want used. If you could provide one, it would be a HUGE help smile.gif
Colours: What colours you'd like me to use. If the colours match those of the stock, that's good too.
Text: If you want text, be sure to tell me what you want it to say.
Size: Forum limit for sigs is 500x200 pixels. I have trouble working with anything bigger than 400x130.
Anything Else: If there's something else, like a border, that you want me to use, state it here, m'kay?

Other things to note:
1) I can make avatars too, but I'm not really experienced. So don't expect a masterpiece biggrin.gif
2) I'm not fond of animation. So, none of that please. There are a lot of other talented people here who can do that stuff though XD
3) I might take a while to finish your request, because I am lazy have a lot of schoolwork to catch up on.

Okay, I'm done tongue.gif *sits back and waits for thread to die*
Kal Rommel
Ohohoh!!!! Ummmm.....I'll make a request!! Your style is gorgeous with your pen tool mastery and such...
Hmm...I'll PM you with the details ~_^
You make very nice sigs, I like the Lucky Star and Ed sig the best biggrin.gif!! Keep it up!

Oh and well I guess I'll make a request, if it isn't too much trouble.
~Stock: This is the pic I wanted you to use. Tell me if its too large, then I'll give you a different one.

~Colors: I'd say blue and silver, mostly cause they match the pic.

~Text: I want it to say "Seeing into the distance", and maybe under that in smaller text it could say Air Tv.

~Size: Well I don't think it matters what size it is, I think you can choose whatever you think is best.

I think thats all, if you need any more detail of what I'm thinking just ask. Thanks a lot happy.gif!
@ Kal Rommel -
Well, I gave it a shot. But I think I threw half the actual request out the window X_X. Sorry about that XD

I'd like to give it another try tomorrow smile.gif

@ ~Edward~Elric~Fan~ -
I'll get onto that ASAP biggrin.gif Right now I have to go and watch Naruto.
@Precis - Congratulatins for the grand opening of your sig shop!!
Those are very nice sigs!! Hope you'll have many many customers!! ^^
Oh, and your sig shop is now listed in our FM-A board Sig Shop Directory. biggrin.gif
Kal Rommel
Thanks so much, Precis!

If you wanna give it another go, that's fine. I'd like to see what the outcome is <3 I loved what you did with the render

Have fun watching Naruto xD
Now I sorta want to open up my own sig shop...@_@
Oy, Precis! I'm a lazy arse, so I'm reserving a sig XDDD

(too much schoolwork to do my own)

I've got this lovely Roy one for a while, but I want one for use later on...

before I get the details tho, I need to ask, are you willing to use fanart in a sig?
@ ~Edward~Elric~Fan~ -
Circles... O_O *twitches*

I've never used a stock like that before, so I didn't know how to go about it... I hope you like it anyway X_X

@ Tombow -
Mmm, thank you :3

@ seventh_sky -
If you have permission from the original artist, then yes, of course smile.gif
~Thank you so much Precis, its awesome, I love it!! I like both types, so I'll just save them both. Cause I'm thinking of using them on different sites happy.gif.

will either find you an official art or wait for someone to finish drawing something then ;D
oh gosh! I love the first and last sigs that you have as samples!!! Beautiful!
Precis your are an artist on sig's. Your sample list is amazing. I was sent here via someone who is really nice.
I was wondering how I would be able to get you to make one up for me. I have dream weaver but its a pain in the ar$e. I hate using it.
If your able to help me I will be more then greatful biggrin.gif
Precis: Wow, I am thoroughly impressed with the renderings on your signatures. It is great to see younger fans do such a wonderful job with their signatures. I especially like the Edward signature as well as the Zidane signature; the colours are lovely. I would greatly appreciate if you could make me a signature with either this Photo One or this Photo Two. (You can suprise me with which ever photo you choose to use. I couldn't decide between them.)
Colours: Whatever colours you think will look best based on the picture. I trust your decisions.
Text: New Horizons
Size: Could you possibly make it the size of my current signature? If not, I will take whatever size works.

~Thank you in advance! Keep up the great work.
@ Edamame -
I've had a bit of a hard time coming up with anything really original lately... ah well.
And this wasn't how it was supposed to turn out, but PS crapped out halfway through and I had to start over X_X
Precis: Thank you so much for the lovely signature! (Photoshop really is a royal pain in the butt at times) I really like the contrast between the red squiggles and the more muted browns and golds. Thanks again and best of luck with your siggy shop.
The Mad Bomber
As I hardly can find any good Kimbley avatars or signatures(people aren`t fond of the character, well no surprise there) I have to make a request it seems.

Stock: (I hope that`s fine)
Colours: Possibly something that fits the original colors of the pic, your call
Text: Heretic
Size: 400x130 (not an absolute, you can change this if you feel like it)
Anything Else: If you can make the text type gothic style, but if you son`t find that kinda font then it`s fine.
Oh snap. No matter what I do, I can't get this one to look the way I want. I think the stock hates me XD

The Mad Bomber
Ah that`s no problem, for where I am standing it looks great, thanks for making it in such a short time.
Energy Alchemist
If anyone is still here, how do you get the picture on your avatar and siggie? *P.S. I desperately need an avatar and picture. Please teach me how!*
Hi I was wondering if you can make me a sig

Stock: Image 1 Image 2
Pick which one works good for you happy.gif
Colours: You can surprise me
Text: Haruhi_Suzumiya
Size: 500x200 pixels

Thanks in advance.
@Energy Alchemist and everyone who are new to our board - Welcome to the board!! biggrin.gif

We have kind members who volunteer their skills and efforts and make nice sig/avatar for you, such as Precis here, and you can ask them to make some for you, but, they need to know what kind of avatar/sig you want.

Do you have any particular FMA character you like to have for your Avatar or Sig (or both.) ??
Any particular pic you like to be arranged as your avatar or sig?
If you do not have any pic yet, good place to check out is our FMA Image Gallery.
(Though, generally, if it is fanart it is best to make sure it is ok by the artist to use that for your avatar or sig. Else stick to official FMA art, such as screen caps, magazine scans and pics from official calenders, etc. ^^)

Choose the pic, save it on your computer and post it, or the link to that pic, and other information, such as any text you like to include in the sig/avatr (if any,) that would be used to create the avatr/sig, like Winry_Rockbell_ above is posting, and you can ask Precis (a.k.a. Mel) to make some for you. biggrin.gif
Energy Alchemist
Thank you, Tombow! Now, for Precis, I'd like a siggie please.

Stock: A Naruto related picture would be nice. I don't care what picture you choose.
Colors: Don't care which color you use as long as you use them!
Text: Energy Alchemist
Size: Uh, um...... I didn't get enough time to think about it! 500x200 pixels would be nice.
@ Winry_Rockbell_ and Energy Alchemist -
I'm actually a bit sick right now, but I'll do my best to get those done in the next few days. smile.gif

Double post... sorry. T_T

Well, these took longer than they should have. Fancy having my brothers birthday, a library visit, mountains of homework, my internet dying on me, AND me getting sick... all in the same week. Oh well, the holidays start tomorrow... finally, some free time. XD

Winry_Rockbell_ -

Big canvases don't like me very much. D:

Energy Alchemist -

500x200 didn't really work with this one, soz. wink.gif

<No problem.. merged the posts. ^^ 09/19/07 ~Tombow>
Energy Alchemist
I love my new siggie!!! You, my friend, are a genius!! I'm going to see if my Mom can help get my new siggie on. I'm so happy! A million thanks and good luck in the future for you!
Meitantei Conan
Hey Percis.

Can you Make me Sig Please, If your too Busy with others I can ask you another time.
@ Energy Alchemist -
Aww, you're welcome. blush.gif

@ Sora -
Nope, I'm not busy at all. School holidays started today, so I have plenty of free time now. :3
Meitantei Conan
Well Can u make a sig with Orange Colors with this Picture in it Sora & Roxas

and Just put my Name Sora The Key To Light In it plz, White Font Plz.
Well, I went for a really simplistic approach. It was kinda difficult with such a low quality stock though. =/

And a sharper version:

Meitantei Conan
QUOTE(Precis @ Sep 27 2007, 12:15 AM) *
Well, I went for a really simplistic approach. It was kinda difficult with such a low quality stock though. =/

And a sharper version:

Thank you sooooooo much!
heeeeyyyy I found the pic I'd like you to try and make a sig with =D

I know it's kind of hard to do sigs with 'real people' but I'd like to see what you can doooo =O

Can you make it...iunno, kinda greenish, like the color scheme in the picture, and have the text "Forty Foot Echo" and then smaller "long way down"?

and put my name on it as "saff" thanks <3
Colours: Mostly reds, but not fire like.
Text: (if you can do this...)Arika Reminon (that bit scribbled out) Red (in a handwriting sort of font) (if not, then: Red - Desert Alchemist)
Size: any ^^
Anything Else: Sort of a deserty theme ^^
Well, I was unexpectedly away for the weekend, but I'm back now. So I'll get to work on those sometime this week. happy.gif

Edit: Gah, I'm sorry I'm taking so long. I've been so out of it lately.
Feel free to slap me with a dead fish or whatever if you think it'll get me moving. T_T

seventh_sky -
Sorryyyyyyyy, I've been trying and trying and everything I do looks disgusting. I'm gonna keep working on it.
*never used a real person stock before* T_T

x-jinx-x -
Here we go. This is an old sort of style of mine that I haven't used in a while, so I dunno how it went, really. =/

And without the crazy dots:
^'s ok, I can wait <3

thank you for trying though!
Tris the Reaper


So Precis, I'd like to employ you for sig, if you so don't mind.
Stock: [ [Just the image of him...everything else can go shove it *smacked*]
Colours: Harrrrrrum. Pastel-ee pinks and white would do good.
Text: "Fangirl fodder". ;D *shot* Fer srs.
Size: I'll be nice and request 400 x 130. :3
Anything Else: Eyurrr...a sory of fluffy, cute theme, if you would? :3 *knows she'll regret this later*

Take your time, as I'm in no hurry :3 Just don't take more than a month o__o
O.O Oh my god. This is the awesomest siggie anyone has ever made for me. I have tried, but alas, failed T.T I loves it! ^^ You are the best siggie maker in the world.... please make me your apprentice! (Gosh, I feel just like Ed begging Izumi ^^)
Tris -
I totally overdid it and drowned the poor guy in splatters. T_T


Ehh.... *twitches*
Tris the Reaper
Poppycock. I think it's quite nice. :B Edgeworth has drowned in worse things. *shot*

Anywho, thanks much dearie! I love it. <3
Hey again, Precis ^^. I was wondering if you could make me a Halloween sig with this picture? And if possible I'd like it to say Happy Halloween in orange and black text. Thanks!
~Ed~Elric~Fan~ -

So, I tried this one using the whole stock, but it looked waaaaaaay too busy.
So I cut it down to just Kite and whoever that other person is. (Ouka?)


I so totally shouldn't have used orange. XD
ohmy.gif Those are amazing, Precis!! I love both of 'em, though I think I'll use the sharpened one since it brings out both characters better ^^. The "hack. Halloween" part is just too cute, thank you so very much, I so needed a sig.
Elise Elric
Hey, Precis! I would like to know if you could make me a sig...

Picture: *coughhackLcoughhack*
Colors: Pastel colors and a tan background
Text: "Love" with the "L" in a different font. *shot*
Any size, love. :]

Take as long as you need on it, I don't mind.
Hiya, Precis ^^. Sorry for making another request but this will be the last one for a long time, I promise. If you could can you use this picture, and leave on the words?
Elise Elric -

Wow, I haven't been near Photoshop for a while. XD

~Edward~Elric~Fan~ -
Working on it. happy.gif Should have it done by tomorrow.
Elise Elric
QUOTE(Precis @ Nov 12 2007, 10:07 PM) *
Elise Elric -

Wow, I haven't been near Photoshop for a while. XD

I love it! Thanks biggrin.gif
~Ed~Elric~Fan~ -
...So much for having it done by tomorrow. O_O

WOW! My mouth dropped open when I saw it, gosh, you're awesome at making sigs. I love it, thank you soooo much ^^!!!!

(I think I'll use the second one)
May I request a sig and an avatar?. I just need these to fit the maximum for this forum.


@ Karenjade - Those links are broken... but fix them and I'll be happy to put together a sig/av for you. ^^
Ahh! Sorry about the broken links there!.

Here you are again!. I just need these to be the maximum size for the forum.



QUOTE(Precis @ Jan 2 2008, 04:15 AM) *
@ Karenjade - Those links are broken... but fix them and I'll be happy to put together a sig/av for you. ^^
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