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That One Dude
Join me!
And my soon to be legion of assasins...

So, it goes like this:

#1 Do not kill your brother or your sister assasin. If you do, you WILL be banned from the legion.
#2 You can kill anyone else if you have a reason to do so. If not, you WILL be banned from the legion.
#3 You must be dedicated to being an assasin. Otherwise, why the heck would you join??

The heirarchies divide into two: Field Assasins and Secret Assasins.

Field Assasins:
Phantom-- These assasins are profesionals, and are the highest rank. You must be an active and highly experienced member in the legion for at least five months before you can reach this level.
Ghost-- Second in command to phantoms, they have plenty of power and the same rules as before apply, with the difference of only four months.
Hunter-- Anyone can reach this level if they dedicate themselves to killing. There is no time needed to reach this level, just experience and the approval of the current leader.
Master Assasin-- This is an in-between level. You must be an assasin before requesting the legion leader to raise your rank, otherwise, you WILL be denied.
Assasin-- This is a reg level. You can either stay here or move onto a higher level if you truly wish it.
Amateur-- You get at this level when you have little or no experience.
Apprentice-- You must take a higher ranking member as your dana/sensei. Only when he/she says you are ready, you are ready.

Secret Assasins:
These assasins are appointed secretly by the legion leader, and NEVER reveal themselves. If someone says, 'I'M A SECRET ASSASIN' they are most likely lying, since anouncing such a thing will result in an instant banning from the legion. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Legion Activities:
Suggestions are strongly recomended, since there are no members yet, I have not the authority to choose any activities.

by Nathaniel:
-- Keep your OC simple, only basic things like Gender, Name, Age and the works. If you have a 'shocking' past, it's more fun to reveal it patiently afterwards. smile.gif
-- Romance is allowed between members/characters, but only with the consent of both characters. Otherwise, that'd just make you a creepy stalker. smile.gif
-- You can roleplay as more than one character now.
by Triss Hawkeye:
-- You may sell yourselves to other Rpers for your assasin services, since we are, indeed, assasins.
-- Besides offering our skills to other Rpers, we will also hold our very own special 'Legion Rp'.

Miscallenous Suggestions:
by Nathaniel:
-- Hentai, yaoi, and yuri are all accepted, not really encouraged, but the Legion should be quite open minded about it.

Fun Extras~!:
-- Members/characters may have pets, all that is asked is that they be normal animals, no talking (unless it's a parrot) and no 'special' powers (ie: laser beams for eyes, super strength, larger than most other of it's kind, etc.). Besides that, you can have the most exotic animals from cheetahs to platypi (or whatever the plural to platypus is) to penguins and to dragons (yes, dragons qualify as an animal in this rp).

Current Members:
Phantoms-- Leader (aka Nathaniel)
Master Assasins--
Aprentices-- Triss Hawkeye, MaiShadowAlchemist, miracle_flame_alchemist147, Fullmetal Poser, doki, Death Awakens

That is all for now.

Triss Hawkeye
Oo! I'll be an apprentice! Can I join? *Tobi expression*
That One Dude
Yes, you can. biggrin.gif
Triss Hawkeye
W00t! ^^ I'm a recruit! Hm, what should we do...we shall go around and randomly ninja threads... >D
That One Dude
Well, I guess we go and kill people... We ARE assasins... XD, ninja-ing is good too...
I wann join too please!! happy.gif By the way how do you 'kill' people?
That One Dude
^I never actually thought of that... blink.gif Suggestions? Oh, and yes, you can join!
Can I join?
It looks interesting but I have a question "You can be any rank you want like being a Phantom?" and "You said it isnt a rp so how will it go?"
That One Dude
^Well, you start out as an apprentice, for one. You can't start out as a Phantom, you get there. And as for the rp thing... Maybe it could be turned into an rp, I dunno, when I started it it was kind of random...

BTW: you can join smile.gif

So we have to put a characters description?.
That One Dude
^Yes, it IS technically an OC rp. Only one character.


I'm ashamed I didn't think it over more :/

Name: Nathaniel Vereda
Age: 15/16
Race/Species: Human/Spirit hybrid
Gender: Female
Orientation: WTF??
Occupation: Leader of the Legion

NOTE: The first post shall be edited frequently. Check it EVERYTIME you come here, just in case. smile.gif
Triss Hawkeye
We could sneak into RPs and randomly 'kill' people.... >D

Nah, that's me just being evil, but we could hire ourselves out to RPers to fight, or make an RP here...I dunno, just random suggestions.
That One Dude
^That is a good suggestion, since we actually are assasins... Thanks Triss smile.gif
Fullmetal Poser
(( I am game, but I need to think of a character with a cool name. Are special abilities allowed (ie Superman) or is everyone going to be like Batman? Toys FTW! ))
i would like to join, XD, i am sorry, but i have perfected my takai character and have grown quite accustom to him, *big anime eyes* lemmi have him, he would make a good right hand man, at least when he gets that far >.<
That One Dude
^ Fullmetal Poser and doki you can join.

@ doki- You can have any character you want, wether he be more or less like you. smile.gif

@ Fullmetal Poser- I want us to all have strengths and weaknesses as well, so we're going with the 'Batman' theme, and also, later on I MIGHT assign partners to everyone depending on how well they complement each other. (ie, how good they are in a team, their skills, etc.)
Well so we're gonna be hired by RPers to kill other RPers?
Triss Hawkeye
It was just a barmy suggestion by's probably against all RP rules ever made. >_>

Well you never know, it might work if we put some guidlines in place. tongue.gif
Fullmetal Poser
Nathaniel - Awesome, I am more of a Batman Fan anyways! biggrin.gif
That One Dude
@ miracle_flame_alchemist147- I guess that's part of the plan, but how we kill the other RPers is still a little vague...

@ Triss Hawkeye- Well, that's why we have a suggestion box now...
So what should our guideline say? But it is a good idea though
That One Dude
QUOTE(miracle_flame_alchemist147 @ Aug 30 2007, 08:00 AM) *
So what should our guideline say? But it is a good idea though

I don't know quite yet, but I'll edit the first post as soon as I come up with something...

REMINDER: The first post shall be edited constanly, so please check it.
Fullmetal Poser
(( I will start working on a profile. Hopefully I will get something post latter today or tomorrow. ))
Death Awakens
((I would not mind partaking in this RPG.))
That One Dude
((you may join Death Awakens))

((for now, let's just rp and we'll figure something out afterwards, do all you other members agree?))
Great here goes my character.

Name: Silver

Apereance: Silver hair and purple eyes, straigh hair in braid rested in the shoulder.

Age: 15

Personality: Sarcastic, somethimes cold, cunning,loyal, hate being teased.

Weapons: She can use any weapon but prefers, Silver daggers. She aslo uses strange magic knew by few people. She also very good in many martial arts.

Wickness: She is weak to light magic.
Triss Hawkeye
((Sounds like a plan! ^^))

Name: Deanta
Age: 20
Appearance: Mid-length purple hair and dark blue eyes. Wears dark bown.
Personality: Prone to be hyperactive and giggly, people sometimes think she wasn't really cut out to be an assassin...of course, most of them are dead now... >D
Weapons: Carries a crossbow but also uses daggers in some occasions.
Weakness: She is a sucker for anyone who flirts with her and is reluctant to hurt anyone if she gets attched to them.
That One Dude
((i had written my OC profile before, but I did again just for the hell of it tongue.gif))

Name: Nathaniel Vereda
Age: 16
Race/Species: Human/Spirit hybrid
Gender: Female
Orientation: "... Bi?" (<<that's what she told us) (>.><.<)
Occupation: Leader of the Legion
Quirks: She usually likes to flirt with basically anyone, she hates to be corrected, she's loyal to the death, she's very open with most people, she's quite lazy, and she's a little mean even when she doesn't want to be.
Description: Layered dark brown hair that reaches to the waist, almost white silver eyes, she's a bit of a tomboy (by both looking and playing the part), but she does have her feminine moments.
Outfit: When she goes out, she either wears a black leather jacket with matching pants and boots (mostly when she hunts someone down), she sometimes wears a suit (pants AND skirt(gets a little confusing when she wears pants though, she looks and sounds like a guy O_O)), or she wears a red and black cloak with a smooth, white mask. When she's inside, she just wears a large t-shirt with her underwear alone.
My turn!

Name: Skye

Age: 15

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Rank: Apprentice

Appearance: Dark black-bluish hair, dark blue eyes, chin-length hair, black long sleeves, navy blue pants(dark)

Description: She's a bit clumsy and anti-social, a little stoic but a really good friend/ally. She's intelligent, she's also pretty random at times. She's good at disguises and her swordsmanship is pretty good though there's still room for improvement. She likes animals and cactuses. She's not fond of wearing girl-ish clothes since she's pretty boyish. She's a heavy sleeper and she tends to eat a lot.

(I forgot my rank, but do i have a rank? O_O)
That One Dude
((so far, everyone but me is an apprentice, so thats your rank, runt! >P hahaha!))




(( he is kind of like ovan from dot hack, but customized, mainly the looks and a few powers are the same))
Click to view attachment

((he uses a scythe as his main weapon instead of a gun))

he is usually kinda quiet, but when he does talk you might want to listen.
he has lived for many years, and he may have the looks of a young male, but he is old and wise, (his body ain't old).
he does have times were he will talk, and he would seem kind of happy.
don't be fooled, he is very smart, he could manipulate you, and end your life, he would do so to most people with out a second thought.
that is all most people know, they never get close enough to him to know any more.
but he would be a good person to get to know, and someday be friends or more with.
if they live long enough around him.

he has many weapons, but nobody usually ever gets past his scythe attacks

he has two weaknesses, if they can be considered that.
1] nobody he has ever fought he has let live
2] any body he has ever grown close to, he would do anything to protect, though they usu[/size]ally die any way

<Switched to using Attachment to stop stretching of the forum page. 09/05/08 ~Tombow>
Fullmetal Poser
First Name: Ikki
Family Name: Akimitsu
Gender: Male
Blood type: AB
Rank: Apprentice
Date of Birth: June 1st
Hair: Long Blonde
Eyes: Green
Orientation: Take what he can get, just ask Bob.
Pet: Tuatara named Bob
Weapon of Choice: Great katana.
Range Weapon of Choice: Molotov cocktails
Quirks: Real good cross dresser. Sometimes when not even cross-dressing he is mistake for a girl.
Personality: Strange obsession with fire. Tends to be stoic and licentious but can be quite peppy.
Skills: Skilled with the great katana and pyrotechnics.
Weakness: Umm...okay, I am going for amusement here. Afraid of the dark.
That One Dude
((well i grow impatient, and anyone who wants to join in can do so anytime afterwards... but for now, the RP begins!!))

Nathaniel lay sleeping, snoring softly. Her alarm clock kept ringing, but she just kept hiting the snooze button over and over. She had forgotten that, a half hour earlier, she had to be at a small assembly with the apprentices, or as she called them 'Runts'. She just lay there, on her little mat on the floor, asleep, having forgotten all about them...
(Ummm... guys I made mistake whit my chartacter so heregoes the right profile)

Name: Silver

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Personality: She is sarcastic, somethimes cold, loyal, shortempered but most f the time she controled her emotions, she cunning, she protects who she loves but she thinks that is a weakness because of that she dosent like getting attached, when you get to know her she is a really nice person, friendly and kind girl.

Appereance: She has purple eyes, and silver hair in a bun whit silver chopsticks, she is medium high she wears a chinese neck shirt and chinese pants till the kness all her clothes are black whit white desings, she has a tatoo of a silver dragon in the back of her neck.

Weapons: She uses two silver katanas that in fact are the chopsticks she has in her hair, she is very good in many martial arts and can use any weapons, she also do alchemy and magic that not many people know. She ahs manyweapos butprefers her katanas.

Weakness: Light magic.

Silver walked trought the street everyone that looked at her only could saw a normal girl, how could they know? that, that girl coould kill them before they could even blink of course she wouldnt do that she wasnt like that, she could but she wouldnt the only thig that was in her mind was the place were she was going,were many apprentice were going there too she could almost hear Kio´s words (Kio was Silver mentor he teached her many things) "That people will hire you ands will give you "jobs"firts small jobs then bigger and you will go higger and higger in the ranks" She closed her eyes she could almost see him his green eyes full of eternal dissaprouball, Silver never liked Kio infact she hated him but she knew he once was one of the best but now he was dead a mistake in one of his jobs, she wasnt sad when Kio died she judst didnt care, f there was something she would remember of him was his lessons nothing more. She shiged and continued walking.
takai would be laying up against a wall, his sealed arm resting on the ground.
his other arm would be pushing up his crimson shades to a point that the glared in the light at the girl passing by him.
he would sigh.
-I'm to good for this apprentice stuff, but ill make it up the ranks in no time- he thought in a lazy way
he would then be over run by memories of his past again, he would contemplate the mistakes he made, and how he could have done better. he would be thinking about this for some time till the girl he would know as silver was almost all the way around a corner.
he would sigh and sit up, lifting up his sealed arm, and beginning to follow her.
-she either knows something i don't about the org.. or she might need some advise..- he thought as he followed around the corner being quite careful of anything to happen
Triss Hawkeye
Deanta watched the two from the rooftops, her eyes glowing blue in the dark. Grinning, she jumped down in front of the male, pointing her crossbow at him.

"Why hello there, and who would you be?" she asked cheerfully - careful to look a lot less dangerous than she actually was.
takai would prove to be unfazed by this, he would let her get her questions out, then answer them in a calm fashion.
"i am takai, that is really all that is needed at this moment, at least till somebody removes the crossbow from sight" he said
he would smirk a bit
"now, i would like to ask, who you are?" he asks, noticing she was hiding nearly all her power except the use of the cross bow, he would smirk at this.
his power is always hidden, even when he fights he holds back for fun.
he would talk his right hand and push up his crimson shades with it.
"hmm" he said thinking and waiting for a reply
Skye looked at her soon-to-be "partners" and the first thing that came in her mind was that they looked pretty ordinary for a couple of apprentices. She decided to at least go over to them and just sit there listening to them seeing that she had nothing better to do anyways. Before joining the group she changed her appearance and disguised herself as a dark-haired boy with the lower half of his face and until the collarbone covered with bandages. She then approached the group then sat down looking solemn.
Death Awakens
((Thanks Fullmetal Poser, I am stealing your profile setup.))

First Name: Minoru
Family Name: Teruyoshi
Gender: Male
Blood type: O
Rank: Apprentice
Hair: Short and wild lime green and lemon yellow
Eyes: Yellow
Race: Elven/Fairy
Orientation: For comedic value .... gay
Weapon of Choice: Daggers. Also deals with poisons
Range Weapons: Crossbow, guns and sniper rifles.
Quirks: Good dancer will cross-dress for fun and to get closer to the target if needed. Loves guns.
Personality: He is agreeable, sociable and optimist but can be Vain and careless.
Skills: Skilled with daggers, the crossbow and sniper rifle. Also loves providing distractions.
Weakness: Real cutes guys and snakes. Really hate snakes.


Minoru comes rushing in the meeting area thinking he is late. Too surprise, he find out that is he not. He looks around the room and spots Takai. Minoru decides to sit near him.
Fullmetal Poser
(( lol Okay, but I am sure I got the profile setup from someone else. ))

(( Now lets see if I can get away with this..... ))

Ikki kneels by Nathaniel's bed and stokes her hair. He whispers softly:

"My precious Nathaniel, it is getting late. And sadly, you are already late for meeting with us, your new band of assassins. Please arise. The others might not be as forgiving as I."

(( Sorry Nathaniel, you left the door way too open. tongue.gif ))
That One Dude
Nathaniel shrugged and woke up. "Hey what're ya doing in room..?" she asked, confused, then she looked at the clock. "Unholy mother! I'm late!" she got up and nearly tripped, running to her closet, getting her clothes and then running to the bathroom all the while saying "I'm late, I'm late, I'm late!!"
Fullmetal Poser
Ikki laughed at Nathaniel's panic state. He gathers his weapon and took his pet Tuatara named Bob off Nathaniel's bed. Ikki then said:

"Don't you remember, you invited me here last night. But sadly, you passed out before we could have ant 'fun'. Wow, you must of had some bad case of food poisoning or something, if you don't even remember."

Ikki sighs and states:

"Anyways I slept on the floor however; Bob did jump on the bed after awhile. Well, I will meet you at the meeting placing. Please don't hurt yourself rushing around like that."

Ikki then leaves Nathaniel's home and heads to the meeting place. He arrives to see some girl pointing a crossbow at a young man. He thinks to myself, "Great, this is going to be fun." He also notices another girl and two younger boys.
Triss Hawkeye
Deanta gave a small laugh, lowering the crossbow, but staying alert. "Well, my name is Deanta. That is all you need to know as well. If ya want to know more you'll have to exchange information on yourself first. That's fair, isn't it?"

She turned in Silver's direction, giving a small wave while still keeping Takai in the corner of her eye.
That One Dude
Nathaniel looked at herself in the mirror, proud of herself and her quick speed. "Damn, I'm good... Now I only hope those runts won't bother me too much..." she passed by her room and picked up her sword and her guns, hiding them somewhere on her person. "One good thing 'bout wearing a man's suit: More free rrom." she fixed up her hair, and by doing so she looked, surprisingly, like an effeminate man, with her small eyes and hair picked up in such a way it looked short. "Hmmm... I hope I don't attract too much attention by my bio saying I'm a woman and my looks like a guy's... But oh well, I guess it'd be interesting..." she smirked and walked away.

-Bout ten minutes later-

"Hello, all!" Nathaniel said, looking at them all in the meeting place. "Sorry I'm late, but I had a hangover..." she smiled nervously at all the 'runts' in the meeting place.
takai would grin, and push up his crimson shades again.
"fair trade you say, i may look young, but respect your elders young lady" he says jokingly
"I'm not as naive as most of you seem to think, Norw as weak, most of my power is.." takai would drift away in thought.
after a few seconds he would come back and begin talking.
"fair trade then, not a person that has ever fought me has lived" he said smirking.
he would rest his sealed left arm on the ground, and look at them.
"if you ever challenge me, it would be wise to never start.. this all..." takai would reply to them as though he was reading their thoughts.
he would look up a bit, his crimson shades would glare in the light.
"i joined this for my own reasons, now i will not be considered weak, so expect a new, what ever is you right hand man" he would say
"i don't play around.. and you should not underestimate your soon to be second in command" he finished
he would then look at the leader and smirk
That One Dude
Nathaniel looked at Takai and blinked. "First of all... How did you know I was a woman? Second... You'll be here quite a while before I even bump you up to 'Assasin' so I'd rather you don't boast... And third... What's with the arm?" she asked, while also trying to make sense of his cryptic words.
"well, first, you being a woman was very obvious, even your smell gave it away" takai says
"and second, i will fly through these ranks, i never boast, i state facts" he says
"and third, the seal on my arm, should i call it that, keeps everybody alive" he says
"i lived even longer then you leader, so i got nothing but time" he finished
That One Dude
Nathaniel smirked. "No wonder..." she said to herself. "Well alright, and you are..." she pulled out some files and browsed through them. "... Takai... Hmmm... I think I've heard about you..." she said thoughtfully. "But living in my own mind doesn't help..." she said softly to herself. "Oh, I think he's that one that appeared in the news the other day, his face seemed familiar..." she kept talking to herself, while holding her chin and browsing through his file.
"you wont find to much on me" he said with a smirk
"I'm known for some things, and records and stuff on me never seem to last long" he said, as though he is constantly changing or something
he would push up his crimson shades again, and smirk.
"well, find anything?" he asked as though he knew she would not find much if any at all
That One Dude
"No..." she said quietly. She then put her hands on her hips. "Not much at all... Oh well, I'll find out when and if you learn to trust me..." she said simply and leaned against a wall. "So... You have an accute sense of smell, eh?"
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