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Triss Hawkeye
"I would have thought you would have, Minoru-san, being a nature lover," Deanta mused. "But I guess you're right about looking after it. Still, I always find time for Orion-kun."

She got down from the table and glanced out of the window. "The weather's clear. I'll probably summon him now." She opened the cupboards, looking around. "Got any potatoes left over at all?" she asked. "I was lying a little when I said I couldn't use magic earlier," she said, finding a small left over potato. "But it's troublesome and I need organic matter to use as an ingredient to the spell."

She took the potato and chucked it from one hand to another. Satisfied that it was enough, she clasped it in both hands, which became enveloped in green light. Slowly moving her hands apart, Deanta closed her eyes, a small point of light appearing between them. Suddenly the green light from her hands rushed towards the point of light, which expanded quickly and became a small, grey, sabre-toothed kitten.

"Say hello to everyone Orion-kun!" she said, waving his paw at the people sat around the table.
Death Awakens
Minoru looked at Ikki disgusting and said:

"Ss-snake, yuck. Thankfully, your pet does not look too much like one."

He then look at Deanta and casually stated:

"Yea, I guess I was just too busy satisfying the needs two worlds to have a pet. It is not easy being of mixed blood, especailly since I have obligations to both of my kindred. I did have a bunch of plants though."

Minoru watched as Deanta preformed her summoning. He was a bit intrigued by the magic. Her magic did not seem so genetic like his but then again, this magic was a bit new to him. He never seen a summoning preformed with organic matter before.

He walks towards Deanta and starts to pet the sabre-toothed kitten behind his ears. He states:

"Well hello there, Ori-kun."
Triss Hawkeye
Deanta held out Orion to be petted. "My people aren't magic users by nature," Deanta explained. "So any spells we want to use we have to learn. It's a lot of bother, but there are a lot of spells useful to know. The organic matter thing acts more like a catalyst than anything else. I'm not sure how it works, but it does so that's all I'm concerned about."
That One Dude
((sorry i haven't been on much, i don't really have much time these days... and Dirge you may join...))

Nathaniel lazily walked back inside the apartment and just leaned against the wall, solemn. A voice in the back of her head kept taunting her about her lovers, her family, her friends, and how eventually she would lose them all and end up alone.

It's true. Just like Alexander died, Michael will die, and Gin will dies, Vy will die, and...
Shut up, Moira.
Kieran will die too...
Be silent.
And so will your newly found klan...
They will not.
You know why, don't you? I feel him.
He's dead.
He's alive, still.
That's impossible. I killed him.
Well, you didn't kill him enough then.
What about the King?
He knows too. Can't you sense he's in a panic? Forming klans with all sorts of rooks and all that bullcrap? He's geting us ready for another war.
Why would I lie? I find no amusement in it.

She growled in frustration and banged her head violently against the wall, causing that annoying voice to silence itself as it retreated to the darker corners of her mind. She sighed as she felt a warm liquid trailing down her face. "Blood," she mumbled and wiped it away.

Michelangelo had followed her closely and could do nothing but stare at his wounded student. He had, indeed, tried to help her more than once before but failed. She was distant and set apart from the world, she had created barriers and let no one else in but save for one person, and now said person was gone, forever. He hated seeing his student in such a pained state, and he hated even more the fact that he could do nothing about it.


Kieran mumbled something and picked at his food, not really hungry and not really interested in much else but thinking at the moment.

A tall, dangerously thin woman was sitting in the table across from his. She tilted her head. "Harou-san, what's got you all so pouty, hmm?"

Kieran looked up and then bowed his head slightly. "Gin-sama. I suppose you have our... I mean their mission?"

The woman smiled. It was rather wolfish and somehow it didn't seem very sane. Her dark gray wolf's ears twitched briefly and her tail swished, she pulled out a scroll and handed it to him. "Give it to Nat, and remember, no peeking you curious cat." she grinned, her pure white fangs flashing and contrasting nicely with her pale skin.
Silver "Hey Orion" She said waving a the cat she then took a deap breath and again got lost in her thoughts.
Fullmetal Poser
Ikki smiled nervously and said:

"Wow Deanta, that is some kitty you have there. And the magic show was not that bad either."
((-Is back..- Don't ask.. -.-))

Takai was out on his own, feeling betrayed, and such.
Though he merely pushed these feelings aside.
He looked up to the sky, thinking.
After moment he took out his scythe.
((Sorry I may be back, but I am not returning to this one.. I am sure you love the fact that my GMing @$$ is dying.))
He threw the scythe into the air, and allowed it to impale him as it fell.
His life flashed before his eyes, more so the moments with Nathaniel.
He muttered his last words.
"N...Nathaniel..." he lost himself to darkness.
Triss Hawkeye
((Well that was uncalled for. You don't need to bother, the characters have already forgotten him due to his spell. sleep.gif))

"Oh please, it's nothing special," Deanta said. "They're actually quite common where I come from." She decided not to say anything on the matter again. Where she came from was a touchy matter. That was probably the reason why she had decided to summon Orion rather than simply go and fetch him. She wanted to leave her past back in her homeland until it disappeared.
No need to worry ,glad you are back Doki smile.gif I am saying it sincerily
((YAY!! YOU'RE BACK DOKI!!! happy.gif oh yeah i'm gonna be gone for 3 days. i have to accompany my grandmother to Singapore... sleep.gif;;))

"Hi Orion.." said Skye reaching out to pet the kitten.
Death Awakens
((Welcome back doki! Honestly, I was hoping for you to request a take-back. Nevertheless, good luck and have fun in the other forums.))

Minoru was fascinated by the use of magic from a catalyst. Since he loved to know about different magic types and was quite curious by this new magic, he said:

"So can everyone learn this magic or is it limited to just people from your home ... umm ... land?"

Sadly, he did not know where Deanta was from, or anybody from that fact. But he figured, secrets will be revealed in time. He wondered if others would think of him as odd. It was obvious that he was elven, everyone knows elves have magic. However, he did not reveal the fact that he was fae also and that most of his magic, is faery based.

((Good luck in Singapore Miracle Flame!))
Triss Hawkeye
Deanta paused, thinking. "I'm not sure..." she admitted. Was it time to reveal where she was from. Maybe it didn't even matter... She began to explain.

"Well, it's like...there's outer space, and all the inhabited worlds are connected by this stream force, I guess you'd call it - we call it the Twisting Nether where I come from - we can use it to travel. And sometimes that life force can be drawn upon and used as magic, but you need organic matter as a catalyst here. Where I come from, the world is slightly different in that it is more dependant on the flow of magic than this one so that magic can be easily manipulated simply through the spiritual energy of whoever dwells there. Whereas here, you have to connect with the Twisting Nether by some other means. With some here it might be learnable or genetic - what my people discovered was how to connect using organic matter as a catalyst. In my own world I wouldn't need to use it."

She ran this back through her head, wondering if she had at all explained it properly.

((Cookies, points and a double gold star if you know what I'm talking about, where Deanta is from and what she is (although she is in a human disguise at the moment). wink.gif))
Silver petted Orion "Mmmm I think I have heard of it" She said thoughtfully
Fullmetal Poser
(( I am guessing Deanta is from Azeroth off of the coast of Kalimdor in Teldrassil or Darnassus. So, Deanta is a Night Elf Hunter. And I am guessing Orion is either a Nightsaber or Stormsaber. ))

Ikki heard a bang in the hallway so he went to see what happen. He saw Nathaniel wiping away blood from a head injury and asked:

"Master Nathaniel, are you okay?"
Triss Hawkeye
((Dude! You won the cookies, points, gold stars and 1000 reputation with the Triss Hawkeye faction! laugh.gif Nightsaber, yep. Although he's a kitten. ^^))

"What just happened?" Deanta asked, putting Orion on the floor free to wander. She followed Ikki into the hall. "Nathaniel! Are you OK?"
((So much mangas!! @_@ though i can't buy them all or else my grandmother's gonna flip...))

Skye rushed over to Nathaniel. "Nathaniel! What happened to you?"
Triss Hawkeye
((Ooo, have fun?))
Silver followed the guys "What happened?" She asked
((yeah but when i come back home it's gonna be hell with all the schoolwork i missed but luckily i'm already planning what to do and so it's gonna be easier to organise but i just wish we'd extend out stay till monday or tuesday so i don't have to cram my quiz since it's gonna be on tuesday and i don't have the notes for it yet.. TToTT))
Death Awakens
Minoru was a bit obvious to what was going on. So he decided it was best to just follow everyone else. He simply said:

“Hey, what going?”
Triss Hawkeye
"I'm not sure..." Deanta said, Orion trotting over to her and sitting on her feet as he was accustomed to doing. "I think Nathaniel hit her head. I hope it's not serious."
"Yeah but we better treat her first." Skye turned to Minoru. "Minoru would you mind helping me carry her to the kitchen please?"
That One Dude
((sorry... i have been so busy... -.-))

Nathaniel groaned and looked up slightly. "It's okay... I'm perfectly fine..." she said quietly and just leaned her head against the wall. "Resume your normal activities."

"I really do hate it when you act like this." Kieran leaned against the kitchen door, his face angry. "You should focus more on letting people in, not pushing them out."

She merely grunted and ignored his comment.
"But you don't look fine!" said Skye looking Nathaniel with concern.
Death Awakens
((Sorry all, I am going to be gone for about a week. My family is taking a trip to the USA and I don't know if I will be able to access the internet.))

Minoru gave a sigh of relief, he was glad Nathaniel was okay and plus he was happy he did not have to carry her. He was fit but by no means muscular. He then said:

"Are you sure there is nothing we can do of you? Perhaps an ice bag or a nice cool drink?"
Triss Hawkeye
((Have fun!))

"What did you mean by that, Harou-sama?" Deanta asked. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't pry. I'll get Nathaniel a glass of water shall I?"

She gently nudged Orion off her feet and returned to the kitchen, pouring out a glass of water and wondering whether this place had an ice machine.
((HAve fun!! happy.gif))
That One Dude
((Have fun!!))

Nathaniel grunted and shrugged. "I'm FINE." she said almost angrily.

Kieran sighed. "She's stubborn. You aren't prying into anything, Deanta-chan." he said quietly.
QUOTE(Nathaniel @ Aug 26 2007, 05:10 PM) *
Join me!
And my soon to be legion of assasins...

So, it goes like this:

#1 Do not kill your brother or your sister assasin. If you do, you WILL be banned from the legion.
#2 You can kill anyone else if you have a reason to do so. If not, you WILL be banned from the legion.
#3 You must be dedicated to being an assasin. Otherwise, why the heck would you join??

The heirarchies divide into two: Field Assasins and Secret Assasins.

Field Assasins:
Phantom-- These assasins are profesionals, and are the highest rank. You must be an active and highly experienced member in the legion for at least five months before you can reach this level.
Ghost-- Second in command to phantoms, they have plenty of power and the same rules as before apply, with the difference of only four months.
Hunter-- Anyone can reach this level if they dedicate themselves to killing. There is no time needed to reach this level, just experience and the approval of the current leader.
Master Assasin-- This is an in-between level. You must be an assasin before requesting the legion leader to raise your rank, otherwise, you WILL be denied.
Assasin-- This is a reg level. You can either stay here or move onto a higher level if you truly wish it.
Amateur-- You get at this level when you have little or no experience.
Apprentice-- You must take a higher ranking member as your dana/sensei. Only when he/she says you are ready, you are ready.

Secret Assasins:
These assasins are appointed secretly by the legion leader, and NEVER reveal themselves. If someone says, 'I'M A SECRET ASSASIN' they are most likely lying, since anouncing such a thing will result in an instant banning from the legion. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Legion Activities:
Suggestions are strongly recomended, since there are no members yet, I have not the authority to choose any activities.

by Nathaniel:
-- Keep your OC simple, only basic things like Gender, Name, Age and the works. If you have a 'shocking' past, it's more fun to reveal it patiently afterwards. smile.gif
-- Romance is allowed between members/characters, but only with the consent of both characters. Otherwise, that'd just make you a creepy stalker. smile.gif
-- You can roleplay as more than one character now.
by Triss Hawkeye:
-- You may sell yourselves to other Rpers for your assasin services, since we are, indeed, assasins.
-- Besides offering our skills to other Rpers, we will also hold our very own special 'Legion Rp'.

Miscallenous Suggestions:
by Nathaniel:
-- Hentai, yaoi, and yuri are all accepted, not really encouraged, but the Legion should be quite open minded about it.

Fun Extras~!:
-- Members/characters may have pets, all that is asked is that they be normal animals, no talking (unless it's a parrot) and no 'special' powers (ie: laser beams for eyes, super strength, larger than most other of it's kind, etc.). Besides that, you can have the most exotic animals from cheetahs to platypi (or whatever the plural to platypus is) to penguins and to dragons (yes, dragons qualify as an animal in this rp).

Current Members:
Phantoms-- Leader (aka Nathaniel)
Master Assasins--
Aprentices-- Triss Hawkeye, MaiShadowAlchemist, miracle_flame_alchemist147, Fullmetal Poser, doki, Death Awakens

That is all for now.


how do i join your legion biggrin.gif
That One Dude
((make a character and introduce him, I'll find away to get you in my group XD))
"You don't look fine." pointed out Skye to Nathaniel.
Silver nooded "Are you sure? Like Skye said you dont look fine" she said.
That One Dude
Nathaniel groaned softly. "I'm fine, girls. I've been better, but I'll live." she said simply and off up off the floor.
"Nathaniel at least eat." said Skye grabbing a clean plate from the table and handing it to Nathaniel.
That One Dude
Nathaniel sighed and resigned herself. "Sure, why not. I bet you're all better cooks than me." she smiled slightly but then returned to her serious, stoic face.
"Then sit here and eat whatever you want." said Skye pulling out her seat for Nathaniel then clearing her plate, utensils and glass before Nathaniel sat down.
That One Dude
Nathaniel blushed slightly. "Um, thank you but you don't have to serve me..." she said quietly as she sat down.
Silver followed them and then looked at Nathaniel curiously.
Fullmetal Poser
Ikki followed Nathaniel and the others into the kitchen, then said to Nathaniel:

"Is there anything I can do to help you. Maybe draw you a nice warm bath so you can relax after you eat?"
"We're not serving you Nathaniel, we're concerned about you. After all we're like family now right?" said Skye smiling.
That One Dude
Nathaniel blinked. "I guess..." she said quietly and looked over at Ikki with a soft smile. "That's quite alright, I can do it myself later..."
Triss Hawkeye
"Family...that sounds nice..." Deanta replied, hoping that incest wouldn't be implied if there were any relationships between members. "Almost makes you forget what we're here for, happy stuff like that." She gave a small laugh and picked up Orion again, stroking him absently.
Silver nooded abstenminded whit a blanck exprecion in her face.
"Yeah but we'll be like this family that assasinates together and stays together.." murmured Skye softly looking at the floor.
Triss Hawkeye
Deanta laughed loudly at this. She shut up immediately afterwards, hoping she hadn't offended her.

"Well. Unless we get a mission sometime soon I'm retiring roomwards." She left the kitchen, heading to her and Silver's room. She reached her bed, sat down and began to laugh again.

"I hope she keeps that innocent idea of hers..." she said quietly to herself. "But it's a dog eat dog world. If on the slightest whim one of us is ordered to kill another for poor performance or rebellion, we must do it. It's what you learn from being a mercenary - make no strong attachments, then you will be able to kill anyone."

Minoru flashed into her mind just then. She imagined herself with her crossbow, aiming between the shouldblades, the squeeze of the trigger, the thud as it met its target, the surprised expression on his face as he looked behind him as he fell. Deanta retreated from this thought, saying to herself that she could do that if ordered to. But all she felt was sick to her stomach.
Silver closed her eyes and took a deap breath not saying anything.
Skye sat down on another chair playing with one of the clean spoons. "I hope I haven't offended Deanta with my comment.. maybe I'll go to their room later and apologize.." thought Skye looking blankly at the spoon. "We can't stay like family always.. sooner or later we'll have to kill each other or something just because of betrayal or whatever reason.."
Triss Hawkeye
Deanta sat alone in her room, wondering if her sudden exit had offended anyone. Finally deciding that it probably hadn't, she wandered onto the balconey, vaguely telling herself to remember to put the fig tree there later. Maybe Minoru would bring it...
Silver stand up "I am gonna take some fresh air" She said and then walked to the roof she sat down and took a deap breath.
"I'm going back to my room now. Thanks for dinner." said Skye standing up and bowing before going upstairs.
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