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"Sure." said Skye taking her plate and wonderinghow she possibly tastes like. Then she heard Kieran say hi to her, she turned and looked at Kieran. "Hello would you like to join us for dinner seein that eating a raw deer might cause some health problems.." said Skye eagerly shooting a glance at the fish and sauce to be prepare.

((welcome back , Nathaniel!!!))
Death Awakens
((Glad you are back and well Nathaniel.))

Minoru sighs again and mumbles kind of teary eyed:

"No, you're wrong Takai, it is never better to be alone."

Minoru wipes a tear from his eye. Hearing Takai say those words made Minoru rather depress for he knew he hurt beloved Takai feelings. And that was never his intention. All in all, Minoru just want Takai to be happy, thought he would prefer that dearest Takai would be happy in him. Minoru composes himself even though he is feeling a little down. He walks back in the kitchen and takes a seat near a table. He takes his left leg and bends it so his butt and well as the bottom of his left foot is resting on the seat part. He then warps his arms around the bended knee and rests his head on his arms. He sits there for a few minutes then eventually asks:

"So, is there anything I can to help that does not involve preparing any meat type product?"
Triss Hawkeye
"You OK Minoru?" Deanta asked, noticing that Minoru seemed a little melkancholy. " could set the table I guess..."
Death Awakens
Minoru untangled himself and looked at Deanta and said:

"Yea, I am just worried about Takai. I think I might have insulted him which was never my intention."

Minoru paused for a moment and said:

"So, should I set the table for seven? Or will Mister Kieran and Miss Nathaniel not be joining us?"
Silver looked at Takai *Poor Minoru* She thought she had noticed Minoru had feeling for Takai she shighed *Love can hurt* She thought whit a blanck expreccion on her face.
That One Dude
((thanks guys, its good to be back.))

Kieran smirked at Skye. "Nah, I've done it before... If a lion does it, than why can't I do it?" he asked, brushing his black bangs away from his piercing narrow blue eyes. He turned to look at Minoru briefly. "Yeah, I guess I'll stick around... Not too sure about Nate though. Oh and, I should've told you this, but it's actually Master Harou or Harou-sama."


Nathaniel smiled softly at Ikki. "Naw, I'm not hungry." she said. In truth, she was starved, but not in any mood to eat. She just wanted to think for a while.


Michelangelo stared at the roof blankly. I hope that the first mission is bloody... I can't just out and tell all these kids I'm a vampire, or sorts anyway....
Takai walked down the street into the ally and sighed.
"Hm? What to do now?" he said to himself.
He was now a good bit away from them, and tried to leave his mixed feelings with them, as before he met Nathanial, he never had feelings.
"forget it, feelings are useless.." he told himself, and continued to walk.
Triss Hawkeye
"Harou-sama..." Deanta said. "So are you guys quite high-up then I assume? What's the system like? I'm afraid I only knew the very basics when I signed up."
That One Dude
Kieran turned to Deanta. "It's quite like this, the Legion is divided into about fifteen klans... I heard from Gin-sama that it used to be fourteen though... Klans are, well this." he motioned to all of them. "One leader is assigned, a second in command, a third in-waiting all the way to a sixth in-waiting, the rest are merely members... Though we usually call them 'runts'." Kieran scratched the back of his head as he explained. "And well... gah, how do I put this?"
Fullmetal Poser
Ikki smiled back at Nathaniel and said:

"Okay, but I will make sure some food is set aside for you so when hunger should strike, you will have a nice home cooked meal waiting for you."

Ikki departed from the roof and enter his apartment. When he entered, Bob crawl up his long hair and onto his back with his head looking over Ikki's right shoulder. Ikki looked to his right and said:

"Hello Bob, I have a little treat for you but I am sure you are getting you fill on insects."

He handed Bob the lettuce piece and went into his bedroom. He sat on his bed and looked at the nightstand. He opens the drawer and took out the picture of the beautiful women. He looked at it and said:

"Hello my dearest Mitsuye. Isn't sad that I am hiding down the same road I was before I met you. You truly were a righteous influence on me."

He places the picture on the nightstand and starts to get up. Bob crawls off him onto his bed and continues to eat his lettuce snack. He stand ups and turn towards Bob and says:

"Hey, watch over the place for me. I will be back later."

Bob does not respond but continues munching away on the lettuce. Ikki returns to the kitchen and informs them:

"Nathaniel will not be joining us. Please let us put some of the meal aside for her for when she does become hungry."

He looks at the food that Takai made with the black bubble and takes it you warp it up. He puts his name on it and puts into the fridge."
Death Awakens
While setting the table Minoru looked at Kieran and said:

"So basically, we are expendable."
Triss Hawkeye
"Ooo, doesn't sound good does it?" Deanta said with a laugh. "Makes no difference to me. I was a mercenary for my people before I came here. Same sort of situation only this time round I get accomodation."
That One Dude
Kieran nodded slowly. "Yes, you are indeed expendable..." he turned to Deanta. "Actually, not good at all. Fifteenth clan is the lowest of the low, especially..." he turned his sight away from everyone else and sighed. "Especially since Nathaniel is a reject and respected by no one. You see the Legion is not always organized by the strength of the leaders, but their discipline, control, calmness, and how well they obey orders. Nathaniel has, quite obviously by now, neither obeyed the orders, she has never properly learned discipline, the control she has over herself is weakened greatly by a certain someone, and her temper is indeed short when it comes to certain people..." he sighed and closed his eyes. "If your leader has a reputation in the Legion, that reputation is passed onto the members of the leader's klan... I'm sorry for you. All you've got on you is fighting power and strength. No respect at all."


Nathaniel smiled softly at Ikki just before he left. "Okay, thanks." she said and resumed staring out into the distance.
Death Awakens
Minoru smiled almost devilishly and said:

"So, we are outcast in the Legion. Makes or difference to me, I been in a similar situation my whole life. It most feels like home."

Minoru sets five table places and then looks at Kieran and says:

"Well you be joining us?" Then gives a rather disgusted look and continues "Or are you still content with your raw deer meat meal?"
Triss Hawkeye
Deanta grimaced at the thought of raw deer. "Ewww....Well, I'm not bothered what they think of me, only that I get paid for it."
Silver looked at Kieran she humphed "Lowest of the low??? Mmmm..." She thouth she shrugged she really did not care, .... was true she was used to high ranks and a lot of respect, but sooner or later they would get respect their skill and streght would help.
That One Dude
Kieran laughed softly. "Nah, I was kinda joking about that. Maybe in my more animal days, but I'd rather have a cooked meal..." he turned his sight slightly to Silver. "Yes, we are indeed very low..." he said and then just stared at the far wall. "And you should all learn to call your superiours by their last name, and if you have something against someone... Hide it. Never show your true feelings. Do that and you're liable to get raped, in more than one way mind you."
Silver srughed she knew how was the life of a low assasin she didnt like it but she could handle it she had been trought worst things.
----The T.V. flashed on and a news reporter was speaking.
"The entire complex was wiped out, in one minute, the most elite military command in the state, and one minute every body was dead."
the man began to shake a bit.
"No survivors. I just got here and the bodies are being examined, they are all cut up, and there is a mark in the middle of the facility." he said.
The man shivered.
"We have reason to believe the old mass murder, is back. It is as though something distracted him and now he is back with a vengeance." he says.
"What is this man after?" he says and then a electrical serge happens to make the power go out.----
Triss Hawkeye
The lights flickered briefly. Deanta looked up, shrugged, and looked back at Kieran - no -Harou-sama, she must remember that. "Animal days?" she asked curiously. "I don't mean to pry you like a vampire, or wereperson or something? I mean, a lot of us here are not completely human either, what with Minoru-kun being elven and all..." She winced as 'Minoru-kun' slipped out of her mouth. "Sorry, Minoru-san, slip of the tongue, hehe..." she said quickly, turning away.

"And me," she said to bring the subject back, "as you can probably tell..." She indicated her purple hair. "My natural colour."
"Well you're welcome to eat with us, Harou-sama." said Skye.

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That One Dude
Kieran shrugged. "No, I'm a demon but the only vampire here is Michelangelo... I'm more of a neko-type demon." he sighed and tilted his head. "And just that has made me a 'favorite' among most people." he siad and closed his eyes, shaking his head. "But yeah, I'm a beast, a bit of a mongrel. Makes me pretty low among the ranks as well, considering." he said as he scratched the back of his head. He looked at Skye and smiled slightly. "Thanks." he said simply.
Fullmetal Poser
Ikki thought to himself; 'Gosh, am I the only human here?' He did not even know Minoru was not human and thought nothing of all about the purple hair color. Then he said:

"Pardon me, Harou-sama, but it is my understanding that the Legion is gobal, can you be kind and confirm that as a fact?"
Death Awakens
Minoru stopped setting the table of a moment when Deanta said that he was Elven. He never told anyone but it was obvious because of his Elven ears. He sighs and states:

"Actually, I am only half Elven and truly, I take more after my mother." He then smiled and pointed to his green and yellow hair, winked at Deanta and said:

"The green is natural, the yellow I add because my father is a blonde and besides, I like color."
Silver looked at all of them "So I am one of the humans" She thought "Well if you can call that human..." She thought whit all the secrets and powers she hidded it was difficult to say she was human but she was.
"I'm human as well." Skye said simply. She finished making the sauce for the fish and the fish was now inside the cooker cooking nicely.
Triss Hawkeye
"Ah well, maybe I'm in the minority then!" Deanta laughed. "I'm what you'd call...mostly human..." She fell quiet, both wanting to stay quiet about what she really was, and also to privately squee about the fact that minoru had winked at her.
Silver then finished the salad "Ok that will do" She said "So now what?" She mumbled.
"Well the fishes are cooking and the salad's done and the potatoes are cooking so all that's left I think is the rica unless someone had already made it without our knowledge." said Skye looking at the food cooking or that was finished.
Silver shighed "The rice is done" She said as she srugghed.
"Then we can relax or is the meat not yet done?" asked Skye.

(Where's everyone?)
Death Awakens
((Sorry, had a big report due. Finally finished it))

Minoru thought to himself; 'Well, Deanta, Ikki, Silver and Skye admitted to being at least part human. Harou-sama stated he was a demon. And I am not human. So?'

Minoru laughed and smiled:

"Seems that I am more of the minority since I am not even a fraction of a being human."

He was putting the plate away that he grab for Nathaniel, he accidentally dropped it on the kitchen floor, breaking it and said:

"Oopsie daisy. So much for having the grace of the elves."

He goes to the kitchen closet to pull out a broom to clean the broken plate. When he opens the door, he noticed someone hid a fig tree in the closet. Also seems to have been place there so it would be forgotten and it would die.

Minoru says out loud:

"Mmm, what is this?"
Triss Hawkeye
"Whazzat?" Deanta said, peering over his shoulder with glee. "It's a plant? Looks like a fig tree to me...what's it doing in the closet? We can grow figs! If it's not already dying from lack of sunlight that is. Get it out into the light, let's have a look at it!"

Plants were one thing Deanta was enthusiastic about, from the pot plant she had insisted Silver put on their balconey to the mysterious fig tree that had just been discovered.

"Wither not, fig tree!" she declared. "I'll look after you!"
That One Dude
Kieran had a medium sized blob of sweat hanging from his head. 'So that's where she put it...' he thought to himself and exaggerated tears ran down his eyes for half a second. 'She said she'd cherish it!!' he quickly stopped the silent weeping and just stared at the far wall.


Nathaniel sighed and stood up, finally, going downstairs in a very still silence. Alexander was in the hall, in front of the door to her room, and he meowed softly, waving his tail at her. Nathaniel blinked. "Alexander-kun... Where did sensei go?" Alexander just meowed again and waved his tail once more. Nathaniel went wide eyed briefly. "Sh*t!" she said and ran off outside.


Michelangelo licked some blood off his hands. It wasn't his own. Various bloodied, dried up corpses lay on the ground before him. He wasn't happy about his own strange needs as a demon of the night, a vampire such as himself. Not happy at all. He wished he could die instead of take the lives of others. Truly, he was the only one that felt this way. The only one of his kind at least. He lowered his head in shame. His eyes no longer had the red gleam that was possessing them earlier, if not they were merely the dull, reddish brown eyes with that softness and kindness in them, if not even a bit of sadness. He just remained there for a few moments, still, quiet, and unable to think of anything but about the monster he was.
Takai walked up to the man, as Takai has thought, it was the 'sensei'.
He took a look at the bodies, and tilted his head.
"I see, even you are not perfect.." he says.
He took a glance and the bodies seemed to decay as he took steps closer.
and when he finally reach the man the bodies were dust.
"Well... It seems so..." he says simply.
Silver looked at the fig tree she humphed "Hmmmm look at this" She mumbled.
Death Awakens
Minoru looked at the pathetic tree; he noticed that within the potted soil there were cigarette buds within the dirt. He took a pinch of the dry dirt and smells it. He could smell nicotine with in the dirt. Minoru sighed and said:

"Lack of light is not this poor plant only problem. The soil is polluted with nicotine which is not helping with its fragile state. Little guy is definitely needs to be transplanted. Water is needed too but the soil is far too damaging and would only spread the pollutants."

Minoru drags the pot out into the kitchen, seeming to forget about the broken plate for the time being. He loves for nature and plants got the best of him. Besides, being elven and fae, he was naturally concerned about the welfare of the tree.

He looks at Deanta and says:

"So, you are a plant enthusiast too?"

Minuro heard Skye say the word meat and cringed a little.
Fullmetal Poser
Ikki saw that Deanta and Minoru had more interest in the fig tree then cleaning up the mess. He walked around them and gear

the broom and dustpan. He started sweeping up the broken plate in the dustpan. Then Ikki said:

"Fig trees are usually symbolic. The bear fruit but never flower. They stand for a love that cannot blossom. Such a same that they have such a sad meaning."

He then looked at Harou-sama and said:

"Sir Harou, are you feeling alright?"
Silver helped Ikki cleaning the mess "Love that cannot blossom" She repeated in almost a whisper she shighed and got up she had a blanck expreccion in her face.
Skye saw Minoru cringe when she mentioned the meat. "I'm sorry." Skye said quietly to Minoru before turning to the others. "I'll start fixing the table." said Skye then started getting plates and glasses and other dinnerwares and placed them arranged in a decorative order on the table.
Death Awakens
Minoru rolled his eyes until he was looking at Ikki and said:

"Well, that is rather depressing. The poor plant is already in a sensitive state and does not need to hear a negative metaphor. But, alas, I do remember hearing that before from some old woman."

Minoru then turns to Skye, smiles and states:

"Skye, you are working too hard. I have already set the table, in fact,

Minoru finally remember that he broke a plate and was going to clean it up before he found the sick fig tree. He continues:

"Teehee, I even broke a plate which I seemed to have forgotten about. Sorry, I guess I got a little distracted."

Minoru saw that Ikki and Silver clean up the broke plate mess he made. He looked towards both and said:

"Thank you kindly for cleaning the mess."
Triss Hawkeye
"Wonder if there's any decent soil outside..." Deanta wondered, refusing to think of the symbolic meaning of the fig tree. She had found a shared interest with Minoru, that was something to be happy about. And the sheer pleasure of the thought of nursing the plant back to health swept away any negative thoughts.

"Is dinner nearly ready? I think we could probably serve up now," she said eagerly.
"Well I guess we should since the fish is also done and I guess everyone is pretty much starving already." said Skye smiling. "I guess I am a bit hardworking.." muttered Skye to herself.

((I'm so happy!!! XD Our class won 4th place and got most synchronised class in the cheerdance even though we expected to get either 6th or 7th place and we did a lot of mistakes in the dance, especially in the exit part!! And I passed the report card!! I passed Language and finally got a B in Chinese after being under Hong Lau Shi for so long!!! XD))
Triss Hawkeye
((Congratulations! ^^))

"Yay!" Deanta said, prodding the potatoes. "Do we want these mashed?"
Silver took a deap breath and got a water glass "Finally food I am starving" She said as she smiled.
Fullmetal Poser
(( Congratulations MFA! biggrin.gif ))

Ikki looked at Skye and said:

"Indeed, you are working to hard. Please let me show my appreciation for your hard work by cleaning the kitchen once everyone had their fill."
Death Awakens
((Congratulations Miracle Flame Alchemist! I am glad you are doing so well.))

Minoru scooted near Deanta, leaned towards her ear and said whisper-like:

"Hey, do you think you could petition Silver in you having another potted plant? I would hate to see one of those icky black bubble things harm this little one?"

He then pulled away and gave Deanta a big grin and said:

"Pretty please. And we can look for healthy soil after we eat."
Triss Hawkeye
"Yes! Of course!" Deanta said, clapping her hands. "Silveeeeeer? I don't suppose we could keep the fig tree on our balcony?" She turned back to Minoru, resisting the urge to hug him. "Yeah! Soil!"

((Gratz MFA, well done! biggrin.gif))
That One Dude
((that's great MFA, congrats! *\^-^/*))

Kieran blinked and just sat there. He lowered his head slightly and remained quiet. 'I see' he thought to himself and his eyes just sort of glued on whatever was in his direct eyesight.


Michelangelo lifted his head slightly to look at Takai and just lowered his head again, not saying anything for a while. After a long uncomfortable silence, he finally spoke again. "Perfection does not exist, so perfection is never present. Me not being perfect should be no surprise." His voice was soft and modest, quiet, kind, quite unlike the tone he had used with Nathaniel's subordinates earlier.
He looked at the man.
"Yeah, no such thing.." he said thinking about how he was a disappointment to Nathanial.
He stood there, thinking.
"I want you to become stronger, enough to kill me.." he said.
"I no longer need to live.." he said.
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